Tucker: No one is above the law except Democrats

Tucker: No one is above the law except Democrats

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  1. Hey guys, I'm a racist and sexist leftist, and I say things like "YOU ARE A WHITE MALE! YOUR OPINION DOESN'T MATTER!"

  2. God bless America beware what trump did shouldn't be done to a human being but some Americans are racist they deserve that but who I am to talk right? That's trump for you people that act of war will bring siria allies to war .:Russia :China:north Korea I can keep on russia could be more dangerous than USA be warn

  3. The permanent political class is being exposed like the monsters in Men IN Black. I mean Pelosi, Schitt and the rest even LOOK like aliens.
    The hubris, greed, hypocrisy and lunacy of the deranged socialist liberal elite that is at the heart of the west's power base knows no bounds.
    All that's happened is that ordinary people have spoken up and incurred their wrath.
    Now we are seeing the system – 'Law enforcement' et al – protecting the ruling elites' thugs on the streets, their corrupt politicians and their corrupt leaders in the institutions, including the 'Law Enforcement' institutions. As we know this even extends to having people succumb to 'accidents'.
    Who knew it was so deep, and NOT ostensibly the usual cliché suspects that those very people pretend to rail against.
    Their madness is overwhelming and infectious. God help us.

  4. I just want to point out the stoic masks on those women!!! They literally look dead…zombie-like. These are horrible…no…horror filled. Look closely and you may see the reflection of Satan in their eyes.

  5. Let's not forget that under the Obama administration, LaVoy Finicum was shot in the back with his arms up in the air. He was trying to give himself up. The news reports say the opposite, but I watched the video.

  6. If Tucker can deny climate change or try to shrug it off then we should just make petition and terminate fox news

  7. Correction the Republicans ARE upholding the Constitution as you spread, argue and hate the President because you lost the election in 2016. The people will never support your agenda or the entertainment celebrities who force feed it as well on their platforms. Aren't you ALL AWARE that the people of the USA know your bought out to support them to live your lavish lifestyles? What's wrong didn't you get a check for the loss of humanitarian lives you were supposed to be aiding? We continue not to buy into the conspiracy theories you as Democrats were proven false in. We don't support anything you say Peloski…nothing!* We will still vote for President Trump. He will be re-elected and you will continue your own embarrassing stunts to hate the President for doing what you NEVER were smart enough to accomplish. I stand Trump. He still has my vote!
    Now all you in the roll of your own embarrassment can go sit down. Your not leading here. Trump is…got it???

  8. ehh.. Tucker, I've got the US Constitution on the wall in front of me- not that I need it, I've been able to quote it from memory since I was 11.
    Where are you saying it requires Consent of Congress for the President, whom it names Chief of the Executive Branch including the Military…. to use military force against an enemy?

    I can save you the time.. it Doesn't.
    It says that Congress will DECLARE the state of war, as in Legally recognize that the actions we are taking constitute war, not AUTHORIZE war.
    Or are you suggesting that the founding fathers were a bunch of dullards who didn't recognize that Authorization and Declaration have VERY different meanings?

  9. If NOONE is above the law why are these lying Democrats not being charged with the high crime of bringing Congress into disrepute? What a pack of lying losers.

  10. So what would you have Tucker, if someone is homeless should they go to jail? exterminated maybe? I like and watch your show but occasionally I am reminded you really are just an effeminate Fox news white guy blowhard that gets it right just a little more than the other blowhards on Fox News. But you still suck.

  11. Is it me or is it bad acting I bet after all these trust meetings and everything they go to each other I'm a great actor aren't I and they pat each other on the back God they have no souls

  12. Don't be paranoid Tucker, no one is watching the people of the US
    Posts Comment
    Pets his pet surveillance drone
    Strikes a conversation with Alexa and Siri about how Epstein definitely killed himself

  13. If n
    Know one is as above the law then the Democrats need to be arrested and thrown in jail the Democrat party has gone against our Constitution and the people of this country enough is enough time for term limits and Democrats out of office

  14. If Trump preassure China to release less Co2 will he get impeached then because he benefit from breathing clean air? This is just stupid, if whoever he wanted investigated was guilty; it should have been in all our interest to have him investigated.

  15. Democrats love repeating themselves and making excuses rather than fixing the issue. I dont care if Trump is racist, sexist or any other ist, as long as he gets his job done, tries getting us our of debt, and doesnt start WW3, I'm good

  16. Who doesn't love Tucker Carlson?

    And it would take us HOURS to list the crimes of all the Democrats. I will say just one thing: How much were they worth before entering public office, & how much are they worth NOW?
    Ok, I lied. 2 things: When's Schiff gonna be exposed for raping & killing that little kid in the Standard Hotel? You know his bff Ed Buck is singing like a bird….

  17. Demon-crats
    Are the rejects of AMERICA.
    The short, ugly, insane, drunks (NASTY pee-low), drug 💉 addict?? Flush the DEMON-CRATS toilet. Flush twice.

  18. The democrats entire "impeachment" is literally based on their own party being above the law. They outright say that Bidens corruption is untouchable. And anyone who attempts to investigate any corrupt or criminal acts by Biden or any other democrat should be charged with a crime and or "impeached".

  19. the misleading and incorrect statements found on this channel are honestly astonishing. The Obama administration and other European governments were pushing for the ousting of a proven corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine. The idea that hunter or Joe Biden did anything illegal has no supporting evidence and anyone that pushes those ideas either is unaware or denying the facts. The way tucker thinks he can make serious allegations and facts sound funny just by making a face and talking different just goes to show how well fox news has gotten at playing off anything against their political party as insane. I never knew a news show could broadcast something this far from actual news

  20. Under no circumstances anyone should ask a foreign govt to investigate a political opponent. I don’t care whether they are Republicans or Democrats. We republican also lost our patriotism and stop looking at the fact and then spread spreads false news and biased information to American citizens. This is not the America we all want. An America should be united regardless of what people believe beyond party, race, gender and creed. Instead we are all doing the opposite. Shame on us. We have branch of clowns in office and this is the reason China and other countries and getting ahead and we are falling behind. I am very sure this is not the America our forefathers wanted. Again shame on us.

  21. Schiff has these eyes of a blind person – as if he looks a person in the eyes without actually looking them in the eyes. Extremely non-trustworthy. I am sorry if he is almost blind, but I saw him read stuff from a paper

  22. America needs to make another Mt Rushmore. This time with all these Clowns on it. That way future generations know who these anti American are forever.

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