59 thoughts to “Tucker: Why is the president being impeached?”

  1. If they really wanted Trump gone, they would go after him for war crimes in Syria, they don't. They give him everything he wants. Kabuki

  2. There is too much corruption from the democrats and from the republicans in this country, everybody blindly supports their party. People from Europe see this country as a joke.

  3. He's not being impeached for any of the reasons they were investigating for in the first place, but rather for resisting the investigating. So they had nothing to start with, but picked it up on the way. Absolutely ridiculous!

  4. sometimes i really ask myselfe if all american politics are just for entertainment and has nothing really to do with real politics

  5. when Hakeen Jeffries started talking he reminded me of al Sharpton and I kept thinking Twanna Brawley is going to pop up behind him, with a big Smile and a Big wave ! wow

  6. Mr.Hakeem Jeffries explained that what happened isn't dividing the nation, but clearing the situation.

    It's about clearing the collusion between Trump and the Russian, it's about clearing the stupid Watergate, it's about clearing the money trump gave to a porn star because he cheated on his wife during his campaign.
    It's about understanding what this president did since he became president and to judge him for his actions.
    It's not about dividing the American citizens and their differences in opinion.
    It's about giving justice in a country that wants to be an example to all the other countries on earth and the only way to be an example is to act accordingly.

  7. 1:20 I find it aggravating that woman's suffrage still gets a pass as a "men just didn't want woman to vote" case of sexism.. Woman couldn't vote because they were exempt from the Draft. You know, that thing that tended to get you killed if you were a young man in the 70's. So, sorry, who has privilege again?

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    кучка ебанутых нагибает большенство.
    привет из Украины))

  9. Stupid….let's be honest …..this Trump is being impeached because he loves us Russians what's wrong with that, huh?????? Afterall we helped him get elected in 2016 and we are helping him now !!!!! Answer me Tucker you Sucker !!!!! 🇷🇺😝🇷🇺

  10. Immigration has nothing to do with helping people. It has everything to do with importing enough 3rd World people who believe in Socialist aka Communist ideology. Their plan is to diminish or outright eliminate Christians from their home countries.

  11. Why can’t I call the police to report treason? What about ucmj? Does this only apply to civilians

    Edit: and how come no one ever answers my questions with real answers. I am genuinely curious why?

  12. Lol Jeffries speech makes no sense; he should talk about real issues like the amount of drops of water inside a dishwasher

  13. 1:28 Yeah dems really believe in that whole "all voices must be heard in our democracy" thing don't they? That's why right wing voices are CONSTANTLY attacked, vilified, censored, banned and silenced, right? That's why they will only allow the opinions of people who completely agree with them to be heard, right? Yeah………

  14. Trump is being impeached because he broke the law. The facts show that Trump violated the law. New e-mail shows that money was withheld from Ukraine 90 minutes after the bribery phone call from Trump. Testimony under oath shows that Trump violated the law.

  15. they made up all this impeachment lies because they fear he is going to expose them .. this is the best president this country ever had .. they can't control him because he is not a member of their gang in the white house

  16. The Civil war wasn't about slavery. There were states in the union that had slaves and Abe even offered to allow the south to have slaves. Slavery has been a disaster, if the FFs could see the warzone that is Chicago is today they would have outright outlawed slave ownership in the constitution.

    They would have also seen how much of a money maker the NY canal system was to change their business focus from running the farms to building the infrastructure for the other farms to transport their goods to the market.

  17. yo Tucks, bro! you rule!  hey, I saw the PERFECT poster yesterday:  "REMOVE TRUMP, EVEN IF IT TAKES 15 FLUSHES".   do us a favor though and bring the plunger.  cause our most perfect, most beautiful, most biggestes orange turd might need extra work, gurl.  God Bless you!  Shine on!

  18. What else is not being reported: that “Assad is gassing his own people” Douma chemical attack never occurred: The White Helmets staged it and the OCPW cooked it’s report for another “Iraq has WMDs” lie.

  19. Vice News has a great documentary called "this is what winning looks like" it's about how the Afghanistan war was looking 6 years ago really really good

  20. The incumbent has forced big businesses like Amazon to channel income streams through Ireland financial systems and paying 0 taxes here. 0 taxes here!!! 100 of the fortune 500 companies pay 0 taxes here. 0 taxes here??? Woman know when they are being lied to. You have to be pretty stupid to let them get away with it. Put the money in our hands. Get your boot off of our throats


  22. You have to judge the intelligence of any district in the country by listening to their elected US Representative..
    Hakkem Jefries(NY-8th District)
    Al Green(TX-9th District)
    How in the world these morons are in Congress?

  23. Enjoy your "Diversity" and "Progress" America.

    Dont worry, since you "Trusted in God", all will be well.
    After all, your government IS your God, so just let them handle all the little details, such as whether or not you are allowed to speak your mind, or own a gun.

    Good luck, and….Godspeed, as they say.


  24. More spent on Afghanistan War, than spent on Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe after WW2!
    That's the cost up to date!

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