Wall Street preparing for socialist takeover of White House: Gasparino

Wall Street preparing for socialist takeover of White House: Gasparino

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  1. Why would corporate America not want Universal Healthcare?
    It would eliminate corporations funding employee healthcare!
    Would free up billions for corporations.

  2. If? And I say if Bernie Sanders becomes President. He himself will not be telling the American people what to do. That will come from his superiors. AKA , communist CHINA, Russia. Think about it CHINA and Russia could never win in a war with our military. So what better way to take us down, than to do it from the inside. AKA all of the communist DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  3. Don’t waste the paper, Wall Street!! The Dems can’t even figure out if they really want Bernie, what makes you think the American people are so certain, especially after the Trump Economy? Trump 2020🇺🇸

  4. Neil is insufferable and really is on the wrong network. So hurt he got everything wrong with the pres. just can't get over it. Almost like the Demms, long quiet, head down, fade away to ad.

  5. “WHY DO YOUNG PEOPLE SUPPORT BERNIE SANDERS? This magnetic draw toward socialism dominates younger groups because they are deficient in ownership, education, and experience. If a person hasn't worked hard to accrue, along with seasons of loss due to failures, it is easy to minimilize the immense value of owning personal property and businesses. If a person has only been educated in a liberal collegiate environment, it is hard to consider ideas that don't conform to the monolithic messages from beloved liberal tenured professors. And if a person hasn't personally experienced the failures of socialistic policies at home or abroad, these deceitful promises of an ideal world are easily disguised as "novel, even idealistic."

  6. Oh boy ! Gasperino and prosciutto man wouldn’t they get thrills up they’re legs if Bernie became president ?! Bunch of Trump haters would look the other way even though they think a Bernie Presidency would hurt investors

  7. Bernie must be into some kind of weird elder abuse, because he has ZERO chance of pushing his insane ideas on America and he can't physically stand up to the intense firestorm coming his way!! GO HOME BERNIE!!

  8. Maybe old Bernie and old Biden, and old Pocahontas will have strokes and solve a lotta problems for America. Bootyplug is a non consideration. Entire Dem line up is anti America, anti prosperity…

  9. Ha ha ha communism in USA ? Ha ha ha QUO D ‘ETAT’. And you know what I mean , you’re dealing with the most powerful military and freedom fighter of the world.

  10. The entire economy will collapse five minutes after the election is called if Sanders wins the election.
    Every just his being the nominee enough to shake things up and start the nosedive.

  11. Corona virus has been around for weeks. Wallstreet didn;t freak out. WHat rattled Wall Street was Bernie's win in Nevada///Said so 20 mintues after he won..

  12. Get people paranoid about Bernie winning so they sell all their stocks so the whales can grab them for a discount and make a killing when Trump is re elected

  13. Hey, Neil, do you regret constantly bashing Trump and other Reps with your hack based reporting? How many times has it been said you need to go to CNN or MSNBC? Hmm, maybe a socialist takeover is what you desire.

  14. If Bernie Sanders were to become President, he would be the 1st nominee to be assassinated before inauguration. America will NEVER be a socialistic country.

  15. The stock market ponzi scheme begins to unravel and Fox blames Bernie and socialism. This is very funny because the very survival of corporate America has been dependent on Socialism for the past 4 decades. Tax cuts, subsidies, and bail outs are all socialist policies. Only suckers still believe in the "pick yourself up by the boot strap," b.s. that you guys continue to sell.

  16. Everyone of these candidates are climate change supporters. Their policies have moved our manufacturing to China.
    Made in China does nothing to solve “climate change” in fact if their theory is correct it only worsens the problem.

  17. So now its Bernie fault…?
    Just about everything Bernie wants is in place here…
    The sky hasn't fallen in here…
    Hows that?

  18. There is No-Chance this social communist "bernie" will ever be president. So many stupid uneducated people (free loaders) just blindly following him. Unbelievable seems like a generation decided not to raise there children with good common sense and knowledge. But just in case, Go ahead everything is free see what happens, if you don't have to pay for it why should I. If you don't want to work but still get paid, why should I work, I will get paid exactly the same and just imagine if we all decide to do just that. How far you think socialism will go when free runs out and the government is broke, can you say civil war. Stupid people!!!

  19. Bernie wants steal your 401k and give it his drug addict supporters so they can bake and chill on Moms couch forever.

  20. Trump always said he would never run for President unless things got too bad. He knew they were beyond bad when Obama was exposed as a fraud and our country was being sold out.

  21. I so wanted to be a citizen of heroes. We are not good enough, smart enough or brave enough to overcome the elitist morons.I kid, THEY are toast! God bless America!


  23. For those who dont believe socialist take over to be a reality, you maybe right for now because of Trump and most likely he will get re elected for 2 term. The big question is that nobody knows after Trump and that should be where fear of socialist taking over begin…

  24. As a Cuban American I never imagine that socialism could hit UNATED STATES OF AMERICA,,, But I can tell you this!!!, I prefer bare arms than live under this MOTHER FUCKER RULES… And for those stupid brain washed ( lazy zombies ) Don’t ask what you don’t know,, Because even you fuckers will lose your FREEDOM… And yes every one will be equal,, Equally poor and miserable…

  25. Bernie is old he doesn’t care how bad America will become if he wins. But those young supporters should prepare the dark days ahead of you.

  26. The people who vote Bernie are lazy cases. They want everything given to them and not have to work. They need to go to someplace like N. Korea or Russia and be thrown in jail for not doing what the government wants. This is the type of country Bernie wants. I would bet money that somehow Bernie will let us get taken over by Russia. He worships the ground Putin walks on. Wake up and get your head out of your rear, and use your brain, if you have one. Trump will win anyway.

  27. The virus is already creating shipping problems in other countries. This person had better go back to school. How come now, when this virus is spreading worldwide, is the market on a sell off? Of course this virus is causing trouble.

  28. Bernie is giving Free school Free medication
    and Bernie willing to sale USA after America’s
    have to comes slavery to Bernie senders hahahahaha

  29. Our colleges and universities have been poisoning young people for years. However, once they get into the work forces and start paying property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes ,this tax and that tax, they will eventually wake up. The freebies cost someone and usually the costs are passed down into the costs of goods and services. Do you think a Mac Donald’s hamburger is going to remain cheap when the federal government continues to raise costs on business ?

  30. This Senile Idiot, really thinks,we are all stupid. This is not Cuba 1959? This is USA 2020, no space for lies after lies, to implement Communist Agenda! Either Trump, or face Full Scale Civil War and coming after you, You Fidel Bernadette Sand Paper. Time for you to check into your local Nursing Home in Burlington Vermont and explain them about your 1959 Fidel Castor's regime, in how to get free Jail Time and Free Registration in Fidel's Concentration Camps! Brainwashing College Kids, with Lies, will not work either. (TRUMP-2020) Is all is left over to save us all from your dangerous play pen. 🌹👀🌹😜🌹

  31. Wall street socialist no doubt surrounded with various food courts restaurants supplies making business shipments. That's how produced AIDS, Ebola and now Corona virus. Immorality reaps plagues.

  32. Wall Street wants these Socialists since they just want to have government pay for everything but never forbid unreasonable rates. It will be a time finance is able to rip everyone off because the Socialists will just keep paying whatever rates they name. They're guaranteed to get paid. And the same goes for every elitist lobby, be it medicine, education, production, etc. They don't care that someday the government will run out of money and the country will collapse: the corrupt elites are already prepared to convert their spoils into another currency after the USA is totally depleted and move on to knock over another country like this was just one giant Vulture "Capitalism" scheme. They already have dark money accounts overseas the government can't see to tax, so they feel no threat from Socialist taxes. Nobody salivates at the "free money" the Socialists promise more than corrupt elites in finance, medicine, education, and the other big industries. If corrupt producers are already taxing the benefits of the Trump economy out of common people's paychecks, so they swallow every raise we get with increased cost for goods and services, how much more will they do that under a Socialist? Free healthcare, free tuition, an universal base income, whatever money the Socialists have the government apportion to common people, the corrupt producers and financiers will raise their rates accordingly because they know what people are getting and they greedily believe they are exclusively entitled to all profit in this country because they regard the American People as nothing more than human capital. To them the People are merely a means to an end for them to exploit to gain that government money. All it will be is a wealth and power transfer from the People to the corrupt producers, a merger of government and corporation, a modern-day Mercantilism. Don't get me wrong. I believe access to quality healthcare falls under the Right to Life and should be something all Americans indeed have access to when they need it. And the majority of Americans should not be struggling financially, forever living from paycheck to paycheck. But having the government just pay the rates isn't the right technique. Rather the unreasonable rates need to be driven down by whatever means necessary so they are affordable (which will therefore provide fair access to those services), and the American People need to be allowed to regain lost ground, to recover lost financial security, and be restored to social, political, and financial power. The result will be a fair, stable, and sustainable economy. And I would hope we could eventually have it where above-security prosperity is again determined by ability and decency as opposed to luck and corruption as it is now. But it is my opinion President Trump is the most likely to succeed in enacting a policy that would drive down the corrupt rates. Bernie and Warren are corporate shills who talk like they care about us commoners, but they never seem to suggest anything that wouldn't just keep the inequality permanent. We used to believe that people act in self-interest, so our Founders instituted checks and balances to counter the inherent corruption of human nature. Somehow we're no longer thinking ahead to how corrupt people are going to try to screw us and work the policy to their unjust advantage. If the corrupt producers are already preventing trickle-down, why would they not also devour and horde whatever the Socialists grant to common people? The rates must be driven way down and we must find crafty ways to anticipate and counter their corruption so this ends and the American People are restored. Life needs to be made easier for common Americans.

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