55 thoughts to “Tucker: Schiff is obsessed with impeachment”

  1. Imagine if George Bush had tried covering for Halliburton misdeads and Reagan went along with it, then when Clinton became President Republicans tried to impeach Bill Clinton for something they did using Stalin Fake News secret meetings, palm face?

    This is way beyond low blows, this is criminal. Chapella and Charmello (probably spelled wrong), 25 mil to Clinton foundation, billionaire corruption investigation halted by Biden in a foreign country (this was not just about his son folks, look it up), and the person authorizing the so called impeachment investigation has their own son making money under a similar context pointing to a clear conflict of interest?

  2. Demoncraps are shaking in their shoes, and if you’ve notice their all drinking to much, polosi..And adam’s been snorting to much junk up his nose, look at his eyes.. They thought they were smarter than Potus, but once again he’s going to take them all down..😂😂

  3. If the Whistle Blower isn't produced, all hell is going to break out in this country. Scifty will be held personally responsible for his treasonous actions…….

  4. This an attempt to remove both Trump and Pence so they can install Piglosi as president. They have been screaming impeach from the first moments that Trump had been sworn into office. That in itself makes all of this impeachment talk worthless. Without value. It's an attempt at a coup which should be considered treason and all involved should be put in prison or executed.

  5. The US has the best idiots in the gaggle of imbeciles supporting your corrupt and stupid President. History will judge you morons very poorly for allowing a career criminal and his band of simple fools to turn you Americans against each other. Shame on you all.

  6. Shift you are an evil idiot you are a Satanic pedophile. Sacrificing children to your God Malik. You and the rest of your people shout Shirley burn in hell. Trump is busting pedophiles left and right that's why they're so against him they're all satanic pedophiles

  7. Let me get this straight , the person is a spy/ plant from the OBUMMER administration to gather all the info against president TRUMP

  8. Adamchief thinks that he is a Soviet Style Commissar, his "appointment" by pelosi is unconstitutional. Why is he allowed to ignore the Constitution everyday? It's a fact that he is violating the President of the United States of his right to due process. He has hijacked he House of Reps. against the will of the People.The Democrats are giving us a glimpse of the future under their leadership.

  9. You guys know if trump is impeached it doesn't mean he will be kicked out of office. If he does get removed it means VP will then be the president. It doesn't nullify the 2016 election. At this point we should all care more about protecting America's security in the world

  10. What a flipping liar you are Schiff! May you burn in hell for all the lies you have told during this whole mess. How you can sleep at night is beyond me.

  11. 4:37: Brennan is thinking…..'f–kin mcclaughlin, shut the hell up! now you've really let 'the cat out of the bag' about the 'deep state.'!

  12. A solemn day he says , his hypocrisy knows no bounds . How close are Messrs Barr and Durham to indicting this guy I wonder ? He evidently thinks that attack is the best form of defence , he can feel Mr Durhams breath in his ear and his underwear needs regular changing and I wonder if he sleeps at all ?

  13. OMG…………tucker,tucker,tucker……………mama is so proud of you…..if she raised a stupid lying idiot…you are a joke

  14. McLaughlin and Brennan bragging that they run the country because their corruption is a higher call. They don't even hide it — they brag about it and laugh for all to hear. What have we come to, America? What right do we have to put ourselves on a pedestal and believe our country operates on divine principles? If we don't do something to change this, then the "one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all" stuff is just so much empty fluff.

  15. The fact that 'thank god for the deep statr' got ANY applause at all…..? Scaree. A good litmus-test of who to watch. Too bad we'd never get to the bottom of THaT particular poll.

  16. I’m confused on the last thing abt it the former cia guy. Anyone care to educate?(no leftists please I’d like to know the facts, not an opinion)

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