Wife from heaven | Tuko TV | My Story

Wife from heaven | Tuko TV | My Story

there are so many times I couldn’t walk she has never been ashamed of carrying me on her back the only thing we do is to avoid the children seeing me on her back If I am unable to bathe, she will do it for me and she will not feel ashamed I thank God for her and for being the pillar of our house My name is Paul Mungai Mbungua I am a father of 4 children, one being an adopted kid all my children are girls, so I am just surrounded by ladies Are you sure the boy child isn’t suffering? there’s a gender imbalance I met her while she was still young, but at that time I was this aggressive guy I used to visit her in school and do some shopping for her That gesture used to make her so proud, she saw a future I gave her the exposure she needed I used to be a very aggressive and vibrant type of a person It never occurred to me that I was sick Until when I begun experiencing some signs like my face swelling The first person to notice the changes was my wife I asked her how and she said my face was swelling but some people thought I was growing fat the swelling would go away after 30 minutes to 1 hour Suddenly my legs started swelling again mostly I would notice the swelling on my legs when I put on socks That’s when I realized whatever was happening was not something ordinary The swelling on the face occurred from time to time and sometimes it would last the entire day I was a little bit worried but nevertheless I continued with my daily duties until when I noticed my stomach was now bulging Some guys used to make fun of me saying that I my belly was growing fat I would experience some pain whenever my stomach was bulging that’s the time I decided to go to the hospital for a check up the doctor noticed I had a heart problem I was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital so I was taken to the cardiologist where I begun receiving treatment My life changed from that day, it revolved around the hospital between 2016 and 2017 I felt like I was going for mid term whenever I was being discharged I would stay at home for like 2 days and be taken back to the hospital again sometimes I would even go into a comma and they would put me in ICU Life at the hospital is very tough because you go through a lot of torture First of all, the hospital never provided medicine for me I used to purchase them myself I still do that to date at the hospital they used to play a role in treatment but for the medicines, that was upon me I use KSh 3,500 per day to purchase medicine and it’s such a big challenge at times I will miss a certain dose because there’s no money to buy the biggest problem is whenever I miss taking all the prescribed doses, another organ is affected in the body so when I go back to the hospital, a more stronger prescription is administered which means I have to spend even more because it’s more expensive than the previous one It only means I live under the mercy of God Because of the inconsistency in taking my medication, I developed another problem So now I have a liver failure, heart failure as well as lung failure besides being a librarian, she is now a hawker whenever there’s an event somewhere she would often go there to hawk hot dogs you would find her selling sweets, balloons Like this past December, she was selling the liquid screen protectors she has the machine here basically she is venturing in any kind of business that would fetch some money to ensure I get medicine as well as money for food the journey has been so tough my children and I get to spend so little time with her because she gets home late and sometimes she is always so tired she showers and just goes straight to bed We understand what she is going through that was the first torture second is when you get to see some of your close friends who have been unwell passing on It’s sad when you see someone coming to the hospital looking strong only to learn later on that they passed on so many have left I felt so broken and I lost hope and told God I have accepted my fate my children were asking tough questions because they were not seeing me and they were not allowed to see me at the hospital because it is a sensitive place for them I resorted to video calling for them to see me they used to see how weak I was, placed on oxygen and a lot of machines around me they ended up asking tough questions like daddy when are you coming home and you know a child never forgets what you tell them I did not have an answer as to when I would leave the hospital So I kept assuring them that I will be home when the doctor says so those were the types of questions they kept asking even their mother on daily basis they would even ask their mother if it’s true that I went to be with the Lord I don’t even know who told them someone goes to be with the Lord some of them were affected by my sickness a child would just pee on themselves yet that was not the case before even the teachers noticed even in church whenever I received such information, I felt more hurt Just when I thought I was going to be fine while at the hospital, I was hit by stroke on one side of my body that’s when I knew my time on earth was up I left all my responsibilities to my wife she was basically taking care of everything she would visit me at the hospital take care of the children at the same time go to school to date I still feel deeply hurt my medicine when I couldn’t walk there’s a time I asked the doctor that I came to the hospital while walking but now I was paralyzed on one side, why not paralyze this other side too It is painful my children growing up yet I cannot be there for them when they need me the most because of health related issues I thought I would give them the best so that they would depend on themselves in future personally I had a tough upbringing under a single parent and here I am, I see death knocking which means they will have to live without me but I thank God It is well my brother my wife has been there for me she has been told so many things by people our families have abandoned us there are people who really helped us but now we were becoming a burden I still want to thank them because they were there for us at the period God had planned but at the moment non of them receives our calls or even call back when you fail to received my calls twice, I won’t bother you again sometimes when I miss to take my medication because of such challenges, I always tell her to relax because God understands I will buy medicine when we have the money some people make fun of her because of her body size and say that she is not feeding me well but to me, her body size is an advantage because there are so many times I couldn’t walk and she has never felt ashamed of carrying me on her back the only thing we do is to avoid the children seeing me on her back she does carry me sometimes she would buy gifts for the children and they would ask her if it’s me who bought it for them and she would say yes her respect towards me has given me hope and strength to push on because she has never showed my children that I am weak it’s not easy to find such a woman in the current generation, how does she make you feel? I thank God because it’s not a normal thing despite what she has gone through and what she has heard, she has been patient she has never despised me because of my health she encouraged and gave me hope that I will live when I thought I was dying and God has done it even when I am unable to bathe, she showers me and not feel ashamed about it I thank God because she has been there for me as well as the pillar of the family some people feel she is young and that she can live a better life with another man but it has never gotten to that point I thank God and I always pray for her give her a message my message to her is that I am encouraging her to continue with the same spirit the same way she has taken care of the children and I I appreciate her so much

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  1. do they still exist?this kind of wives?How is 'mine' treating you?

    To reach them..0714890544(Paul)0723154918(Anne)
    Paybill no. 773523 AC:Mungai

  2. We all trust in God almighty father because he his everything in this world, ❀ true love ❀ may God bless and be upon.

  3. πŸ˜–πŸ˜”πŸ˜”if you see a man crying it's very touching and painful…utapona ndugu na mungu ndie mueza wa wote

  4. Super womanβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️may God see you through and visit you at this time of needπŸ™πŸ™and restore your happiness again… All will be well in Jesus name πŸ™

  5. I plead the blood of Jesus upon this Man, brother Start declaring that you healed in the Name of Jesus and believe it, the Blood heals.start speaking positive

  6. Wooooow Mungu akubariki sana my sister ur the one on millions .ucjal bro Mungu yupo na utarudi katika hali yako ya kawaida katika Jina la Yesu.

  7. May you receive healing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and May the Almighty God bless your wife and kids

  8. Thumbs up to this lady. God picked for this man a lady who would help him at such times. Remember God knows the end from the beginning so He plans ahead for everyone.
    I have alot of respect for this lady and her parents who brought her up well.God bless this family

  9. I pray his healing and full recovery in Jesus nameπŸ™πŸΎ. I pray that God fully restores everything that their family has lost during this time ❀️

  10. She loves him!! 😭😭😭 you can tell. Woiye I love her spirit 😭😭😭 Its a different kind of feeling when you love someone 😭😭😭 Get well soon Mungai, indeed health is the greatest underrated blessing!!!

  11. God speak healing to this young man, lovely family, adorable n blessed…. I like the smile in the dad despite having life challenges…

  12. Aki huyu hajawai pona😭😭😭 I heard his story kitaaambo 2016 on kameme😭😭😭😭😭😭😭aki mungu

  13. Get well soon Paul and Ann thank you so much for sticking to the vows …. Your sacrifice won't lost in vain!! Happy Valentine to you guys …

  14. Mum I salute you millions of millions lady may God bless you and your family mungai Get well healing there's God in heaven what you need God will provide πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  15. Anne you're such a loving wife………. And the lord who created your hubby is very much able to heal him. The word of God says hatutakufa Bali tutaishi tusimulie matendo makuu ya Mungu…………. I know that soon he will be fully recovered and it shall be a testimony to everyone.
    May our healing Lord heal him in Jesus name. AMEN.

  16. Marry someone who loves you aki cz they would never leave you at your worse but ukijilazimishia mapenzi kwa mtu hakupendi hata kama ata fake leo ile siku utapatwa na janga ndio utaelewa na ndio utajua kumbe hukupendwa.

  17. Loving a human being is a huge responsibility, remember you be the only one standing by when their bodies start to to decay and lowered to the grave, Hii tall dark and handsome is crap I don't buy, look for someone who loves, coz only their love towards you is what will push them to go out of their way to take of you. Men look for women with a beautiful soul, she must be light skinned and graduate ni nonsense that will never stick by your side well all you money is no more, men are also human beings Hao hukosa pia. The lowest moment for a man is not being able to provide for his family, they can feel sense of worthlessness and easily sink into depression.. God bless you mum

  18. This is what Valentine day is about …. Loving your spouse in sickness or in health . African mother at her best , dedicated and determined not forgetting the Will , to be the best for her family .πŸ’πŸ’

  19. How I pray that we come together and help them obtain an oxygen concentrator.As much as we are experiencing economic constraints Haba na haba hujaza kibaba πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  20. God will hear your cry dear sister,if you've listened to Paul kindly send something to the medical bills acc,for the sake of the beautiful girls to enjoy their father.Just a plea

  21. The eldest gal is kiut n seems quiet… the Lady is blessed n seems jovial too! …. Mungai @13¹⁰ u are of gr8 value to ua kids n healing is uas in Jesus Name!!

  22. Enyewe ni uchungu but God is good he has a supportive wife, bytheway thank God every day if are alive en happy coz anything can come on your way anyday anytime

  23. He will heal you for his glorification…..I declare healing through the blood of Jesus…..your tears will be a testimony…

  24. Waauuuu, you will make it brother. Thanks to the good wife, caring and supportive GOD bless you and give you more courage….Great Mum. For better for worse I also took care of My husband even feeding him because I loved him. I appreciate you Mum β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’•

  25. I wish him quick recovery God is promising jehova he has a purpose for everything just stay strong otherwise hiyo roho haina wengi bless u

  26. Nothing is so hard before our God,you will not die but shall leave
    God is working out your miracle just hang on there and don't lose hope
    Am praying for you.

  27. I pray for divine breakthrough.. In your family.. Our God is able,He's able to change your situation.
    To your wife she's blessed amongst many women.. May she never lack.
    In my prayers

  28. God bless your wife am just in tears yet am 21 and single relationship is all about trust,loyalty and commitment…God it doesn't matter how it would take but remember this family and let me learn through this to become more mature woman

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