Tucker: America won’t be the same after the pandemic

Tucker: America won’t be the same after the pandemic

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  1. TUCKER, PLEASE Search Michael V Caldwell on YouTube to view a NEW IDEA that I hope will work and hope it will help us all.

  2. Right you are, Tucker. America will be a much better-armed country. I mean, prepare for gun shortages, ammo shortages. But arm yourself, whatever it legally takes.

  3. The New York governor is a hypocrite same with everyone that’s in politics and I’m not voting ever again

  4. First they will hate political game playing. They pulled all this fake deal over Trump that costs money and they nin nothing for the country. Stall put off fake stunts. Please yourself you'll never vote for this party. Ever. Wake up. Promise ur self.

  5. We won't remember you Tucker in 10 years that's for sure…!! Enjoy your Caronavirus…!!! Now all you old REPUBLICANS be a True Patriot and take one for the country and get your Covid 19..!!! To bad you old REPUBLICANS won't be around to vote in November..!!

  6. t was a weapon that got out of control otherwise they would tell the
    world about it. This is one they want to divert attention from cause it
    was to be used as a WEAPON. BOMB CHINA BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

  7. "Twitter is banned in China, but they're still doing China's bidding."
    Words that should make EVERYONE question whether tech Giants even remotely have your well-being in mind (spoilers: they never have).

  8. Only crooks and losers want to run for office. Good Americans would never want to jump into this swamp with these monsters.

  9. So this is how America ends.. I was hoping not to see it in my time, for it to not happen at all.

    People are so dumb and apathetic now days. So into themselves and only appearing to be self righteous.
    Or at the very least, agreeing with what Tucker has just explain but not taking any action to prevent it.

  10. Tucker, you're one of the last Mohicans. Please take care of yourself. We need you around for a long while.

  11. I don't know who will see this but the middle class will suffer horribly from inflation, i get that the bill they voted on last night helps out the top and bottom end of our social or economic latter but the middle class and their savings are about to get beaten to a pulp by inflation. Quarantines and share prices are are all well and good but yesterday we placed the dream in great danger.

  12. It's funny how they acted like we were in a crisis but there was no crisis.. it's like driving down the street screaming that your car is on fire and you need a fire extinguisher but it's not on fire.. we're actually insane.. SOMEONE ELSES CAR IS ON FIRE THEREFORE MY CAR IS ON FIRE! AHHHH! I NEED A FIRE TEST! Test my car for FIIRREEE!!! We need to test every Americans car for fire so we know how many cars are on fire! We have no data! They might all be on fire! No one can go to work until all cars are proven to not be on fire! You need a document from the government! Or else you aren't allowed to drive to the grocery store! This is how hysteria works..

  13. Through history plagues have changed the economic trends in many different places, read history.
    Nobody is certain about the upcoming days.
    But if this pandemic got out of control in any given country and started claiming many lives to the point where economic activities are shut down, then that country will be leaping back from its current position.

  14. So if the dems have stopped blaming Russia why aren't they blaming their chi-comm masters? Oh looks like I just answered my own question.

  15. "Seriously icompetent health establishment" isnt the President responseble for the health care in your country?

  16. This might not sound very democratic, but with the support of the military and certain law enforcement agencies, President Trump should sieze power and create a single party system of elected officials with the Trump family as head. The Democrat party outlawed as a danger to the people. Between Don jr., Ivanka, and in the future Barron, we are good for the next 50 plus years. It's the only way to counter China.

  17. Here's a very real change…look who's filing for unemployment..this week 3 million people. Just the start…. and the vast majority is California and New York
    California already has 43% of its population on assistance. That number could easily go to 70%
    We're talking real riots

  18. We the American people know America will not be the same after this Pandemic.

    We know that America will be BETTER and more UNITED than its ever been!

    We are finally working together and helping 1 another in this chaotic situation.

    All politics aside our family members and our loved ones are dying from this Pandemic.


  19. A campaign, why the "invisible enemy" is part of a series of military operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting. Tucker you are merely a tool in the pants of the big man.

  20. I've had a bad feeling about this, and does anyone really think China is beyond releasing something like this on purpose in order to gain World domination?

  21. That Govenor is expendible. But so also is Tuckers war mongering. Tucker, Russia borders China and Iran along borders measured in time zones. But they stopped the virus in its tracks. The US might learn, rather than attack…..for a change.

  22. No, Tucker. Health experts at least know about the curve of number of infected persons. They can predict how the curve of the US would look like based on references of other countries who actually flatten the curve, for instance, like Korea.

  23. Why so fast to pass a 2 trillion bail out? Corona virus is like the flu. The strong survive and the week struggle and unfortunately some will die. That's just the reality of it. I'm frustrated because some of this seems like Propaganda to get more Government power over the American people in the name of fear.

  24. Minute 4 – BINGO!!! Wipe out the middle class. The Marxists goal for the last 100 years now close to being pulled off. With a well educated middle class dictatorships are impossible. Get them gone and bingo next phase dictatorship and official 3rd world conditions. It is not an impossible scenario.

  25. "Most of them just believe what they're told by sources they think they agree with and then they repeat it to us." Although you've been the lone voice outside of Baier and Wallace (the actual and only Fox News) to take this seriously, this sounds a lot like Hannity and the rest of Fox Noise as well.

  26. Unfortunately for those living in Republican dominated states, you'll see the true value of your Republican governors and senators. You'll have to listen to them try and explain why they cut rural hospitals for decades, they cut rural funding for local health networks – you'll see them saying like what the Lt Governor of Texas said. Which is basically that old folks should be willing to martyr themselves for the kids

  27. They now are fairly certain that anyone who has had the CV or even been exposed is now immune to it, and maybe for several years. They can get back into work. They can also serve asa source for the antibodies to immunize others.

  28. why doesn't ANYONE in media make any reference to nixon selling us out to china in 1972, title IX being enacted the same year to indoctrinate the younger generations to clamor for communism.
    are they all completely ignorant of what happened? are they completely so partisan that they can't see that BOTH PARTIES have systematically transferred all of our industry and middle class to china since 1972?
    it's such a slap in the face that even walmart's house brand clothing shows it brazenly-
    "faded glory… since 1972."

  29. If the young people who are high in student loans and are not going to school now volunteer and work at the hospital why not remove some of their student debt for the service they are giving.

  30. Yesah Tucker you enabled Trump to take drastic actions to shut down the economy. You're to blame for this permanent negative change in America

  31. Actually Cuomo was using his mother to make a point which is that ending quarantine too soon will result in many more deaths, especially among those in the most vulnerable age groups, and clog the hospitals with more patients. The only way to beat this disease is to isolate and test.

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  33. Tucker, your dishonest. Bill A from Pershing Square said on CNBC he was buying the stock all the way down! And IF, The important words you purposely leave out, we don’t shut down it will go to zero. He was pleading to save lives and clearly stated he was buying. You, trust fund baby, sit there and point fingers. Liar.

  34. Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson net worth is $20 million. And was raised with a silver spoon in is mouth. He knows nothing about life.

  35. Fellow Americans it is time to clean house The White House vote November
    2020 to make Donald J Trump a one term President. Together we as a
    nation of one can truly Make America Great Again something Trump cannot

  36. Oh America will be the same–a fascist oligarchy, with a handful of Nazis herding millions of sheep who believe there's a plague because big brother says there's a plague

  37. I'm just waiting for the lights to put.
    I'm gonna have more fun here than my time deployed to the sandbox 🔫☠⚖
    Sic Semper Tyrannis

  38. Twitter has become an enemy of the state. They should be dismantled. I'm a constitutionalist; and I do not take such matters lightly. Whether China's mishandling of the outbreak was due to incompetence or malice makes no difference. The result is the same. What kind of nightmare is China going to send our way next. At the very least, we should cease all trade and travel between our countries. We should also take measures to guarantee that their goods don't reach our shores through third party nations.

  39. While I respect that Fox New always makes an effort to have opposing viewpoints on, I tend to like Fox about as much as CNN. I’m also an independent who did not vote for Trump in 2016. But I will follow Tucker Carleton to any network he is on. He might be the sole journalist left in American mainstream media that has integrity. As for this November? There is no other actual candidate than Trump. And he’s certainly earned it.

  40. The most deadly thing that could possibly happen to us, is losing the 2nd amendment.

    Lose that and we lose everything else.

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