World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Features Overview

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Features Overview

The Jailer of the Damned.
A grim task…
…which I have failed.
Now the eternal veil screams,
torn asunder… by her.
Within the Realm of Shadow
lies the darkest of terrors…
…which should never be set free.
The Shadowlands are infinite.
Their terrors and beauty
were never meant for mortal eyes.
I wonder if they can bear to behold
all that awaits them.
The denizens of this realm
are the key to restoring the balance
between life and death…
…if their trust can be earned.
Death comes.
And the end of everything…
…is just the beginning.

100 thoughts to “World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Features Overview”

  1. Here is an idea. Have the players actually have to die to go to shadow lands. The corpse pile on launch day would be hilarious.

  2. Man, bunch of self-entitled, pessimistic douche bags in these comments. Yea yea, you can express your opinions all you want, but its really simple, if you don't like what the next expansion has to bring move long.. no need for the constant criticism.

  3. This whole expansion is cool, love the creativity put to this expansion compared to BFA, I hope it doesn’t go on a bad note like BFA or Draenor, I still think they’re good expansions, and I hope this expansion saves retail

  4. Saurfang is gonna kill Sylvanas. 100%

  5. leveling to 50 in just pandaria is much too fast, also players must be able to choose between exiles reach and the original starting zones!!

  6. Ok so we are going to the place where the scrourge get their power and Deathknights… wheres oir necromancer hero class?

  7. At Blizzcon they said we’ll be meeting (dead) characters like Uther and Draka, what do you think are the odds we’ll find Varian? 😵

  8. EXCEPT: The Lich King was created by Kil'jaeden, so there always WAS NOT a Lich King… soo ALL of THIS is bullshit. Explain THAT.

  9. New zones, new factions (AKA rep grinds), new raids and dungeons…
    Perhaps I'm expecting too much, but I remember (for example) the launch of Wrath of the Lich King. Remember that? New hero class, new vehicle and siege combat system, a new PVP-only zone, the barber shop, a slew of new factions, the introduction of the "phasing" system, plus a new continent with new dungeons and a "remastered" version of a vanilla raid.
    Either Blizz is getting lazier, the game is at a point where they can't figure out how to improve it in any significant way, or I'm expecting too much.

  10. There is no old gods in this expansion: build up old gods as ultimate baddy.
    Old god is the end boss of this expansion: switch to death as enemy before facing the old god.
    Such narrative. Such focus. Such passing.

  11. People are too easily distracted. Activision still needs to address the core issue. ALL classes are hallow and boring AF. Returning a couple old abilities will not do a thing.

  12. Game of Thrones: 8 seasons with first really good seasons and very disappointing last season.
    WoW: 8 expansions with first really good expansions and very disappointing last expansion.

    Did Blizz hire Dumb and Dumber ? hmmm

  13. I dont know what people expects from a game like Wow…in mmo's zones, raids/dungs and some other small changes can be made, dont expect something special cuz aint happening bcs this is how mmo works.If u dont like none force you to buy it. Hopefully we can get some reworked old raids/mogs and maybe more stuff do to for earning mounts/pets/mogs. After all wow was never about ilvl is about the journey.

  14. Pls new class, necromancer
    I know we have like death knights already but if paladins have priests, why not have a necromancer for the DK?

  15. You know what would be awesome. Instead of Spirit Resurrection, it would be great if they added some sort of mini world or mini game to escape the afterlife.

  16. Wildstar gameplay in world of warcraft would bring me back.
    Just adding 2-3 new abilities on top of EVERY SINGLE BORING SPEC just aint gonna do it for me ^^

  17. There seems to be a lot of hate regarding features to this expansion. Yes there is not a lot, there are essentially two new things: Covenant and Torghast, besides leveling changes, squish and some other changes regarding classes etc. What did we really get in BFA? Hoa, islands, warfronts, war campaign and allied races. How many of these features was actually liked? I liked the war campaign and allied races. Lets look at Legion features: Artifact weapon, honor system, order hall and demon hunter. These were all good features imo, the only thing that i see is missing from this expansion is a new class.
    It is understandable to be critical after the fiasco known as BFA but don't you guys think two very good features is better than four featues and only one is actually good? To me this looks like a promising expansion in many aspects and I'm staying optimistic as we don't know the implication of the features in full detail yet.

  18. so this what we get for destroying the iconic helmet of warcraft that arthas himself was wearing? ok no thanks

    bring back arthas to restore the crown or something

  19. Why does the CGI gameplay look like 4 year old phone MMO quality? What happened to creating something that even looks remotely like the 1st trailer cinematic? I think we've come there in processing power… well actually have been there for a while now.

  20. Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers
    Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
    Archage: Shadows Revealed
    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    What's up with these edgy devs? 😂

  21. LOL World of Warcraft the MMO that reuses it's old expansions and vanilla as NEW expansions, can't wait for cataclysm 2.0 and mists of pandera 2.0. Legion was Burning Crusade 2.0, the alliance war is just vanilla, now their doing WoTLK 2.0. It's time to shut down the servers wow has no new content. They are also FINALLY adding character customization something many mmos have been doing for years.

  22. This really just looks like a legion/bfa patch? I remember when expansions use to be expansions! And I'm sorry but I cant stand the models and animations, it's like I'm watching cartoon network.

  23. I think its time to put this game to bed. How much longer can they go on with such a generic formula of content? Story is shite, lore is ruined, game itself hasnt evolved in any drastic way in years….

    People just keep coming back for more out of habit because its like theyre on autopilot at this point, not because theres something legitimately great on display.

  24. I'm honestly shocked in how disinterested I am in this. I can't even explain properly why. I just feel like I've seen every single one of these ideas and assets done – in this game – already. In some cases several times over.

  25. Every patch feels the same. Here is a zone, here are some dungeons, run around and do stuff.
    No endless randomly-generated towers, no permanent power content, only mounts and pets who no one cares about.
    And all that behind an insane subscription paywall. RIP WoW.

  26. World of Warcraft Darker Legion of Litchcraft "99 problems but Blizzard underutilization of old stories and models ain't one. "

  27. When I saw BfA trailer it hyped me into returning… and he expansion was (for me) somehow tasteless (not bad, just tasteless) that I left again. "This" (I actually mean the cinematic) trailer left me uninterested… so it might be superb expansion 😉

  28. This looks like the WoW devs saw the original Tera Online trailer and thought "hey, let's make that!". It's the most forgettable expansion I've ever seen from Blizz. There isn't a single thing in this trailer that makes you go "wow, I gotta tell all my friends about this!".

  29. One chick can take on the Lich King and tear the crown in half, but it took 25 people to take him down back in the day and nobody ripped the crown in half. What happened here?

  30. Really disappointed there isn’t a new class, I don’t know the full details of these class changes or overhauls but they better be good and worth my time

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