YouTube Changes Channel Notifications [BREAKING NEWS]

YouTube Changes Channel Notifications [BREAKING NEWS]

35 thoughts to “YouTube Changes Channel Notifications [BREAKING NEWS]”

  1. Does this effect you? What is YOUR Notification %age?


  2. youtube wont stop until completly destroy the notifications… the actual system in place is horrible…every day i hate even more youtube…

  3. Turned all on 15.8% = 91
    Off 9.9% = 58
    Subscribers? = 585
    So right in the middle of the YouTube ranges
    And this would sort of fit with the number of views I get

  4. Thanks for the news update , clicked full ๐Ÿ”” bell even though I get notifications for your videos ( think itโ€™s because Iโ€™m a regular watcher of your videos) .

  5. To manage notification level on a PC , go to YT main page click on the bell icon , on the top right corner and on the Gear symbol for settings, or just follow the link . There is "Channel subscriptions" sections in the middle, where you can set notification via Email , Push etc… , but if you go to "Manage all subscriptions" , or link you can manage notifications in details for each individual Channel you are subscribed to.

  6. I can't access my email account on my phone, so I don't click the bell on anyone's channel. Even if I had, I wouldn't see the notifications until over a week later, which would only be spam at that point as I usually view videos through the subscription tab.

  7. OMG! THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was driving myself nuts trying to figure out what was going on…For one Roberto Blake was one as example, I couldn't figure what was going on. After your video I checked and the bell is hollow. Don't know how that happened but whatever. Going to let my people (new youtubers) know. We are all on medication trying to keep up with these changes. Have a wonderful day. my numbers: 28%

  8. Loving the half painted porch. I way prefer real home surrounding to professional backdrops. Feels much more like a personal connection.

  9. I wish you could temporarily turn off modification on all your subscriptions. Like if I were to go on vacation for two weeks…I don't really give a shit about the subscriptions, yes even you, while I am on vacation. Currently, I would be bombarded with 10 pages worth of notifications in those two weeks example above. I've been on Youtube for a long long LOOOOOONG time, so I managed to subscribe to A LOT of youtubers.

  10. Extremely informative video once again thank you it kind of bothers me that I would miss some of my subscriptions to "personalization" but still it's good for now none the less ytube is doing it's best

  11. Thanks for putting this up! I'll have to check out their video. To be honest the system does make sense. Just feel that YouTube could have been more transparent in the beginning. At least they are doing this now.

    My percentages for "all notifications" is 19.2% & "all notifications & enabled YouTube notifications" is 13.5% which is not too bad I don't think given YouTube says it's typical for 10-30% to have these on!

    Still think I'll need to improve this somehow!

  12. I have 30% who turned on "All Notifications" for my channel, and 22.5% who turned on All Notifications AND enabled YouTube notifications. This is for a small, newly monetized channel with 1105 subs and about 1500 views a day.

  13. I had to stop all notifications because they kept jamming my Adobe RUSH editing. ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  14. Mine is above the lower " typical" range so I guess that it good? lol. Thank you for the update. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Subscribers who turned on "All notifications" for your channel
    Typical on YouTube: 10% – 30%:
    20.5% (641)

    Subscribers who turned on "All notifications" for your channel and enabled YouTube notifications
    Typical on YouTube: 5% – 20%:

  15. It's amazing how little of the content I get notified by despite having notifications on (ALL).

  16. I have not received subscription notices for almost 3 weeks, right after they took down Ovation Eddie (pst! He is back.) Now I am not getting notices on the NOTIFICATION bell icon!!

  17. Has anyone noticed a recent change? I'm only getting 15 notifications. Any more than that and it deletes the previous notifications.

  18. 925,000 minutes a month Sept in 2016 and a lousy 33,000 minutes Sept 2019 . Simple answer is that you tube turned off the notifications on 18,500 subscribers

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