Will Tay-K Be Allowed To Profit From “The Race?” | Genius News

Will Tay-K Be Allowed To Profit From “The Race?” | Genius News

HILLARY: Tay-K has been sentenced to 55 years
in prison for murder and robbery charges,
as referenced in his hit song “The Race.”
Now, a civil trial will determine whether
he can keep any money made from the song or
if the profits will be given to his victims.
HILLARY: Back in 2018, the families of murder
victim Ethan Walker and survivor Zachary Beloate
sued Tay-K, whose real name is Taymor McIntyre,
for profiting and promoting his music career
with his crimes.
The music video and lyrics to his breakout
track “The Race” were later used to convict him.
HOCHBERG: Do I think that Tay-K is going to
be able to keep his royalties?
I do not think so.
Absolutely not.
HILLARY: That’s lawyer Bill Hochberg, he
specializes in music litigation and talked
to Genius News about the odds of Tay-K keeping
the money he earned from “The Race.”
HOCHBERG: He’s talking about his crimes
that he was convicted for.
And he is guilty of those until and unless
an appeals court overturns that.
So there’s no fiction in it.
HILLARY: Texas law says any revenue made from
crime must be turned over to the attorney
general, which then the victims could access.
Testimony reveals that Tay-K made at least $700,000
from his record deal with 88 Classic,
a contract he signed while already behind bars.
HILLARY: McIntyre’s money was put in something
called an irrevocable spendthrift trust and
is managed by Joshua White, the owner of 88
The families of Tay-K’s victims claim this
was done to deliberately keep money out of their hands
and that they are owed the 19-year-old’s
HILLARY: If that happens, it wouldn’t be
the first time a high-profile case awards
creative royalties to victims.
When Guns N’ Roses covered the Charles Manson
song “Look at Your Game, Girl” in 1993,
the royalties went to the son of one of the cult
leader’s seven victims under a court order.
O.J. Simpson’s movie royalties and 2007 “If
I Did It” book rights were also obtained
by the family of slain Ron Goldman.
Back in 1994, Simpson was acquitted of murder
but later lost in civil court, where he was
ordered to pay $33.5 million to the families
of Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman.
After the verdict came down in Tay-K’s murder
trial, the father of the late Ethan Walker said, quote:
HILLARY: 88 Classic’s White testified that
Tay-K has already paid over $500,000 to his
attorneys and, in addition to his 55-year
prison sentence, he faces up to $21,000 in fines.
An attorney of the victims affirms civil suits
against Tay-K are underway, saying quote:
HILLARY: While Tay-K will most likely lose
the royalties from “The Race,” the verdict
would not restrict the rapper from putting
out any more music he may have in the vault.
HOCHBERG: It’s not like all of his music
is going to suddenly be turned over to these victims
and their families, but any music that he
does that’s about a crime is what’s going
to be turned over to these families.
HILLARY: I’m Hillary with Genius News bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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  1. Kill someone, Rap about it, get a deal, go to jail. Swear I've heard of some other rapper doin this same bs

  2. All this rappers talk about guns drivebyes robbing ppl man Tay k is a real one everything he raps about is a true story

  3. The fact that this kid was saying shit that almost all the other hood rappers say except they dont do it. He should get royalties at the end of the day he was jus tryna make good sounding music and he and the ammount of supporters he gained showed he succeeded.

  4. Someone’s life is worth time? Time is money so money is worth a life or is life worth money a life can make money killing a criminal ain’t shit but killing a slave you lost iy

  5. Who in their right minds would want money they believe is made from their kids murder.

    I'd let that sick little fuck buy 700k worth of good noodles.

  6. Seems like he ain’t getting no money because they said all the songs that involve crime they’re gonna give the money away ,and he doesn’t have any songs that don’t involve crime😬

  7. In 6 months or so, around the same time when you all forget about Tay-K, he will just begin to settle into the reality that he is going to die in prison. But its all good, keep making jokes for likes. That's what matters

  8. The race is a song. Not a crime, he’s gonna keep the money. The only crime committed was tay-k holding a gun, which doesn’t have any victims.

  9. Let my mans the money thats for at least 40 year commissary do you know how many good noodles you can buy with that

  10. Always about money damn, it’s more to it than just some money even when death happens, bitch ass niggas want money

  11. I get it but like where’s the line, how about if he has indirect lyrics about crime or wordplay, if someone gets arrested for drugs and they’re rapping about drugs, do they need to give all their profits then to all the drug users they supplied? The lawyer was so vague at the end like: um any more crime lyrics and I guess we’ll take that money too… for what, why? 😂
    Victims deserve compensation but not the money gained from an artistry outlet because it was down to the artist to create that and get money from it. You could say he only had some of the lyrics because of the murder but imo he still deserves that P. Because eg. not all murderers can write fire songs ygm

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  13. Please stopping talking about this clown and let him rot in jail. Y'all got at least 26 years, someone get at this fake ass gangster and show him a real g

  14. Here’s the problem crimes happen, rappers are accused, rappers say the didn’t do it, rappers then rap a bout the crime in detail, rappers then go to jail….

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