100 thoughts to “‘Unplanned’ star responds to celebrity boycott threat over Georgia’s heartbeat bill”

  1. You should put for TV Spot for Unplanned with warning
    "This film contains graphic scenes which may too intense for younger viewers"

  2. If some women don’t want to have an abortion then don’t, those who choose an abortion it’s their decision end of story.

  3. Babylon aka California aka sodom and gamorrah will fall. My father will wash California clean in the ocean. See you down in Arizona bay, learn to swim

  4. The blood of Jesus cover you Ashley and bless your career and keep you empowered to do work that glorifies God. Lord Jesus watch over her. amen.

  5. Helleewood is DENOMIC those people have no heart for human lives. Those people are satanic. People wake up helleewood is garbage STOP WATCHING there denomic movies witch crafts. They are getting rich on you watching there EVIL movies. They are conditioning you .controlling your mind with there witch crafts denomic movies. Even the music industry they are illuminati devil worshipers who sold there soul's to Satan for fame and money .They make videos about the devil .WAKE up America it's time to throw out the trash. Stop listening to devil music from these no talent music industry. Especially that SATANIC witch modona. She worship Baal.

  6. At the end the one I have to answer to is God, not Hollywood, not politicians, not SJW, only God, and I pray I have the right answers then.

  7. Why do Christians need to go see this movie to learn about abortion and teach their children about it?????????
    Wasnt this already accomplished at church by studying The Word?
    Says much about the state of "christian" churches.

  8. That they don't want the kids the teenagers to watch the movie alone but let them make their own choice of killing babies without their parents, that is ridiculous. Also that Christians can't promoted is like they are trying to take the freedom of speech. Persecution of Christian next? The antichrist agenda. Seriously. That us why Judgement day is coming…

  9. A human embryo is NOT a child, a person, or a human being. It is a
    human EMBRYO that COULD develop into a fetus that COULD develop into a
    baby if everything goes right. Women have been having abortions for
    thousands of years and every year thousands of women died from
    complications of botched abortions done by ordinary people using
    sharpened sticks. The 1973 Roe vs Wade decision finally gave women the
    ability to have SAFE abortions performed by trained medical
    professionals and under sterile conditions. The bigoted pro-lifers want
    to ban all SAFE abortions and FORCE women to resort to using sharpened
    sticks again. Fortunately every one of these horrible anti-abortion
    laws will be overturned by the lower courts so the issue will never
    reach the supreme court that has already ruled it is a woman's right to
    terminate her unwanted pregnancy at any time up until viability.

  10. And to make matters even worse the INVISIBLE "God" is just the leading character in Hebrew MYTHOLOGY just as Thor was in Nordic MYTHOLOGY and Zeus was in Greek MYTHOLOGY which means religions are the greatest money making scams in history. The theists don't know 85% of their donation dollars go directly into the personal bank accounts of the church's OWNERS as their untraceable tax free income. As long as gullible people exist religions will exist to rip them off.

  11. I see liberals on Facebook pissed off that this movie came out! The movie is not trying to take away their views, but educate people on topic

  12. Christians and any religion oriented person are just dumber than almost anyone that are not religious.
    "I dont know you but i respect you" haha what a joke.

  13. Planned Parenthood is a WOLF in sheep's clothing. 🐑 Selling aborted parts is just the tip of the iceberg. Satanic Cults are their biggest buyers.

  14. Whoever thinks and "R" rating would keep religious people from seeing a movie are secular bigots and have obviously never took the time to get to know a "religious person*

  15. There is a scene in this movie that literally made me shudder. How anyone can watch this and still come out with a hardened heart is unthinkable to me.

  16. An "R" rating didn't stop… Sorry she just mentioned 'Passion of the Christ.' But, the idea is given.

  17. Film is art format and form of free speech. And anybody has a right to make film in Hollywood and have it released.

  18. Everyone should watch this movie. It mirrors all the research that I have done including the testimony of 3 girls who I have known since grade school. This crap is for real! Please watch it and learn what so many have been trying to show you!

  19. Amazing film,

    I felt throwing up after five minutes. I went in not having seen any trailers or knowing it was rated R, but I think people need to know what happens in an abortion.

  20. Planned Parenthood personnel will stand before GOD and account for their part in the MURDERS of innocent babies. Hope they like heat, bc hell is hot! And eternal!!
    MAGA Pres Trump 2020

  21. It's all talk, let them boycott all they want, they'll come crawling right back because you know, money.

  22. God owns "everything" and He can give opportunities to whomever He wills. If you gave your career to the Lord it can never be unsuccessful.

  23. Babies lives matter! If you are in favour of Planned parenthood then why get pregnant when it's unwanted? It's really not hard to avoid pregnancy.

  24. I wish every actor in Hollywood and just the people that live there would leave America like they said they’d do. We don’t care about Hollywood’s satanic celebs!!

  25. Hollywood only has power because people love the acting. Now the person inside that actor or performer like Ashley Judd, Madonna and whole host of Satanic musical weirdos are what's repulsive.

    American's need to step back and realize they have been caught up in a fantasy. Take power back from the Hollywood Weirdos and send in some strong talking Christian's who's full intent is to fight evil. "Children are a heritage of the Lord" and we need to fight tooth and nail for their souls. Great interview!

  26. It's pretty sad that my 8 year old daughter has more sense about abortion and the evil that it is than adult women like Alyssa Milano. Definitely wanting to watch this movie, as does my daughter.

  27. She seems like an amazing human being. I liked the movie, the acting wasn't mind blowing or anything, but I didn't feel like the agenda was too "in your face" as some would say. The reality of it being a true story is what broke my heart, the acting not so much.

  28. Separation of church and state. There's a reason why legislation should pass no law respecting an establishment of religion. Women's bodily rights are violated when they no longer give consent to remaining pregnant. You simply cannot argue with bodily autonomy, because no one else has that special right to use someone's body against their will. I will grant that every fetus has the right to life, it just doesn't have that right at someone else's expense – same as all of us.

  29. I just saw the movie. It was hard to watch sometimes, but thank heavens it was made. I used to be "Pro choice", but when I found out about partial birth, I changed sides.

  30. Just watched this movie last night. Very gut wrenching the first 20-25 minutes,but still a great message for everyone to value life. But it is true,Planned Parenthood lies to their patients in order to make millions of dollars.

  31. What! A Movie That Has An Opposite Opinion From The Rest Of Hollywood! Oh My God! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

    I should go see it.

  32. Just goes to prove that Hollywood, the left, the self entitled and the new world order that permeates western society can't handle the truth.

  33. Abortion is WRONG, if planned parenthood is taking part in schools for our education… Science says every living thing is made of cells, and everything in a fetus has cells so you women who think that you got "rights" are murderers of an individual that we will never meet, in America all men are created equal with their rights, all living beings in this world have the right to live, including that unborn living fetus

  34. Just because a movie is rated R doesn’t mean it doesn’t correspond with Christian teachings???? Um?? I’m CATHOLIC and I watch R rated movies

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