VGATW Latest News – Michael B. Jordan in talks for Superman role

VGATW Latest News – Michael B. Jordan in talks for Superman role

Hey people! What’s happening? This is Gian of VGATW. Please follow me on Patreon and like my Facebook
page and follow me on Twitter. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Last year I spoke about a news that Michael
B. Jordan was in talks for becoming the next Superman. And boy, when people heard that news, drama
was to be expected and people going crazy shouting “You can’t do this! You have to create a brand new character!” Michael B. Jordan is a great actor, I loved
his role as Adonis Creed in both Creed movies (which in my honest opinion should’ve received
Oscar nominations AND win at least one or three). He was also fantastic in his role as Killmonger
in the MCU hit movie Black Panther, not to mention he played as Johnny Storm in the ill
fated Fantastic Four movie of 2015. The 32 year old star had reportedly met with
Warner Bros. about a potential lead role for a future Superman movie. According to Variety, Warner are keen to revamp
Superman and appeal to modern audiences and choosing an African-American actor would certainly
improve diversity among their superhero landscape. But it’s said that Michael isn’t yet persuaded
to commit to the role as the new Superman movie won’t be in production for another
few years. Sources believe it’s unlikely audiences
will see another Superman movie on the big screen before 2023 as it’s currently without
a script or director. Michael’s also got a busy shooting schedule
ahead. At the moment, he’s attached to Black Panther
2 which is yet to be given a release date, but also action drama Without Remorse in 2020,
TV series What If? in which he’ll reportedly reprise his role as Erik Killmonger, and drama
Wrong Answer. And those are just the projects we know about
so there’s no doubt slotting in a momentous role such as Superman would be a challenge. Now, Henry Cavill stated that the cape is
still hanging in the closet and it’s still his. I saw Man of Steel and I thought that movie
was damn good. Batman V Superman was meh, but I gotta say
that Ben Affleck impressed me in his role as Batman and I was awed by Gal Gadot’s performance
as Wonder Woman. Gadot will reprise her role in the upcoming
movie Wonder Woman 1984. But enough of that, back to Michael B. Jordan
as Superman. Jordan stated: ‘I’ve not given up the
role. There’s a lot I have to give for Superman
yet. A lot of storytelling to do. A lot of real, true depths to the honesty
of the character I want to get into. ‘I want to reflect the comic books. That’s important to me. There’s a lot of justice to be done for
Superman. The status is: You’ll see’
There will be many who are going to support this, while others will condemn it because
they will say “You can’t do that! Create a new character”. The DC Comics has A LOT of parallel universes
and we have seen different versions of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern
and so on. There are two African American versions of
Superman. In the Pre-New 52 era, there was a black Superman
who was the president of the United States. His name was Calvin Ellis. His Earth name is well connected with his
kryptonian name Kal-El. This version of Superman balances his job
as a superhero while being the president of the United States. The inspiration behind Calvin Ellis was the
former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama. As you know, Obama was praised by so many
and scorned by others. There were times I agreed with him and disagreed
with him like everyone else. Now, another black Superman debuted in the
Earth 2 series of comics on The New 52 era. This Superman was Val-Zod who was a pacifist
and did not like to fight. He was taught by his parents that violence
is the stupidest way to solve issues. He was also great friends with Kara Zor-El,
who we all know as Supergirl. In that universe of Earth 2, Kara becomes
Power Girl. He was taught by Lois Lane (resurrected as
the Red Tornado) how to use his powers. Not to mention he defeated the evil Superman
known as Brutaal. I actually enjoyed his story and his development
was phenomenal. Now, should Michael B. Jordan play as Superman,
then I say he should be either Calvin Ellis or Val-Zod. Another Superman that was not a white guy
was Hernan Guerra from Justice League: Gods and Monsters. That animated movie was created by the geniuses
behind the DC Animated Universe, Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett. We all know the story of Hernan Guerra. He is the son of General Zod and once he arrived
on Earth, he was found by a Mexican couple that was crossing the border. As a Latino myself, I was very happy to see
a Latino version of Superman. This Superman can relate to so many Latinos
in this countries. Because he understands so many of the hardships
that immigrants face daily in this country. I think I’ve gone long enough talking about
this. Now, if you’re gonna act erratic about this
type of news, don’t. Because I told you that DC Comics has different
universes where heroes and villains have different origins. I know this guy ain’t DC Comics, but I totally
enjoyed reading the Miles Morales comic books of Spider-Man. And I’m sure lots of people aren’t too happy
with the choice for Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie. We all know Catwoman was a white woman. But she’s half Cuban. I would’ve chosen Jenny Lorenzo to play her. But anyway, despite me disagreeing with that
choice, I’m gonna give Zoe Kravitz a chance. Anyways, don’t forget to subscribe and follow
me on Facebook and Twitter. This is Gian of VGATW. Have a Happy Gobble Gobble Day tomorrow! Later!

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  1. i like that open-mindedness that it's probably not Clark Kent Superman. i think they will do a Flash movie first so we can get the alternate universes thing done first

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