Trump’s marathon ‘Fox & Friends’ phone call, in 2.5 minutes

Trump’s marathon ‘Fox & Friends’ phone call, in 2.5 minutes

-Well, Iran did do it, and you know they did it
because you saw the boat. I guess one of the mines didn’t
explode, and it’s probably got, essentially,
“Iran” written all over it. First of all, I don’t
think anybody would present me
with anything bad because they know how much
I love this country. Nobody is gonna present me
with anything bad. Number two, if I was — and of course
you have to look at it, because if you don’t look at it, you’re not gonna know
if it’s bad. How are you gonna know
if it’s bad? But of course you’d give it
to the FBI or report it to the Attorney
General or somebody like that. I have a lot of people
that want it, and a lot of great people. And sometimes you have so many
that it makes it more difficult. But we have some great —
but Sarah was fantastic, and she is fantastic, and she’s gonna have
a tremendous future. It really sounds to me
like a free-speech thing. It doesn’t sound fair. -So you’re not gonna fire her?
Mr. President,
you’re not gonna fire her? -No, I’m not gonna fire her.
I think she’s a terrific person. She’s a tremendous spokesperson. She’s been loyal, she’s been —
She’s just a great person. So, the wall is going up,
it’s going up rapidly. We’re going to have over
400 miles of wall built by the end of next year. The wall is very important.
It’s hard to breach it. It’s high, it’s strong,
it’s powerful, and it’s going up at a much lower cost than the wall that was planned
prior to me getting there. We’re gonna be announcing
on Tuesday — we have a tremendous — we’re announcing in Orlando
on Tuesday, and we have over 100,000 people
trying to get seats. One of the problems I think
Biden has, he can’t get crowds. I mean, nobody goes. He can’t get 100 people. The stock market’s up almost 50%
since the election. And this is putting on tariffs. This is with a Fed
that’s been — the interest rates, too high. You know, and frankly it’s —
he made a mistake. -Mr.
President — -The interest rates
are too high. So we’re doing well. You know, I could have
walked out with a deal with North Korea. And I have
a very good relationship. And just remember this, though,
Brian — I’m in no rush. They’re not testing nuclear. They’re not testing anything. They sent some
short-range missiles out that
everybody else does, too. -They’re breaking the sanctions,
though. They’re breaking the sanctions and doing those oiler-to-oiler
transfers at sea. You’ve already taken one boat.
-I know. But everybody tries
to break sanctions. But the sanctions
are hurting them badly. We never took the sanctions off. We have a good relationship.
We’ll see what happens. But we have our own Jackie O. today.
It’s called Melania. Melania. We’ll call it Melania T.

88 thoughts to “Trump’s marathon ‘Fox & Friends’ phone call, in 2.5 minutes”

  1. Almost like 45 doesn't have anything else to do besides watch cable tv…. All while his "very great people" are all jumping ship

  2. Trump is insane.. WW3 IS TRUMPS JOBS PLAN DOUCHEBAG President TRAITOR LIER. Trump will get medication and a quiet padded room in prison. 🐀💩😈

  3. This went on for 50 minutes? And the criminal imbecile still wasn't picked off the streets by men in white coats?

  4. What did he say? He was going to call the FBI on Iran because he's is accusing them for the tanker attacks? Iran btw was removing a mine from one of the ships. So they attacked with a mine then help them to remove it. Also the captain said he didn't think it was Iran. But nope anything that happens trump blames Iran. So much confusion.

  5. WTF! was he high? Anyway, those fox news fake journalist are just bs, they prompt up war for the deep state.

  6. Trump- "I'm not like the establishment!!"
    Also Trump- Employs only Bush-era staff, supports big oil, violates private property for contractors and corporations, runs small farms into the ground for big farms to buy up the land, tries to start a war in the middle east, sells weapons to terrorist organizations and states that sponsor them
    Trump supporters- "Men, we've been tricked, we've been backstabbed, and we've been quite possibly, bamboozled!"

  7. Which doe you think does a better job, the North Korea state own TV station, or the Russia owned, us-based TV station Faux News?

  8. They all look like deer in headlights! Brian keeps looking to see if they're still on the air. When the producer said "Trump is going to call in.", they all respond in protest. Ainsley asked if they could tell Trump the show is full and let Brian tape the call solo for use during the news hour. She hates sitting through Trump's gloating and lies.

  9. Donnie diapers at Normandy???? A 5 time draft dodging bone spur cadet coward and a Putin an Kim hand puppet??? A total disgrace to all those men under the crosses.

  10. trump has found a war to distract from his criminal assertions ?
    assertions about taking dirt from foreign countries and never calling the FBI even as he has seen (and done ?) so many criminal things in his life 🙂

  11. Update from Japanese owner says a missile hit them, probably sent from US to start a war, would not put it past this appalling administration. Listening to 45 is a tedious task, sounds like a preteen posturing.

  12. I wonder if the phone operator at Fox News just gives a heavy sigh of resignation every time they see a blocked number come up, and answer, and hear 45's voice….the "friends" even look absolutely sick and tired of hearing him, and I think several times now have done their best to shoo him off the air. I ALMOST feel sympathy for anyone working there….almost.


  14. what trump really means to say is he loves this country because it has made him filthy rich. America is trumps pot of gold which is ironic sense gold just happens to be trumps favorite color. coincidence? i would say so.

  15. Lmaoooooooo. The wall the wall he wall. Here in the uk 🇬🇧 we don’t give a toss. Fake president.

  16. Fox put the clown on and going to ask or is asking for help to win a election he can't win.the people of United States have spoken in the midterms ,can't wait till 2020 when we will lock him up!!!!

  17. Three white people on a couch, it's fox and friends!!! (Nothing against them, I thought it was just funny to say😂)

  18. Trump is the biggest conman ever, he's a perpetual racist, a crook, a terrible business man,a 7 times bankrupt, a narcissist child and a destroyer of peoples lives He has not done one good thing for humanity in his life – even his 'trump charity' benefitted only him. He is making the US the laughing stock of the world with his total childish incompetence. Anyone who still stands up for this farcical joke of a President, businessman and pathetic egotist must have a humiliating inferiority complex and a complete disregard for evidence and the truth. Good luck to whoever you are but expect no respect from anyone with an education, empathy, and intelligence!

  19. Trump is taking a lot of heat from the WORLD, not just the democrats. You three stooges are laughed upon inside and outside of America as the most UNAMERICAN AMERICANS ON THE PLANET. Thank God I’m not America and live in a country with Medicare for all and it’s the best thing in the world. We care about our neighbours that are less fortunate, republicans are easily brainwashed and don’t. America is to be FEARED and FOX NEWS IS COMPLICIT! SHAME ON YOU for fooling those less educated and easily brainwashed.

  20. …the hosts look like people who are sitting next to a blabbering schizophrenic on a bus who’s ranting about the alligators that live in his parents’ basement.

  21. Can't understand a word. He is totally demented. He's either insane or illiterate. Probably only went to nursery school.

  22. A female graduating from graduate school with a degree in
    journalism must be highly skilled in only two areas, hair and make-up…

  23. How many hours would one have to watch of television before
    observing a single gray-haired person? I don’t know, five or six, how many
    before observing a faked blond dye head, one or two minutes. And if watching
    news programing featuring journalists? almost never to none, which begs the
    question, where have all the gray-haired journalists gone? gone to graveyards, everyone…or
    to a highly specialized beautician generating in a contrived youthful

  24. Trump getting his panties in a wad when asked about immigration crisis. He slammed the NY Times for writing it and said they were a financial failure. This is the same person that lost a billion dollars and he has the poor judgment to criticize the NY Times as a failure!. Yes this is how Trump solves a problem he created. Blame some one else. I imagine his tax returns really reveal what a con he is.

  25. I bet Fox News reporters envy Democratic journalists and reporters. Fox News aren’t journalists they are ideologist. Fox doesn’t have the guts to call out a republican error. Fox News is on its way to being the main cause of a downfall of a great country that is America. Donald Trump exist because he developed and got his ideals from Fox network. This isn’t class it’s the opposite of it. How do you find it in yourself to support a man without experience who constantly makes errors. It must be for the pay. I am a shame of Fox News.

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