Vicky Kaushal reacts to real life horror stories; reveals what scares him the most | Bhoot

Vicky Kaushal reacts to real life horror stories; reveals what scares him the most | Bhoot

Hi. This is Vicky Kaushal. and I am on PINKVILLA I am here to talk to you about my up coming film which is a horror story called Bhoot part one: The Haunted Ship It’s coming out on the 21 of February and in context to that what we are doing today is that Pinkvilla has shared some real life horror stories with me I some I have few stories with me which I shared on the internet and I am gonna narrate them to you and I’m also reading them for first time So Let’s see what my reaction is and let’s see what your reaction is to after listening to these stories So we will go ahead with the first one My god Shimla hill stations already it’s a great place for a horror story So Okay I am as actually I am as confused as this person is because I’m not sure if he was actually sleep walking or if he actually um.. had this experience but whatever it is Um. Having gone to Shimla couples of times and being the knowing what mall roads look like and streets of Shimla looks like it sounds very spooky The second story is called Pach Pach marhi Pachmarhi which means The Little Girl Oh Oh ho oh oh oh I would really I would It would really have an impact on me If I was I was I was the part of this group and if something like this happened to me I would never go to this place again This is This was this was scary and also if there something related to scary stories and kid together Is. It’s just It’s just It’s just very eerie Um Nothing of this sort which is clearly haunting these are like clear indication of Ghost or some spirit or something spooky not this clear But. Um I am very actuall patrified of staying in hotels which are like which are like palaces turned into hotels those heritage kind of hotels which have like which you just sense some kind of history over there I am very scared of being in rooms which has portraits of human being Like. I just get very scared of people staring at you In hotel rooms Sometimes all these heritage hotels have Kings and queens Queen’s staring right at you and specially that the painting form of them. It just scares me It just feels like there is the history in the room which.. which I’m not very comfortable with So nothing this clear but But ya you sometimes get vibe which are not that comfortable The next one is called The running Ghost I have heard a couple of these kind of stories where you know you like, you are driving on the highway in the night and there’s like there is figure that they see in front of the camera or right next to your In front of the car or right next to the car while the car is driving It just spooks me everytime on a highway I am on the highway in middle of the night Just deep water bodies I’m a I’m fairly hydro phobic guy So if I happen to be on a like like a If a story like Life Of Pie happens with me where I’m just strangle in the middle of the ocean It will be very scary for me The next one is called Kashidi Friend. All these alone road, alone lady alone son. Driving alone This. friend. I think this is very scary to me It always haunts me when I’m driving alone Because I’m a gay who really likes to drive it’s kind of therapeutic to me but if sometimes ever this happens to me than my therapy will turn into something else But Um Ya The last one It’s called Visting Friend well that was quiet a mic drop momemt the horror story No. The story became horror story right at the last line To actually wonder that these are these are stories that have actually happend It’s it’s that’s what makes it spooky I hope all this never happen to me But ya they have happened Thank you Thank you PINKVILLA

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  1. Hiii… I'm a big fan of vicky koshal 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Omg love u Vicky 💖💖 I will watch the movie tomorrow and I am from shimla (edited) btw where did u stayed in Shimla cuz all the hotels here are like kind of ghoustly

  3. Who want to see vicky and katrina as a real life couple hit like this comment so he can read this comment 😍

  4. Umbrella story facts : he was killed by truck during rainy day when he was crossing road with umbrella which blocked the car vision coming in his way from that day he roams around the street of simla

  5. Buzzfeed Unsolved have Ryan and Shane! Pinkvilla has Vicky Kaushal (but that aslo temporarily because he's promoting a movie)!

  6. Vicky u r most versatile actor along with rajkumar rao ayushmaan khurana. Good luck. Big fan of you. I got u as my idol after srk

  7. I am d only one who z eagerly waiting for filmfare's best and worst dressed video and all gettin z other Videos😑

  8. I do not think these spooky things exist in this world , it is all Illusion of mind. Only God exist and nothing else.
    Happy mahashivratri to all my friends 💜

  9. A question for Vicky Kaushal ,
    Have you ever experienced any type of stories like this? If yes, what was it ?
    Pinkvilla please make a video on this with Vicky..

  10. the 2nd last story, Kashedi……. it was truely horrifying……..gave me goosebumps😨and chills😰😰

  11. OMFG….at 7:28 when Vicky says because I'm a guy….. And the subtitles says because I'm a gay….. 😂😂😂

  12. Do you know what's the scariest thing

    That these stories are more horrifying than bhoot the haunted ship. (especially the last one)

  13. So i have a story to share! So i grew up in a home that was apparently haunted and was also hotspot for many other paranormal activities. I had quite a few not so scary experiences as a child but those things never freaked me out as i was very little and there were things that were happening which my family just ignored and continued to live with it. We eventually moved out of that house when i turned 6. Now when i said that particular home was a hotspot to many things, i meant a lot other unexplainable things. When i was 3, i used to always tell my aunt that i saw a tall woman with white wings and was used to always collect feathers and give it to my mom and aunt saying i found it in the garden. Now the garden was particularly the area where i always wanted to play and when i was asked the reason, i would tell them that there are people and children with wings who play and make me laugh and they are god sent. I would also tell them that they all love the garden and they are protecting it. Another time, i would talk abt this one woman in white, who was sad and was in search of something and was roaming all around the house. This woman was also seen by my cousin once in the study room!!

    I believe in paranormal but i don't dig too deep into it. I acknowledge them too but will never deny the fact that there's another world that exists right beside us and around us! I have had quite a few experiences after that but not scary ones. And i would also like to state that bcoz of the home that i grew up in, i hv become very sensitive to energies around me and can sense things every now and then.

    I live in england now but things from my past seem to be getting my attention as i had a dream abt 'the woman in white' quite recently. I am 21 now, its been so many years since we moved out from india. Curious as to what it is!!

    Thankyou for your time and patience!

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