Wednesday, November 20

Wednesday, November 20

Live from New York City, it’s The Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ ♪ I’m going ♪ Now here’s Wendy! (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo. Thank you, and welcome. (audience cheering) My co-host, my studio audience. They showed up. And as usual, they’re showing love. (audience cheering) How you doin? How you doin’? I’m doin’ all right, let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics, come on. (audience cheering) (funky music) Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo. Hi. So, thank you, thank you for being here. The Grammy nominations are out. Now you all were outside trying to get in this morning, co-hosts, but they’re out, and I’ll catch you up to speed. Lizzo leads with eight nominations. A-ha, good for her,
(audience cheering) including Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best New Artist. Lizzo is doing it. Good for you, Lizzo. Lizzo is not really new, though. You know, she’s a breakthrough artist, ’cause I know, like, Norman says that he’s been listening to Lizzo for like three years. Uh-huh, a long time.
I didn’t know Lizzo until “Hot Girl Summer” actually, (Norman and audience laughing) and then moving forward. Right, well her Hot Girl Summer. The song “Hot Girl Summer” is somebody else, Megan Thee Stallion. (audience chuckling) Okay wait.
(audience laughing) Wait, just when I think I’m on the beat, I’m so off, it’s ridiculous. Right.
Okay, well anyway, Lizzo, congratulations to you. (audience applauding and cheering) Then Lil Nas X, that’s the “Old Town Road” man, right? (audience cheering) He was the most nominated, now we’re talking about the Grammys now. He’s the most nominated male artist with six nominations. (audience cheering) Good for him. And then, there’s the 17-year-old girl, Billie Eilish, you know her? (audience cheering) Yeah. She got six nominations as well. Like, I like these people, I guess, it’s just that I, it’s weird ’cause when you’re on the actual radio, you actually see titles of songs and then the artist that’s doing it, and now ’cause I’m not on radio but I only check out music, except for the stuff that I know from the ’90s, you know, I like ’90s hip hop, Yes. Susanne. Do you know who I just talked about? Yes. Okay.
Only because I hear about it in the office, all the time. I’m right next door to Norman and he’s in there dancing and all that. But yeah, I know, I hear a little bit, you know? I mean, the “Old Town Road,” my kids love, of course, and Lizzo, the most– But is that six nominations? Right. That’s all I’m saying, I know Eilish, really. (audience laughing) Yeah, no, I’m with ya. And the same thing with Lizzo. She plays the flute, which you should know. She’s very talented. Yeah, she whips out the flute and plays it, it’s amazing. (audience laughing) And bizarre.
Well, the person that I’m most familiar with is Alicia Keys, ’cause she’s gonna be hosting. Yeah, she’s back, she’s back.
(audience cheering) (audience applauding) I like LL Cool J when he hosts, I think he does a really great job, but Alicia Keys, you know, she plays two pianos at one time and she sings and people like her and she’s a nice woman, so good for you, Alicia. The Grammys air on January 26 at eight o’clock on CBS. (audience cheering and applauding) You know I have love for Ray J, (audience groaning) except for today. (audience chuckling) People and me are calling Ray J out because of what he did to Princess Love. (audience exclaiming) Now look, look. Ray J posted a family photo at the Soul Train Awards, okay? There they are, the new baby, she’s pregnant, she’s eight months pregnant now with their second child together. Princess commented about the photo, left me and Melody, that’s the little girl, stranded in Vegas and blocked me from calling. Whoa. And see, this is the same man who pushed her in the pool on the reality show, we all saw that, and she was pregnant, I believe, at that time. No, this was before they were dating, like they were dating, before they were married. Okay, well still,
Yeah. You don’t push her
this is your respectable in the pool, right.
girlfriend. You push her in the pool on national TV? (audience groaning) I mean, anyway. So some people were asking her, “Well, why didn’t you just leave on your own? “Don’t you have your own money?” That’s not the point. The point is is that she explained that she had a car with her. She also explained that she’s able to pay for a flight, but she didn’t wanna drive or fly alone with an eight month pregnancy and a one-year-old daughter Melody, and she’s scared of human trafficking. I don’t know where that came from but that is a very frightful thing, but you know. I’d be scared of giving birth in the seat and asking Melody to help pull the baby out. (audience laughing) Like, Ray J, Ray J. Okay, ’cause they went to the awards together. They’re known for fighting greezy as a couple. You know, when he pushed you in the pool, Princess, quite frankly, you still married him, though. You know, so you knew what you were getting into. But Ray J, like where is Sonja? That’s the mother. Sonja is Ray J and Brandy’s mother. Brandy, by the way, congratulations on your Grammy nomination. (audience applauding and cheering) Brandy looks very beautiful right here, embracing her India Arie. Yes. Anyway, she got it for the Best R&B Performance. Now I don’t know where she performed, I don’t even know the song. It’s a song. She has a song out? She has a song with Daniel Caesar. Do I hear that with Elvis? No, no, it’s R&B stations, probably. (Norman chuckling) Well… Clap if you’re not familiar with this song. (audience clapping) Alls I’m sayin’. If they’re not familiar at all, then I don’t feel bad about saying I’m not familiar with Brandy. I’m sure it’s beautiful, you have a beautiful voice, but a Grammy nomination for a song that nobody knows. All right now. (audience chattering) All right, well look. I’m not even sure whether Princess Love and Melody have made their way home yet. They could, for all I know, still be in the suite in Vegas, chillin’ out, waiting for the crowd to disperse and then they go on about their business, but Ray J, how do you do that? Like, who are you? You’re so busy trying to run Death Row Records and all that other kinda stuff, you’re so busy making music and acting on reality TV, like, this is how you treat your wife? (audience groaning) Well we’re gonna talk about that, he’ll be here on December 3rd. (audience cheering and applauding) And part of me, in the back of my mind, said, “Well, what did she do?” Right. You see what I’m sayin’? ‘Cause he might’ve had a hell of a good reason, and if there’s something that she did, please don’t put it on social media, save that for when we see each other, okay? (audience laughing and applauding) Terrible. Vicki Gunvalson is sayin’ she will never let Bravo demote her again. Well Vick, and you know I love you, but you used to hold an orange, now you are relegated to being friend of the show. At that particular point, I’m surprised that you, the OG of all the franchises, you started this, meaning the queen of, you know what I mean? I’m shocked that you even let them demote you. I would’ve quit. Like, oh hell no. I’m president of this company right now and you’re making me, you’re giving me a cubicle and telling me I’m a salesperson? I’m out. So you let them punk you by making you a friend of, and there’s nothing lower than a friend of, other than you’re out of the show, so when you say you won’t let them demote you again, the only demotation is for them to fire you. It’s either you hold somethin’ or you’re a friend of, to my understanding. I don’t know. Well she spoke to “Entertainment Tonight” and here’s what she said, take a look. I will never come back part-time. I’m either all in or all out. I’m not a part-time girl. You know, I run a big insurance company and I’m having my best year ever with that. What gives me more peace, you know, I love Bravo and I love my journey here but I’m not ever gonna do this to me again, ’cause I don’t deserve that. (audience applauding) I understand her passion and I understand her being pissed off, like, why was Vicki demoted to a friend of? I still don’t understand that, I thought her storyline was interesting enough. You know, it’s not enough for her to be the OG of the OC, you have to have that good storyline and I thought that Vicki was fine, you know. She’s exposed herself, her love life, her business, her children, her entire life. She started with a great life, then it got torpedoed just by being on reality TV. Like, she gave it all up for you, Andy. Vicki, I think you should quit. (audience applauding) ‘Cause now, nobody looks at you the same way. They took your orange and you’re still there. (audience laughing) Girl, bye. (audience laughing) All right, what’s next, I’m bored. So okay. This is really disgusting, and when our guest comes out here, we will be discussing this, okay. So a studio executive wanted Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman, you saw it. Yup, yup,
(audience enraged) yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am, yes, yes, yup. (audience murmuring) This is how crazy Hollywood is, okay? There’s this white guy, his name is, no, a black guy wrote the movie, a black guy with an ill-fitting suit. (audience laughing) But he wrote the movie and a good movie I understand it is, his name is Gregory, Gregory Allan Howard. He wrote the movie “Harriet,” it’s out now. In a new interview, Gregory says that 26 years ago, when he first started working on the script, a studio executive said, “Let’s get Julia Roberts “to play Harriet Tubman.” (audience laughing) When somebody in this meeting said, “Excuse me, “Julia Roberts is not black.” (audience laughing) No, no, look. The dumb executive said, “It was so long ago, “no one’s even gonna know the difference.” (audience screaming)
(audience murmuring) Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s bad enough that we don’t get enough Black history taught to our children, in present day, but I think that the one person (audience applauding) that they definitely know is Harriet Tubman. Who doesn’t know Harriet Tubman? Julia Roberts, are you ser, this is where Hollywood is going, that’s why we need people like Lena Waithe, (audience cheering and applauding) and she’ll be out here later. Anyway, if you care about this movie, it’s in theaters now, it’s called “Harriet.” Go see it. (audience applauding) Okay, so there’s this woman, Emilia Clarke, do you know who she is? Game of Thrones, yeah. Okay, well she was just out of acting school and she was only 23 years old when she got the job. So she felt the pressure when she was reading the script, she was like, “Oh my gosh, there’s a lot of nudity, “but I guess I’ll go along with this, “maybe it’ll simmer down, once you show yourself, “it gets boring after a while, “they don’t need to see it.” I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but apparently, she is the star and Jason Momoa is her man and… (audience cheering) (Wendy laughing) and there’s a whole lotta nakedness. (audience applauding) Like, we haven’t seen her vagina but we’ve seen her areola and nipples and stuff, there’s a whole lotta nakedness and Emily says that she’s still pushed to do nude scenes now because they tell her, “Come on, you gotta take it off “for your fans, you don’t wanna disappoint your fans, “you don’t wanna disappoint your fans.” Well, you guys are pressuring her, so that’s why she still does it. Here’s what she told Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast, take a look. Now I’m on a film set completely naked, with all of these people and I don’t know what I meant to do and I don’t know what’s expected of me and I don’t know what you want and I don’t know what I want. Regardless of whether there’d be nudity or not, I would’ve spent that first season thinking I’m not worthy of requiring anything. You hit the lottery, you’re lucky. Yeah, exactly, whatever I’m feeling is wrong. I’m gonna go cry in the bathroom and then I’m gonna come back and we’re gonna do the scene, it’s gonna be completely fine. Now things are different, now things are very, very, very different and I’m a lot more savvy about what I’m comfortable with and what I’m okay with doing. Like I’ve had fights on set before, where I’m like, (giggling) no, she says up, and they’re like, “You don’t wanna disappoint your Game of Thrones fans,” and I’m like, “(beep) you.” (audience cheering and applauding) So, you know, but that’s what happens, that why, you know, every birthday should be celebrated, she was only 23 years old and she thought she had to go along to get along and now she’s a lot smarter, I applaud her for this. Jason Momoa, by the way, also was very, very tender to her emotion about this, and he said to her at one point, “You know you don’t have to do this “if it makes you uncomfortable. “You need to go to them.” Like, he didn’t do it for her, that’s not his job. That’s her agent, her manager, her, and the whole bit, but now she’s no longer 23 and she’s old enough to stick up for herself, and then with all the girls coming out with the whole Me Too thing, she’s got like an army of people backing up the same thought. You know, it’s never too little too late when you’re 23 years old. So good for you, and as a side note, this is what’s going on with that Game of Thrones, all right. So this woman is riding on the plane, right, with her son. And she’s two seats behind across the aisle from a man who’s watching Game of Thrones on his computer. Right, nice big screen. The son is all in, like, “Oh.” Seeing all the nakedness and, you know, stuff going on. So the mother gets up and goes over to the man and says, “Can you turn that off, please? “My son is looking over your shoulder.” Now see, I have no opinion except for, how dare you, ma’am? How dare you? (audience applauding) Number one, I’m sure your son’s seen a lot worse. (audience laughing) Number two, I paid for my seat on this plane the same way you did. (audience applauding) And they do show Game of Thrones, by the way, on the closed circuit TV on the plane, but often times when you’re on the plane, you’ll notice a lot of the nude stuff is cut out of some of the things that you really, really like. I don’t watch that on the plane, that’s where I catch up with Mad About You, it’s not even on TV anymore. I catch up with Mad About You, maybe a movie here or there. I hope like a whole lotta Anger Management, and Modern Family. They play Martin on the plane. Yeah (laughing). (audience applauding) This is what she should’ve done. You leave me alone, ’cause I’m watching my Game of Thrones. Now either you have something over there to occupy your son, so that he’s not watching me watch Game of Thrones, or you need to call the flight attendant and you tell the flight attendant that you just wanna move seats, whisper ever so politely to the flight attendant, if they could find somebody within the same region on the plane, you know, a set of two, people are more than happy to do that. I’ve given up my seat for people, as long as I’m in my same area, you know what I mean? And not that front seat where there’s no, you can’t put anything under ’cause it’s a wall. It was the front seat and then the way back seat right next to the bathroom, you can’t recline. Don’t put me there. But it’s funny when they put you in that emergency row, like you care about rescuing people. (audience laughing and applauding) Susanne. That’s the best. Yeah, no, no, no,
Transferable. but they ask you, are you prepared to save people and rescue people. And you have to say, “Yes, I am.” Oh yes, I have my fingers crossed, though. I’m like, uh yeah, okay. Sure. I’ll give this stranger a mouth to mouth and catch the herpes
(Susanne screaming) or whatever, okay, yeah sure. At least I can stretch my legs out. Rescue somebody, I’ll be damned. Anyway, and then they sue you after they get rescued saying that, “Ow, “I think you broke my rib trying to press too hard “to give me life.” (audience laughing) Anyway, we’ve got more great show for ya. (audience cheering) Later on in the show, Lena Waithe is here, but up next, we’ve got Celebrity Look-a-Like, so grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo, Welcome back.
Woo, woo. It is time for Celebrity Look-a-Like, which I love. Our first celebrity look-a-like comes from Sarah C., who watches The Wendy Show. Oh by the way, this is the talk show host edition. (audience applauding) Sarah C., who watches The Wendy Show on KSAZ in Maricopa, Arizona. Sarah thinks that her brother Jason looks like Jimmy Fallon. So let’s take a look at Jimmy, okay. That looks like Jimmy after a hard night out. (audience laughing) All right, let’s take a look at Sarah’s brother. Oh yes, yeah, yeah. (audience applauding) Yeah. Okay. Our next celebrity look-a-like comes from Danielle C., who watches The Wendy Show on KABB in San Antonio, Texas. Danielle thinks that she looks like Ricki Lake. So let’s take a look at Ricki. All right, now let’s take a look at Danielle. Uh-huh.
(audience cheering) That’s good.
(audience applauding) That’s really good. Our next celebrity look-a-like comes from Crystal C., who watches The Wendy Show on WWHO, who, in Marion, Ohio, and Crystal thinks that she looks like Rosie O’Donnell. So let’s take a look at Rosie. All right, now let’s take a look at Crystal. Oh God.
(audience applauding) Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s a good one, that’s a real good one. All right, our next celebrity look-a-like, this is our final one, it comes from Shirley R., who watches The Wendy Show on KDFW in Mesquite, Texas. Shirley thinks that her grandson Judah, (audience laughing) we get this a lot, the Conan O’Brien. Let’s take a look at the real Conan, and let’s take a look at her grandson, come on Judah. Yes. (Wendy laughing)
(audience applauding) I love Celebrity Look-a-Like. If you or someone you know looks like a celebrity, sharing is funny, go to for all the details. Up next, the very talented Lena Waithe is here. (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) Please welcome Lena Waithe. (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) Nice to see you again. Always good to see you. (audience cheering) Hey! Shoe cam, please. Okay, this is what we doin’. Okay, explain this. Oh my gosh, they look so comfortable, those are slippers. Yes, a new thing I’m doing. With ears. Suits and slippers, man. This is fancy Tom Brown.
Tom brown? Yeah. I love them. That’s like the new thing, you know? Just keep it cozy. No, no, no, hold on, but they’re cute, they’re mice or something. They’re like a little dog, like little dog ears, yeah.
Like dogs. Wow. I scooped these from the photo shoot. Let me get those. (Wendy giggling) Did they make you pay for ’em? Uh yeah. Yeah, ’cause otherwise they get charged and it looks bad, yeah.
I got it. Last time we saw each other, we were out socializing. Yeah, we were. And it was a pleasure seeing you out. It’s always a pleasure to see you. Yeah.
(audience applauding) I forgot where we were but there was a lot of artwork. I actually forgot where we were. We were at The Morning Show premiere. Right, right!
It was very fancy. Yeah, Reese and–
Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston, yeah, they were all there.
Old Lincoln Center, But they were hiding.
we got to see how the other half lives. Kinda, sorta, you were out in the open. Yeah, yeah, I was like hey, what’s up, people? Yup. You were out there. Yeah, yeah.
You know. It was cute.
It was. Civilized here in Manhattan. So last time I saw you, and you came here, you were engaged, and now you’re married. Now I’m married now.
(audience cheering) Congratulations.
Thank you. (audience applauding) I did it.
Can we give you ring cam? Ah sure. I love this ring. Thank you, little bling.
Gamba, get this. That’s a good one.
(audience applauding) It’s good. Gotta wear it for a while.
Very pretty. Thank you very much. Now what did you give her? Like something big and ridiculous or just little small, tasteful? I gave her a nice rock, you know, a nice little ring, but here’s the thing. She’s very, I would say she’s like the black Audrey Hepburn. Okay, she’s tasteful.
She’s very like subtle, tasteful. I was nervous the rock was too big. Like, I was showing the people, I was like, “Is this like crazy?” And they were like, “Nah, that’s lit. “You’re showing her you’re serious.” So it worked out, she said yes, I was like, “Okay, great.” So how did you, (audience applauding) did you get on a knee, or the people around? I didn’t get on a knee, no, it was on Thanksgiving, we were in Tokyo, just traveling, and it was like we woke up early that morning, ’cause we were like jet lag, and I just asked her. And you had the ring with you so you were planning on doing it,
I did, yeah, you just didn’t know when.
it was on my person, it was like the scariest thing traveling that long with like a. I tried to comb through all the gossip stuff to see whether there was a big wed, well you know it’s worth, though. (giggling) Looking for more now. Lookin’, lookin’. Yeah, I didn’t see anything about– That’s why, that’s why we kept it, yeah, we looked at the courthouse, just she and I, and our photographer, just did it and kept it goin’. ‘Cause we’re just like lazy, like everything is produced, in our lives, so we were like, let’s just do, me and you. So being that Thanksgiving was a big date for you guys, are you doing anything big to celebrate this year? Here’s the crazy thing, this year on Thanksgiving, I have a movie coming out, so… (audience cheering) we’ll be with my work wife, I’ll be with work wife, Melina Matsoukas, in Los Angeles and we’re gonna pop up at a few theaters, the energy has been amazing for the movie, so we wanna go surprise some folks. But then the next day, I’ma come see my life wife, I think, out here in New York, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
(Wendy giggling) (audience applauding) I saw the movie. Which makes me so happy. Thank you for giving me the, well I was going to screen it, like I was gonna invite people over, including a friend of ours, Robyn Crawford. Oh. I was gonna invite, I was gonna have people over,
Gonna do the whole thing. and the thing is that the one that you sent me, ’cause it says Wendy Williams, my name keeps in it,
Ha, ha. so that, you know, if somebody gets it, then you know where it came from and then I get sued. Right. It was a slip, you know, they do that for people, but I decided now I’m gonna watch it by myself, and I watched it on my iPad. Wow.
Yeah, very intimate, me and the cats on the iPad.
How was that? The movie was specta, well I had to have my readers, but the movie, from beginning to end. Wow, thank you.
(audience applauding) Thank you. I don’t wanna talk too much about it, ’cause sometimes my gums get to flappin’, and I start to say a lot, but I will tell you this, it ends, aww, Yeah. Aww. Yeah, you gotta wait, you gotta wait. You know, it’s about Black people livin’ and surviving. (audience applauding) Tell ’em the premise of the movie and then I wanna talk about Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman. Ah! Well, you know, basically it’s a simple story. It’s about a Black man and a Black woman on a first date, not goin’ great but not goin’ horribly, and then he decides to give her a ride home and on the ride home, they get pulled over by a police officer. Things escalate very quickly, as they tend to do with us. And she’s sharp-tongued, she’s smarter than him. She’s a lawyer and she is not happy about it, so what I’m showing you are the how, you know, we as Black people, we have to decide how we’re gonna show up. What kind of Black person do you wanna be? Do you wanna be MLK or do you wanna be Michael Max? And both are valid, and that was the whole thing, the message behind it, is like she is sort of the North Star for her was Michael Max, North Star for him was MLK, and by the end of the movie, they had swapped places. And so, well basically, the things escalate, the cop gets a little aggressive, they end up shooting and killing him as self-defense and then they decide to get in the car and just go, and that’s what the movie’s about. I heard that you were socializing in Hollywood, and it was actually a White guy who came to you, a White writer, man, who said, James Frank, yeah. “I have an idea for a movie, but I can’t do it.” Like, he’s copping to it, he couldn’t do it. He’s like, “I can’t write this story,” and I was like, “I can.” And you gave him credit. Oh yeah. Did you give him money too? No, honestly, I was like, let’s share story by, but I went, took that seat and went and wrote it by myself. But yeah, I really wanted the movie to be a meditation on blackness, I didn’t want the movie, we have final cut. Everything you see in the movie is intentional and on purpose, and the movie really is, yes, it’s very Black but it’s in our native tongue. There’s no cold switching, we’re not explaining anything, and I hope people come out and experience what it’s like to see the world through our lens. Do you, what do you think
(audience applauding) about that Harriet Tubman story I told on Hot Topics? Yeah, I mean, I think that Julia Roberts, so funny, poor Julia Roberts, saw and like, “Why am I trending? “I’m just drinking a lot or mindin’ my business.” The thing is is that that is reflective of the work that we still have to do in the industry, but also, there’s a true renaissance that’s happening. Whether it’d be Issa, Donald, Justin Simien, myself, Melina Matsoukas, everybody is really working extra hard to have creative control, to have autonomy, to have power. We’ve had a Black president of the United States and we still haven’t had a Black president of a major studio,
(audience applauding) you know what I’m sayin’? It’s like we still have work to do in our industry, but ultimately, there’s change happening, and to me, that’s also what “Queen & Slim” represents, like we’re a new school, we’re a new class, there’s a new sheriff in town, we do not play that, we Black on Black on Black on Black, but we need the people to come out and support, yeah. (audience cheering) Y’all supporting “Queen & Slim” is supporting this new movement, you know what I mean? “Queen & Slim” has become bigger than a movie. This is about us being able to tell our stories without White folks who are breathing down our neck. Yeah. (audience cheering) And this movie also comes with a really good soundtrack, including Lauryn Hill. The soundtrack is crazy, but that’s what me and Melina really were purposeful about that, we were like, “We have to bring the soundtrack back.” When we were coming up, “Waiting to Exhale” was a album, “Soul Food” soundtrack was an album, “Love Jones” soundtrack was a album. “New Jack City” was a album.
“New Jack City.” All of it. So with Melina, we were like, well we need somebody big, we need somebody huge, and then, I think it was Melina saying, “What about Lauryn Hill?” And I was like, “Man, I don’t know about that, “I don’t know if wanna do it.” But then her people were like, “Show us the movie, “and then, based on how she feels about that,” She loved it, she cried like (mumbling). She was like,
I gotta sing something. “Yo, I got something for y’all.” So the movie is that strong. And I think that’s when me and Melina were like, maybe we’ve got something, if Lauryn Hill messin’s with it. Okay.
(audience laughing) And she gave us this beautiful song and it’s amazing.
(audience applauding) All right, so Robyn came here to the show, Yeah, she did. and then Robyn and I become friends in real life, and I really liked her. Robyn is a G. Talk about her. She’s a hero, honestly, because
(audience applauding) when I would watch Whitney on TV, I would see her friend sit next to her, and she showed me myself before I knew who I was. Like for real. It’s interesting you say that. I used to always notice her. I always noticed Robyn, but that’s how I am
Gorgeous. about celebrities. It’s not about the celebrity, it’s about who are they with? The company they keep. Yeah, you learn more about the celebrity by knowing who they’re with, consistently, not just a one-time on-off. And I love that Robyn, obviously, had been her girl since she was like 15. Robyn, she would’ve been married right now if Whitney would’ve come out. Robyn loves. Yeah, but I also think sexuality is fluid, you know what I mean? And I think you can’t put it in a box, and I think what they shared was very beautiful, it was very intimate, it was very passionate, but also it was also platonic.
What do you mean fluid? When we use that word here, we mean you can go from man to woman, have you ever been with a man? No. Yeah, so you’re not fluid, you know what you are. But also, I believe in the Kinsey Scale. I believe that, you know, people, ’cause my wife had never been with a woman, before me. You tore it down. (audience cheering) What, what. You flipped her all the way over. (laughing) Woo! Like, if you were to be with a man, though, who’s your man? If I had to be with a man, Pharrell, maybe. Pharrell is like, come on, like me and Pharrell, that’d be lit. (audience and Wendy laughing) You know I love The Chi, and you had to deal with something. (audience cheering) You had to deal with something on that show, but you deaded it. There was some sexual harassment going on, one of the actors was being accused by one of the actresses of sexually and harassing. What’s his name again? I forget. You don’t do Jason Mitchell like that. But there he is.
Jason Mitchell. Well look, but I think– I’m not doing him dirty, I’m talking about what’s out there. No, I think, here’s the deal, I think these conversations are very nuanced, you know, and I think a issue that’s happening is people sorta want to be Black and White, they wanna say, “Oh, spill the tea,” or “Lena, tell us all.” You know, I honestly can’t speak to it because I’m not either party, so that’s not fair.
But he was fired. Well here’s the thing, I think that’s also a thing that’s happening, there’s sort of a reckoning that’s happening in the industry and we have to really change our behavior, and that’s why, for me, what I decided to do as a person in charge and as a person who created the show, I say, how can we make sure not just our set is safer, but every set in Hollywood. So a big thing I started doing, we have intimacy coordinators now on every set that I have. I’m obviously still very involved with Time’s Up and all those ladies have been working with me and I’ve been working with them about how to make sure every set is safe and intimacy coordinators is a new thing where you have someone on set who’s there really to be the liaison.
Would you hire him again in another– You know, here’s the deal, I think that’s also something I can’t speak to because I haven’t seen how this whole thing has kinda played out yet. You know, I still have to sort of give it time, and again, be a good boss and make sure I’m doing all the vetting and all the work that I have to do, to ensure that my sets are safe. That’s what we all have to do. (audience applauding) I love when you come here. I love comin’ here. And good luck with that Oscar buzz. Oh. Let’s take it all the way. Come on.
“Queen & Slim,” “Queen & Slim” hits theaters on Thanksgiving. Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) Woo, woo. (upbeat music) That’s actually him. Is that Ron or Metta? I didn’t even look at it. That’s Metta World Peace. Okay.
Right? You never know who’s going to be here. Turn around and look this way, Mr. Artest. This is Ron Artest Sr., everybody, shout out to Metta World Peace. (audience cheering) Thank you for autographing that basketball for my son, thank you, Mr. Artest.
No problem. Look, it’s time for Ask Wendy, so have a seat. God bless you. Okay. Unless you have a problem you want me to help you with. (audience laughing) Okay, how you doin’? How you doin’, Wendy? My name is Arley. Okay, hi Arley. Hi. So I just started dating a new guy about a month ago. We met online, everything’s going great. Okay. We just got invited to a Christmas party next month, and it’s a kids-friendly party. He’s thinking about bringing his five-year-old son, do you think it’s too soon for me to meet the boy? Yes. Okay.
Yeah, it is. It’s also too soon for you guys, I guess, to be going. One month, like I wouldn’t socialize– It’s Christmas. I mean, I know, then he goes to his parties, you go to your parties and you make parties together. It’s like too soon because you guys are, it’s only one month. Like I would not wanna be in a social environment with my friends with a guy I’ve only known for one month. Okay.
You know what I mean? Clap if you understand what I’m sayin’ and you agree? (audience clapping) So not only too soon to meet the son, but even too soon for you guys to go to the kids mix party. Is that your invitation or his? No, it’s a friend of mine who invited us to a house party. Yeah, that’s your friend then. Right.
So then you go to the party and leave him over there. Okay.
Yeah, yeah. All right, good luck.
Thank you. (audience applauding) Come on over. Hi. Only because if you break up with him, then there’s another one that she lost. You see what I’m sayin’? Yeah.
How you doin’? How you doin’? Good, all kinds of good hair. Yeah.
Yeah. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do? So my name is Brenda and I am an executive director of a non-profit that helps homeless individuals, and I am from San Antonio, and my question today is I have a, almost three-year-old daughter, that is straight up mean. When people come up to her, she goes, argh, like that. And so, she is amazing but she’s not friendly, and people look at us and we always say, “Be nice,” but people look at us, like, we’re doing something wrong. So do we start forcing her to be nice or we just let her be, continue to tell her be nice and move on? It’s time for rewards, I mean, that’s the quickest way. You know, I’m sorry, it’s the quickest way with these kids. You know, “You be nice and I’ll buy you a doll,” or “You be nice and you can have “an extra serving of mashed potatoes,” or you know, whatever it is. You be nice. Be nice.
Yeah, “‘Cause people are looking at me and your father “like we’re crazy.” Right, and they do. They look at us, like, and we’re both really nice. “And then you’re gonna grow up “and you’re not gonna have friends, “and nobody’s gonna wanna be your friend. “You better be nice.” And check in with her teacher and make sure that’s she’s being nice. This needs to be you and her father, all hands on deck. Three years old is not too late to turn this little girl around and make her be nice. Yeah, yeah.
(audience applauding) Oh, we’ll be right back. (audience cheering) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Woo, woo. All right.
Woo, woo. It’s time to play our favorite game around here, it’s called Drop It Like It’s Hot Topics. (audience cheering) Let’s meet our player, what’s your name, where are you from and what do you do? My name’s Jasmine, I’m from Dallas, Texas, I’m a personal assistant for a real housewife of Dallas. (audience cheering) Which one? Leeanne Locken. Okay, okay, uh huh. All right, well you have a chance to win up to $1500. (audience cheering) But before we go to that, somebody told me that you’ve got my son’s name in your mouth. I do. How old are you? I’m 19.
Okay, so is he, so what’s the question? (audience laughing) Is he single? (audience yelling in awe) Yeah. Well, do you want my business card? It has my number on it. He’s very single (laughing). Are you ready to play? Yes, ma’am (laughing). I don’t subscribe to long distance relationships, he’s in Miami, in school. Aww.
Yeah. And I’m not giving him money to fly back and forth to you. Well, I have a salary. And Leeanne’s not giving you money, she needs you right there, the Dallas housewives needs more ratings. It’s a good one, I watch it, but you know, not all the time. Anyway, okay, are you ready? Yes, ma’am.
All right. Pick up your puck, let’s start the music and drop it. ♪ Drop it like it’s hot, drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ When the pigs try to get at you ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ (audience cheering)
(Jasmine yelling) You earned it, $1,000 on NeNe Leakes, here’s your question. NeNe made her Broadway debut in which musical, go. Oh, oh. Chicago? (clock ticking) (buzzer buzzing) I heard you say it. Chicago?
No, one answer is your only answer and that’s not Chicago, Oh no.
it was, she played a princess in “Cinderella.” She played Cinderella in “Cinderella,” yeah. It’s okay, you’re not going home empty-handed. We’re gonna give you dinner for two at one of my favorite places, Serendipity. Yeah!
They’ve got everything. We’ll be right back. (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) Woo, woo. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) You’re having a good time, though? I’m having an amazing time. She’s here from Detroit, she’s here from New Jersey, what part? Central. She doesn’t wanna say her town. (audience laughing) All right, and then she’s from Queens. Where are you from? Come to our show. The tickets are free. You’ll have a good time, like everybody here. It’s, I’ll see you when you get here, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) (upbeat music) Woo, woo. Lena Waithe, always a pleasure, good luck with that Oscar buzz. My co-host, my studio aud, sit down, madame. (audience laughing) She wants to be seen with all the, I love your ensemble, mm-hmm. (audience laughing) I can’t do it without you, and thank you so much for appreciating us. Tomorrow, my friend Billy Bush is here, from Extra, I’ll study the Hot Topics, I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye-bye. (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo. How you doin’? Nice. (grand music)

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