Woman’s DNA Test Revealed A Shocking Family Secret | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Woman’s DNA Test Revealed A Shocking Family Secret | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  2. I think people are ungrateful if you were abandoned or adopted out they didn’t want you or were too much of a mess to do it. Be great full if you get a nice family

  3. Some time ago a judge [ case of parentage of Charlie Chaplin] said the TRUTH about women- "Motherhood is a matter off fact but Fatherhood is a matter of CHOICE!!!!

  4. I am one of 12 adopted sisters and 5 adopted brothers. Never known my biological parents. My adopted parents have passed away. Life is good. Thank god for these people who took care of us all.

  5. Something similar happened to me when I was 15. It was heartbreaking to hear the truth. Even though I was the one to figure it out on my own initionally. It took me a long time to come to terms with it all.

  6. Almost exactly what happened to my mom. Only with us I took the dna test and it came back that i had none of my grandfather's family linked to me in my ancestry dna.
    And had connections with ppl whom I didn't know. In my Mom's early 50's she found out whom she believed to be her biological father wasn't.

  7. The only thing that really changed was your THINKING. Your dad that raised you gave you what we all want — Love. In addition, you said he taught you good work ethic which is worth its weight in gold. Parents aren't without blemishes. Think of all the good you had in your childhood up into your adult years and stay with those fond memories.

  8. Gosh, she was so lucky to have had no clue that the man she thought was her father wasn't. Not her father, but he acted as a father should. Her mother was the employee of the biological father. How common, eh.

  9. you don't just do a DNA test… without a reason… no mention of the man who raised her? cared for her? don't get it me…

  10. I’m adopted & it’s so difficult trying to figure out if who I thought was my birth dad really is my biological father, as I’ve never met him. He’s 1/4 Hispanic and I had no Hispanic DNA whatsoever. It’s a truly devastating blow.

  11. It just goes to show that there are many many woman who cheat on their husbands, just like the men cheat on their wives!…and this is what's happens, babies born who are hurt when they become adults and find out the truth of their being!….

  12. Im was orphan…everybody'..made mistakes…its a blessing to had a parentes…family of your own…so pity that people that had parents they taken for granted…please adore you parents…take care of them…respect them..take them in you love…cherish they legacy….

  13. Wow! Praise God she had the strength to respond the way she did! Thank God that there is a place now where so many people can get the validation that they so dearly need!

  14. Very poignant … Majority of the info is best found in a male relative. I have a friend who discovered his dad was not his dad after a simple blood type test done in school biology. Changed their family dynamic forever. He was only a young teenager and bore the guilt of being that messenger into adulthood. Your information came to you in a way that was perhaps for the best. G-d in His wisdom knows what each of us are able to bear 💓

  15. Every man should have every so called child of his DNA tested. A Fred Fox line in his show went "momma's baby papas maybe" He should emmediatly sue her and the other him if he had been parently defrauded.

  16. Be glad you had a father figure… Oh poor you… A lot of people had no male father figure in their life. Focus on the wrong things in life!

  17. Before the invention of birth control. this happened a lot, we are only finding out about it now with the DNA testing.

  18. Catherine, please check out if your dad is a Chimera (i.e. a person possessing two sets of DNA).

  19. People could not be so open then, and even now, women get killed for having natural feelings about other men besides their own husbands. I think it is all good.

  20. Had mine done and found out that Tesla's my 1st cousin. Couldn't figure out why l am always fixing things I know nothing about but always get it accomplished. Guess Im Blessed.

  21. Meagan's asking "Why the need for a support group" is a REALLY stupid question. EVERYONE deserves to know his/her genetic and medical background. ANYONE who found out that one of his parents had an affair that resulted in a child (especially if he or she IS that child) DESERVES to know the truth!

  22. I find it amazing that our local medical offices can’t find records a few years back but soooooo many years of DNA records saved for this long????? AMAZING.. Don’t fall for it.

  23. If I was adopted, or born ‘under’ a circumstance … and I had great parents… why to bother to know ‘who impregnated ‘ my mother??? Let’s be grateful! God bless you!

  24. “Kinda devastating in that moment?”
    Ya think!?
    Are you out of your journalistic mind using a word like that when you see she’s crying?

  25. I can feel her amazement and pain and confusion… I did two DNA home kit testings, CRI Genetics & MyHeritage.com. I just want to not rely on just one finding, I wanted to compare two to see of any inconsistencies. There were a few, most overall both were telling me the same thing, that my Father wasn't my biological Father either. It's gets more interesting… in 2002, I consorted with a local radio guest Psychic. DIdn't ask her about love & finances, but simply; 'Are my Parents my real Parents?' It stumped her but she was excited to receive the vision to help me answer this. So she came back, told me my Mother is my real mother, we're very much alike. But as for my father, she couldn't get a clear vision, it was a gray area blocked by a legal proceeding that I was too young to remember. Interesting. So when I was back home in 2003, I confronted my Parents. My Mom got extremely upset. Defensive? Family secret? But my Father's response was classic, which also fueled my confusion more… 'As fas i know I am.' Okay, either you know, or you don't! How can you be so vague? Well, I understood it more when my Mom dropped a family secret bombshell on me one day a few years later. Her mother, was not her biological mother. It was her Grandmother. But her father was still her father. Hmm… I know right?! Wow! So back to my results, my region wasn't what I thought it was going to me according to my Parent's family's origins. I was mostly Northern European, Scottish, English, Welch, Irish. On MyHeritage, it gives you matching relatives ranging from 2nd to 3rd to 5th cousins, once, twice removed. So 80-90% of those relatives favored my Mother's Father. I mean, he's my Grandfather, there would be some, right? But I should favor more of my Parents. My mother's new discovery enlightened her to know she's 50% Italian (even a famous Crime Family) and mixed from her father. So I should lean towards my Mother's, right? Lesser percentages… nope, higher leaning towards me feeling that my Grandfather had his way with my Mom, he was an unusual drunk, and I was the next family secret. Now, my Dad may not actually know, but if the Psychic was right, if there was a legal proceeding, like birthrights, then he would know! And both of them would have lied to me to my face. People can lie, DNA doesn't. But this discovery could explain a lot of what's currently going on with my immediate family. My mother and I had a major falling out, like me being kicked out of my own apartment & her still living in it! I feel if this is true, then I could be a constant reminder of what happened to her back then. See we hadn't lived together since I was a teen, before the divorce. It was always daily visits or phone calls. Now on my Father's side, I had a falling out with them back in 2003. I am civil and in touch with my father, but now that I'm living back in my hometown, not just visiting, he still only sees me twice a year, my birthday and Christmas. I am the 'Blacksheep' of the family, guess someone has to be, huh? But this could also support his resistance, that if he actually knows this as well, then it also would explain how he treated me throughout my life. Not abusive, but resistant. I always felt out of place, even as a kid. So it's amazing I felt something way back then… but I'm 53 now, ex-Navy, disabled, love my children, have been single for over 15 yrs, finally accepting who I really am… a Nelson, not a Fatur. Don't get me wrong, Richard, the man who raised me, did so the best he could and I'm grateful for everything that was provided for me. That will never change, like my Mom stated after her discovery from her Uncle on his deathbed, 'All the players are gone, so what does it matter?' Well, my supposed Father is dead, since 1985, but my Mom is still alive, and I don't think she'll share this with me, maybe on her deathbed, but I'm not holding my breath! It's just now, from what I discovered on my own, what do I do with it? Still deciding…

  26. this whole show is absurd. its just paternity fraud. happens all the time when men marry trashy women who are not noble virgins and young ladies. before a potential father sings a birth certificate there should be a mandatory paternity test by law.

  27. I think some people do the DNA tests to find out nationality, but unconsciously something has felt "off" and that is what is really driving the decision to do one. I bought one to see if my dad was really my biological father, and by the time it arrived I decided I was really mad at my mom and just looking to find things wrong. I never took it.

  28. I have undertaken a DNA and heraldic test and this is gonna come as a shock to you because Megyn Kelly you are my second wife. It seems the Atlantic held no barriers now we have to get busy. I have to get my first wife packed up and all the documentation completed and we can get started in a fortnight> I've decided we wont sleep with each other for at least so we will be rattling away day and night. I will arrange for meals to be delivered and extra bin bags. I have a huge shower so big I could fit a pool table in there and naturally extracted spring water from my ell. So lets get busy.

  29. You guys are lucky! I have been an orphaned since I was 11 years old. To have a father or mother (or both) is a precious jewel 👑💍💎I really wanna experience how it is like to grow up with them and love them… 😕😯😢

  30. I just finished watching this video and was. My great-grandmother on my mother's side was also related to Wyatt Earp. According to family stories from childhood she is the daughter of one of his. Her family took the egg out of the last name because they were ashamed of Wyatt. As I said this is all family Laurel. It would be amazing if we were related even as far apart as it must be. I'm so glad I watch this.

  31. I understand the hurt and betrayal about being lied to your whole life, but blood isn't always thicker than water. Love makes family.

  32. Interesting story, just remember one important thing before you take a DNA- test! The companies are allowed to sell your info! 👎😡

  33. wonderful to see so many coming together from being found again and healing the soul.. Emotional Therapy from the core.

  34. The DNA tests for fun of curiosity could bring a big surprise to a lot of people and a lot of difficult explaining to do to a lot of mums and dads, but if your siblings have blue eyes and yours are brown do not panic, it's all in the genes

  35. I'm wondering if a DNA test would help my husband. His mother never told him that she was illegitimate and told him that his grandfather was her father and his wife was her mother. I had done my family history and he wanted me to do his and I found there was no father on his mother's birth certificate and that her grandfather had raised her because the mother didn't want her. I also found that the grandfather had been married twice and his first wife was the biological grandmother, not the woman who his mother told him was his grandmother. This has hurt my husband because his biological grandmother was living when he was 40 so he could have met her had his mother not kept it a secret from him. We didn't discover this until after his mother died but he would really like to know who his grandfather was.

  36. She did the wrong thing you’re breaking your families trust you they trust you now and now if you do something like this you’re actually be trained him so stick with the family you have and don’t do it in real life because that will upset a lot of people in your family

  37. The Centre for Health and Coping Studies at the University of British Columbia is seeking individuals to participate in a study on the impact of genetic testing: https://delongis.psych.ubc.ca/ubc-genetic-connections-study/ Click the link if you are interested in learning more about the study!

  38. Any woman can be a wife, but it takes a special one to be a faithful wife.
    Paternity fraud is the only fraud, for which there are no penalties for the perpetrator.

  39. Looks like her "siblings" got together and decided to tell her that mommy slept with her boss and daddy isnt your daddy. We know now it's time you know. Seems like to me.

  40. God bless you for not playing a victim, but instead looking for others who might need help managing these feelings. You found a way to help others. What a gift you are for helping some people you would have never known otherwise, and teaching them it will be ok

  41. Paternity fraud via female whoering ranges from 10% to 30%. Feminism hopes to see the percentage grow. It's called sexual liberation. In big way, this female behavior began in the late 60's AND contributed in a BIG way to the huge decline we see in American Culture.

  42. i took a dna test with my family and my dad found at that his sister was his half sister and they had another one of their sisters try and they both came up as sisters and she was his half sister, he did some research and found out his real dad was not alive anymore and would actually be around 90 if he was alive, and his mom would be 60 if she alive. His other-siblings are in there 60s and their kids are around 40 which is how old my dad is.

  43. Some people are probably thinking its cruel the secret was never revealed. But the thing is, many different things come into play here. Was her mother is a sexual relationship with her boss or did she get sexually assulted? It was a bit easier back then for others to exploit others since money was a bigger problem back then because of blackmail or withholding a job unless you do something for them. Or maybe the mother had a real affair and thought the best option for her daughters happiness was to keep her real father a secret so she could grow up with siblings who wouldnt make her the odd one out. Otherwise it would cause all kinds of family issues and a toxic invironment. Its doubtful the father knew about her not being his daughter unless it was because of an assult on the mother. I think if anything, the real father sounded almost like a horn dog since he had two marriages and also had some sort of sexual encounter with her mother so its hard to say whether the act that caused her conception was consented or not. Just throwing this out there so people dont judge so harshly without knowing what actually took place.

  44. When you take those tests, make sure you’re prepared for anything you uncover. Many people are finding out information that not only affects them, but others as well.

  45. Everyone has right to know there biological parents. Yes she was loved by step father, raised her. But lies are not good, truth will always unfold and family secrets. Be honest and say truth to there children.

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