Zeldin on why he believes Barr will not resign over Trump’s tweets

Zeldin on why he believes Barr will not resign over Trump’s tweets

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  1. You ever want to see white folks behave this way and be this accepting of a trump, just tell them THERE IS GOING TO BE A "DEMOGRAPHICS SHIFT" IN AMERICA. Thats what this republican and racist white rebellion is all about, Demograhics.

  2. Gloves are off. We are silent no more. We won't stop until we win. This backing down and trying to keep peace is why this has been able to grow. The louder the enemy gets the louder we will be. Period.

  3. it's not only the PRES who is frustrated , we the people's as well and it's time the head's start to roll , we are sick of that two tiers justice

  4. This was pretty good coverage from Fox News. Not terribly partisan in this case, probably pretty close to whatever passes for "truth" these days.

  5. Trump just needs to shut up and watch everything he does, unless he wants another impeachment. They are Just sitting, waiting and watching for anything to use against him. If he wants to vent he needs to vent in private to his trusted family and friends.

  6. Hey Lee, McCabe did nothing wrong, that is why he got off. They had no case against him you mental midget. Roger stone is a convicted felon, that is why he is facing a jail sentence you dope! Trump and Barr are protecting white collar criminals and are going after civil servants who are doing their jobs and our distinguished Mr Zeldin is supporting them. WAKE UP OUR DEMOCRACY IS UNDER ASSAULT! STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS AND REGURGITATING WHAT YOU HEAR AND SEEK OUT THE TRUTH, YOUR FREEDOM DEPENDS ON IT!!

  7. Why is it that only people that voted have the strongest opinions and complain about everything….Hey you voted those idiots into the GOV!!!!!

  8. Full of @%#& trump is gulity. And everyone around trump is covering his crimes up. The reason Comey or McCabe will not be prosecuted is they have committed no crime.

  9. Bill Barr is deep state to the core. He was attorney general when the the Ruby Ridge incident occurred. He human garbage. His family also owned the school Epstein worked at years ago. Let all that sink in.

  10. Imagine if Obama promised to not give tax breaks to the rich only the poor and the middle yet gave the biggest breaks to the rich imagine if Obama cheated on all three of his wives multiple times and paid women to keep quiet imagine if Obama promised to replace healthcare with something better yet after three years never even came up with a plan not even a rough draft imagine if Obama trusted Vladimir Putin over our own intelligence agencies

  11. Hey Rich B, do you think about what you say before you say it? Barr should clean house??!!?? I dont want to live in that kind of country. That type of thing happens in countries where people who speak out are jailed and journalists are killed. Time to start using that thing between your ears called a brain.

  12. barr isnt going anywhere. he's feigning innocence. he's trying to make it seem like he didnt know trump was going to make those tweets.
    he knows if he pretends he doesnt know whats going on… all the morons at fox news will believe him. because theyre morons.
    now you idiots have to feel sorry for him. because he was gonna do what trump told him to do before trump told him to do it, but trumps tweets make him cry.
    and you will. youre all morons. youre jsut gonna believe whatever doesnt challenge your views or make you question your values. cuz youre all pathetically average, sad, stupid excuses for human beings and for americans.
    have a nice day.

  13. Trump is the most corrupt President in our nation's
    history. You can spin this, talk circles around this until you are dizzy. Trump is in over his head in illegalities. He will do anything including commiting more illegalities to avoid accountability. This is Trump's childhood kid sitter lawyer Roy Cohn to the core. Roy Cohn's slimy, pedophile ghost thrives inside Donald Trump.

  14. Oh, and Jim, "sent to tribunal and pay the piper"? Seriously? You missed your calling. Back in 1938 in a country called Germany. Look it up Bozo!

  15. רציתי להיות שליח ישוע, התושבי ארצות הברית הם לא נוצרים או משיחים כבר, שובו בתשובה!

  16. Lee Zeldin is one of the reasons why corruption in Suffolk County New York is getting worse . Lee Zeldin and his staff ignore the corruption in the Suffolk County Police , Suffolk County Courts . Lee Zeldin should be asking for a federal investigation in to Child Protection Services , and D.A. Tom Spota and his corrupt Friends still in office .As long as he is busey with other things , they get worse .

  17. Let me explain something to some of you fools, the Justice Department in a Democracy is a co-equal branch of government
    It is supposed to be independent of the executive branch (that is the Presidency for you Fox news viewers). It is supposed to uphold the law, not to go after the presidents enemies or political opponents. That is how a democracy works. That is how we remain a strong, free and proud nation. Criminals, regardless of political affiliation need to be held accountable by a fair system of justice, independent of influence from the Oval Office. So please stop sounding like a bunch of freaking Nazis!

  18. The public is loosing confidence in Bill Barr.Since he hasn’t indicted anyone for anything.Not Comey not Mcabe , Rosenstien, not Lisa Page , Nellie Orr,All these people lied before Congress that alone buys them at least nine years in federal prison.I can see Trumps second guessing too.

  19. It's not a two tier justice system. Don't be silly. There is law for everybody other then the elites and then there is the free ride for the connected. Silly Rabbit, the law only applies to the deplorables.

  20. Yep we are tired of waiting and yeah we want to do see things happen right now for these criminals these demons who are evil and only think of themselves and their big money pockets f*** them assholes we want to see their heads rule we want to see them go to prison for the rest of their lives for with the things they've done to us f*** them f*** them

  21. I believe if Barr were to step down, finding the right person (promptly), to do the job PROPERLY and remain BIPARTISAN, would be a full-blown fiasco. And we all know the democrats would be no less than delighted to see him do so. Thus, supporting my statement as to the reason why the democrats would be so happy.
    But PLEASE Mr. AG, let the snowball begin to roll NOW so that heads can begin to roll along with it!

  22. Trump – criminal Pence – criminal Barr – criminal
    McConnell – criminal Nunes – criminal McCarthy – criminal Jordan – criminal

  23. Barr PLEASE, DEAR GOD, PLEASE DO NOT RESIGN. WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER. People, # WAKE UP & RISE UP. Help defend your country from the DEMOCRATIC Coup

  24. Australia loves TRUMP!!! Good luck America. Hope you ALL vote TRUMP for America AND for the rest of the WORLD!!!!! 🇦🇺 🇺🇸

  25. Schiff is a liar no matter how you slice and dice him. Security clearance is a start. Next he should be reprimanded for his lies being under oath during the hearings. Then investigate his ties to Ukraine. And the list goes on! Eventually he should be fired and thrown to the curb!

  26. Meanwhile:
    LONDON—A lawyer for Julian Assange has claimed in court that President Donald Trump offered to pardon Assange if the WikiLeaks founder agreed to help cover up Russia’s involvement in hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee!

    Sounds like boris trump is more than willing to protect putin!!!!

  27. I had the impression the AG was complaining not about President Trump but about the leftists & media interfering with his work.

  28. They did say we will look to find something to impeach Trump, so that's all it is they need to intimidate someone , AG OR TRUMP. RUN OUT OF OPTIONS HOW TO GET TRUMP BEFORE THE ELECTION. THEY ARE SCARED OF DURHAM REPORT COMING UP SO DESPERATION IS GETTING TO THEM.

  29. LEE ZELDIN AND BARR , ARE BOTH LOSERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump knows what's best for the USA !!!!!! TWEET BABY TWEET !!!!!!!

  30. Who gives a schitt if he resigns – do something. Your country is under attack by communist traitors. DO SOMETHING.

  31. Just another corrupt Trump supporter.. Zeldin’s re-election campaign acknowledged that it mailed information to voters that included the wrong deadline to return absentee ballots, prompting his Democratic opponent to seek a federal probe.
    The mailers inaccurately said voters should submit their ballots by November 6 (Election Day,) but the actual deadline is November 5. Under state law, ballots that missed the deadline are disqualified. Based on the complaints he received, Democratic candidate Perry Gershon alleged that college-age and minority voters were targeted. Zeldin’s campaign reportedly said it was an error caused by the printer. The campaign had also listed the wrong date in 2016.

  32. Dang henry how long are you gonna continue to try and get someone to say yeah trumps an idiot and interfering???
    You need to get some dummycrats on your show…

  33. this thing with Barr is also fake news. blown way out of proportion. the MSM are just PRAYING to their golden calf that Barr resigns. Good luck, commies.

  34. What an idiot that effiminized, corrupt, Devils agent of Fox Disney sounds and looks like with his narrative? Why do Americans keep tolerating these hidden usurpers that hijack your dignity….to your face, FFS . What is it the POTUS is under attack by the tribe these morons do not understand? People can see with their own eyes.

  35. I was skeptical of Barr from the get go cuz of ruby ridge and more. Then it looked like he was really doing something. But to be honest, indications are it is business as usual at the DOJ. I expect this will end in a lengthy report with a few administrative reprimands. I'm glad Trump at least is tweeting like he knows the actions of the DOJ are ultimately his own actions.

  36. Barr will not step down because if he does he will like a big loser and he is not that type of individual. Mr. Barr put these bastardos in jail. Yes bastardos is in Spanish for all the English teachers 👨‍🏫.

  37. Barr is a good man handed an almost impossible task.
    Too keep a Nation together yet distribute real and honest outcomes.
    It will not fit P Trumps schedule which is painful to P Trump
    To Trump an injustice to one is an injustice to all.
    Barr's task is bigger is greater than WW 1 and 2
    Greater than all other wars.
    Yet it is so simple.
    There is and was a COUP against the most magnifiecent words I have ever read
    Those words inscribe in that monument are more important today as the day they were agreed that those words will take their Nation forward forever
    Your next vote will see your Nation and the whole world change
    PS I am an Australian

  38. Who can blame President Trump? He works so hard for American while he is being attacked by many corrupted medias and Liberalists in 3 branches for 3 years. Frankly, we are lucky to have Trump resetting America for better country.


  40. What a shell of person Lee Zeldin is… He knows he's not in the military any more, he can have an opinion and not just tow the line

  41. If Barr supports Trump he should join FOX news and give up politics. Trump is not a politician he is a disorganized criminal. Not very intelligent, semi literate, pathological liar and has an ego bigger than his very large waist size. His hair and face paint are comical but what isn't funny are his crimes going back to the 80's, fraud, extortion, bankruptcies that put thousands out of work, affairs, failed marriages (3) and the list goes on. 61 of the people he selected to follow him have been indicted or arrested. He surrounds himself with idiots to try and feel smarter. That plan has failed too. Even Putin has turned on him after all their bad deals. I would call him a complete idiot except I do not think he is complete.

  42. I am embarrassed for Fox, falling into the propaganda trap of the leftist press. The talk of Bill Barr resigning is just that. Barr knew when he accepted the job that the deep state would have to be dealt with, and he was not naïve enough to think it would not fight back. And, it is just as Zeldin stated, the deep state now revealed itself. Everyone of those people who signed that statement and is still working for the government, should be marked, and if possible, targeted. Now, we know! Drain the swamp and get rid of the denizens!

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