Tuesday, January 7

Tuesday, January 7

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh my god ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, I need it ♪ ♪ How you do it ♪ How you doin’? Now here’s Wendy. (audience cheering) ♪ How you do it ♪ Thank you for watching. (audience cheering) Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheering) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, let’s get started. It’s time for– Hot topic! And I’m off. (audience cheering) The reason that I didn’t watch The Bachelor in totality last night, first of all, that was three hours I could never regain in my life. (audience laughing) Three hours, really? Second of all, it seemed like every time I switched back and forth, ’cause I was watching that, Love And Hip-Hop New York, there was some other stuff on TV. I really wasn’t watching anything, I was just being me in the house, you know what I’m saying. Adorable, by the way. Adorable. So anyway, here’s the deal. There’s this guy, Peter the pilot. Now, I feel like I saw all this stuff already happened. All right, so he’s the bachelor, and he’s gotta choose between the women. He’s the guy who had sex in the windmill with Hannah four– Oh. Four times. (audience laughing) And then Peter came in third on Hanna’s Bachelor season, but she came back last night to tell us she’s not over him. Oh, she got all squishy, and she looked really beautiful. But, she said she still has feelings for him. And then Peter realized that he’s not over her. What the cheese-ball is going on? Take a look. This is so insane. What would you say if I asked you to come, be part of the house? Maybe. Do you regret sending me home at all? Yeah Peter, I question it all the time. I don’t know what to do right now, I’m so confused. And this is the first week that this whole thing is starting, and I’m obviously not 100% where I thought I was. I don’t know what to do. (audience oohing) There are few people in life that I particularly don’t like to see vulnerable. Like, I don’t wanna see my father vulnerable, you know. I don’t wanna see the president vulnerable. I don’t wanna see my pilot vulnerable. (audience laughing) Like, I don’t wanna know that you do anything but pick up the keys, start that plane, and get me to where we have to go. (audience cheering) I can’t. (audience cheering) Like, he’s a commercial pilot. He’s a young guy, he’s very handsome, and he’s great for the show. But not as your pilot. Anyway, he should be the bachelor if he. Should he be the bachelor if he’s still in love with Hannah? No. Why not? Let me tell you something right now, Hannah. You better get your crying game up. (audience laughing) Now look, I saw the mascara blushing down, and the real tears and stuff. But there were some really. Norman, we talked about this during our meeting. Did you guys ever secure my crying moments? Yeah. Every time I turned it on last night, you know. Back and forth, back and forth, there’s somebody crying better than her. (audience laughing) No, this girl didn’t do it well. She didn’t do it well. She could only get wet eyes. This girl didn’t do well either, no. There was one girl. Like, none of these girls are doing it as well as. I saw one, I said, “That’s her, that’s her.” Oh, that one right there. When she comes all the way up, if you saw the rest. She had the squish. This one right here is begging the tears. She probably put her fingers in hot sauce, ’cause you know, that would get you to crying real quick. (audience laughing) This is what I suggest all you girls do, first of all. Okay, so Hannah is back, and Hannah’s going to be vying for this guy’s love. And they’ll probably get a spin-off show, they’ll have children, they’ll go on. The rest of you all just being used. But here’s how you get at this man, right. First of all, what’s with all the long dresses? Like pull it up girls. Come on, come on now. Come on now. (audience cheering) This little struggle hem right here, no, that’s not working. Pull it all the way up, plunge your cleavage. Get the really squishy eyes. Don’t forget to always have jalapeno on like your pinky finger. So when you did, yes girl. So when you did again, you immediately. Jalapeno, lemon, something like that. And you effect those tears, and you screw him over. Screw him over. (audience cheering and clapping) I don’t know, but every Monday’s gonna be three hours. But if you’re interested, The Bachelor airs on Monday nights, at what eight o’clock, Norman? Yeah. Yeah, you text me. (audience clapping blocks out speech) So now Beyonce. (Wendy laughing) Oh, excuse me. Did we just zoom in on one of the beehive? Where is he? (audience cheering and clapping) Well, your girl is being accused of being a diva at The Golden Globes. Well, first of all, I’m on Beyonce’s side, so sit down. (audience cheering and clapping) According to Page Six, our friends over there. Hi, how you doin’? How you doin’? Page Six. A staffer had to lead Beyonce to the bathroom with her hand in front of Beyonce to prevent people from taking pictures. And in our Hot Topics morning meeting, it said, first of all, this is not a Beyonce thing. It’s probably a Jay Z thing. I said, “I don’t care.” It’s probably a both of their thing. You know, that’s his wife, mother of his kids. She’s a international superstar of monumental proportions, bigger to me and more valuable, in terms of, you know, taking pictures and stuff, than Leonardo DiCaprio, than Robert De Niro, than Meryl Streep, than Jennifer Lopez, than Jennifer Aniston, than Tom Hanks, than Eddie Murphy. None of them are her. Beyonce. (audience cheering) Norman, you and I were the only ones in our whole morning meeting that agreed with this. She, pray. It was like, she is the same as them. I was like, no way, she’s not. No way. Clap if you think Beyonce is like everybody else in that room at the Golden Globes. See? (audience laughing) Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. Beehive, beehive? During the commercial break, swarm. Get him out of here. Get him out of here right now. (audience cheering) And I’m not finished, right? People are also angry ’cause at the Golden Globes, I didn’t even go online for this. I saw the headline, I was like, “I’m not even looking.” I can’t even imagine. As much as we ask people to stand up and sit down at this show, Suzanne. Stand up, sit down, get up, sit down. Up and down. But the camera men often do get lazy people co-host, who don’t wanna stand up and sit down. I never take that disrespect, I take is as– They’re tired. Wendy, really? Stand up again, sit down again? Yes, that’s the rules of being a co-host. You stand up and sit down more than you ever have in your life. Your butt is gonna be so high and firm when you leave here. (woman laughing) It’s really gonna be good. It’s gonna be good. (audience cheering) It’s gonna be good. But look. So people are angry that Beyonce did not stand with the rest of the Golden Globe room for Joaquin Phoenix, who won from, “The Joker.” Okay, well, yes Beyonce’s sitting. First of all, she smiled, and I think that’s enough. You know what I’m saying? She smiled and clapped. (audience clapping)
That’s enough. People have been standing up and sitting down all night long, first of all. Second of all, nobody in this room is Beyonce, okay? Who has a whole different platform of nuttiness surrounding her, like him. You know, surrounding her, always wanting to do things. Like, why should she have to stand up? Norman said, “Well, her dress was probably “really bit at the bottom.” No, the dress was a black column at the bottom. She could have stood up. Hey.
You know what I’m saying? Swaft it like this, and stood up. But no, it’s the shoulder pads. It’s also, why am I standing up again? And furthermore, in my universe, who is Joaquin Phoenix? (audience chattering) (audience laughing) By the way, by the way, I think I’ve shared this with you before. Have I shared this with them before? I find him oddly attractive. Yes, I think so. He played that Johnny Cash. It wasn’t Reece who kept me, it was him. (Norman laughing)
Okay. This right here, I don’t know anything about this. (Norman and audience laughing) I don’t know anything about this Joker, but yeah. You know what I’m saying? Suzanne. Hot in the Johnny Cash movie, he was hot, yes. And he knows how to transform. Like when he shaves that off, but the way he looks at you. Yes, those piercing eyes. Right? Those crazy, piercing eyes.
And he’s got that good nose. It dips way down. Like he’s happy with it, so so am I. And when he shaves off his mustache, he’s got a hairline fracture. He’s got one of those, what do you call it? A cleft lip.
Yeah. Cleft pallet. He’s got this, he’s got this. Now, I find it to be very attractive. Anyway, but back to you bachelor chicks. All I’m saying is you hike it up, and you sex it up a little bit. And by the way, Giuliana Rancic, I thought you looked spectacular on the red carpet. (audience applauding) She got just the right amount of spray tan, you know, good hair for her, a good dress. I don’t think that she looks anorexic. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen her look this healthy in a very long time, if you what I’m saying, and I think you do. You know what I mean? Somebody, a woman, in our hot topics morning meeting host said that, “Good thing that you wore sleeves, “’cause that’s all people.” Suzanne thinks that that all people can focus on with Giuliana, is two toothpicks for arms. Yep, she looks good in that outfit. Yeah. But she looks good, look even in the face. I mean, and this is always her eye. You know, she always has like a, you know, a really Italian like, you know, whatever. She’s always got something going. I think you look spectacular. People were skinny-shaming her, but they like to do that to you Giuliana. You hang in there, and tell Duke I said hi, and also Bill. (audience applauding) And the other baby. They have another baby too. So, and it’s like you can’t do anything anymore without people trying to get in, read more into it, and then clap back at you. Like the Kardashians are being clapped back by fans who are accusing them of not donating to Australia, of wildfires. Well, Kim shut them down real quick by saying, “Nothing gets me more heated than to see “people who think they know what we donate to, “and we have to publicize everything.” Well, first of all Kim, you do publicize everything. At least what you want us to know, you see. This family is smarter than what you think. They don’t publicize everything. Also, they donate. They donate money, they donate stuff, they donate land, they donate things, they donate. I don’t think that everything that people donate has to be online. ‘Cause first of all, then you all go criticize, right? These girls aren’t even Australian, and I’m not saying that they shouldn’t donate. I’m just saying, the Urbans are Australian, okay? There’s a Keith, and there’s a Nicole. And they’re both Australian, right? And I found myself judging the amount of money that they donated to Australia for these wildfires. The wildfires so far burned down Jersey two and a half times. They say the wildfires are the size of Jersey two and a half times, and that’s how the fire is just, it’s horrible. But all right, so you got two Australians, the Keith and the Nicole, and they donated $500,000. Okay, that would be 250 a piece? That’s what I said, that’s it? That’s it? These are your people, these are your countrymen, and that’s all you do? And then I found myself acting like you all, and say, oh wait, let me pull back and stop counting their money. Let me pull back, you know. Any penny is something, you know. (audience clapping) Although. Although. There were non-Australian people who donate $1 million, right? I think Miley Cyrus is one of them, she donated a million bucks. Who else donated? Chris Hemsworth, but he’s Australian. Pink, you’re right. Pink, $1 million, Pink. She’s not Australian. Hemsworth is Australian, thought. Right, exactly. He donated a million?
Uh-huh. Where do the Urbans get off with 500,000 simple dollars. I don’t mean to judge. (audience clapping) Yeah, Jillian will be out here in a moment. I like when she comes by. (audience cheering) (Wendy laughing) Always with the good hair, it’s all hers. Good eyebrows, like good equilibrium in her face, right? And she’s got good conversation, and she’s not gonna shame you if you don’t exercise. She’s just gonna give you suggestions. New year, new you, that’s all. (audience clapping) Wait, no. I had the Rod Stewart right there, I wanna do that. But I also wanna do Lindsey Vonn. Now, we’re gonna make this Hot Topics work, all right? Good old Rod Stewart, he’s 74 years old. He’s facing battery charges, you heard about this story? He punched a security guard in the rib. Not the rib. (Wendy laughing)
Not the rib. Rob and his 39 year old son, Sean, who’s been in and out of jail, a lot of trouble. A lot of the drugs and the trouble. Okay, if you don’t recognize this, I do. It’s kind of like a home away from home. I like Breakers in Boca. I like the Breakers Hotel, this is how you enter. It’s fabulous in there. Anyway, so they were at the Breakers with a group of people. The Breakers, it was New Year’s Eve, right? And when the kids there, you know, in their group were denied entrance to a private party within the Breakers, ’cause there’s a whole bunch of stuff that can go on within the Breakers, and it does. (Wendy giggling) The family caused a scene, ’cause these kids weren’t allowed in. The guard asked the father and son to leave. Sean allegedly shoved the guard. Now mind you with the Breakers, you don’t see the security, but they are there, okay? And they are hitting and holding and carrying, okay? But they don’t make you feel scared in there, you just know that they’re there, watching. So then after Sean shoved the security guard, then Rod ran up and punched him in the ribcage. (audience moaning) Look, look, look. I guess there’s nothing like a father and son getting in a fight with somebody else together. You know, something neanderthal about men. They would like something like, you know what I’m saying? Like, don’t worry son, we beat his ass. (audience laughing) I’ve got all the money, I’ll get the best lawyers, and we’ll be fine. Well, Rod apologized, but they still charged him. They appear in court in February. I’ll be following this case for you, I suspect nobody is going jail. By the way, they said that they were no drugs or drinking involved with the Stewarts. So this is simply, you know, blowing off steam at the Breakers. (Wendy giggling) Okay.
(audience applauding) Sometimes in life, we get lazy. But we definitely cheer on older people who have not given up. Now, there’s this woman, her name is Patty Jones, and she’s 85 years old. Well, Patty, honey, she was on America’s Got Talent last night, okay? (audience cheering and yelling) She is showing us, age is nothing but a number. Oh, now you know, now you know. Now you know. Everything hurts on Patty’s body today. She’s probably sitting in a ice bath right now. (Wendy and audience moaning) Yeah, everything hurts. She’s got chapped outer thighs. Chapped inner thighs, a pulled groin probably. Her arm might be broken. But Patty, at 85, you know, she was a dancer when she was a teenager, but she gave it up to get married. And then her husband passed away, and she decided to take up dancing again. So there she is on America’s Got Talent. Like, Bachelor, you’re gonna have to do better, all right? ‘Cause nobody’s watching that. We’re watching American’s Got Talent. (audience clapping) And I’ll get with you about Lindsey Vonn tomorrow. In the mean time, they’re telling me Hot Topics is over. But we got more great show for you everybody. Up next, our fitness expert friend Jillian Michaels is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat dance music)
(audience cheering) I always love when our next guest stops by. She’s a health guru, a fitness guru. She’s a whole lot of fun. She’s just one of the girls. Please welcome back to our show, my friend Jillian Michaels. (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) (women laughing) Hi. Did you just slip?
(audience cheering) (Wendy giggling) (audience cheering blocks out sound) I know.
(women laughing) I’m just gonna roll on their chair here. You could use a slit. That’s a good skirt, though. Yeah, but you can’t move in it. So I thought I would kind of shuffle to you. Is this on a budget? It looks Chanel-esque. It’s Alexander McQueen.
Perfect. Is that on a budget?
No. Okay. (giggling) You got it.
Okay. Yeah. I just short of yeah. You just shuffle me out, and then you shuffle me back. And then get right out of it. Right, so I was like right out of it. Shoe cam, put your feet down. Shoe cam. (audience cheering)
Those are good. Oh, that has a little bling, yeah. Cute. I don’t remember what these are either. Someone dressed me, I have no idea. They’re ostrich, they’re ostrich. Oh, that’s kind of sad actually. But those birds can be violent, right? So screw it. (Jillian giggling) Are you a rescue person? I am, yeah. I am a rescue person. But I’ve never rescued an ostrich. Well, you’re wearing leather. I know, I’m not judging. All I’m saying is that no, please. I am a far from perfect human being. I’m sure I’m filled with other hypocrisies. I eat french fries, I know. Oh my god, but you air fry them? But you air fry them? Of course I do air fry them, yes. (Wendy laughing) I air fry those french fries, yes. So, how did you celebrate New Year’s Eve? Or New Year’s Day, or whatever? I celebrated by being woken up by my seven year old at four in the morning, projectile vomiting all over. Where were you? Oh my gosh, we were in. My girlfriend and my son. You’re still with her? I am still, thanks, a year. You called me out. When we first started dating, my girlfriend and my son had dreamt up this arctic safari they wanted to go on. And literally, it was like straight out of hell. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful. In Finland. In makes Chevy Chase movie look like, “Roman Holiday.” I mean, it was just. We all got the norovirus, and so I had to pray that it was food poisoning, and then two days later my seven year old got it. And I mean, this kid nailed every single room in our little cabin. He puked in his bed, the living room on the way to me, on me, in my bathroom. It was a very, yeah. It was happy new year, it was awesome. Amazing. Did Lu get it? Lu is too smart. She literally is like nine, but going on 15. And she’s like, “I’m not going. “I wanna hang out in L.A. with my friends.” Good, Lu, good, good. Yeah, she was like, “You’re on your own “with this snow crap.” She wasn’t into it, not at all. Did she ask you for black eyes peas and collard greens, and a little piece of pork for New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day? (audience laughing) No, no, no, no. But she asked me for Nobu, is what she asked me for. No, no, but for black people, that’s what we do. No, Jillian, Jillian. This child is being raised by wolves, though. She knows sushi, that’s what this child wants. Awesome, what do you want? You should tell her though for next New Year’s, she’ll be stunned that you even know that. Black people here in America, you have to have the collard greens. The green is for money. The black eyed–
Come on. No, I’m telling you this. Stop it.
I’m telling you this. The black eyed piece are for health. White people being all yes, you don’t know. No, you don’t know. You liar, I see you. Stop it. The black eyed peas, though, are for health. And you have to eat, even if you are vegan, vegetarian. If you just take a bite of a piece of pork. The reason why pork and not chicken, is ’cause chickens are crazy. They walk backwards, sideways and stuff. A pig only moves forward, you see? And that’s where you want your life to go in the new year. You want it to go forward. So you take that bite of pig, and then you could throw the rest away, but yeah, yeah. These all sound like great things. How come this is only a black thing? I wanna take. I need a little of this in my life. I don’t know. It’s like over 100 years old, easily. Yes, this goes way back to our roots, right black people? I’m just saying, yeah. All right, I’m on it. I’m into it. I want money, and forward momentum, and all that good stuff. Okay, it moves forward. Sushi, that was sushi. All right, I love it. Well, you can have sushi later on. Okay, fair. All right, so, now your girlfriend Deshanna. Yes.
It’s been a year. A little over. Okay, a little over. Now, she looks like she will punch somebody in the face for you. (audience laughing) Like, she has. She’s a little gangster, yeah. You both look so alpha. I know, but I think that it kinda works. It’s nice to sort of have somebody take the reigns sometimes. I’ve always been very much like, “I got it. “No, no, no, I got it.” And when someone’s like, “No, I got it.” Like, “Okay, you get it, I’ll go.” Well look at you.
I like it, yeah. It is nice, you can kind of relax for a second. In fact, she like. I was having the hardest time with clothes, ’cause it’s not what I do. And clearly I wear sweats all day long. And like, my girlfriend and her sister went in and just dressed me. She’s great at what she’s great at, and she has a way of just being like, “Babe, shut up.” Are you gonna get married again, do you think? Really, Wendy? I don’t know, I mean it’s been a year. You just always gotta do this to me, girl. No, but. It’s a year in.
A year, but you’re not 25. Like, you’re mature, you’ve got children. You got a great career, you clearly love love. I mean, you’ve been divorced. What part of love is marriage? Okay, fair, fair, fair, fair, okay. I get it, I get it, I get it, okay. Okay. How does she get along with your ex-wife? They get along fine. I think that they both kind of, it’s really interesting. Because they both sort of struggle with the same things with my daughter, actually, who’s very bonded to me. And so my daughter. My son’s very bonded with my ex, my daughter’s very bonded to me. And so she kind of feels like she’s in competition. And so I think in a weird way, they’re like, “You need to do this, and you.” Both of them, “You need to.” Does Deshanna want other kids? Because that was the situation with your ex. There was no cheating or anything. Jillian’s ex wanted another child, and Jillian was like, “No, we’re done.” We’re full. You know that scene with just– Does Deshanna want more children? All filled up on crazy, we’re full. When we first started dating, and then I was like, “Look, I.” ‘Cause you met on the app. Met on the app. There’s this like crazy, like celebrity dating app that was given to me. And my little brother loves to like swipe, and see who’s on there. And I had just had like a hideous breakup, and I was finding myself in Egypt. And he was swiping, of course. And he find her on there and swiped. But she want children? She knows that I don’t want more. Okay. And so I’m like. That’s a deal-breaker for you. My two like really need a lot of attention. Yeah, and your career needs a lot of attention. It’s not easy being Jillian, it’s not easy. So you were on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine. You look fantastic. Oh, thank you.
(audience cheering) Like, you don’t take a bad picture. You never look bad. Oh, I do.
Really? I can take a bad picture. So I was reading some of the article, and inside you were talking about people not. Well, you were talking about people celebrating in obese. I just find that our world is so polarized, and it’s like, you know. There was so much fat-shaming for such a long time, that now the pendulum has swung to a place where it’s like, “You are 250 pounds, “and you’re owning it, go.” I’m like wait, wait, wait. No, no, no, no. And it’s like, when you start to celebrate that. It’s not about shaming, it’s not about excluding anyone. But we also don’t wanna co-sign cancer, heart disease, diabetes, like. This is a no. It’s a no. So we don’t exclude anyone, we don’t judge anyone, but we also don’t celebrate. That would be like handing an alcoholic. It’s like, “You’re an alcoholic, this is fantastic. “Here’s a vodka-tonic.” Right. And I say this because I was an overweight kid. I used food as a coping mechanism. Oh, we didn’t even have the picture ready, yes. She had something going on under those– (Jillian laughing) What are the best tips for a healthy new year? Do you think. Honestly, common sense. It’s become so controversial. I literally gotten in trouble, and been on the Google headlines for saying like, “Hey, keto, not so healthy. Hey, vegan, not so healthy.” Like both extremes. Or you know what? These cleanses, not a great idea. I fast like twice a week. When you say fast, what do you mean by that though? Just water.
For two days? Not in a row, nevermind. Are you? Water, oh and green juice, and you know a power juice in the morning, that’s it. Okay. But then the other days, I eat what I want. But see, I’d rather you not be like, “I eat what I want.” I’d rather you just like keep it kinda balanced all week. No.
No? (Jillian laughing) What’s going on with your fitness app? Can I learn something there? This is pretty much, it’s very straightforward. Are you screaming at people? You know what, I wasn’t, and we got so many complaints that I had to go back in the studio. And scream.
I will kill your dog! Go faster! Like, literally, so I had to start screaming in there too. But it’s basically like me in your pocket. I worked with registered dieticians and chefs, so it’s like thousands of recipes that you can customize just for you. And same thing with the fitness, it’s all customizable. All my DVDs are in there too. But any device, any place, any time, anywhere. And it’s literally 69 bucks. For anything and everything you could want. Cheaper than a gym membership. And hopefully, I mean hopefully– At the convenience of your home. Yeah. All right, you don’t go anywhere, okay? I want you to stay around. Ask Wendy and Jillian is next. (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) All right.
(audience cheering) It’s a new year, and everyone wants to get healthy. So now it’s time for Ask Wendy and Jillian, come on over. (audience cheering) How you doin’? Hey ladies, how you doin’? Good thank you, who are you? Where you from, what do you do? My name is Yolanda, I’m from The Bronx. I’m a retired police officer. Okay. I got the gastric sleeve about a year ago, and I lost 100 pounds. Good for you.
Thank you. Okay. (audience cheering) So, I have all these friends that order bad things when we go out for dinner, and you know. The flan, the custards, and all that stuff, anyway. Friends like.
I guess my question. My best question would be, do I need new friends? No, no.
No. Go ahead Jillian. I just think, just change what you’re doing with them. You know what I mean? Like if you guys like hobbies, it’s like– Hobbies? With a tennis match. Going out for food is a hobby, right? Exactly. All you do is, you order what you want, let them order what they want. Don’t judge them, and they better not say mess about you. Okay.
You know what I mean? I can do that. Hobbies.
Why don’t we consider this? Are you tempted by it when it’s there? So tempted. See, that’s the problem. Well, you have to practice your willpower then. I’m trying.
All right. I’m gonna work on that. Yeah, don’t let them fool you. Right. But don’t stay home, and don’t go play tennis. I still think you could find other activities to do. Okay. I love flan too. No hobbies? Don’t have any hobbies. (audience cheering) All right, beehive. What is your name, where are you from, and what do you do? Hi, my name is Chris, I’m from Jersey. And I’m a student. (audience cheering) (chris giggling) I could fit him in your pocket. (everyone laughing) How can we help you, Chris? Okay, well, here’s my problem. So, I have this like model build and stuff like that, naturally. How old are you?
I’m 18. Okay. Come over a little more so we can stare at you. So my problem is that I’m having trouble gaining weight. Yeah, I’m taking like the supplements, and like in school I’m going to the gym, and stuff like that. But I’m not gaining any weight. And the summertime is coming, and I wanna look great. What should I do? You gotta eat like every two hour. I do.
I know. How much? Quinoa? Sometimes. I mean like every, like a bodybuilder. Like, you gotta carry stacks of food, thousands of calories, sweetheart. Like, literally it’s the exact opposite of trying to lose. You have to eat every two hours like it’s a job. Should he take some powdered supplement, or something? He can, but it’ll. But it won’t.
Yeah. Like it’ll help you, like branched chain aminos and whey. You need calories, period, end of story. Mad amounts of calories. Okay. Every two hours, like it’s a job, 500 calories minimum, and you’ll be just absolutely miserable, but it will work. Okay, thank you.
Thank you, Chris. Okay, we have time for another. (audience cheering) Okay, come on, come on over. How you doin’?
Hi, ladies. How you doin’? What’s your name, where you from, what do you do? I am Melanie, I’m from New Jersey, I’m 32. Okay. So I’m actually a fitness instructor at a workout studio, mostly bar classes. Okay. And a lot of our female clients come up to me, and wanna if know if doing kegel exercises helps with their sex life? Absolutely. I usually tell them yes.
Are you out of your mind? As a matter of fact, let’s hold it while Melanie continues. Come on girls, three, two, one, go. (audience laughing) Continue. Yeah, that was gonna be. I’m gonna phone a friend on this. Jillian. Well, I, wait, I–
You don’t kegel? I’m a homo, we don’t really worry about. (audience laughing and clapping) Oh. It’s not as–
Right. It’s not as much of a thing. Right, right, right. I mean, I don’t think it is. Right, right, right, right. I’m really uncomfortable. Well look, if you like a man’s privates, then you best do kegel. (audience cheering)
Thank you. You’re very welcome. Oh, Jillian. That’s all right. Sorry for the awkwardness. My friend Jillian Michaels, everybody. Be sure to download Jillian’s fitness app. It’s Jillian’s My Fitness App. And we’ll be right back. (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) We just had a big-bottom boy twerk all the down to the ground behind the scenes. And then there’s a woman over my shoulders in the back. She has a broken foot, and a cast on. She blinged it out, it says, “How you doin?” (audience cheering) My people are my people. All right, time for more Ask Wendy. Oh, come on over. How you doin’? Hey Wendy, how you doin’?” My name is Jackie. There was a big-bottom boy twerking right there. You saw it, Jackie.
Totally, I was getting it. You know?
You were getting it. All right, so here’s the deal. I’m a stay-at-home mom of two young kids, a three year old and a one year old. My husband works really long hours. I wanna know from you, how do I control my emotions when he gets home from work? I work really hard, he works really hard. We have an amazing relations, 10 years solid. He’s the best man ever. He comes straight home after work. I feel frustrated when he gets home. Like, how do I like hold it. Take a one hour nap.
Right, I mean– Like schedule yourself a nap. Yeah, I feel like I’m busy, busy, busy. No, no, no. An hour before he comes home, and set the alarm. Okay.
You know. All right.
Take a nap. Deep breaths.
And then deep breaths. And then when you get up, reapply. I see you apply.
Yeah. Reapply.
Yeah. And, you know, bushel up top. Yeah, get it going. A little nap will make you. Okay, good. Thank you so much. You’re welcome, Jackie. All right, wait, we have time for more. Oh, come on over, how you doin’? How you doin’ miss Wendy? Who are you, where you from? My name is Ari, and I’m from Vancouver, Canada. Okay. And my question is, I’m a youth worker, and I’m a student as well. So I just finished applying for my doctorates, and hopefully I get in.
Oh, hey. But one thing is, I come from a very strict culture where marriage is–
What’s that culture? I’m Eritrean, so African.
Okay, okay. Yeah, so part of it is that my mom feels a lot of pressure for my family for us to get married, me and my sister. And we’re very career driven, school driven. And we just don’t know how to put in the conversation of marriage, and still be able to focus on school and accomplish all the things that we need to do before even settling down. I’m with you.
Yeah. Your mom has to, she’s over here now. Yeah.
Well, Vancouver. Yeah.
Same difference. Yeah.
I guess. What do you wanna be? I wanna be a doctor for refugee children. (audience clapping) You know what? You should pursue medical school. This is not even a conversation that you need to have with your mother. It’s not her career.
She’s understanding, it’s more so family from back home that is, you know, looking at us. You don’t have to answer their phone calls. Like, don’t let them discourage you. To be a doctor is a very, very noble thing. You’re beautiful, and listen. With your beauty, and with your medical degree, the men will come falling at your feet. Now it don’t happen, but you first, that education. That doctor thing, that’s good, all right, good luck. Thank you. Celebrity face swap is next. (upbeat dance music) (audience cheering) You been here before? No, but I saw you. I went to SNL with Kanye, and we were sitting two seats apart. And I kept trying to go, “How you doin’?” But, no eye contact. I didn’t wanna interrupt your night, like a year ago. All right, yeah. Okay, this is Phillip, everybody, and he’s from Boston. Yeah, how you doin’, Wendy? How you doin’, Phillip? I’m living my best life like you. I’m at the Wendy Williams Show playing a game. Okay.
(audience cheering) 2020, I’m starting off big. 2020, okay. We’re gonna play celebrity face swap. Now, we’ve blended two celebrity pictures together. I guessed this right away. You follow pop culture? I love pop culture. You’re gonna get this, go. Oh, I need one hint, one hint. They were married, and he cheated. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. There you go.
(audience cheering) Jennifer two and American whiskey, Phillip. Oh, thank you. We’ll be right back. (upbeat dance music) (audience cheering) All right, here, you take this. Because you deserve that.
Thank you. It is time for our eye candy, this is Somara Solomon, she’s from the Bronx, and you’re my eye candy. Thank you.
(audience cheering) Come on out here so people can stare at you. So simple, what do you do for a living? So, I’m a college student at SUNY Plattsburgh. Okay, this is a perfect college girl outfit. Thank you. A grown-woman outfit, or whatever. I like your handbag as well. Thank you.
Talk about your look. All right, so I have this turtleneck dress, it was $30. My Kate Spade handbag, it was 120. And then I have some booties that were about $40. And the baby hair is working. Thank you, I tried. And the diva fan is yours. Thank you. Somara, thank you for being here. We’ll be right back. (upbeat dance music)
(audience cheering) Jillian Michaels, my studio is for you anytime. Co-host, studio audience, hopefully you’ll be back another time. (audience cheering) Tomorrow, another friend of mine is coming. Suzanne Summers on the coach, I got you with the Hot Topics. I love you for watching today. And I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye. (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) ♪ How you do it. ♪ How you doin’? (coughing) Nice. (bouncy instrumental music)

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