Tucker: Democrats know Bernie Sanders can win and they’re scared

Tucker: Democrats know Bernie Sanders can win and they’re scared

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  1. Sanders is a dyed in the wool communist with dreams of a Stalinist America with him at the head making enemy lists. Whoever buys this BS and thinks it is the way forward is most likely a brainwashed useful idiot. Communism is a failed system that leads to piles of bodies. The left is disgusting and needs to be stopped.

  2. Tucker, moments like this is why you will always have some of the left. When you speak the truth, people will agree and respect you.

  3. There is an effort by the DNC establishment to block Bernie from clinching the nomination. They were against Bernie in the last nomination where they favoured Hillary, and they are against him now. I don't believe that Buttigieg is doing as well as the polls are showing. He is just patsy being used to ensure that Bernie does not make it. But in the end, the DNC establishment will lose and the best man will win. Right now, I believe that will be Bernie. Bernie will still lose to Trump, but he'll give him a real run for his money.

  4. I bet little tucker was shoved into more than a few garbage cans when he was in high school. And I believe, he went to a girls only school

  5. If Bernie wins… he’ll lose to Trump…
    If Pete wins…… he’ll lose to Trump…
    If (insert name here) (s)he’ll lose to Trump…

  6. Hate Fox News and we're not nuts for backing the best candidate, but I still greatly respect Tuck for this because it's the truth…

  7. CNN is just as corrupt and bias as the other main stream media. They will not allow the best candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, to be at their debates.

  8. If the only thing he ever did was take away the money printing power of the federal reserve he will have done more for this country than any president in the last 100 years.

  9. I thought the same thing. Huge mix up in Iowa, having Hillary back bashing him. They are scared and obviously know socialism is bad

  10. We have had bernie Sanders policy system/democtatic sosialism here in Scandinavian for 50 years.. We doing allright, don't be scared Americans 😎👍

  11. Bernie does not want to "open the boarders." There is no one that wants open boarders. That's a lie. Carlson uses pejorative adjectives, and adverbs constantly. He's so swarmy.

  12. bernie never said he would outlaw private insurance,he said medicare for all. you can have private ins, remember elective or fluff sugery . it would make sense to do so for stuff you want not need.

  13. Why don't have Bernie on to let him state his views, rather than strawman him over and over again? You totally lied about Sanders' border policy.

  14. Never truly listened to Tucker Carlson due to his derogatory nature. Glad he decided to cover Bernie. He spoke truth against washington, big donors, and biased media coverage. He really seems to be for the people. Definitely will tune into his show more.

  15. If Chris Tucker and Jimmy Dore did an hour long podcast, progressives and reps could hash some stuff out, in a sensible way.

  16. Tucker, where is the clip to back up what you said about Bernie and open borders? He has NEVER said that through out his campaign.
    One thing is true: US Congress and senate will NEVER pass Bernie’s reforms, legislations or bills if they are “too extreme left” but at least we will have a real debate about stuff that matters the most! inside the White House and senate! Think about it, at least we will have a president that will be fighting for working class and push for good. He truly does cares and everybody can see that. Weather you are republican or Democrat. Bernie Sanders is not a threat to democracy is a re-balance to our system.
    The real threat to democracy is populism.

  17. Just, WOW…. For all the thousands of intelligent people who comment here, I still can't really believe how everyone is talking about election time. It's ALL threatre, like betting on your favorite fighter, the messier the better! Give the crowds what they want… Then they'll be happy! Does this not scream The End of Rome to anyone else?!?!?? Nobody seems to truly care about Any of the issues, they just want blood and lies and name calling. And in the end, doesn't matter what any of the candidates REALLY said, just mattered how bloody the boxing match turned out. 😳😂😂

  18. The only thing that Bernie has got right is healthcare, Trust us Brits on this one. No one should die because of lack of money or go bankrupt. A healthy nation is more productive and prosperous nation. Try and find an American how has used the NHS, they will tell you it's create.

  19. When Wallstreet crashed in 2008 and people lost their houses as a result of the rich playing games with our money…. no one went to jail, and instead the government gave them a handout from OUR taxes. That is SOCIALISM. Bernie's socialism SENDS THOSE CRIMINALS to jail, and gives a hand to those victims who lost their homes. Trump has only continued to give those rich, election buying crooks more of the same tax cuts and handouts. Bernie will shut down that nonsense, drain the swamp, and we will finally have a President who is on OUR side.

  20. Once bernie is declared winner of the democratic party nominee, republicans will be scared because they know bernie can beat trump.

  21. Oh well… the childish scare-tactics had to come into it in an otherwise ok segment… couldn’t do without those, right?

  22. Just think of the investment of going green just think of all the new jobs that would be created from harvesting and entirely new form of energy

  23. Those extra taxes Bernie is talking about are to also help pay for the national deficit you guys [used to] parrot when Obama was president.

  24. Despite disagreeing woth Sanders policies, at least Tucker informs of his campaign unlike fake liberals

  25. Bernie Sanders supports socialism which let's call it what it really is communism. Voting for him go ahead and vote yes to communism. And vote for Hillary also while you're at it. Hell minds well of just kept Obama in office their all in bed with each other..

  26. Total BS. He doesn't want open boarders. He wants to end fracking because it costs more than it makes and we have to get off our dependency on fossil fuels. And we need the billionaires to pay their fair share.

  27. If you know anything about fracking, it is horrible, costs more to get out of the ground than it ends up producing $$ and SHOULD be banned as it accounts for only a small amount of our exports. The establishment is very afraid and they should be.

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