Trump Wants to Reopen America as Coronavirus Pandemic Accelerates: A Closer Look

Trump Wants to Reopen America as Coronavirus Pandemic Accelerates: A Closer Look

-Hello, everyone,
and welcome once again to “Late Night on Lockdown.” My staff and I are still at home
social distancing and doing our part
to slow the spread, which everyone should be doing. On Monday, we did our
“Closer Look” from a hallway. But I was asked to move
because hallways are, by design, thoroughfares. So I might be in
a different location, but the story
is very much the same — the rapidly spreading
coronavirus outbreak and the crisis of leadership
at the federal level. And now the president
and some of his allies are saying we should care more
about the stock market than saving lives. For more on this, it’s time
for “A Closer Look.” From the very start
of this crisis, Donald Trump
has desperately tried to wish it away
with magical thinking, which makes sense
because for most of his life, magical thinking
has worked for him. I mean, he’s failed at virtually
everything he’s ever done, but magically he always
avoids consequences, like in the ’80s and ’90s when
he lost over a billion dollars and he dressed like this. Takes magical thinking
to think that outfit works. He looks like an out-of-work
magician on a job interview. [ As Donald Trump ] My last gig,
let’s just say it…disappeared. [ Normal voice ] Looks like
he got banned from performing at kids’ birthday parties for
doing cocaine in the bathroom. [ As Donald Trump ]
[ Sniffs ] Hey, Jimmy. How about we put a little icing
on that cake? [ Normal voice ] Trump is
a quintessential con man, which is bad when you’re running
a casino into the ground, but it’s especially bad
when you’re in charge of responding
to a deadly pandemic ravaging the country’s
healthcare system and cratering the economy. This is a situation
everyone was worried about when we decided to put the most
self-centered man on earth in the most powerful office
on earth. It’s like those stories you hear
about a small town that elects a dog
as mayor every year. Sure, you know, it might seem
fun at the time, dog mayor, but what happens when
there’s a thunderstorm and you need the mayor
to coordinate disaster relief but he won’t come out
from underneath the couch? Trump’s fundamentally unequipped to handle the reality
of a situation like this because he has never dwelled
in reality. His entire life has been built
on magical thinking, and that’s what we’ve seen
since the start of this crisis, like when he literally
said the problem would disappear miraculously. Even his intelligence reports
and public health experts were warning him that it
would be extremely dangerous. -We’re going down, not up. We’re going very substantially
down, not up. You know, in theory,
when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away —
Hope that’s true. -The coronavirus is very much
under control in the USA. -It will go away.
Just stay calm. Be calm.
It’s really working out. And a lot of good things
are gonna happen. It’s going to disappear one day. It’s like a miracle.
It will disappear. -God, he sounds like he’s doing
affirmations in a mirror. It’s like an eighth grader trying to get psyched up
for a school dance. “Yes, you have
a huge zit right now, but one day it will disappear
like a miracle!” Also, the last person any of us
should trust on miracles is Donald Trump. I doubt he could name one
actual miracle from the Bible. [ As Donald Trump ]
Well, let’s see. Everyone knows
Jesus cured a leopard, got rid of its spots so it could
leave the leopard colony. [ Normal voice ] Also, the least
effective way to calm someone is to say, “Be calm.” That’s how you talk
to a dog in heat. “Lucy, be calm.
Stop humping everyone’s leg.” You can’t just tell someone
to be calm. You actually have to be calming. Doctors calm you down by telling
you how they’re gonna treat you. They don’t walk into
your exam room and say, “Okay, we got your CAT scan. Be calm.” You see, in his addled
childlike mind, Trump thought
that by simply acting as if the problem wasn’t there,
it would go away, which I can tell you
from trying… that doesn’t work. Of course, Trump’s
happy talk didn’t work. The virus did not
miraculously disappear. There are now more than
50,000 cases in the U.S. The World Health Organization
said on Tuesday there’s been a very large
acceleration of cases in the U.S.
and that it has the potential to become the next epicenter
of the outbreak. And in New York,
Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday
the spread is accelerating faster than anticipated. He warned other states
that they’re gonna experience what New York is dealing with
and put it this way… -One of the forecasters
said to me, “We were looking at a freight
train coming across the country. We’re now looking at
a bullet train,” because the numbers are going up
that quickly. -That’s right, a bullet train. And that’s scary
because Americans have never seen
public transportation as fast as a bullet train
before. Our trains are basically
just public bathrooms on rails. True story, in New York,
the F train is just an old-fashioned handcar
operated by two rats. And it’s not just Cuomo
sounding the alarm. This week began with
the Surgeon General issuing a dire message to
Americans on the “Today” show, warning them that things
are about to get very bad and pleading with people
to stop showing up to large public sites, like the cherry blossoms
in Washington, D.C. -I want America to understand,
this week, it’s gonna get bad. And we really need to come
together as a nation. I heard the story
that you were just playing, young people out on beaches. We see here in D.C. that
the district set up a cam for people to watch
the cherry blossoms. You look on the cam, you see
more people walking around than you see cherry blossoms. And this is how the spread
is occurring. -First of all, no one wants
to tune in to a livestream to see a bunch of people
walking around. That’s why zoos
have penguin cams, not “dude on his couch
eating Fritos” cams. “Honey, look. Oh, look, he’s going
for a second bag. Oh, so majestic.” I mean, no one wants
to watch some dude just sit in his house by himself
talking to a webcam. So there you go. The head of the Surgeon General
said it himself — This week is gonna be bad. The governor in New York
called it a bullet train, and the WHO said the U.S. could
become the next epicenter. Or, as the president put it
on Tuesday… -Ultimately, the goal
is to ease the guidelines and open things up to very large
sections of our country as we near the end
of our historic battle with the invisible enemy. There’s tremendous hope
as we look forward and we begin to see the light
at the end of the tunnel. -Light at the end of the tunnel? What are you talking about? Are you sure you’re not just
staring into the sun again? [ As Donald Trump ]
We can all see the light at the end of the tunnel,
burning our retinas, scarring our pupils,
leaving us permanently blind. And thanks to that blindness, we no longer have to look at
boring charts — so boring — telling us things are
getting worse every day. Not a flat curve, no. [ Normal voice ] Think about
how deranged this is. Experts are telling us
it could take months. New York is the first
major epicenter. We’re still two or three weeks
away from hitting the peak. Nurses and doctors on the front
lines are describing chaos and comparing ERs to war zones. And the president is claiming
it’s almost over. Finding out what World War II
would’ve been like if FDR had said,
“December 7, 1941, a date that will live in infamy
as the end of World War II! Smoke ’em if you got ’em, boys. We’ve wrapped it up.” Trump has always cared more
about the stock market than the public health crisis. He cares more about the Dow
than saving lives. It’s that simple. He sees the stock market as key to his personal
political fortune, so now he’s talking about lifting the public
health restrictions and opening the country back up
by Easter — Easter, which is less
than three weeks away. -I’d love to have it open
by Easter, okay? I would love to have it open
by Easter. I will tell you that right now. I would love to have that. It’s such an important day
for other reasons, but I’ll make it an important
day for this, too. I would love to have
the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter. -Who suggested that day? -I just thought it was
a beautiful time, a beautiful time,
a beautiful timeline. It’s a great day. -So you just came up
with that yourself? You’re literally onstage
with multiple doctors, and you decided to cede
the decision to this guy? [ As Donald Trump ]
He’s bringing the eggs
whether we like it or not. I say be ready. [ Normal voice ] Don’t just
pull dates out of your ass. For one thing,
that is unsanitary, and you should wash your hands
all the time. And, two, don’t ruin Easter.
You’re terrible at Easter. Every year you give a rambling
speech to the children at the White House
Easter Egg Roll with that shocked Easter Bunny
standing next to you, you know, the one that always
looks like he just walked in on his wife having sex
with his brother. “Deborah, what about
our 30 children?” Remember, this is a real thing
the president said at the White House Easter Egg
Roll just two years ago. -Also, I want to thank the White
House Historical Association and all of the people that
worked so hard with Melania, with everybody to keep this
incredible house or building or whatever you want to call it, because there really is no name
for it. It is special. And we keep it in tip-top shape. We call it sometimes
tippy-top shape. -Just a reminder,
we have a president in charge of a pandemic response who couldn’t remember
the name White House and who sometimes calls “tip-top
shape” “tippy-top shape.” We’re [bleep] Or as I sometimes call it
[bleep] [bleep] [bleep] Not only did Trump randomly
and arbitrarily concoct a date out of nowhere
for reopening the country against the advice of virtually
all public health experts, he actually suggested
he wanted churches to be filled with worshipers
on Easter. Look, Easter’s
a very special day for me. And I see it sort of
in that timeline that I’m thinking about. And I say, “Wouldn’t it be great to have all of
the churches full”? You know, the churches
aren’t allowed, essentially, to have much
of a congregation there. So I think Easter Sunday, and you’ll have packed churches
all over our country. I think it would be
a beautiful time. -Wait. So your plan to deal with
a very contagious disease is to pack as many people as
possible into enclosed spaces, have them touch their faces,
and drink out of the same cup? I mean, let’s face it. That’s not even a great idea
when there isn’t a pandemic. It’s almost like he’s trying to get as many people sick
as he possibly can. I mean, remember when he
announced his poorly planned and confusing travel ban and throngs of people
rushing back into the country packed into airports
and waited online for hours? What’s Trump gonna do next, hold a giant music festival
called “Cough-chella”? [ As Donald Trump ]
Bad news, guys. It’s just the one porta-potty. Bad planning.
That’s on me. [ Normal voice ] Obviously
public health experts are aghast at this idea. Last week, one of the world’s leading infectious disease
experts, Dr. Anthony Fauci, known for facepalming
in the background as the president speaks, dismissed it as crazy
and heartless at a White House press briefing. -You take a look at what’s
going on in China and you see what’s going on
right now — right now in Italy and what’s happening
in New York City. I don’t think with any moral
conscience you could say, “Why don’t we just let it rip
and happen and let X percent
of the people die?” -Ah, see, there’s your mistake. You said “with any
moral conscience.” You forgot you were
standing next to President Caligula over there. Trump has no moral conscience. He’s a racist New York City
landlord and casino owner. Having a moral conscience
is disqualifying. I mean, look at him — dresses like he’s heading up
a meeting of the Five Families. All he needs is a baseball bat
and a fedora. In fact,
Trump was asked on Monday if Dr. Fauci agrees
with his plan to reopen the country
in less than three weeks, and Trump’s answer was not,
um, reassuring. -Does he agree with you
about the need to reopen the economy soon? -Well, he doesn’t not agree. -Oh, he doesn’t not agree?
Thanks for clearing that up. [ As Donald Trump ]
He didn’t not tell me that he doesn’t not
not agree with not me about the non-reunopening
the non-economy, AKA the econ-o-non-onomy. And he didn’t not say that I
should not not be non-president. Actually none of that is true. He said a bunch
of medical stuff, and I tuned him out while I was
working on my Easter list. Fingers crossed I get
what’s coming to me. [ Normal voice ] And now Trump
is being goaded on in this sadistic plan to put
profits over lives by CEOs, economic advisers, and fringe
characters on the right who are actually suggesting
that it might be worth letting some people die
in order to save the economy. -The president is right. The cure can’t be worse
than the disease. And we’re gonna have to make
some difficult trade-offs. -Within a very few weeks, let those with a lower risk
to the disease return to work. -My message is that,
let’s get back to work. Let’s get back to living.
Let’s be smart about it. And those of us who are 70-plus,
we’ll take care of ourselves. But don’t sacrifice the country. -I’m in the danger zone. I would rather have
my children stay home and all of us
who are over 50 go in and keep this economy going
and working. Even if we all get sick, I’d rather die
than kill the country. -Oh, good, Glenn “Death Panels”
Beck is back. You know, divorced Santa Claus
over here. I guess it’s easy
to take that stance when you’ve been socially
distancing from people for five years. Remember when he pretended
to hate Trump for like a second as a marketing ploy and a bunch of people
helped rehabilitate him and now he’s on TV saying
if you’re old, you should be willing
to sacrifice yourself for the sake of
Carnival Cruise’s stock price? I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna
take public health advice from a dude who looks
like Colonel Sanders but instead of chicken, it’s
just buckets of bull[bleep] Let’s not forget, during
the Obama administration, Beck, this same Beck, famously repeated
the “death panels” line, accused Democrats of wanting
to kill people simply by expanding access
to healthcare. -End-of-life care. Let me translate “bullcrap”
to English. End-of-life care —
night, night, Grammy. Pulling the old plug. -Glenn Beck accused Democrats of wanting to pull the plug on
Grammy, and now 10 years later, he’s saying the stock market’s
down, Grammy’s got to go. If you’re over 60 and you’re
related to Glenn Beck and you see him holding a pillow
near your face, run. Seriously, I can’t believe
these psychos are saying old people would rather die than sit inside and watch
Netflix for a few weeks. You’re boomers! You’re supposed to love TV,
watching TV. That’s what you love. CBS needs to air an emergency
marathon of “Blue Bloods” ASAP just to keep these people
preoccupied. You know “Blue Bloods.” Stars the reverse mortgage guy. “Why would I lie to you?
Just get a reverse mortgage. I’m not gonna take your house. I already have a house. I’m Tom [bleep] Selleck, man.” Maybe what happened here
is a bunch of rich people realized that in order
to both save lives and protect the economy, they’d
have to redistribute some wealth to working people, and that
was intolerable to them, because there’s
a third option here. We can keep people at home
to save lives and give them money
to get through the crisis. Just look at countries dealing
with this very same crisis. The Danish government
has promised to cover 75% to 90% of salaries if businesses do not lay off
their employees. And the Netherlands will pay
up to 90% of wages for companies hit hard
by the pandemic, with extra provisions being
developed for restaurants. We could have that here. Instead the president wants you to go back to work
in three weeks, even if it means
wearing a hazmat suit during your shift
at the Olive Garden. “Would you like
unlimited breadsticks? They’re seasoned with garlic
and Purell.” The Netherlands is even offering
special provisions to help restaurants. Meanwhile, our president doesn’t
even know what takeout is. -So many of these restaurants,
it’s incredible. They’re doing service where
people come and they pick it up. Delivery — I mean,
it’s been incredible what they’ve been doing. Totally different business
than they were in, other than they cook food. Other than that, it’s like
a totally different business. -Dude, that’s takeout. You just described takeout. [ As Donald Trump ]
It’s totally different. Instead of serving the food
in the restaurant, they put it in a little bag. It’s called a doggy bag. I guess because —
I don’t know — the dog — a dog brings it
to your house. And then, uh… I just want a well-trained dog
to not eat the food in the bag. I guess then they give the money
to the dog. Do you know how this works?
Dr. Fauci? Do you now how this works?
Don’t touch your face, Fauci. I got you, Fauci.
We’re almost through this thing. Don’t blow it
with the face touch. I’m just busting balls, Fauci.
You’re my best friend. [ Normal voice ] We’re now in
an extremely dangerous moment where a reckless ruling class
and a self-absorbed president are trying to prematurely
end the fight against a dangerous pandemic because their stock portfolios
are taking a hit. This is sociopathic governance. If you were evaluating
the mental competence of our president, you definitely
wouldn’t be able to say he’s in… -Tippy-top shape. -This has been “A Closer Look.”

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