‘Unnerved’: Trump Fears Unpredictable Impeachment Trial | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

‘Unnerved’: Trump Fears Unpredictable Impeachment Trial | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. We all know how this ends…the boot licking ,ball washers will keep the orange turd in office, and WE must vote these corrupt Mutha FOCKERS out on NOVEMBER 3rd!!!

  2. I'll be a witness. I told President Trump to look into the pay to play schemes of the previous administration… from the Secretary of state and her family to the VP and his family. I told President Trump to look into the abuse of power in the last administration… they weaponized every government department against their rivals… the AG's office, DOJ, CIA, FBI, IRS. I told President Trump to look into Russian collusion in the last administration. Christ, Obama was caught on a hot mic telling Putin's crowny to let Vlad know to wait until after the election when he'll have more flexibility to do nothing when Russia invades Crimea and kills thousands. I'm President Trump's boss. Put me on the stand. I'm an American citizen and voter.

  3. Trumps worst fear may come true. Biden runs free in Iowa while his top 2 rivals are stuck in Trumps impeachment trial. He gets Biden and loses bigly

  4. Republicans: "Why is this not in public?! We want it to be public!"
    Holding their trial in private.
    Republicans: "Why can't we call witnesses?! We want to call witnesses!"
    Refusing to call witnesses in their trial.

  5. Dummycrat leftist liberals are mixed up the "males" act feminine and the "females" act masculine no wonder the whole group are losers!!

  6. The Senate stopped functioning as a legislative body after they gave 1.5 trillion in tax cuts to the rich two years ago. #VoteBlue2020

  7. The weight of our constitution needs to direct the voting, not whether the public was or wasn't in danger. That protects the office of the presidency from malfeasance with this one and any future ones.

  8. "Would it put at risk the liberties of the people?" Well, asking for a bribe to interfere in our 2020 presidential election seems like a pretty CLEAR RISK. Trump and his toadies disgust me and anyone with a lick of integrity. That rules out republicans.

  9. If a person was accused of murder. It would be completely insane for the defendant's team to be aloud too suppress a witness testimony. And even more so for the jury to disregard evidence whether it be to prove one's innocence or guilt.

  10. Clinton was impeached for telling a lie.
    If Trump is impeached for telling lies, the trial would take years, because there have been so many lies.

  11. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 265:
    Everybody knows he’s been impeached for life
    Everybody knows it sticks in his craw
    Everybody knows the GAO report
    Said withholding Ukraine aid broke the law
    Everybody knows he hates Obamacare
    His conduct is the Framers’ worst nightmare
    TV legal team grows
    Everybody knows 

    What A Nightmare
    Swear To Do Partial Justice
    Get ready for the Truth Shredder! 
    Fiddling Trump
    Exhibit A in the Trial of President Trump
    Trump's Starr Defense
    Trump's Dershowitz Defense
    "Everyone deserves the right to an attorney, and Dershowitz takes bad guys as clients. 
    He once told Professor Evan Mandery of John Jay College of Criminal Justice 
    “If Hitler were to call me today saying he’s in the jungles of Brazil I would defend him.” 
    Dershowitz who has defended O.J. Simpson Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein 
    has now chosen a client who is as close to Hitler as he’ll ever get. 
    Even Hitler didn’t steal from a children’s charity."

    Pelosi: Trump is 'impeached for life'
    Trump Moans About 'Stigma' Of Impeachment, Pelosi Taunts He's Already 'Impeached For Life'

    Gov't Watchdog Agency: “Yeah, Trump’s Guilty”
    GAO: Trump administration broke the law
    G.A.O. Report Says Trump Administration Broke Law in Withholding Ukraine Aid
    Trump Broke The Law In Freezing Ukraine Funds, Watchdog Report Concludes

    Reality Check: Trump & Pre-Existing Conditions
    Pres. Latest Lies About Push To End Healthcare Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions | All In | MSNBC

    Unforced Errors on Preexisting Conditions
    Trump Takes Credit For Obamacare, Says Democrats Want to Repeal It

    Democrats Lay Out Impeachment Arguments: “Trump’s Conduct Is the Framers’ Worst Nightmare”

    Chris Wallace trashes Trump’s legal team for impeachment on air
    Trump Assembles Made-For-TV Legal Team For Senate Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
    Trump finally gets his TV-ready lawyers — thanks to impeachment

  12. Vince Crain is correct. Unfortunately deep down the " occupent" is going to get out of this seeing as the Republicans took an oath they have no intention of honouring.

  13. I hope that GOP Senators, insulted and scorned by Trump, will abandon him at this last moment where Trump can't control them.

  14. Must see and share! What happened in 1999 that was kept from us re our Constitution and involves a "contract" we made with UK in the beginning that ended? (I think Trump & crew plan on doing what should have been done then) Vid by:



  15. I predict this impeachment trial will end in a travesty against justice. We need only look back to the Kavanaugh approval, to see that the Senate Republicans are most likely already bought and sold. I suspect the Republican Senators really are owned by Trump and his promise to take over the country and save all unwashed Democrat, unnamed party affiliates, and independents from needing to live in a land governed by true law and decency. 

         I reject Trumpism. I reject cruelty for ego's sake. I reject the worship of money as a god. I reject them on principal—But those terrible things all exist.

         I am a proud American citizen that sees complicity in the silence of our public all across this land. (Why are the streets not filled with outrage?    …Well?….

         —I understand the silence— It comes in many forms and for many reasons.

         Heck, I am living my life as usual today (except for typing this)…. trying not to be bogged down in the mire of corruption and deceit and hatred that flows in our government (and too much from the top down). I am still proud to call myself an American, but my pride is being tested and torn at and mocked openly and lied about by Republican leaders and followers alike.  I do not enjoy this. And I find it very disturbing to see that Christians are at the front of the pack, being leaders in the meanness, being fine with the lies, being sure that they are "right" about everything they believe.

    con·serv·a·tive .     /kənˈsərvədiv/ —-adjective

    —-holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

    lib·er·al .     /ˈlib(ə)rəl/     —-adjective

    1.  open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

    2.  (of education) concerned mainly with broadening a person's general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training.

          Given these definitions, I am happy to say I am more liberal, and less conservative.

          Change happens whether we want it to or not. And being ready to accept change is my way to move forward. 

           I sure hope the change that is underway leads us to an America that looks more like what I imagine Ben Franklin hoped of the future than what Donald Trump is hoping for.

             Ben Franklin was an inventor!  Trump is a deal maker (at any cost)! 

           But in the near future I would imagine that plutocracy will obliterate morals and manners and the justice of democratic law. — I truly fear that 'Cash Is King' —

                   And the America I thought I lived in is not real.

  16. If the needed four republicans find there voice. Trump will go crazy.
    I have heard nothing new from Trumps side that hasn't already been said.

  17. Americans,We must not allow the republicans get away with keeping the trial showing it in late hours,not allow them to plot a way to stop the impeachment if it gets to honest with the truths on his crimes.Mitch is being sneaky n Trump's Party are listening to Him.We Must Not allow them to get away with this.Remember,Putin is with Trump,Watching how they get away with All there crimes .

  18. This Is Dangerous,We must not loose sight of the dangers Trump is imposing on All Us Americans,n the dangers he is putting on Our Solders here and Abroad.

  19. Trump should be shaking and soiling in his pants. God will not be pleased with all of those that support Trump. A Criminal of the worst kind. The world is more wicked because of Trump. His propaganda is the most BS ever. A DECIEVER of the NAIVE so gullible. He broke the laws and he alone should be accountable. It should be the other way around! The rich should be poorer, and the poor should be richer. It sounds like the DEVIL'S are working overtime in darkness to do his evil orders. Even when the most dependable men and women in the history of the military are under the same OATH who does it everyday because of the same HONOR CODES. The President, only this President is completely bonkers, To be involved with Putin, Trump will hand America over to the highest bidder. He probably already sold portions of our government to millionaires and billionaires. That he owes them money puts Americans at risk. All his Trump towers, and Trump hotels! Ripping off money to fuel all his failures. Bunking up soldiers in his pigsty hotels so he can extort funds from the !military. And yet, all those morons that supports him finds nothing wrong with the man! I really don't know if yall's are going to support GOD OR MAMMON? There's too much COMMANDMENTS that was broken, as well as the LAW'S of the LAND. GOD will not be mocked. Yall's need a REALITY CHECK because, that's not in line with the TRUTH. Everyone lies to each other, bend truths, manipulate, cause chaos and confusions just to protect that PERPETRATOR. Don't throw away your salvation to follow. He's headed for some brain scans and some head knocking, and all who follows. Yall's really screwed in the head.

  20. Why is Chris Christie making the news circuit when got away with his contribution to "Bridgegate". He threw other people under the bus.

  21. Funny how the house held secret impeachment investigations under the capital..i repeat UNDER the capital. "In secret ". The President nor Republicans were NOT allowed anything. Never seen before in our nation's history. And when the Republicans invaded those secret meetings under the capital the house shut everything down. What about fairness? Now that the house has turned over the articles of impeachment over to the Senate the house is wanting the Senate to be just as CORRUPT as the house was. Well that's not going to happen. You have to have grown ups in Washington and that is the United States Senate. Now am I the only one that sees this? I think not. Millions of Americans see what is going on. It's the Democrats last ditch attempt to win in 2020 which is election interference on they're part. They don't have a case! Never had and never will. They are trying to interfere with the 2020 election, something that they have accused the President of doing which is a joke.

  22. This is all about Epstein – Acosta, Barr, Starr and Derschoperv suddenly promoted top FOX News commentators, Epstein escapes justice, Maxwell walks free. The Mueller non-results, failed Kavanaugh block (who worked with Starr), and failed fake impeach … All Epstein universe of players.

  23. With the evil GOP party protecting tRump at all costs, this Psuedo trial will be the biggest sham this century.
    The simple fact is, this isn't a trial.

  24. “Do not interfere with the wounded ThemRats 🐀🐀, who are in the process of destroying themselves. These people are sick, evil & stupid”
    ThemRats 🐀🐀 will never win a 💩 again

  25. Maxine Waters Slated to Pay Daughter Another $108K From Campaign Funds Karen Waters already collected nearly $650,000 to run the operation – https://freebeacon.com/politics/maxine-waters-slated-pay-daughter-another-108k-campaign-funds-lucrative-operation/    

    Cabinet makes public salaries of Ukrainian government members – https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/general/636310.html 
    PRESENTING: The Most Corrupt Members Of Congress – https://www.businessinsider.com/congress-corrupt-list-2012-9?r=US&IR=T

    Congressional Misconduct Database – https://www.govtrack.us/misconduct    

    MOST CORRUPT: REPRESENTATIVE MAXINE WATERS .PDF. – https://s3.amazonaws.com/storage.citizensforethics.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/20022703/Waters%2C%20Maxine.pdf 
    Kennedy responds to criticisms over her Nancy Pelosi impression – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl6Rpm4pQ9A 

    how can a spy died many times of new poison every time he died. Alexander Litvinenko's murder: The inside story – BBC Newsnight.!!!* https://youtu.be/z8tJzsFEq8M

    Special Report: Who Killed Russian Spy Alexander Litvinenko!!! RADIO ACTTIVE URAN POLOMIOVE-,4-T2-10 (POLONIUM) 4-T2-10. https://youtu.be/7X-GkVv8K84

    Was Litvinenko Poisoned By His Friend Alexei Lugovoi???? – https://youtu.be/arH-VNm9srE

    End of Unipolar Moment: Peter Lavelle Interviews Alastair Crooke.!!!  – https://youtu.be/jYQQtKlbklE

  26. SHE'S DONE! Maxine Busted For ‘Illegal Dealings’ Cries Like A Baby After Trump Supporters Get To Her – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQEE4kii7tk   

    ⚡⚡Deep State diplomats provide cover for Adam Schiff Ukrainegate hoax – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=296&v=0Z1bx3ON_yk

    Rep. Maxine Waters’ family continues to profit directly from her position in Congress – https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/rep-maxine-waters-family-continues-to-profit-directly-from-her-position-in-congress  

    PRESENTING: The Most Corrupt Members Of Congress – https://www.businessinsider.com/congress-corrupt-list-2012-9?r=US&IR=T   

    MOST CORRUPT: REPRESENTATIVE MAXINE WATERS .PDF. – https://s3.amazonaws.com/storage.citizensforethics.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/20022703/Waters%2C%20Maxine.pdf  

    Congressional Misconduct Database – https://www.govtrack.us/misconduct  

    WHOA! Joe Biden Wants this Old Footage BURNED For ONE HUGE REASON! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAruKxUHTBY   

    Bidders show contrasting reactions to PLUS takeover no-go – https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/01/16/rrj-capital-to-study-other-investment-opportunities-in-malaysia-after-no-go-on-plus-deal  
    Ousted Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch there smoke CANNABIS many times a day, Says Trump Pressured State Department to Remove Her – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe-784cGFzY

    U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews named one of 'most corrupt' members of Congress – https://www.nj.com/politics/2012/09/post_5.html

  27. Trump has secret meetings with no Americans present when is the leader of Soviet Russia enough crap goes on on seeing I want this trial to be in front of the cameras every minute so when we go to vote in November this year we will understand how obvious the traitorous behavior of the Republican installed president and his lackey's was to witness and how corrupt the Republican party is from top to bottom they're not being tricked they support this treasonous bunch of traitors.

  28. Just like Soloimani, Khashoggi and Epstein, and almost Marie Yovanovich –Vote RED and you could end up DEAD. With that said, Anyone BLUE will do.

  29. Golden showers mitch. Republican senators are crooks following crooked Trump's tail..Have no dignity. Stand up for the oath u took for this country not for lawless Trump.

  30. How this impeachment will go is anybody's guess. One thing is known for sure when Nov. rolls around how many Senators will be able to say. I heard the Evidence and Witnesses with an open mind. How you conduct yourselves will determine who gets re elected. We the Public are taking notes

  31. Why even bother swearing in the Senate. Lev Parnas has documents showing "everyone" was in the loop about shaking down Ukraine to rig the next upcoming election. They dare not hear from witnesses much less request damning documents.


  33. Fake news.Trump fears nothing.Trumo innocent.Biden and son guilty. Schiff for brains guilty.Natzi Pillowzi guilty.FBI guilty.Schcammer guilty.Nadhandler guilty.Obama guilty.

  34. It's already over.Mitch is fixin to pitch a b*tch into a ditch.The rich have caused a glitch.Without a hitch the witch will snitch.

  35. Perjury? What about Russia Russia collusion collusion obstruction Taxes racist taxes racist sqid pro throw bribery bribery abuse of power for three years and now perjury? Keep them coming but we know where this is going.Out the back door into the trash where it belongs then everyone can get back to work.

  36. What unpredictability is there to fear? We all know Yertle McConnell has the ultimate power here. This is is all a charade . This isn’t democracy anymore. We are a fragile cell away from complete dictatorship. Republicans have completely destroyed our government

  37. For those of you who would want to actually know what's going on when this trial starts…


  38. "Trump is not only an American but a product of America, a result of the mechanics that shape and inform the individual and the electorate.
    If there was ever a reason to improve the country's educational systems, just look at where your country is right now.
    It's not an intellectually agile majority that got us to this place."

  39. I'm not so sure the repigs aren't backstabbing him by saying they were not going to hold a fair trial….That lit the fuse!

  40. The Senate hasn’t done anything in the last 11 years. 8 years fighting President Obama and 3 years of Moscow Mitch blocking hundreds of pieces of good legislation passed by the Democratic House that will help Americans…sits on his desk. Useless GOP and handcuffed Democrats. I wish someone would wake the f up.

  41. This will only be the 2nd half of this circus..None of them will honor said oath.We haven't seen " fairness" in any of this ( nonsense )lawlessness yes, fairness out the window.

  42. I probably think that he resign before he removed from office. Otherwise if I could vote I’m vote against trump because it not worth it.

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