We Tried It: The Modern Perm | InStyle

We Tried It: The Modern Perm | InStyle

Today I’m here at Mizu salon getting a perm that gives you beachy waves. I’m a little nervous because my hair is pretty straight, but let’s go try it out. So, I will have to admit it was hard to
get people to volunteer to get their hair permed and it’s so interesting because, like, I feel like this isn’t a real perm! Well it is a perm, but… there’s a different meaning to that word now. Yeah. Just, you know, that stigma from
the bad era of the ’80s where everybody got fried up. There’s still a lot of that going on
out there a lot of bad perms floating around. So, luckily I’m happy to say, I perm hair every day, sometimes I do 2-3 a day. So that tells me there’s still a humongous percentage of women
out there that are searching for the right one you know, so… Ah ha!
(laughter) What a big head you have my dear! This is the best I’ve ever looked. So just to tell you what’s going to
happen now: we’re going to go to the sink, we’re going to apply the perm solution
all at the same time. Let it process for approximately 24 minutes (which is about the norm). Alright? When that’s done we rinse the hair. For five minutes. After we rinse the hair, we blot it and apply a conditioner for five minutes, alright? Once that’s done, we blot that and then we apply the neutralizer. The neutralizer actually
locks the texture in the hair. OK. That’s five minutes. That gets rinsed. When that is done,
the rollers actually come out of the hair. and then there’s a few
more conditioning steps after that. The big reveal — ahh! Oh my god! You can see..
Like, who is this girl? I don’t even know who this girl is. So, for the perm naysayers, it works! It works! And it’s beautiful! Thank you so much. My pleasure sweetie. Thank you. Thanks guys, enjoy! Bye!

14 thoughts to “We Tried It: The Modern Perm | InStyle”

  1. I don't like it, it still looks messy and stringy. The old perms, if done right, can also produce a really sleek bouncy wavy effect.

  2. so so bad! 24 min processing Time?????? this guy knows nothig about the Chemistry of Perming!
    her hair is and looks totally overprossed and bleak!

  3. What we don’t even get to see the finished dried look? Or… wait. Someone please tell me her hair was still wet. Right!?

  4. Ang pangit hello hindi nmn pwedeng i perm ang buhok ng may hi lites hello nkkdry kaya hindi bha nppncin ng mga stylist yanh hello kaya ncicira at nagiging panget buhok kc kahit n nkableach n go lamg cila sa perm hindi cinsabi sa client n bwal at mdamage hair nila vlog kayo ng vlog eh mali mali nmn

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