WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Latest News: First Screenshots, New Features Revealed | PS4, XB1, PC 2018

WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Latest News: First Screenshots, New Features Revealed | PS4, XB1, PC 2018

77 thoughts to “WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Latest News: First Screenshots, New Features Revealed | PS4, XB1, PC 2018”

  1. deity like costumes ? just like Yukimura and Zhao Yun shown on the image ? wu'd be dope iwonder if all the SW and DW will have these, cuz they look amazing

  2. Uffff

    Despues de tantos años jugando warriors orochi 3 ultimate

    :'D al fin sale esta joya de dioses!

    Me esperare a que revelen
    Warriors orochi 4 ultimate ~~

  3. Una pregunta, sera el mismo motor grafico del WO3?
    One question, will it be the same graphic engine of WO3?

  4. That's a tough pill to swallow, not having Rachel or Momiji in this one. However, still very happy we get a new title!

  5. I hope this game isnt a huge mistake like DW9. Warriors orochi 3 ultimate was amazing! Also I'm gonna miss the Rachel and Ayane booties!

  6. Zeus? The Greek gods are in this one? I suppose Achilles was in WO3, so that isn't a huge leap. So … can I call it God of Warriors Orochi?

  7. they should add more important historical figure instead of creating their own fictional character…

  8. I am hoping Warriors Orochi 4 is given a decent English dub. I miss Orochi's English VO, say what you will, he was badass as hell. Especially in Warriors Orochi 2.

  9. The only thing Im praying WO4 has is the difference in gameplay between the SW characters and DW characters cause they play REALLY differently in SW4 and DW8. But now it looks like they arent going that direction.

  10. i really wonder how they are gonna balance hyper attacks if the samurai warriors cast even keeps them, they are way too efficent at mowing down crowds of enemies

  11. Orochi boss again? Man I fed up with him. Can we get better boss than that same old slithering. Probably Kratos or some more unique boss

  12. hmm so its like a reset they forgot everything so at WO3 ending the orochi or parallel world was collapsing at the end The heroes return to home as if everything was a dream so zeus rebuilding parallel world which it could revive orochi 

    they have to challange the god in order to solve this mystery and get this eight bracelet to go home again thats a good story there not gonna lie though its really good story.

    well then i gonna use nobuyuki sanada on this bitch since there is no collab character in this game i will use my favourite character from samurai warrior /dynasty warrior & the mystic to beat zeus ass and orochi again lets do this bitches i gonna have fun with this game :))
    oh yeah i am gonna miss ryu and sterkenburg man at least they manage to go home 🙂

  13. Okay, everyone's expectation now is realized. Warriors Orochi 4 is coming. But as for me, I'm worrying about PC's requirement… I'm hype, but also worry.

  14. Knowing KOEI they'll probably have the guest characters like Hayabusa as paid DLC later on, regardless of what they claim. After that DW9 BS I don't trust them to be above this.

  15. Orochi vs Orochi X? That mean Original Orochi turns good? Or find common grounds with all warriors he gathered?

  16. I'm still taking the idea of no guest characters with the biggest grain of salt. I strongly doubt they'd release the game without any guests down the line.

    Think about it. Would you really miss out on a guest character, especially since Nioh was a smash hit in 2017? Or how about the strong ties Toukiden has with Japanese heroes from various points in time? Or the marketability of Ninja Gaiden/DOA? Or the frequent releases of games in the Atelier series?

    I'm predicting guests will either be in the main game, or added with a season pass/DLC.

  17. What the heck kinda accent is that?…i want to say japanese! but who knows these days anymore lol. Me likie..❤

  18. Warriors Orochi 4 ultimate will probably bring in characters from DW9, Spirit of Sanada, and probably guest characters, Achilies, Ryu, William and others.

  19. I hope it has a mode up to par with gauntlet mode in difficulty. The base game was incredibly easy even on chaos mode, but gauntlet mode definitely tested my skills, though it was still easy to cheese with certain setups.

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