Zeldin: Dems exaggerated importance of Yovanovitch testimony

Zeldin: Dems exaggerated importance of Yovanovitch testimony

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  1. This ambassador, Yovanovitch, shows the exact same intellectual capacity shown by Robert Mueller when he "defended" his much-vaunted report in front of the congressional committee. These bureaucrats, with blank minds, earn 6 digit salaries and generous benefits. What gets the taxpayer in return for keeping them swilling in the public trough?

  2. I am conservative but I am appalled at the republicans arguing process over substance. Please address the charge… Trump has publically acknowledge that he would accept dirt on a potilical opponent from a foreign government with george Stephanoulous on national TV. He invited the Russians to meddle in the 2016 elections. He continually throw our intelligence agencies in Helsinki under the bus by denying Russian intereference in our elections. Mueller found numerous occasions that he obstruct justice. He prevents witnesses from testifying by claiming executive priveledge. Almost all his aids are facing serious criminal charges and some are in jail. We should be honest & ask ourselves If he has nothing to hide why? I am convince that he did try to influence the 2020 election by trying to bribe Ukrian in exchange for foreign aid. Now he is trying to intimidate the witness with his tweets which is a criminal offence. Why is he hiding the full conversation in a highly extra secret classified server if the call was "perfect" in words. i have not heard anything in the hearings that makes me believe Trump is innocent. I will only believe he is honest if he release his tax returns to see if foreign governments does not have some serious dirt on him. The Republicans must look for another candidate for 2020 with better moral integrity, values and sound judgement!

  3. How many truthful patriots have to testify about the republicans and trumps corruption? How blind can republicans and Fox be?

  4. So, democrats fill the public audience with their low I.Q traitors… So fake and dishonest… Time for democrats too be arrested for treason & sedition.

  5. Sympathy for her "hurt" feelings? This is the kind of crap that women have fought against. For God's sake, she was an American Diplomat representing our country and the Dems are worried about hurting her feelings. Sorry, there's NO CRYING as a Diplomat!! Would a man in that situation EVER be expected to CRY FOR HURT FEELINGS ABOUT BEING FIRED!!!! These Dem women are disgusting.

  6. OMG!!! Really? He’s beyond crazy!! Did he not listen to the Congresswoman’s ( who by the way was very knowledgeable about Ukrane Corruption there) excellent questioning of this Ambassador. She specific questions about the Corruption and the Investigation into the “power company” adding that there were stated concerns about the BIDENS while under the Obama Admin!!!! She affirmed all of that to be true AND that those Investigations were never stopped! So again this rediculous protection of the BIDENS actually doing what they want to say Trump is guilty of so IMPEACH??? But Biden who’s running for Pres! gets the chance to be Pres.?

  7. Get this gal a soft blanky and a cup of hot chocolate with those petite marshmallows in it. Jesus, such a bunch of snowflakes.

  8. what next the DEMONrats get a deaf witness that over heard
    something……..LMFAO this is a joke and the deepstate is in for one
    heck of a PUNCH line.

  9. what next the DEMONrats get a deaf witness that over heard
    something……..LMFAO this is a joke and the deepstate is in for one
    heck of a PUNCH line.

  10. what next the DEMONrats get a deaf witness that over heard
    something……..LMFAO this is a joke and the deepstate is in for one
    heck of a PUNCH line.

  11. "TOTAL disgrace to PRESIDENT TRUMP- this charade of WHAT they call a hearing–that shouldn't be taking place in the 1st place!!"

  12. "Would you say Trump would like to pull a train on you?" —-Schiff
    Oh my God!… no!..You're a sick fuwq pencil neck. —Yovanovitch

  13. Yovanovitch apparently cried during the closed door session, but her acting skills left us all wanting during the open session. The woman is a CIA operative (born in Russia and fluent in the language) and we're supposed to believe she was "intimidated" by President Trump. Oh paleeeze!

  14. I'm certain Obama let a few ambassadors go while he was president. The fact the Amb. Yovanovitch knew Biden's son worked at Burisma Holdings and did not think much about it makes me think Amb. Yovanovitch is close to Joe Biden.

  15. POOOORRR—- Carla Shannon!!!!
    You repeated the AOC [email protected]!! Think for yourself!! Also there is a difference between IMPEACHMENT and an Impeachment inquiry!! Also when a "Point of Order" is stated, you are to recognize them and then say NO!
    YOU need to look up the rules unless you are going to act like SHIFFFFTT-LESS!!!🤗🤗🤗😄😄😄
    TOO many losers in Congress and on these comments!!! How many heard it through the grapevine 2nd hand 3rd and 4th ,,,, just unbelievable fantasy inquisition!!!

  16. Wow. She becomes intimidated from very minor criticism. Good thing she was removed from her post in a foreign country that was at one time part of our biggest sworn enemies ! Glad Trump removed her !

  17. Considering the ambassador is a C.I.A. Operative, she should be able to take care of herself. Shifty made an a$$ out of himself. She wasn’t even fired, just reassigned. She wasn’t doing a job over there that was satisfactory.

  18. What I can't believe is that the Democrats sit and let this Criminal Schiff continue… It is really a let down to know these people on the other side have lost all moral standing…

  19. The only "witnesses" witnessed nothing.
    As Schiff misreads the tweet, Yavanovitch is grining like a mullet & then says she's intimidated by it.
    It's a circus & Schiff is a TRAITOR .

  20. The Democrats are soooooooooooooooo concerned about the cruel way ambassador Yovanovitch was treated, but they still don't give a Schiff' about Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. But what else would we expect from the Democrats but a hypocritical double standard? One standard for the Democrats and another standard for everyone else. Why, if the Democrats didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all. What a crock of Schiff… ;-{])

  21. Everybody is not being told that the Ukraine Presedent did not feel comfortable with her as Ambassador and Trump is trying to do all he can to help this New President.

  22. he needs to go but in the end he will get what he deserves we will not see it but god knows all but right now we have to live in his hell

  23. Must have been some tremendous fluid pressure built up in Schitts eyeballs. Another episode like that and he's going to reach burst pressure.

  24. Your boss points out what a horrible job you did during the course of your employment. Democrats believe your boss should be fired. The rest of the world believes YOU should be fired.

  25. Are we supposed to be worried about people's feelings? Is this the level the US has sunk to? People who work for the government are supposed to be concerned with what the government does at home and abroad. The Dem accusers should get back to their job instead of playing childish games simply because they don't like the current president.

  26. Schiff should be arrested for treason. Attempting to overthrow the government is treason. If the president commited a crime we all agree on that is one thing. Make believe is treason.

  27. Fox viewers found Yovanovitch's testimony boring. Who cares if Trump is a dirty-dealing, corrupt fool who fired a fine professional foreign service officer because she opposed the lowlife scumbags he was working with to bribe the Ukraine president to find dirt on his political opponent? I mean, are character and integrity really a big deal for a U. S. president?

  28. Adam Schiff has gazed long into the devil's butthole and is now transfixed on leaving a path of lies and pedophilia in his wake.

  29. Feigned outrage from Democrats , where were they when Obama gave Crimea to Putin ?
    How effective were these ‘career’ diplomats at that time ?!
    They should ALL be fired , every new administration, AND there should be term limits on these Congress clowns – they wrote the book on corruption !

  30. You republicans has mealy mouthed aroundwith these scrum bag deep state globalist demorats. Now your surprised that they have no respect, Anna nothing but contempt for you! Can't say i blame them

  31. Yovanovitch was not on the July phone call, and she was fired for supporting the opponent of the Ukraine president. She is irrelevant.

  32. ASK, VERY BIAS Marie Yovanovitch, ABOUT Her PRE-PLANNED "BIG PARTY" IN UKRAINE, FOR Hillary Clinton's Expected Winning of The U.S.A. 2016 ELECTIONS??? And IT IS HABITUAL LIAR, Shifty Adam Schiff, Who Is Trying To UNCONSTITUTIONALLY Intimidate "WE TAX PAYING PEOPLE Of The U.S.A."!

  33. Please, I am tired of hearing how saintly Marie Yahannovitch. It makes her an unsympathetic Witness to me… No one is perfect Except for Saint Marie.

  34. I’m sensitive in facial information, I can usually tell someone is lying . And she is full of Shiff . Well they both are seriously her eyes hunt like it’s a memory but, Its more like how an actor looks for lines in there memory . She is remembering what Shiff said .

  35. What Americans do not understand is that before Trump, the U.S. was a one party state. Democratic , and Neoconservative Republican. Both were socialist. Neither represent the American people. They would rather "farm" them. Now you have a president that is America first and is SLOWLY taking back the Republican party from the neocons, and giving it to people who want this country to succede. It is hard to turn around the effects of 50 years of bi-partisan treason. He, we are just getting started.

  36. Well ma'am, the President, as in Donald Trump, you have heard of him, right ?..may remove any ambassador from their post, at anytime, for any reason. So , out !

  37. I'M SO FRUSTRATED! How can this guy schiff do this?!? He made up, lied about remarks he said when reading the transcript he called a parody.. A PARODY!..for the life of me i just cant understand how he can do this! THEN..while reading the tweet, schiff left out an important part of that tweet that Pres. Zelensky spoke unfavorable about her (Yovanovitch)…and now ending the hearing by saying he (Pres. Trump) praises the corrupt he condemns the just.. with no basis than his schiffty mind..how can you do these things?!?

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