Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial – Day One | The Daily Show

Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial – Day One | The Daily Show

Trump’s impeachment trial
is already filled with drama. Just look
at the all-star defense team President Trump put together,
all right? This is an insane team
that Trump collected. It’s got Ken Starr,
the lawyer who is famous for doing the investigation that led
to Bill Clinton’s impeachment. And it’s got Alan Dershowitz, who’s famous
for defending O.J. Simpson. So these lawyers
are perfect for Trump because they have experience
with super-guilty people and super-horny presidents. -It’s great.
It’s in combination. -(laughter) But I will say this. Trump’s lawyers may want to polish up
their defense strategy, because things have already
gotten off to a rocky start. WOMAN: The president’s
legal team offering the first glimpse
of their defense– that the president did nothing
wrong, did not commit a crime, and that even the Democrats’
argument of abuse of power does not rise
to an impeachable offense. Something one of his lawyers, Alan Dershowitz,
maintained over the weekend. The articles of impeachment
are two non-criminal actions. WOMAN: But many constitutional
scholars disagree. Trump’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz
himself, once argued the opposite
during the Clinton impeachment. It certainly doesn’t have
to be a crime if you have somebody who completely corrupts
the office of president. Yes, it turns out
that over the past 20 years, Alan Dershowitz’s
legal opinions have changed as much as his hairstyles. Because, you see,
right now he’s saying, abuse of power is not
an impeachable offense, but back in the ’90s,
he says it was. And, look, I mean, we all did
something we regret in the ’90s. I mean, I walked around in that Missy Elliott outfit
for a whole year. Yeah. Every time
I left the house, the garbage men tried
to throw me in the truck. But according to Dershowitz,
according to Dershowitz– this is really interesting–
what he said in the ’90s was, in fact, correct,
and what he’s saying now is also, in fact, correct. Previously, you said,
it doesn’t have to be a crime if the guy…
if-if the person in office completely corrupts
the office of president. Now you’re saying
“criminal-like.” So you’re not… So corrupting
the office of the president– is that in your criminal light
or criminal-like, uh, behavior? -No. No, it’s not.
-So it’s not? So, so… And that was rejected… That
was rejected by the framers. -So you were wrong back…?
-Look, I have… I… You’re saying
you were wrong back then? I was saying that I’m much more
correct right now, having done all the research. -Much more more correct?
-‘Cause that’s the… I didn’t do the research
back then -because that wasn’t the issue.
-Okay. So you were wrong. -Okay.
-I did the research now. I wasn’t wrong. I am just far more correct now
than I was then. -(laughter)
-Wait. What?! I wasn’t wrong? I am just far more correct now
than I was then? That is one
of the most original lines I have ever heard in my life. And that’s a great line
for a lawyer. But thank God this guy
doesn’t work on a bomb squad ’cause that would be a disaster. He would just be like,
“Cut the yellow wire. Wait. Cut the red one.” “I already cut the yellow one!” “Yeah, well,
I wasn’t wrong about yellow, “but the red one
is more correct. “Don’t worry.
We’re not gonna die. We’re just gonna be less alive.” (laughter) So, that’s where Trump’s “I love
the ’90s” legal team is at. And we’ll see them make
their arguments later this week, but today, today,
the Senate was all about establishing the ground rules
of this impeachment trial, and it sounds like it’s gonna be
a pretty tight ship. It is an historic day
in Washington where the U.S. will meet
in just a few hours to start the impeachment trial of the president
of the United States. WOMAN: For the senators today,
it’s gonna feel like a really long day at school. You know those cubbies
that many of your kids have? The senators are gonna have to
put their phones and electronics in those special boxes
just off the Senate floor because they’re not allowed
to have them there. They’re not allowed to speak to the senators
that are next to them or read anything
that’s not related to the trial. All of that
on pain of imprisonment. Technically, a senator could
get arrested if they got up to take a bathroom break
that wasn’t approved. Damn. No talking, no phones, no unapproved bathroom breaks,
or you could go to jail. These poor senators. This doesn’t sound like a trial.
It sounds like detention. Yeah. Remember in school, when you were just locked up,
just sitting there? I just imagined them sitting
inside the Senate chamber now, looking out the window,
as Nancy Pelosi and the others house reps
play kickball outside. Nancy’s just like, “Wow.
We’re having so much fun. “I can’t wait
to go to the bathroom without getting arrested!” (laughter) Now, now, most of those rules
are standard. Those are standard rules
for impeachment trials. And they’re designed
to make sure that the senators
are paying attention and that they’re focused. But Mitch McConnell has
introduced some other rules for this trial,
and they’re clearly designed to get this thing over with
as fast as possible. WOMAN: If Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell has his way, the vote to convict
or acquit President Trump will come sooner
rather than later. McConnell presenting
his proposed trial rules that break
from the Clinton model. Mitch McConnell releasing
his long-awaited blueprint. Each side will have 24 hours
over just two days to make
their opening statements. It means senators could have
to sit for 12-hour sessions, part of the Republican push
for a faster trial. But Democrats say Republicans are trying to hide
the president’s misconduct in the dead of night. He could force presentations
to take place at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. The McConnell resolution
will result in a rushed trial with little evidence
in the dark of night. Literally– the dark of night. (laughter) The way he said that:
“The dark of night. Literally– the dark of night.” But that is no joke–
12-hour sessions that last
until the early morning. That’s cruel for anyone,
especially cruel for this group. I mean, these people are usually
in bed by Wheel of Fortune. No one’s up here until 2:00 a.m. And, you know, for a guy who
shares so much DNA with turtles, McConnell sure wants
to move fast. You know what I feel like?
I feel like McConnell would be the worst person
to go on a date with. You know? ‘Cause he seems
like one of those people who would order the appetizer,
the main course and the dessert all at the same time, you know,
just to rush things along. He’d just be like, “Yeah,
bring us the soup, the steak, “the hot fudge sundae
and the check. “We’re getting the check,
This is all formality. “We’re just gonna smash. Meh. “Yeah, just pour the soup
on your steak. Meh. Yeah, let’s
keep things moving. Meh.” (laughter) Now, after some pushback
from Susan Collins and other moderate Republicans, McConnell has now changed the
rules at the last minute today, so that each side would have
three days instead of two days to present their case. And a lot of people are saying
Mitch McConnell was wrong to even try and rush
this process in the first place. But what people
don’t understand is, Mitch wasn’t wrong before, -he’s just more correct now.

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  1. While all this is going on son of the devil mike pence is taking away all rights for everyone….remember folk distractions…let scumbag trump finish his term or else we will have the biggest silent devil in the room pence destroying America

  2. I may be neutral in this impeachment trial as I cannot vote yet, but that has got to be the one of the dumbest defenses I have ever heard.

    "Abuse of Power is not an Impeachable offense"

    That's literally the whole point of an impeachment. It's for when a president is suspected of abuse of his (or her) power or when the President commits treason or bribery!

    This is exactly what Trump did with the Ukraine scandal. He told the Ukrainians (our allies) to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden in exchange for military aid to fight Russia (our enemy nation). Heck, he admitted this several times on TV. if that's not bribery and abuse of power, then I don't know what is.

    This is like trying to defend a criminal who was caught robbing a bank (and there's solid proof) and your defense is only "robbery is not a crime".

    If you disagree with me, that's perfectly fine, as we all have our right of opinion, but don't respond with anger and hatred. Hate never wins, despite what some people think.

    Thanks for reading

  3. A one for one witness sounds fair, but Democrats don't want the case to fall apart from Hunter Biden or the Whistleblower. 47/53 needs 20 Republican to get him out . in the house 0 republicans voted for impeachment, one democrat switched. This is very Partisan but at least Trump is Impeached and it only cost millions of tax dollars to do so. While Trump made the country Billions in trade deals. Southpark put it best ,America can get away with so much because we can make it look like we support , and oppose it at the same time.

  4. Notice on how this chump is talking abuse of power when the Impeachment hearing literally changed inquiry grounds 3 times. From Quid pro quo, to extortion, then abuse of power. Lefties need to just stop.

  5. The senate impeachment rules are like they’re being treated as a mob, ready to call out hit jobs on possible witnesses.

  6. THEY ALL NEED TO GO TO JAIL FOR ABUSE OF POWER!! This is all just a distraction bc we’re waking up and realizing the 2 party system is bull shit! They can’t have us uniting against them😒

  7. "However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion." – George Washington

  8. What happened to lawyers having integrity? Where is the overseeing committing ? What happened to lying under oath being a crime?

  9. Trevor take your ugly face and your ugly politics back to whatever shit hole country you came from no wonder it's a shit hole i bet it has to many people that think just like you

  10. Anyone who has ever been on a committee or worked for government would know that the ethics agreements you sign say you Cannot trade favors for gain.

  11. I'm sorry, but Donald Trump is starting to grow on me like an irritating oily rash. I have read and listened to the audio transcript of the conversation between President Zelensky and President Trump, and I don't like it.

  12. McConnell should like, be fired. He’s kind of shit at his job. If I just sat around all day not looking at my paperwork, I would be fired, so why shouldn’t he?

  13. For once, Americans can see just how corrupt their own law makers are and American administrations can no longer point the finger of accusation at other foreign governments calling them corrupt. Wake up America! The GOP are about to destroy democracy in the USA by reinterpreting the US Constitution to protect a criminal President. If the GOP are so sure of Trumps innocence then why are they preventing witnesses from testifying and documented evidence from being presented, other than to hide the truth and protect a criminal? I seriously believe that Americans don't realise just how dangerous the actions of the GOP are for the future of democracy on this planet.

  14. "I didn't do the research back then, cuz it wasn't a issue" WTH! kinda defence is that !? It's truly breathtaking when u see/consider the amount of rollover in his cabinet + listen to exactly what "his" convicted + soon to b (cannon fodder) lackey's have said & admitted to. Along w/0 reasonable argument/defence from his GOP, his A.G. & now his clinically insane lawyers arguments. WTF happened to our morals, honesty, goodwill, & being good to your word, NM, just being able to live w/yourself ? Have we really fallen this far !?! #Gross

  15. That's "alleged pedophile Alan Dershowitz". Never forget. Then again, judging by the way Noah laughed off the Clintons' ties to Epstein, maybe this show isn't exactly anti-pedo . . .

  16. And yet there are still Americans that can't understand, why the rest of us view the US as some sort of cartoon country… Now don't get me wrong, there's plenty of good, decent and upstanding Americans, nice and reasonable people through and through, but then there's also a political system that appears to be rotten to the core, and a not-so-little minority of the population that comes off as if they weren't dropped a lot as babies, but downright slammed repeatedly into the floor. The fact that the spray-painted megalomaniac could become president says it all, he reminds me of the sort of inflatable pool toy, nobody can be arsed to deflate and take with them home when the vacation is over, so they just leave them in the hotel swimming pool… No, he actually reminds me more of something the Montgolfier brothers could've flown around in, at least he's just as bloated and full of hot air. A disgrace to the office. Sad.

  17. I mean this dude is an idiot but it's literally a lawyer's job to argue in the best interest of the client — not to argue his own opinion. A good lawyer is "supposed" to be able to argue either side to the best of their ability regardless of their own beliefs. If anything it shows he does his job and does it well, just without a moral compass.

  18. @Jose Ramos " I said I'm telling you you're not getting a billion dollars, Im leaving in 6 hours, if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. Son of a bitch, he got fired!" Joe Biden bragging at a CFR meeting. 🤫

  19. Maybe, think so's, I heard it from, could be, I know he was thinking it, I guess..are not facts. If the evidence against Trump, is so strong, then why do Dems, need more evidence. Dems case is so strong..they Rant republicans to prove it for them. Yeh, nuts. Why is it the left want criminals as president ? Bill, Hillary, now Biden. Corruption on steroids.

  20. If I didn't see this for myself I wouldn't believe it, the lawyers is just as dumbest as the president SMDH !!

  21. The "more correct now" Dershowitz versus usually right Norman Finkelstein on anti-Christ Israel:

  22. I have been watching it all on youtube feeds, 3 of them, mostly Fox. The total average views watching the live feed are about 15,000. I suspect most people only read or watch the short carefully selected segments which create a bias report to an audience drawn in by trust and entertainment and the ones not watching the real time feed miss all the important details that show the hidden corruption. Who is at fault? the 360 million US citizens not paying attention to how the government officials communicate in real time, you must watch if for 9 hours without the opinions from news stars.

  23. @1:54 they cut out some context. I can't stand when they do crap like that. If you're going to show a clip, show the whole clip, don't cherry pick it.

  24. OLD WHITE MEN! For an OLD WHITE MAN! GOOD OL' BOYS! They're being served royal White House food and wine. Brandy, Whiskey, Burbon, Gin, Scotch or whatever they need for strength. LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!

  25. What a wonderful time to be on planet Earth as we witness the end of the last British colonial prison. Colony as all the old fools die out.This is exactly what happens when the colony dies,mass confusion next the white foreigners will flee.

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