100 thoughts to “Wuhan virus puts millions on travel lockdown during Lunar New Year”

  1. I can understand the locking down on flights, and to some extent trains, but how do they expect people living in remote areas to get to a hospital, this simply mean that they are more likely to pass the virus to more people in their area. If they wont allow people to travel, then they must bring the help to people.

  2. The Black Death epidemic was originated in the dry plains of of central Asia in the 1300's and killed 200 million and the Spanish flu of the early 1900's originated in East Asia, a common area for transmission of disease from animals to humans because of dense living conditions, i think everyone can agree their is a serious problem in Asia and their quality of life…

  3. another inaccurate headline , Wuhan is the city of origin, not part of the name of the virus as you use it in the headline…. Should say " Virus originating in Wuhan puts…" where did your editors go to journalism school?? this is just one of many inaccurate and deceptive headlines from CNN like the Standing O at the trial that did not have anything to do with the I-Trial!!

  4. No one will want to go near a Chinese these days and it will do a collosal impact on Chinese economy. Let that thought sink in.

  5. Hey every one! I found the patent for the Human Coronavirus! Submitted 16 years ago and application was activated….TODAY! A single company is about to make billions, maybe trillions.

  6. We sincerely ask for support from Internation community
    !!! Now the gov has sent Biochemical Forces to Wuhan. The actual situation is much serious than report. Medical resource is the biggest shortage at this moment, and we need expert team to help us deal with this Crisis.

  7. If we were a bit intelligent
    We would seek of God through Jesus Christ
    Psalms 53:2
    This places in general worship Orher Lords that are not the true God
    The same way many worship Maria Buddha or ala
    Neither of those can do anything
    I am talking about the true God
    Who created heaven and earth and the seas
    This people are now preparing to celebrate non existing things

    New year is the beginning of the year
    There is no Christmas Day either
    Jesus did not born in December
    Read Luke 1
    The pastors in ancient times did not feed sheep’s in December because it was too cold and snowing

    See people celebrates Good Friday Saturday and Sunday which falls in different months
    Either march or April why would it be like that ?
    Also the 3 reyes magos Melchor Gaspar and Balthazar
    The Bible speaks of some magicians wise men it does not say how many neither says they were 3
    Is true Jesus resurrected Sunday
    But he did not die on Friday
    Friday to early Sunday does not make 3 days and 3 nights it must be 3 days and 3 nights
    Attention he was already gone when Maria when to look at the tomb it was empty and it was early Sunday it says even before sunrise
    The day started at 6 am
    Does it make 3 days and 3 nights
    From Friday to Sunday ???morning

    That’s why we need to read and ask God for wisdom
    And let’s not be part of traditions
    Does anyone know what really happens in halloween day ?
    Many People specially children disappear on that day
    People is abducted
    Because as I heard
    They look for pure children to bring to the devil

    So most do exactly that on that day
    They put their own families on the devils hands
    I owe to spread the word because it has been shown to me
    Can not keep quiet

    While many celebrate others die
    We should be praying praying more often
    Maybe God can have mercy on us
    But what is approaching is pretty bad
    This is the beginning of pains
    Like the woman in labor reads the Bible
    And what happens when a woman is in pain
    Pains increase and increase untill a baby is born
    Well the pains have started
    It will break in 2 both to west and will create a valley in the middle
    We are heading to the rapture of the church
    And 7 years later after rapture the second coming of Jesus he will step on olive mount
    Every eye will see him and every knee will bend
    Before that many would wish not have been born
    Many will wish to hear this word
    But there will be no one to preach it
    There will be peace for 3/12 years and tribulation for 3/12 years
    the beast will appear after the first 3/12 years
    And will do things that many will fall in the trap they will think and believe this is God
    But he will not
    he will mark people on the forehead and the right hand
    With number 666
    If anyone does not have that mark will be killed
    But whomever loose his or her life for Jesus will leave forever
    We are seeing how Christians are decapitated for their beliefs
    But makes me proud no one says I will turn yo you just save my life no they don’t do that
    Instead they pray quietly
    And the almighty that sees everything and listens everything hears them
    But the bad ones will soon know what it is to fall in the hands of the living God
    And the ones killed will live for ever

    Please read the Bible
    There is only one way out
    Jesus Christ

    So things like this
    We are moving according to the rest
    But we do not seek the truth
    The truth is Jesus Christ
    No one comes to the father if not through his Son
    Jhon 14:6-9

    I have said this as of in general
    Chinese people have worst traditions
    God is angry with the wicked everyday
    Psalms 7:11

  8. Okay, I'm confused. I listened twice, I missed the part about how this is Trump's fault. This IS a CNN report, isn't it?

  9. This is a democratic virus. It starts with eating the brain. Just look at the infected. Obama Biden Hillary Schiff Schumer AOC plus 4. It has started infecting Democrat voter's. Fake news is spreading the virus to epidemic proportions.

  10. Coronavirus Patent Granted To Bill Gates Funded Institute In 2018 Gives More Credence To The Theory It Might Be A Bioweapon – MSM Colluding On Narrative Hints Something STINKS As China Locks Down Cities

  11. CNN calls this a "travel lockdown" on cities, but let's be honest here. China is QUARANTINING cities, they aren't allowing people in or out.

  12. I bet you they are making mass graves. They did the same for the pigs when a virus broke out, burned hundreds alive in pits.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQnMM-YNJw8&feature=emb_title There have been 90,000 cases of infection in Wuhan allegedly, according to a footage secretly filmed and released by a local medical professional. The Chinese communist government is good at hiding facts and brainwashing (e.g. that “Taiwan’s part of China” thing). Quarantine efforts should and could have been made in early January.

  14. You know if they ever have a massive spread of an STD infection everyone at CNN will have blisters and sores on their mouth and asshole !

  15. Feb 3rd that's 10 days.. Are all CNN people this stupid?!?!? For the record 10 days is not within a week. Fkn moron.

  16. Shit is real the planet is fighting back. I know that sound cray af but whats the most way to wipe out a larg anout of ppl in a short time. The fires the hurricanes and earthquakes.

  17. Millions were allowed to travel all over the world and now the disease is spreading like a wild fire. WHO is not telling the truth on how fast this is spreading. The Images coming out of China are horrific

  18. You democrats should love this.
    If murdering your child is good because of overpopulation, then you should have a great party to celebrate this.

  19. Some animals are unclean! You can't eat every slimy creepy crawly thing China! Think everything has medicinal or aphrodisiac properties. China is infected by its own ancient pseudoscience

  20. Maybe China should have everyone in the comment section to decide what to do since everyone seems so professional in this domain.

  21. Meanwhile CNN sends employees to Wuhan and then fly back to the United States to infect and kill Americans. CNN is the most dangerous anti American company. This type of irresponsibility to endangering the lives of Americans needs to be sued and shutdown.

  22. CNN is spreading rumors. Cars, taxi and emergency vehicles are all available so it is much easier than before for any potential sick people to go hospital.

  23. Seems medical professionals didn't remember that Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and other meds such as cold preparations containing anti fever and muscle ache meds REDUCE fever and elevated temp readings.
    Checking the temp of someone who has taken Ibuprophen
    (Motrin for example) within a 6 hr time period is not a good indicator/screening method for infection and viruses.

  24. Send Trump to Wuhan China with no mask should be good for a a laugh then the impeachment trial will be over.😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  25. I hate CNN let that be known. But I had to post this on Fox.
    Fox News. While we 100% support our President. You make a mistake in believing that we did not want to watch the last arguments by Adam Schiff tonight. Despite the fact that he is a liar with about 90% of what comes out of his foul mouth. You lost your viewers this night because you went a step to far in trying to decide what I view in the news. Watch you tomorrow.

  26. CNN is a soap popper… this guy is inflating the situation making interpretation of events to please the rates and using it to continue the political attack towards China.. This was planned.. USA can military attack China .. so they are trying biological warfare. Similar tactics were used in middle East… Is a lie that people in USA were contaminated… USA is trying to brush off suspetion..

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