100 thoughts to “U.S. MARINES Urinating on Corpses – Latest News”

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  2. There is a way for America to stop this type of insanity. We can vote for a man who understands our history in the middle east. We'd also get the added benefit of a brilliant economist who predicted the housing bubble many years before it happened. He comes with a "cherry" on top of being a physician who's delivered 4000+ babies, married to the same woman 55 years, congressman, USAF Vietnam veteran and follows our constitution. Oh wait, the media told me that he's "un-electable", never mind!

  3. @CarlDRocco Ok well maybe we can agree on that.

    But here is the issue.
    Once the "War on Terror" is over how do you propose that we put the thousands of guys that have served in the armed forces to productive jobs?

    We know the history of the Soviet Union, and the result of their "War on Terror" was not pretty.

  4. @StarWatch "And why exactly should I give a dam about this?" because it does affect you as a citizen. It does promote more hatred towards our country and therefore more "blowback".
    As to you saying that I should get a productive job. I joined the USAF at the age of 18 and learned electronics. A lot of poor people out of high school do chose the military path to learn a trade and take advantage of college benefits which i did. I now work for the FAA and I agree that the WOT is a racket.

  5. @StarWatch I don't know! I would hope that there will be opportunities for their skills in the private sector. What I hope is that you don't want to keeps them fighting in harms way for the simple purpose of keeping them employed. We as a country really need to re-evaluate our priorities when it comes to our foreign policy. We are hated for a reason, and if you don't understand that reason, I respectfully ask that you research on youtube or whatever source you have available.

  6. @CarlDRocco Ok well I have a few issues with the FAA as well. For one it seems they spend a whole lot of time attacking the GA aircraft industry. The fact that Most if not all GA Aircraft makers are moving over seas pretty much blows the Productive aspect of the FAA. I think maybe we should start looking at the economic impact of these government organizations and deduct it directly from their budget. The Wright Brothers did NOT need the FAA, neither does GA.

  7. @StarWatch Blow Back, I think is a GOOD thing!
    It is called dealing with Reality.
    Rome Lasted for 500 years as a Republic, Will America make it that long?

    Constantine, Romes first Christian Emperor, was a little less compassionate to the Praetorian Guard since there is NO major power threatening the USA, now is the best time for a little "Blow Back" I say.

    Clean out the garbage. Do it now I say, or the USA will be the Former USA in less that 100 years.

  8. @CarlDRocco Fighting is not a job and it waste resources that can be used else where. The US military has some of the MOST and I repeat MOST ridiculous strategy known to man, Rome was far more effective with Swords than the US is with Machine Guns and Helo Gunships.

    Empires even Rome were far less productive than a Republic, the Romans won most of the military battles, but lost the demographic war. If you are a white person you can thank them for committing Suicide.

  9. @StarWatch As an FAA employee, I will sound biased regardless. But I did work for the USAF in the same Navigation field for 25 years and will say that the FAA is a very impressive organization. I just started in June of this year. In my opinion, the FAA is a federal agency which is actually working VERY well. Me and fellow engineers are constantly working to seek out possible safety issues and fix them. The Wright bros didn't have to worry about airways in the sky and planes colliding.

  10. @Crogan89 I don’t think the Marines need any help giving themselves a bad name. And the Taliban FYI was in fact funded and supported by the US Armed forces. NO ONE denies this!

  11. @CarlDRocco True I will grant you Commercial Airlines do have obligations because the are hauling passengers. GA DOES NOT fall in that category.
    Here is a couple of words for you.
    "Protection Racket"
    First and Foremost every time a government agency says they want to "Protect the Public" I want to know the Racket Value. Only when that is answered do I begin to care about what they are protecting me form.

  12. @CarlDRocco And here is the deal. GA Aircraft fall in the same category of Fire Arms Ownership, that being the right to own private Aircraft. Most of the GA aircraft are single or two place aircraft, most of the "Danger" if you want to call it that is taken by the Pilot and Passenger. But get me straight, if there were a proven link to stifling innovation and it linked back to the FAA, then there would be Hell to Pay.

  13. @StarWatch You and I have had exchanges and I'm losing track. This one is in reply to your comment starting with " Fighting is not a job and it waste resources".
    I agree…but I'm not sure what your point is 🙁 can I ask a favor of you though? I respect your opinion but can you please watch this video from start to finish and comment back to me on it. I'd like to hear your opinion on it. Youtube search for "You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy" watch it and tell me why it's crazy

  14. @OnePeopleOneChina I think the actions of these few marines is despicable, they violate everything that the american people are supposed to stand for. Unfortunately, when I see the comments, the people seem to support this behavior. It saddens me that people around the world will see this and I feel disgusted that I am viewed in the same light. I do love America and wish that my fellow Americans would just wake the F up and study some history. Start by youtubing some Dr. Ron Paul.

  15. @kucan100 I thank you and respect your service. I did 25 years in the USAF. The marines in this video don't represent the USMC. Their actions will cause retaliation and bloodshed. It saddens me every time I see something like this which just makes us look like a horrible people. We are supposed to be setting the example for other nations to be follow. Dr. Paul said that we should not convince them through the barrel of a gun to be like us. We should convince them by wanting to emulate us.

  16. @CarlDRoccoI have no problem with Ron Paul's Foreign Policy.The Issue though with the US Military is that once the USSR collapsed they were more or less out of a job. The sad fact of history is that both super powers were essentially holding the other up from a production stand point. Once the USSR no longer existed, the US Military was not able to transition into a productive role. IE developing new energy sources such as clean nuclear or perfecting Space Flight.

  17. @CarlDRoccoI with the cost of the war in Afghanistan/Iraq we could have revamped every nuclear power plant in the US, and been on our way to exploiting space as a resource. The space program is now effectively dead, and nuclear transition will most likely not happen. We are now stuck with thousands of police on the streets and a declining Petroleum base. And we have our Military Industrial Complex to thank for it. Thanks for Destroying America Guys!

  18. Pathetic, you think you bring peace to the land yet all I see is bombed villages with babies missing limbs. You want oil for greedy corporations.

  19. Fuck, I hate to hate all americans here but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST JUST IMAGINE THE SHIT THEY DO OVER THERE THAT ISN'T CAUGHT ON FILM. The usa military is fucking horrible, all you war profiteers are a fucking fuckingdjfsdbvjlfbvbladljnvdslkjnfkjsaj. Do you guys actually wonder why the world fucking despises most yanks? this shit makes me so angry

  20. Yes, this behavior is disgusting and despicable however you look at it, but unfortunately, one can't really say it's all that surprising.

    Urinating on soldiers, rape, torture and other forms of abuse… things like this have very likely been done in just about every war that's ever been fought on Earth. We're just seeing more of of it in the past decade or so because of the advent of the Tech Age, and the wide variety and availability of cameras and video out there.

  21. I believe Americans have commit worse war crimes than this one. These guys who did this are mentally ill and will be so for the rest of their lives. Who'd want to associate with dogs like this? It's mothers who spend most of the time with their kids, what kind of mothers did these boys have?

  22. @StarWatch Empires rise and fall, sure. This time the fall will be different. Due to unprecedented increase in technology, humans we will be able to network at a deeper and more personal level thru computers. The fall will not be into a Dark Age as the majority thinks, but into exploration of universe in a sense of learning new ways to consume energy and avoid the lack of resources. Due to the vast amount of space human life is going to become invaluable, as it should be. and SUB!

  23. @NETVOX11 Which Corps are you talking about…these actions turn the Marine Corps into the LATRINE CORPS…do you understand ?

  24. @Raymond09871 Duh ? what condition would your panties be in if someone did the same to your fathers grave or the grave of someone you love ?

  25. Seems like the good guys (the marines disgusted by this action) have been cheated and cannot be defended as responses have been blocked…not very democratic, in fact cowardly.

  26. @FanOfClassicMovies It is America that's for sure…and ain't you the masturbating pragmatist…try applying your theory to your family…Duh ?

  27. @NETVOX11 Remember…it is their land they are defending…try reading some history…the British failed, the Russians failed, America is failing.We should be out of there,and not waste more American lives.

  28. @austinguy23 Sounds like you have a very perverse fixation.Perhaps some poor woman or man in your life did not want to submit to your sick tastes…Oh Yeah that's it isn't it !!!

  29. @deguowatao Yeah Bro, what can you expect from jerks who never read any history or anything for that matter,even looking at their own lives to realise what goes around comes around.

  30. @AkGhostCommando2338 So what you are saying is that Marines are just as vile as the japanese were last century,and that America has not learned anything since then…I think we are better than you say.

  31. @thehollymoli Non of us are learning the important lessons of history…it seems, and in some instances causing our children to pay for it in the future.

  32. @Tilps01 You not only have a psycho-sexual fixation but don't read it seems as you cannot write correctly and don't understand the concept of democracy.

  33. @invalidlogin0000 This is what happens with all this poison…you are going too far…perhaps dishonourable discharge,without pension…and unable to join Police or any position of community trust.

  34. @rattlesnakemilitia Thanks for pointing out another war in which the US Military not only Lost, but destroyed any sort of progress potential in the US, and dam near destroyed themselves. In fact I cant think of a war the US Military has actually won since WW2, And even that it was mostly Russians and Germans that did the actual fighting. Had the Communist in the USSR decided to clean their clocks in the mid 1970's it would have been Marines with Spetsnaz Dick's up there ass.

  35. @nicco47 Thanks nicco47, I'm sure that most service members do see it that way. This is evidenced by GOP candidate Dr. Paul receiving more donations from service members than all others combined (including Obama). It sucks that a few bad apples can cast a shadow of disgrace on an entire country and our military. I don't agree with our country's middle eastern foreign policy (because I know the history of it) but I very much support our service members (I was one for over 1/2 of my life).

  36. @dstrait22003 What do we have here,just another fixated deviate who can't get his boyfriend / girlfriend to participate in realising his perverse fantasies…

  37. @CarlDRocco You realize the term "Service Member" sounds like a Service Dick. Why in the Hell would anyone want to be called a Dick. Honestly though I think at this point it is more than just a few, and probably the majority.

  38. @themangocanon Trust me man, Jesus is not on the side of the USSA in the 21st century, that should be obvious by the fact that they need helicopter Gunships to fight Children.

    I think that what we should pray for is, if this time around the US Military manages to destroy their reputation as they did in Vietnam that no one like the conservative movement comes in the rescue the Bastards.

    Good Riddance let them burn in hell.

  39. @StarWatch I used the term "Service Member" to qualify all the branches rather than "Soldier", "Airman", "Sailor", etc… "Why in the Hell would anyone want to be called a Dick" you say? I dunno, you tell me, your comments seem to be begging for that status (blahhahahahaha..JK). Seriously tho, I know for a fact that the vast majority of "Service Members" are ashamed at what these few bad marines did.

  40. So WALLPAPER72 If pissing on a body is like pissing on a rock, just dead flesh as you state, why not go to Arlington and piss on a few graves…what would happen to you.I for one would give you a beating within an inch of your sad ass life …Coward.

  41. @StarWatch Thank you,what can you say about some aging old fart with a username that shows time has not made any positive impression on his sensibilities. Over 50,OOO mainly young Americans died plus 10,000 lost to friendly fire and this imbecile never ''lost a battle he was in'' …where was he all the war…in the mess tent.

  42. @rattlesnakemilitia What about cluster bombs you drut, with a cup of tea,tobacco and piece of bread in the heat or the cold these skinny guys are beating our boys.

  43. @rattlesnakemilitia So you must be Methuselah…you are certainly a liar, by your own admission you did ''screw with bodies" you were in Vietnam,then in Afghanistan.

  44. @ManOfWealthnTaste You Bury them, you might be a man of wealth (though i doubt it) and if you were a man of taste you would not say what you said.

  45. Giving it a further thought, i think these soldiers aren't nurtured sufficiently by their parents or early education on how to always *treat any human dead body with respect*, even it's your enemy! I just hope that such inhuman acts aren't the successful products of the US mil training or warfare doctrines.

  46. @rattlesnakemilitia So killing the enemy is not enough for you.It's not about ''saving'' US citizens either …listen to yourself , it's called bloodlust , you can't even save you…let alone other people.

  47. @rattlesnakemilitia Freedom does not come from carrying a gun…don't you know,it's not that simple.REAL MEN,FREE MEN…don't need guns.

  48. Whoever defends this act is just as sick as the people who committed it! This is really so disturbing on many levels. NOTHING in the world justifies it. So stop lying to yourselves, to make yourselves feel better. Deep down you know this is WRONG. I am a Muslim and if I seen another Muslim doing this to the marines I would still say it is wrong. Wrong is wrong no matter how you try to beautify it!

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