WWE NXT BEATS AEW! WWE Star RELEASED! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2019

WWE NXT BEATS AEW! WWE Star RELEASED! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2019

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NordVPN to watch AEW Dynamite on Fite because then you get the unedited feed, where you
can see Chris Jericho roast inanimate objects during the commercial break. If only that kind of quality content was on
the televised broadcast, AEW might’ve won in this week’s Wednesday Night Wars. Because for the first time since AEW Dynamite
started going up against NXT on the 2nd October, the 7 week winning streak has now come to
an end – with Wednesday’s episode of NXT absolutely trouncing AEW by a ridiculously
massive… 23,000 viewers. That’s right folks, we’re so obviously
AEW-biased here – we’re going to tell you Dynamite won even when they lost. Before I dive into the ratings numbers, which
are super interesting guys, I do want to point something out – all of us here in the office
genuinely absolutely love both AEW and NXT. We’ve made it so our coverage of both shows
is totally equal on the channel, where we don’t dedicate more time to one over the
other. This is quite easily the best time to be a
fan of wrestling in the last two decades. If you went back and told 2008 Oli that we’d
have two in-ring focused wrestling shows on mainstream TV going head-to-head on a weekly
basis, I would’ve broke down crying ‘there is hope’. This is my warning against tribalism, against
blind brand loyalty. You can enjoy both, and someone saying something
good or bad about one company, doesn’t mean they’re slighting or being paid off by the
other. With that said, the NXT victory isn’t really
that impressive when you take a deeper look. Bank transfer’s easiest for me, Tony! This week’s episode of NXT drew 916,000
viewers, about 2.5% more than AEW’s 893,000. That’s a 166,000 increase for NXT from last
week, and a 64,000 drop for Dynamite after their post-Full Gear show last Wednesday. But despite NXT picking up its first ratings
win in the Wednesday Night Wars so far, the all-important demographics tell a slightly
different story. The most valuable viewer age for TV networks
is those between 18 and 49, as they’re the ones with the most disposable income, meaning
they’re the ones advertisers like to target most – because that’s the exact audience
far more likely to buy whatever they’re selling. And Dynamite still beat NXT in that 18-49
viewership range by 25%. In fact, AEW beat NXT in every viewership
demographic apart from the 50+ audience, which is assumed to be because of the older skewing
Raw audience pushed there from Monday’s episode where Triple H teased that any WWE
wrestlers are welcome to show up in NXT this week. So even with its wrestlers showing up on Raw
and SmackDown for the last several weeks, top main roster stars like Becky Lynch and
Seth Rollins appearing on the show, and it being the go-home episode for Survivor Series
in which NXT is competing, they only managed to beat AEW by 23,000 viewers. It’s not a defeat, but I wouldn’t quite
say that’s a win either. Nevertheless, Cody took Dynamite’s first
loss as a chance to improve: “Take it on the chin, learn from it, get
up off the mat and get to work. Excuses are for assholes.” While Le Champion Chris Jericho joked:
“Remember guys, it’s a marathon not a sprint….. 😝”
Most likely a reference to Triple H’s interview earlier this month: “this is, for me, a
marathon. It’s not a sprint.” And then having the bulk of WWE’s main roster
appear on the show just two weeks later. The most important number to note here, though,
as fans of wrestling, is that the combined Wednesday night viewership for both shows
was 1.8 million fans. Which is amongst the highest so far. 1.8 million people are watching the incredibly
high quality wrestling products of NXT and AEW. That’s incredible news for the industry
and artform we all love. Hot tag to Chopper! Thanks Oli! Wrestling controversy certainly has a little
more public on social media lately, hasn’t it? In recent times, we’ve seen talent such
as Luke Harper, Sin Cara, Mike Kanellis, and most prominently, ACH, air their grievances
with WWE, and ask for their releases, on Twitter, However if you ask one Cerebral Assassin, certain
things in the business should be kept behind closed doors. On the NXT Takeover War Games conference call,
Triple H was asked about this recent trend, and what he thinks about it, to which he responded:
“If you have an issue, talk to us. If you think ‘You know what? I’m gonna go put that on the media…’ That’s not the way to do your business. If I had a complaint with talent, I don’t
go on Twitter and complain to them. I speak to them.” While that is something that is agreeable,
when you take into account certain stories from WWE talent such as Jon Moxley, the former
Dean Ambrose, and his dealings with Vince McMahon that he aired on the Talk Is Jericho
podcast, sometimes speaking to internal WWE management doesn’t actually solve any problems,
meaning the talent then seeks out alternative means of venting frustrations. Trips then went on to say:
“Anybody who’s out there that is serious about [complaints] that’s talking about
it on the Internet, that’s not the place to do it. We all have phones. You meet, you handle your business like a
professional. Everybody thinks we don’t like to say, everybody
wants to say ‘professional wrestler,’ but the keyword in front of that is ‘professional.’ That’s what we’re trying to change about
the business, make people more professional.” Triple H just said the W word! He said wrestler! Sound the alarms everyone, they’re professional
wrestlers, but only when it’s convenient to not call them sports entertainers. But speaking of Twitter releases, the most
vocal and prominent in recent times has been ACH, formerly Jordan Myles, with him calling
out WWE for perceived racism over a t-shirt design that displayed racist iconography. ACH started a Twitter movement, and did a
very public and very not PG rant livestream on Twitter where he said he quit WWE, but
up until now, it was unknown whether he had actually been granted his release or not. PWInsider and Fightful are both reporting
that ACH has now been officially released from his WWE contract, effective immediately. ACH himself has tweeted Vince McMahon saying:
“Hey Vince McMahon. Can’t hold me down no more. This is FOR THE WRESTLING CULTURE.” And he also tweeted a picture of himself signing
some papers that look suspiciously like a contract, with the hashtag #KingIsBack. Fightful also reported yesterday that ACH’s
locker had been cleared out at the WWE Performance Center, with his belongings left in the open
“so everyone could see, a clear message” as one talent reportedly said. Curiously enough, it seems he’s not been
subject to the usual 90-day no compete clause, and he has advertised himself for bookings
immediately, as soon as tonight at Heavy Metal Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas. This was then followed a few hours later by
the announcement that on December 1st, he would be making an appearance at Atlanta Wrestling
Entertainment. ACH certainly isn’t wasting any time to
further his career outside WWE. Is WWE suing AEW? Press the video to the right to find out more,
and the video below that to find out more about a potential major WWE return being revealed! A special thank you to our pledgehammers on
Patreon, some of whom you can see scrolling below me right now! I’ve been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that,
was wrestling.

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  2. Already?!? That wasn’t much of a war. Paul the Conquerer listened closely to Vince’s lessons. It’s a good thing that people are starting to realize how trash Cody’s sideshow is. An oiled up guy, 2 midgets, a tranny, and a fat guy in a mask doesn’t cut it for national television.

  3. You may be giving equal time to each brand but damn is Ollie so obnoxiously biased. You're part of the problem not the solution. So many call back jokes at WWEs expense buy so few with AEW in the recieving end. I like them both, but videos like this only serve to fuel division by their imbalance

  4. Both shows were great I loved the end of dynamite sucks Moxley broke his hand funny that he was yelling fuck into the camera a few times

  5. Aew badly needs to fill out its roster a little, add a mid level title, or at have some of the other talent in matches

  6. Everything tha trips said is facts…but at the same time they need to be able to make themselves available….for their employees..

  7. I’m not a fan of the Antonio Brown strategy, but this guy got released from a company who won’t release people for DUI. That’s impressive in its own right.

  8. I do enjoy both shows but I Haven't heard you guys say one negative thing about AEW even when they pull the same stuff wwe is As if there Ad break shirk screen is any better then wwe you guys are viciously bias or maybe even intentionally bias but you're definitely biased don't try to trick yourself for a second and if they can you're not

  9. AEW leads in ratings: Woohoo! Take that WWE!
    NXT leads in ratings: Well, they don't REALLY lead in ratings, and besides let's just be happy about all the good wrestling.
    Funny how the group preaching against tribalism isn't following their own statement.

  10. I watched both shows and NXT was clearly the best. Not even close. The women in NXT are far more superior than most of the guys in AEW. Jericho is awesome in AEW, there is no denying this. But, the dude looks his age and its almost reaching that embarrassing level of seeing him in the ring. Also, when Billy Gunn comes into a match and towers over everyone. Guys that is a problem. Some of these young kids look like they need to be eating more. Its sad to watch. I'd say half the roster looks like they just aren't ready for prime time. Also, the focus on the ratings. The reality is this, AEW since week one has been losing viewers. That is just a fact. People saw the product and left. If you are calling yourself "Elite" then you better be that way. Its kind of like if McDonalds trying to claim they are the best burger joint on the planet when everyone knows you can go to a lot better places for a burger. Sorry to burst the bubble of those who cannot think for themselves. But AEW has a lot to be desired.

  11. Nxt was terrible, it was just Smackdown and raw superstars on a conveyor belt running in a throw together matches to bait their viewers in lmao to think they had to use everything just to beat a new company is laughable at best. Fans are so fickle, they forget that if aew was to disappear wwe would put their show quality back to last year, no doubt about it.

  12. The wrestlers in WWE airing their grievances via Twitter is the equivalent of complaining to a company's customer service department, then going to upper management and neither of them doing anything so then you go to the companies website message board, post your grievance in public and then the company decides all of a sudden you matter and decides to listen to you. LOL

  13. AEW sucks ass so bad, Jericho should get a haircut and Moxley should get another job as a mechanic or something. Cody Rhodes is in way over his head. Tony Kahn is another Ted Turner that will go down just like WCW. Ratings means nothing

  14. Lately y’all have been showing love to AEW don’t know how NXT is a Great program and has great Shows it’s their developmental means it’s Raw more hard hitting i don’t even know half of the AEW whole roster that’s let you know that I don’t like It haven’t watch the episode since I started recording it’s just wasting space and time on my DVR WWE for life !

  15. Isn't the AEW upper card currently built with ex main roster WWE Guys? Should we discount those first 7 weeks? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  16. ACH is a punk he created controversy to further his career off of it. What a shameless act just goes to show he didn't believe in his own talent

  17. Not a big AEW fan but rooting for them as love the competition aspect, that the WWE product is improving, and that the boys have another spot to work

  18. Oli Davis: We love both NXT and AEW.
    Also Oli Davis: NXT is a show for marks. (that he never watches)

    (jk ofc I know that was before it was on tv and even then it was likely hyperbolic)

  19. I don’t know for the other viewers, I personally do not find the channel or the videos or the Livestreams to be bias in anyway because in my opinion when WWE product is great you guys are excited and happy about it when it’s crap you say it’s crap when AEW product is great you guys say it’s great if it’s not great you say that too.
    I think it’s just that the WWE product has been crap consistently in every show or almost every show for such a long period of time whereas the AEW product is new and has been above the standard, so it seems as though your coverage is bias when it’s NOT.
    Honestly, the only bias thing about this channel are the fans of AEW who will attack my post seconds after I’m finished and prove my point😆.
    In every live chat and even in comments on your videos your subscribers who prefer AEW or are WWE disillusioned seem to feel the need to attack anyone that still enjoys the WWE product even during the live stream of the WWE product there’s an overload of AEW subscribers attacking you for any positive opinion on NXT or WWE as a whole gets you harassed so instead of you guys keep trying to fix a problem that you don’t actually have because y’all are not biased you should focus on encouraging the subscribers to respect each other‘s opinions.
    At the days end wrestling fans are the only ones winning every episode of wrestling television because we are getting companies and athletes and performers killing themselves to entertain us and keep our attention why are we fighting each other enjoy what you enjoy.

  20. Raw and SmackDown still need to get better but Wednesdays have been great. I watch aew and dvr nxt and watch it the next day. Wednesday is easily the best wrestling of the week.

  21. Oli: I wish cm punk would’ve went to aew

    Also oli: we aren’t biased and love both shows and good wrestling and blah blah blah.

    Just admit your bias, it’s ok.

  22. Thank you Oli for addressing the blind brand loyalty in the video. I do hope viewers digest this message well in this fantastic time to be a pro wrestling fan.

  23. Love all the good wrestling! On the social media note, I have to agree with Triple H by saying this… STOP FUCKING TWEETING, none of them should be on twitter and it should be in the contracts going forward, no company business should be aired via social media. Jordan Miles… your career is done. No one is going to touch you after the way you handled things. Toxic.

  24. Yes, but… The whole reason NXT is even on USA Wednesday is to steal some AEW thunder. They don't need to win. I believe Dynamite would have well over a million viewers every week if not for NXT. The damage is done. NXT has done its job and served it's purpose.

  25. Finally they had a Two Week headstart on AEW if they were the better show they should have been #1 in the first place.

  26. I'd have to agree with you Oli this is the best time to be a wrestling fan this much wrestling these great shows wow as the chant goes fight forever!!!!!

  27. I mean it’s just entertainment fans be taken this stuff to heart like its paying their bills and putting food on they table just enjoy the show either it’s wwe or AEW just be a fan of wrestling

  28. After hearing Luke's story
    Me:(downloads Nord vpn immeadiately)now I am like Luke(I have no hair and got a beard though being 14)
    Truely wisely sensationally inspirational

  29. My first episode of NXT and I felt that I was watching shit all these years. NXT is 1000 times better than Raw and even SD. Amazing action throughout. Awesome product.

  30. This is what I love about WrestleTalk. I feel you guys give good, equal coverage. I'm glad O.D. took the time to say that people being critical of a particular product hate the product. I am simply tired of some companies getting passes for lazy, sloppy story-telling & writing. Some of those companies, when their backs are up against the wall, are capable of putting out really compelling content and that's the kind of thing that is most likely to get my support. I'm critical because I want the product to improve, not fail. But some people will never understand that and while I want to say "That's fine," it's not.

  31. Thank you for explaining the fact that you can like BOTH products…hopefully you can get your point across to the narrow minded who don’t believe in such

  32. Who cares about the ratings. I'm just happy that NXT and AEW are better shows than both SmackDown and RAW combined, but that episode of NXT was meh with that Survivor Series build.

  33. As a huge Villain fan, I can't wait to see where he goes. If NXT, I might have to start watching that first from now on.

  34. Wrestletalk are AEW pro and bash WWE at every point can’t even admit they lost just go well WWE cheated 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. ACH is the Antonio Brown of wrestling this guy will pull this shit in any brand he joins when he does not get his way, keep an eye on this guy he took to many head blows

  36. Tribalism will keep both brands from ever really growing if you ask me. The answer is to make new wrestling fans which is extremely hard in today’s culture.

  37. Why can’t Raw and SmackDown learn from NXT and AEW, this competition should be friendly and a learning experience for all, even outside promotions.

  38. The competition has made NXT step their game up every night, and they were already the better brand on WWE's side. Admittedly, NXT shows could sometimes be a little bland before AEW.

  39. NXT won in rating this week according to viewership. But this was weakest go home show for take over, wargames, as alot time was spent on the invasion for survival series and how NXT is going to sustain the viewership next week as the survival series invasion will be over by Sunday night. Will the wildcard rule be back for main roster guys to go NXT to beat AEW in viewership?

  40. You know JDfromNY206 mentioned Wrestletalk on his NXT Review – largely because he saw the thumbnail you used for WrestleTalk Live and used it as an example of people missing the wider issue that NXT this week seemed to forget War Games almost entirely… something Bryan Alverez also talked about on WOR.

    Wonder if Oli wants to shoot back at JD?

  41. Who cares who is better?! (But raw and smackdown still lacking IMO) WE GET LIKE A WHOLE WEEKS WORTH OF WRESTLING TO WATCH TV OR ONLINE!!!!!! PRO WRESTLING GETS BETTER AND BETTER ❤❤❤

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