Venom 2 Carnage First Look Teaser Breakdown – Marvel Spiderman Easter Eggs

Venom 2 Carnage First Look Teaser Breakdown – Marvel Spiderman Easter Eggs

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie we
have our first look at Woody Harrelson as carnage on the set of venom 2 so
we’ll break it down we also have an idea for how everything connects with Morbius
movie venom 2 and all the spider-man stuff that they’re setting up with
sinister 6 if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the
videos so we’ll talk about the venom 2 carnage scenes that they were filming
someone got some footage of them filming on set and then Tom Hardy himself posted
some pictures of the carnage character then quickly deleted them of course as
you would expect then I’ll talk about all the crossover stuff and how
everything connects with the Morbius movie Michael Keaton’s vulture from
spider-man homecoming and the MCU spider-man stuff so we’ll just do this
top 5 style starting with number 5 this is the picture of Cletus Kasady in
the movie that Tom Hardy just posted revealing that they’ve retcon that
terrible terrible red wig away maybe there’s a scene somewhere early in the
movie where they shave it off or they just show up at the beginning of the
film and he’s already shaved it who cares doesn’t matter because they got
rid of that terrible wig but this is still a wig that he’s wearing because
Woody Harrelson is bald in real life it just vastly improved wig that’s way
shorter and suits him much more his like they saw the drama with the sonic movie
last year and the redesign and the negative fan response after the venom
post-credit scene with carnage and the earlier version of his terrible wig and
said yep right thing to do is we’re just going to
change that right away doesn’t matter what his haircut looks like in the
comics if he has long hair if it looks terrible in the movie on Woody Harrelson
we should change it and if you can’t tell because it’s super dark where
they’re filming this scene he’s strolling around the streets of San
Francisco at night in a red Hawaiian shirt wearing a necklace
very subtle if he gets any other wardrobe changes in the movie besides
wearing the carnage symbiote I’m sure they’ll try to keep his color palette in
Reds just to match the symbiote if the symbiote itself isn’t generating that
Hawaiian shirt the fact that he’s wearing civilian clothes should also
tell you that he’s already escaped from San Quentin prison so this might be
taking place towards the beginning of the movie I’ll explain the timeline in a
second but number 4 this is the footage of the scene of them filming right after
this because he’s wearing the exact same outfit also in the San Francisco streets
just getting gunned down by a bunch of cops trying to arrest him again you can
guess how that’s going to go but if you can’t tell from the way he’s moving here
he’s eating all the bullets holding his arms out making motions like the carnage
symbiote is covering him in protecting him is the exact same type
of scene they did in the first venom movie when the cops attacked Eddie Brock
and he tried to warn them off like you really really don’t want to do this
please don’t try to attack me it’s only going to end badly for you Mask! Copy! They put that scene in all the trailers
just because it was so cool but it just seems like this carnage version is going
to be the darker version of that scene where he just eats all the bullets then
takes out all the cops and gruesome fashion number three what is the
timeline of the venom 2 movie and how does Cletus Kasady get the carnage
symbiote how does he escaped from prison we all know the carnage origin story in
the comics carnage is the offspring of the Venom symbiote he gets it because
they were cellmates but Eddie Brock wasn’t in prison during the venom
post-credit scene so they were always going to have to find some other way for
Cletus Kasady to get the carnage symbiote or here’s where things come
back around to the Morbius movie because obviously whatever you think about the
MCU being connected all this stuff because of the spider-man stuff and the
Michael Keaton stuff they’re teasing the venom movie in the Morbius movie are
directly connected Morbius is being built as a direct spin-off of venom so
the visit of recent reports about the Morbius movie having some shared scenes
with venom 2 that provides some continuity and help set up him getting
the symbiote and using it to escape prison and supposedly that also
coincides with the sinister six Michael Keaton stuff that’s setting up a
different sinister six spider-man movie that I’ll also explain in a second – but
I think the real reason why they wanted Morbius to crossover with venom 2 and
set all this up is so they can explain how carnage gets the symbiote and goes
on his rampage by the first act of venom – and they don’t have to spend a bunch
of time at the beginning of venom 2 explaining how that all happens they can
just start the movie and get right into the action like we all knew what they
were saying at the end of the venom post-credit scene they said that there
be carnage so just give us that scene don’t spend 30 minutes explaining how
they get to that scene just start off with them going crazy number 2 so here’s
the Morbius movie crossover stuff with venom 2 and all the spider-man sinister
6 stuff there’s a report stating that during the Morbius movie he winds up
being captured by the authorities after he gets his powers and while he’s in
jail in the New York City area they briefly sent him from New York to San
Quentin prison where carnage is currently being held
they’re also claiming that this Michael Keaton vulture cameo seen in the Morbius
trailer isn’t happening in the New York City area even though that’s where the
vulture went to jail and spider-man homecoming they’re saying that between
the events of the spider-man homecoming post-credit scene with vulture and
scorpion Avengers Infinity Ward the snap Avengers end game everyone getting
snapped back that since that’s all happened in the future
vulture in the sinister six characters like the Scorpion were also transferred
to San Quentin prison in the San Francisco area this Morbius spider-man
vulture scene is for sinister six set up but they’re using the San Quentin
location as a nexus for a bunch of movies that they’re teasing in the
future a bunch of Sony Marvel movies like in that Morbius trailer scene with
the vulture it’s implied that he’s in the middle of breaking out to set up
spider-man’s sinister six movie with vulture scorpion and also they’re
setting up carnage getting the symbiote and breaking out of prison while these
guys in the Morbius character are busy breaking out of that prison you can make
as many theories as you want about how much venom will cross over with
potentials so NIMH spider-man sinister six movies I don’t know anything about
that right now right now I’m still thinking of venom as
a different franchise from spider-man and sister 6 stuff venom was never
really in the classic sinister six roster but I don’t think that would stop
Sony from trying to include venom in any potential sinister six spider-man
team-up movie but number one obviously the last big thing what about
the spider-man seen in the Morbius trailer if they’re already teasing
spider-man crossover in Morbius which is coming out in July this year
what kind of spider-man venom carnage crossover will they tease in venom two
well the same report about the sinister six
carnage venom stuff happening in the Morbius movie also went on to say that
this scene of Morbius walking past the spider-man picture is the only actual
spider-man we get during the movie like Tom Holland himself doesn’t have a real
cameo seen during the Morbius movie it just him walking past this letting you
know that spider-man exists within this world but it does clarify what’s going
on with the Tobey Maguire spider-man suit this is it in the final version of
the movie they’re going to digitally replace this Tobey suit with the Tom
Hollands spider-man far from home suit so it’ll make way more sense there were
a lot of big spider verse theories like maybe they’re setting up spider-man into
the spider verse if this version of spider-man is going to be Tobey Maguire
in this Morbius venom universe even though that does sound like a really
cool idea it just sounds like what Sony is actually doing it’s just misleading
us and they’re going to change it in the final version of the movie it’ll be way
simpler to explain which version of spider-man this is they do it all the
time and Marvel MCU trailers they did it during Avengers in
he wore Avengers endgames thor ragnarok this is just the latest example of a big
Hollywood studio misleading you with footage in a trailer so if there was any
confusion just don’t expect Tom Holland himself to be walking around inside the
morbius movie but venom to spider-man scenes will probably wind up being much
bigger if they’re just going to sort of continue that idea of setting up the
idea of spider-man within this universe spider-man has a much deeper connection
to the venom character in the comics so it would be weird for him to have a huge
moment in the Morbius movie but then not in venom too so of course while
expecting something big in venom 2 maybe a big venom 2 post-credit scene with the
actual Tom hall and spider-man on screen there were reports that Sony was
negotiating with Tom Hollands people for an actual venom 2 cameo scene sort of in
the vein of Michael Keaton’s vulture cameo seen during the Morbius movie
something on that level with Tom Holland in venom 2 bonus – there’s also the
idea that they’re using Jay jonah jameson as a point of crossover to
connect all the MCU and all the Sony verse spider-verse venom verse stuff
however you want to think about it so if you remember the spider-man bar from
home post credits scene with Jay jonah Jameson doing his Daily Bugle dotnet
rant on spider-man supposedly there’s going to be something like that during
the Morbius movie at some point when he’s in and around the New York City
area in the present day of the film and I think if that winds up being truth and
that will also confirm that he’s probably going to show up doing the
exact same thing during venom 2 he has all the Daily Bugle stuff that we saw on
the set of Morbius movie was from the Tobey Maguire era where the Daily Bugle
had this logo it was a newspaper it wasn’t the Daily Bugle dotnet but if
this version of spider-man is going to be digitally replaced with the Tom
Holland Spiderman far from home suit they might wind up doing the same thing
with the Easter eggs for the Daily Bugle when they’re calling out spider-man
spider-man missing where is he but we’ll see everybody let me know in the
comments what do you want them to do with Tom Holland spider-man inside venom
– are you hoping for a post-credits scene or just some brief cameo scene or
maybe just some stock footage of him showing up on a Jay jonah Jameson
broadcast with him yelling about how spider-man is a villain needs to be
captured remember the Morbius trailer apparently spider-man cannot be found
nobody knows where he is no joke The Daily Bugle dot net is a real web site the
Sony created to promote the spider-man movies but it also sounds
like they’re going to use it to promote all the spider-verse stuff the venom verse
and the Morbius stuff too I will do more venom in Morbius spider-man videos soon
the venom 2 trailer should be released sometime in March so of course I’ll do a
video for that whenever it comes next year Sony is actually releasing two
spider-man movies spider-man 3 and then a mystery spider-man movie that they
have not revealed yet click here for my video all about that and what movie I
think that’s going to wind up being and click here for my new Avengers infinity
saga deleted scene thank you so much for watching everyone stay awesome. This is the way!

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  1. Here's my new Venom 2 Carnage First Look video and Spider-Man Easter Eggs. Also details on how the Morbius Movie connects everything with those Spider-Man Scenes. Here's my video for the new Spider-Man 2021 Mystery Movie after Spider-Man 3!

  2. My roommate ex roommate stole my first appearance of carnage comic and I'm 37 I bought that when it came out when I was a lad I think about at least once a week since it happened 3 years ago may a curse be upon his head that's all sorry carry on

  3. The New York City bus license plate that can be a clue cuz buses in New York City don't have that kind of license plate and you could check that out

  4. Honestly way too much thinking involved with that Sam Raimi Spiderman version on the brick wall. My opinion is that Morbius movie is only acknowledging Spiderman exists but using the Sam Raimi version as an Easter egg. Sony did announce a few months ago that they got big plans for Holland and they will be doing a Madam Web movie with Tom Holland. Also giving the fact that Disney only has one solo and one crossover film left they might use Dr. Strange to send Spiderman off into the spiderverse. Is it possible that the venom movie and Morbius movies will be part of a live action spiderverse? Also explain Spiderman missing.

  5. Woody Harrelson should NOT be Kassidy. I repeat, Woody Harrelson should NOT be Kassidy. I feel like an a-hole saying this, but we need a much younger and fitter actor to play Kassidy. Kassidy should be 24-25, oldest. Unless they can make Harrelson look much younger, fitter, and leaner, I don't see him as Kassidy.

  6. In my honest opinion; the animated Spider-Man movies should be done away with…. Stick with live action and keep it all in the MCU. A lot of ppl may not like this – but I think stupid things like "spider pig" just cause confusion

  7. Hail Eris!

    Why on Earth does it matter that the character of the serial killer supervillain has bad hair? Why shouldn't he have bad hair? Do you have any idea just how common it is for serial killers IRL to have ridiculously bad hair? Not always, no, but serial killers with stunningly bad hair aren't unusual, and Cletus Kasady's hair is infamously bad.

    As for Venom being included in the S6, that really doesn't work. Venom and Spidey can't team up to fight Carnage, and then be mortal enemies. That's worse logic than the kind employed in the DCEU.

    Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday you will be a real boy.

  8. I think with the Morbius move conction this would also be a perfect time to reboot Blade as well. I don't know if there are any plans for that or not but I think it would be awesome. I'm not if Disney even has the rights to Blade so I don't even know if it's possible. What are everyone's thoughts?

  9. Venom and morbius have been strong frenemies for spiderman. And why would vulture want to do a s'6? He had a chance to kill him by telling scorpion who he is.

  10. What if the picture of spidey in morbius trailer is actually of tobey maguire spidey and it is from the same universe??… might be possible that tom holland spidey, venom and morbius are all different universes and they might all culminate in one film in the future by Spider-Man into the spiderverse universe because we are forgetting the into the spiderverse post credits scene from venom… is possible somehow????

  11. Venom just an parasyte with big ego
    Venom wont to share food on earth with othet parasyte so venom stop riot and kill it
    Imagine a milion another parasyte on 1 planet sharing a food 😂

  12. I think the reason Woody Harrelson has a different wig is show the change from prison to free. Who's gonna cut his hair in prison? He's psychopathic, sociopathic murderer would you go close to him with scissors?

  13. I'm so relieved that this is the way they are doing the Spider-Man cross over between the MCU and the Venom-verse. I would have been totally taken out of the story if Spider-Man had to jump through a plot-portal in order to show up in Venom.

  14. Here's my theory, Venom 2 has a PRE-credit scene of J. Johna talking about Spidey being missing sense the Mysterio plot-point. Then he mentions what should happen in the movie where while Eddie Brock is interviewing Cletus Cassidy Venom drops the egg. Then Carnage escapes and the movie goes on doing the whole "This is what really happened" thing. J.J. mentions that Eddie was the ONLY person to even be close to Carnage before he escaped and blames his former employee and explains that the two were once friends and he thinks Spiderman somehow had a hand in the whole Carnage fiasco. From there I guess at some point Vulture and Scorpion also escape and the plot thickens… BTW I think the "Mystery" Spidey is gonna be Spidey 2099 and it will lead into the Spiderverse.

  15. 7:47 traditionally Morbius has more of a connection with Spiderman in the comics and if not obviously was in the earlier Spierman comic books. Dunno if Morbius is persay a bigger dunno influence , presenence more so then Venom , due to Venom of course being directly and personally linked symbiote and whatnot to Spidey too , just as we all knowish Venom came along many years later then Morbius too.

  16. i guarantee that "where is spider-man" will explain the timeline and i have a theory. the 1st venom happened after the thanos snap. that's why they are looking for spider-man. and that's why we didn't see peter parker in that movie

  17. Lets CALCULATE😏
    So : Green Goblin(Norman Osborn), Ocy Docy (Otto Octavius), Sandman(Flint Marco), Venom(Eddy Brock), Rhino(Aleksey Sytsevich), Lizard(Professor Curtis Conors), Electro( Max Dillon), Vulture(Aadrien Tomes), Mysterio(Quentin Beck) and now Morbious? It now could be the TERRIBLE TEN after fantastic four and sinister six. I think spidey's poision makes his knowns to be the fan of alliterating names XD.

  18. So theyre conecting films clover field/retarded style. Didnt they say that venom wasnt even going to be comected to any spiderman films or universe as they made the venom way diferent than original. The venom here is a good guy while in spider man hes a villian.

  19. Just my thoughts, the Sinister Six lineup will be; Vulture, Carnage, Scorpion, Mysterio, Morbius and Kraven. I realize Mysterio is “dead” but he’s a smoke and mirror guy played by a big name, he’ll be back. Furthermore, I’d figure on Venom teaming up with Spidey to take down the Six.

  20. soo marvel takes time to develop characters in own movies, DC then tries to rush to the end goal of team ups, Sony going hey marvel whats your secret oh just introduce characters before a team up ok we can do that.

  21. And why would Venom be against Spiderman?
    Eddie might try and bring Spiderman in for killing Mystero but Eddie isn't going to try and kill him for no reason.

  22. The Outro music is from
    The Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage game on Super Nintendo from back in the day! 🕷

  23. Someone help me out. So how is spider man in the Morbius and venom universe, if morbius and venom aren’t in the mcu? And how is vulture in morbius if venom isn’t in the mcu 😂 I’m so confused someone help

  24. It be cool if they did the post credit scene for venom 2 like they did for iron man have peter parker meeting Eddie brock telling him that he is putting a team together

  25. I feel like his hair in the comic matched his clown-like hair in the movie, when in prison, eventually in the comic it was more scraggly looking as the character evolved. & yes it def. looks better scraggly as opposed to clown like.

  26. Morbius dealing with blood and what not makes me wonder if they'll set up Scorpion some how or if they'll go mechanical suit like Vulture

  27. With all the talk of Spiderman's villians why isn't anyone pushing for his go-to help to join him in the MCU namely Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist & Frank Castle

  28. I do not want Disney touching venom but i rather the spiderman be not tom Holland i actually rather have toby im sorry its just a better thing but if its true and spiderman is back in mcu im done with spiderman they killed marvel but at least sony has not they only done it once while Disney does it multiple times more than 3 so i rather venom be in its own universe or well yeah with morbious but not in the mcu spider man they should do a different spiderman

  29. he doesnt exactly have access to a barber..being in a straight jacket and all right? So ofcourse his hair is gonna look crazy..while locked away in a psych ward lol

  30. It is said that movie becomes amazing with the help of superheroes and villains, the directors also said that they would put spiderman in venom 3 movie, and do you guys know the symbiotes of venom 3, in my guess it would be venom, carnage and a symbiote of level 2 whereas carnage is only level 6 or 5 symbiote, his name is toxin, spiderman will be in that movie, so now think of their powers

  31. Cletus in the post credit scene looks like my old friend but at the age of fifty and his hair didn’t change and not a murderous psychopath

  32. I’ve wanted to see Carnage on the big screen for as long as I can remember. I don’t expect this movie to be great and I don’t care about or expect an R rating, but I do expect to see an awesome and accurate portrayal of Carnage at least. Carnage did not have a tongue or teeth like Venom. I want the awesome original version of Carnage. Pink mouth and all

  33. Considering venom is an anti hero in his movie it’d be kinda cool to see him team up with Spider-Man against the sinister six or however they are gonna mix him into the movies

  34. They should put Tom Holland at the end of Venom 2 end credits. Have Vemon warn Spiderman about the Sinister Six getting together.

  35. I notice during the end credit scenes Of the first Venom movie , Eddie Brock and Venom are Talking to one another. As They are headed towards the prison , Venom urges to make their visit with Cletus Kasady Short. I think Venom feels that he is about to spawn carnage soon . With that being said I think this is where and when Kasady will bond with the Carnage symbiote.

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