You’re watching Fox News. You just don’t know it.

You’re watching Fox News. You just don’t know it.

I’m done.
I’m finally done watching Fox News.
It’s rotting my brain.
And only boomers watch that crap anyway.
From now on, I’m watching real news.
Stuff that actually matters.
And I’ll never have to worry about Fox News
ever ag-
Two of the headlines on Fox News tonight.
Gotten a lot of attention thanks to Fox News.
Started on Fox News.
Yesterday on Fox News.
Last night on O’Reilly.
Last night on Hannity.
This morning on Fox & Friends.
Fox was all over this story.
Want to play this clip from Fox.
Clip from Fox.
Clip from Fox News earlier.
It makes my head explode when I see these
clips from Fox News.
Oh, god.
It’s everywhere.
There’s no escape.
Thank god for Fox News.
Thank god for Fox News.
Thank god for Fox.
You get the truth out.
Thank god for Fox News, or otherwise,
no one would be talking about these issues.
In an ideal world, political journalism looks
like this.
On either side, you’ve got the parties
fighting for the attention of the press.
And in the middle, you’ve got journalists
sorting through what’s important
and what’s just partisan bullshit.
This is called gatekeeping,
and it’s one of the most important things
journalists do.
Political operatives can spin
whatever talking points they want,
but ultimately it’s the journalists who decide
what’s newsworthy enough to pay attention
But that is in an ideal world,
and we don’t live in an ideal world.
We live in hell.
And in hell, there’s Fox News.
Fox exists in this weird in-between space
because it claims to be a news organization
but it’s essentially a Republican front group.
The network was founded by GOP political operative
Roger Ailes.
Not sure why he’s posing like Shirley Temple
in this picture.
Ailes spent his career advising
Republican presidents like Reagan, Bush Sr.,
and surprise, surprise, Nixon.
A memo from the Nixon Library detailed
Ailes’ dream of launching a Republican news
A plan for putting the GOP on TV news.
Which was described as a way to get around
the “prejudices of network news selectors.”
Wow, nightmares really do come true.
Ailes eventually founded Fox News.
And with it, he turned partisan hackery into
an art form.
Obama salutes while holding coffee?
Everyone’s talking about the disrespectful
the president saluted a Marine yesterday.
Clinton coughs during a campaign event?
We all have our coughing spells,
but it doesn’t look good when you have
all these conspiracy theories about her health.
Rashida Tlaib says a naughty word about Trump?
We’re going to go in there, we’re going to
impeach the motherfucker.
Is this what the Democratic Party has become?
Buckle up, folks.
This is the new Democratic Party.
This is the Democratic Party in 2019.
Fox knows this fucking bullshit doesn’t actually
But that’s not the point.
The point is pretending that it matters,
so voters at home think it does too.
Now, I know what you’re thinking.
Oh, my god.
Who cares.
It’s Fox.
None of us actually watch that crap.
Except you do watch that crap, Mary.
You just don’t realize it.
Because once Fox News goes all-in on a story,
other networks pay attention.
“What’s in conservative media?
What are conservatives talking about?
Take Benghazi, for example.
You’re still mad about this?
I’m still mad about this.
In 2012, Fox began peddling
wild conspiracy theories about
a terror attack in Benghazi.
Explosive new details about a possible
White House cover-up on Benghazi.
Unanswered questions about Benghazi.
Questions still remain unanswered.
Some have suggested this is bigger than Watergate.
Fox’s goal was to smear the Obama administration,
But it was also to get other news outlets
to take that smear seriously.
I think most journalists would be inclined
Why is the media not dealing with a clear
cover-up here?
And you say to yourself,
And eventually, Mary, it worked.
Aren’t there still legitimate questions
to be answered on Benghazi?
Very serious unanswered questions.
Legitimate questions.
Too many questions.
It’s not just for Fox News anymore, it’s all
of cable news.
So the result of that is that
They all go talk about something,
Thank god for Fox News for being tenacious
to cause the mainstream media not to ignore
There is no equivalent to this on the left.
And that creates what Matt calls a “hack gap.”
Because conservatives can manufacture
their own outrage cycles,
mainstream outlets pay a lot more attention
to their bullshit.
Which means even minor slip-ups by Democrats
can become
career-defining scandals.
In March, Democrat Ilhan Omar gave a speech
about how Muslim organizations had to fight
Islamophobia after 9/11.
Pretty non-controversial, right?
Wrong again, Mary.
Because in April, Republican Dan Crenshaw
accused Omar of trivializing 9/11
because she didn’t say the word terrorist,
I guess?
I don’t know.
Am I bleeding again?
And the next morning, Fox News knew what it
had to do.
Few people did something?
You have to wonder if she’s an American first.
Downplaying one of the darkest days
in our nation’s history.
The Democratic Party has a problem.
Ilhan Omar is embroiled in another controversy
After making controversial comments.
Do you feel she should apologize?
Do you think she should have rethought her
How do you think this controversy is playing
among Democrats?
The congresswoman needs to be careful about
her own words too.
This is the kind of hacky nonsense that good
is supposed to protect us from.
And it almost did.
Nobody even cared about Omar’s speech for
weeks after she gave it.
But once Fox made it a story, it was over.
Look at how many mainstream news segments
included clips from Fox.
How do you think this controversy
is playing out among Democrats?
The hack gap is a nightmare in a normal year,
but it’s especially bad during election season.
In 2016, a lot of journalists realized
that the Clinton email server was not
the national crisis Fox was making it out
to be.
Could this new development put her behind
You’ve got destruction of evidence.
You’ve got obstruction of justice.
There’s three specific laws that we found.
There’s at least seven that I’ve found.
Lock her up!
Yes, lock her up.
Ah, that pleases me.
But because Fox viewers became fixated
on Hillary’s emails,
Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!
the story became newsworthy.
I remember talking to somebody who was
a high-ranking official in a major newspaper
and I was asking him,
And he said, “Well, you know,
Benghazi, her private email server.
It’s all part of the same narrative
and why many voters don’t trust her.
Okay, fair enough.
They came from Fox News; they came from conservative . talk radio.
The American public know they can’t trust
Can’t trust her.
We can’t trust her.
So you put this stuff out.
this email server.
Years later, when it turns out that the Trump
White House
is also using unsecured communication lines,
it doesn’t spark the same months-long crisis
that Hillary’s emails did,
because there’s no left-wing propaganda machine
baiting journalists into overreacting.
It’s not that there’s nothing to these stories.
Clinton’s email server was a mistake.
Benghazi was a mess.
Omar could have said the word terrorists more,
I guess?
Oh, god, it’s in my ear now.
It’s that they get blown way out of proportion
by a propaganda machine that’s trying to score
political points.
And by mainstream journalists who are
too afraid of looking biased against conservatives
to call bullshit.
And the weird genius of the hack gap is that
if you’re not watching Fox News, you won’t
even notice it.
Because it doesn’t look like Fox & Friends
or Hannity.
It looks like serious journalists covering
a serious controversy
that they’ve decided is important.
But they aren’t deciding.
They’re reacting to a political operation
that was created to get you to pay attention.
You can try to ignore Fox News all you want.
But as long as journalists are getting their
story assignments
from conservative media, you can’t escape
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