100 thoughts to ““UNFAIR PROCESS”: Mark Meadows GOES OFF On Impeachment Hearing”

  1. WTF were these reporters listening to? I am absolutely astounded how they are so blatantly biased without any pretense of objectivity.

  2. Isn't it amazing how the press use the narrative and the lie to try and justify the lies and deceit that they are pushing in the main Media the president did nothing wrong he puts his nation first and the people of America first that's why the political elites hate him so much that he is a man of principle and bleeding the Constitution of America the freedom of speech and Liberty but they use this as a weapon against him because they hate the people of America and wish to impeach the People's president the man who win the next election because he has done so much good for America I wish we had a president like him in Britain it would take the fight against those people dissolving our government and enslaving the people of Europe to rojean no better than the Democrats who believe in the overturning and the dissolving a government's called the EU in Britain and across Europe and dissolving the government's and replacing them with administrators this is what the Democrats want for America to the American people have no say and they can be designed and then they can carry out and godly acts against all the American citizens stand up for your president stand up for your nation and stand up for the future of your children and families and the men and women of your country who know what is right what is decent and what is

  3. Every American should be worried about this, if this can happen to the president, it sure can happen to you. They can make anything up and throw you in jail, without any defence!

  4. It's amazing how every single "journalist" asks questions with the implication that the witnesses proved Trump committed the crimes hes falsely being accused of.. WITH ABSOLUTELY ZERO EVIDENCE AND NOT EVEN HAVING BEEN IN THE ROOM DURING THE HEARING… reminds me of kavenaugh. Lmao

  5. Even if you hate President Trump and disagree with all of his policy's ,if your really honest with yourself you'd have to admit that this is a total fraud ,if you imagine yourself or someone close to you is being charged with a crime ,and that crime was recorded ,and on that recording there is no evidence of a crime being committed ,and the victim of the so called crime ,said no crime was ever committed .But despite all this you are still being charged with a crime ,because your accuser said they heard someone saying they heard some people saying you committed a crime .And to top it all of your worst enemy is the judge and jury ,and your not allowed to know who accused you ,oh and your not allowed to have a lawyer to act on your behalf .

  6. The typical dumb-ass republican voter responds to flashing lights, shiny sparkly things, 3 word sentences, colourful pictures, cartoons and crayons so they have NO CHANCE of understanding what's happening in the hearings.

  7. The President is concerned with corruption, the Sorryass democrats are only concerned about removing him from office, so they can be in power!

  8. having the hearing in the open, and being allowed to ask what ever questions you want is unfair?
    I saw one of you idiots going on about one of the 2016 conspiracies trying to make it look like Trump had a legitimate reason to ask for an investigation, when it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Trump extorting another country for personal gain.

  9. This is laughable. The dems hate the fact that they lost in 2016 that they are throwing the longest tantrum in history. It’s like if Trump sneezes wrong they are out to impeach him for not sneezing properly. He under a hypothetical microscope and yet he always comes out clean and will here as well. Give it up already am accept he was elected and WILL be elected in 2020

  10. why are you republicans letting this happen . this makes you guys look bad as well makes yall look weak who wants to vote a liar are weak person in office

  11. What is that high school girl Instagraming behind him!!! THAT is who is writing the agenda! TRUST NO-ONE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!

  12. Your stream of Mark Meadows, has been deliberately skewed. Would love to see some of these Governmental Criminals, face JUSTICE @ Gitmo, for Treason against a sitting President!! And that includes the News Media that needs to face Justice for trying to deceive the American people! Truly Shameful!!

  13. someone should make a video of all these radical reporters firing off their questions to Republicans…so the American public can hear how the fake news sets their questions up and gives us the FACTS.

  14. this impeachment is absolutely stupid !!shiff is so dense and he is no good ,,,and he is not great !! I wonder if he even has a friend ,,!! maybe the likes of pelosi !

  15. Why are they so worried about the Ukraine/Russia border??? What happened to the concern about the Mexico/United States border???? …just wondering for a friend.

  16. Unless they aggressively COME AGST schiff and his goons…take on soros…this will never end! The nation must fight for justice by fighting for the President!

  17. Waah, boo hoo, it’s not fair. They’re picking on me. Just because you don’t get away with a crime it doesn’t make you innocent. If you rob a store but don’t get away with the money, you’re still guilty of attempted robbery! Truth.

  18. Remember when Booker said during the dem debates "We can chew gum and walk at the same time… we can impeach and pass bills"? That's a lie. Dems have done NOTHING since concentrating on impeachment. They've done nothing on infrastructure, our budget to pay our troops, healthcare, nothing. Dems are MORE concerned with impeaching Trump for NOTHING over paying our troops. smh this is insane. ALL witnesses was asked if they think they have enough evidence to impeach Trump and ALL 3 said "No"

  19. wow the media is asking questions like "but this witness OVER HEARD x y and z" SO now we are going to go with hearsay as evidence to IMPEACH a sitting president?? this is so insane.

  20. This guy is a genius… not one of the Dems in Congress have a minute fraction of the intelligence that this guy has. Impressive.

  21. I believe this whole sham and clown show is going to insure President Trump another four years in office!!!!!!!
    Good will ALWAYS win out over injustice and evil in the end and the will of the people and truth will be heard, understood and put forth again on election day for President Trump!!!!!!! And I believe this will be the actual beginning of the end for the democrats and the deep state evil and corruption working in this country…. TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Kinda hard to focus on Meadows with the 12 year old selfie slut hogging up the background. Did she loose her mommy?

  23. So if Trump holds up aid he is costing people’s lives in Ukraine. If he does more than Obama did to protect Ukraine I guess that makes him a ukranian operative! What a joke. These people see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. America make sure the Democrats have no control whatsoever in the future as this is erasing your democracy… literally

  24. I despise the main stream media. Republicans speak the truth and all the f-in media is going to twist it to fit their narrative. I despise the main stream media!!!! These media idiots are going to look back and see how they destroyed this country.

  25. Schiff is out of his mind… Why would anyone listen to a man with an agenda… When he lied about what the President said… Point Blank…

  26. Sounds like a " quid pro quorum ", or " inverse operation " of a quo, to an outside source…way to much confusion about nothing, which is possibly something to an outside source, referring to lunch…agriculture.

  27. I dont care if the other countries pay, if we pay and we are safer for it who cares what another country does or does not do. Are we protecting ourselves and is this america first or is this waahahahhhhhhaaahhhhhhh what a cry baby! None of what he said here has any bearing on this hearing and he just throws out crap to confuse people.

  28. guess what folks its provable if that phone call occurred, get the phone records of Sondland it will be on there, and there is probably a receipt for the lunch where he and the three staffers ate after their meeting with the Ukrainian president. The aid was increased by congress not by Trump, wow you are a spin master, but your garbage arguments are easily debunked.

  29. lmfao REPUBLICANS CHANGED THE RULES TO MAKE THE PROCESS THIS WAY and now are outraged when they are not the majority LOLOLOL you guys are putting your whole political career on the line for a perpetual conman

  30. DemoKKKrat justice in full force. DemoKKKrats ran the KKK openly and Jim Crow laws. They embrace abortion. Why is anyone surprised when they falsely accuse people?

  31. Shiff is the Perfect example of treason, And he will be made again, when he Swings for it! Then eyes will open! What a day that will be.

  32. If second and third hand information is viable in court then hear this: JEFFREY EPPSTEIN DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF!!!

  33. Trumps getting Schiff's mad by tweeting kangaroo gets hopping mad every body gets a fair trial gets a lawyer right to confront your accuser cross examination

  34. I’m just stunned by what these democrats are doing. I’m watching this from Australia and I’m an insurance investigator, I go take statements and gather facts about incidents, accidents and so on. I can tell you, I would be thrown out of the job if I would present in my reports the level of “he said she said” information I’ve been hearing over the last 2 days in this impeachment. This “evidence” would not meet the insurance industry standard… it is mind blowing that I see ppl online (urinalists) claiming “clear evidence” has been uncovered. Sorry, you got nothing so far. What this guy just said in the video is absolutely true.



  37. Whaaaaaa!!!! Whaaaaa!!! Mama! It's not fair they found out about Guliani telling Ukrainian president Zelensky aide Yermak that US meetings/relations (and aid) will be withheld until investigations on Bidens are started.

    Any Trump supporter please answer this one for me: If Trump held up Ukrainian aid money because TRUMP CARES A GREAT DEAL ABOUT ENDING CORRUPTION IN UKRAINE, why did Trump's phone call with Zelensky pour praise on Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin who was fired for allowing oligarchs to steal tons of money off the books??? Trump repeatedly says Shokin's firing was really unfair because he was a very good prosecutor. How can you explain this? Everything I read about his firing was that investigations went to Shokin to die (he allowed corruption).

    Besides, were the Clinton impeachment hearings "fair"? Remember the Kenneth Starr Investigation??? Why was Clinton impeached? Lying under oath about a blow job!!!! Hahahahaha–is that in the US Constitution? Nope, but quid pro quo (bribery) is an impeachable offense in Article 1 of the constitution.

  38. Mark Meadows you just said aid was not held up… then someone told you it was held up 2 wks…. That was a crime Trump committed

  39. He is a nut who is crooked his way into being president… Hr had help from Russia. And he is a great danger to truth and justice in our Govt.

  40. The Rep party has all been paid to stand behind him too … Especially Moscow Mitch… where is he now… He is keeping quiet… like so many of them …he is scared now.

  41. God the press is corrupt and biased. How anyone can watch the communist leftist agenda driven news anymore is beyond me. VERY anti American

  42. I don’t think Nixon would agree with your assessment. Don’t complain about secondhand information when Trump is blocking firsthand knowledge. The EU ambassador is already proven to be a liar. The aid was released shortly after Trumps unconstitutional activities were discovered. There’s multiple corroborated accounts of the facts. You haven’t provided any factual evidence to Trump’s innocence. Trump’s in bed with Felix sater and has been laundering money for Putin’s gas company partner and the ex chairman of the kahzakstan bank! He’s a criminal and your a dishonest bootlicker!

  43. Why are we even questioning Trump administration for what joe biden actually did and bragged about on national television!. How can Trump administration look at Ukraine corruption from 2016 without looking at joe biden considering joe biden himself admitted he was involved in ! Why is it Trump keeps getting investigated for the crimes all Democrats are implicated in!

  44. I thought no communication devices where allowed during witness testimony!.Adam shifty was the source of witness tampering ! Trump tweet would not have been known by witness until after they had given testimony! How can anyone intimidate a witness after they testify thought that had to happen prior to testimony! Point is if anyone intimidated a witness in a way that could affect their testimony it would be Adam shifty

  45. The more the weak corrupt evil democrats bullies trump and his proud Americans supporters the more trump get popular through the roof.

  46. Bloo a whole whole right in your defense freshwater attack in the process then you are attacking The Whistleblower dinner was no quid pro quo then they were second and third hand accounts but now Stalin along with everybody else's testified who's on the same page toll on everybody cuz everybody's in the loop by the directions of the president on the quick pro quo anybody seen Lindsey Graham because he said if there is a quid pro quo then that changes the game stop lying to the American people enough this President is not worth it the presidency is stand up for democracy it's under attack and the Russians love to see us doing it ain't that right Trump

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