Trump Tells Congressman to Go Back to Rat-Infested Baltimore | The Daily Show

Trump Tells Congressman to Go Back to Rat-Infested Baltimore | The Daily Show

In our first beef,
it is Trump versus France.
He may love
their military parades
and their loose views
on monogamy,
but when it comes
to French wine,
he likes to pair that
with a side of beef.
NEWSMAN: President Trump’s
next target for tariffs
may be French wine.
The president says
he’s considering a new tax
as a retaliatory measure.
France has just announced
a new tax
on American tech companies
like Facebook and Google.
Wrong, wrong thing to do.
They should not have done it.
So I may do that, I may…
I’ve always liked American wines
better than French wines,
even though I don’t drink wine.
I just like the way they look.
That’s such a strange thing.
“I don’t drink wine,
I just like the way it looks.”
Now I’m imagining Trump ordering
wine at a restaurant.
He’s just like,
“Uh, anything to drink, sir?”
“Yes, bring me a bottle
with your finest label,
“perhaps something with
a picture of a castle on it.
We’re celebrating.”
And this is obviously
a dumb reason to give
for imposing tariffs
on a country,
but if we’re honest,
if we’re being honest,
we all judge wine
based on how it looks.
Yeah, when you go
into a wine store,
you have no idea
what you’re buying.
No one’s really thinking,
“Oh, 2014,
that was a good year
for German Rieslings.”
What you’re really thinking is,
“What can I get for under $12
that looks like it’s over $20?”
That’s all you’re thinking.
And Trump wasn’t just picking
international fights
over the weekend.
No, he was also picking fights
closer to home
and also about his home.
Speaking of President Obama,
President Trump is blaming him
for the inadequate air-
conditioning at the White House.
The Obama administration
worked out
a brand-new air-conditioning
system for the West Wing,
and it was so good
before they did the system.
Now that they did the system,
it’s freezing or hot in here.
Wait, what?
He’s seriously
blaming President Obama
for the temperature
in the White House?
You see, this is what happens
when you’ve run out of things
to blame Obama for.
It’s almost like Trump
is just looking around the room
for new material.
He’s like, “You know,
“this office
wasn’t always oval.
It used to have beautiful
corners, but Obama stole them.”
And by the way, by the way,
there is no way
that President Obama is to blame
for making the White House
too cold. All right?
Never in the history of
the world has any black person
wanted to make
their office colder.
That’s not a thing.
When God was making the earth,
he gave everyone winter,
and then he got to Africa
and Africans were like, “No, no,
we’ll just take the sun.
Thank you. Thank you very much.”
So Trump started his weekend off
beefing with Obama
and French wine.
But then, on Saturday,
he took his beefs
to the next level.
REPORTER: In more than a dozen
tweets over the weekend,
the president disparaging
Congressman Elijah Cummings,
calling his majority
black district
around Baltimore, Maryland
a “disgusting rat and rodent
infested mess where no human
being would want to live.”
The president’s Twitter
offensive comes after Cummings
grilled Trump’s acting
Homeland Security Secretary
about conditions
along the border.
It’s the second time
in two weeks that Trump
has come under fire
for racial attacks
against members of Congress.
But now Trump insists
Democrats are the ones playing
the race card,
tweeting Cummings is racist.
And there you have it, folks.
Congressman Cummings criticizes
Trump’s border policies,
and in response Trump tells him
to go back to his rat
and rodent-infested city.
Which is not exactly
how you’d would expect
an American president
to talk about an American city.
And what makes it
even more disturbing is that,
as multiple people
have pointed out,
this language
is part of a pattern. Right?
President Trump always
uses the word “infestation”
when talking about people of
color– almost always uses it.
He said illegal immigrants
are infesting America,
said Congressman John Lewis’
Atlanta district
is crime-infested,
and that “the squad”
must go back to their
crime-infested countries.
Like, you don’t
need to be a genius
to see what Trump is implying.
He’s not a subtle person.
Like, if Trump was a painter,
his art
wouldn’t need to be interpreted,
it would just say
“I’m sad” in giant letters.
You go,
“Oh, what does this mean?”
And-and, like, here’s the thing,
here’s the thing–
I think people are missing the
point. People are like,
“Are you saying Baltimore
doesn’t have rats?
Is that what you’re…”
No, tha… It’s not about that.
I’m not saying Baltimore
doesn’t have rats.
Of course it has rats.
But you know which other cities
have rats? All the best cities
in the world. All of them.
Paris, London, New York–
they all have a rat problem.
In fact, I’m starting to think
that if your city doesn’t
have rats, it’s because
you live in a boring-ass city
and your food sucks.
Because rats…
want to have a good time, too.
Everyone’s seen the photo
of pizza rat.
But people don’t realize
later that night,
he changed into opera rat.
He has many tastes.
But once again,
America is stuck
in another debate.
Many people say Trump’s words
are clearly racist,
but Trump says
it’s the black people
who are the true racists
because they keep
bringing up race
every time
someone says something racist.
It’s a little suspicious,
you have to admit.
Little convenient.
To be honest, my friends,
it is hard to know
which side is correct,
which means it’s a perfect case
for Trevor Noah:
racism detective.
You see, he’s the only person
who can help us figure out
is Donald Trump racist?
-♪ ♪
-(cheering, applause)
Yes, he’s racist.
-♪ ♪
-(cheering, applause)
Thanks, Detective.

100 thoughts to “Trump Tells Congressman to Go Back to Rat-Infested Baltimore | The Daily Show”

  1. There should be awards for key sycophants like Moscow Mitch, given in pubic ceremonies. Like: the โ€œGrand Enablerโ€ medal, for consistent pattern of ignoring, rationalizing, and furthering attacks on the rule of law and democratic institutions under Liar Trump. Moscow Mitchwould be a strong contender. On the media side, Hannity of course. And you can never count out the Trump base as a whole – the millions who enable his most horrendous behavior, everyday.

  2. What boggles my mind is that anyone pays any attention to a word fat-donnie says. It's either random noise or misdirection, never to be taken seriously by adult citizens.

  3. He's so BRILLIANT that he differentiate which wine is good without tasting๐Ÿ‘… it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. 0:35 i aint racist or nothing
    And i am brown as they come
    But i will vote for trump again
    He's the only one with cuevos
    It is so hard to penetrate the foreign markets but all these foreign companies are doing so much business over here
    All former globalists presidents were too bound by wall street to do anything about it
    Now trump is taking actions and is helping america keep being the number one economy for next decades.
    And besides only snobs like French wine i like to get wasted on box wines from temecula .

  5. Iโ€™m from New York. Itโ€™s rat infested out here. Trump owns so many properties here heโ€™s look stupid saying that about New York. Heโ€™s a True ๐Ÿคก. Shout out to everybody out in Bmore.

  6. Baltimore sad to say is really bad.
    So is LA.
    Some places are worse then others.
    But Baltimore the rats are not the problem itโ€™s the people and not the citizens I mean.
    I knew someone who worked for government there and left because as he said. You have to be 1 shady son of a bitch to work there and turn a eye.

  7. Looool it really amazes me how no one on his team has the sense to screen his social media activity ๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Some countries in Africa experience winter, like some part of South Africa, Morocco, some part of Nigeria, etc.

  9. Obama said black live matters is the most racist event in the world,it "force" people to stand a side that agree with it,if not u become a racist,so ridiculous

  10. Trump blames President Obama for everything. This is a clear sign that he is envious of Obama. President Obama is handsome, slim, has class, has manners, education, and charm…… in one word, President Obama has everything that Trump lacks.

  11. Come on now. Y'all really reaching on this "infest" being a racist term. I guess when you have no real argument you cry racism.

  12. That's who trump reminds me of! Joe pesci character from movie The SUPER ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. You can type in Baltimore and find 1000s of Videos proving Trump right, or listen to low IQ Racist Trevor.

  14. When he says infested he is not referring to people of color noah he is referring to what is infesting said area.

  15. I need to run for president! apparently the position renders you untouchable. You can say and do whatever you want w/o consequences.

    President Teflon Don, I'm so disgusted with the schoolyard antics.


  17. I'm not surprised, Donald T Rump believes Obama left him with a *hit whole white house where the new AC can't keep up with the non existent global temperature extremes. I think he should get Obama back there and fix that thing.
    Dang. I'd like to see that. I miss seeing the white house having some class action.

  18. LA Detroit, Baltimore, all democrat run cities and shit infested rat holes run by
    democrats for decades, and morons like yourself want to put these same idiots
    who have destroyed their cities and turned them into rat infested shit holes
    the power to do the same to the rest of the USA… if Conservatives don't take
    the house, senate and presidency this country is screwed! Trump 2020 it's the
    only way to make America great again! the Democrat slogan "Make America
    weak again!" or "Death to America" either one fits their agenda!

  19. LA Detroit, Baltimore, all democrat run cities and shit infested rat holes run by
    democrats for decades, and morons like yourself want to put these same idiots
    who have destroyed their cities and turned them into rat infested shit holes
    the power to do the same to the rest of the USA… if Conservatives don't take
    the house, senate and presidency this country is screwed! Trump 2020 it's the
    only way to make America great again! the Democrat slogan "Make America
    weak again!" or "Death to America" either one fits their agenda!

  20. Trevor Noah is an idiot backseat driver. Who hired his dumb ass? A critic is one who knows the way but can't drive the car… Trevor get off your ass a start driving bitch…

  21. Someone asked Mr. Trump about the negotiation of the Tariff with China, and he said he did not know, and that he did not care because the US will receive 10 billion dollars in tariff money. Doesn't he know that Tariffs are a tax the US people will pay on anything they import? Why his closed people don't explain this to him?

  22. Stop whining you're not funny they do tax on us so why can't we do it to them you're starting to sound like a Democrat

  23. There are only 549 days, 13 hours, and 39 minutes left until the next president is inaugurated.

    (Provided, of course, that this current President only serves one term.)

    And, arguably more importantly, there are just 461 days until election day; November 3rd. 2020. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

    Here's the countdown website if that sort of thing helps lol;

  24. Trevor you killed it with the jokes. Best one never in the history of the world have black people wanted to be too cold ! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  25. I WISH THE PRESIDENT WOULD WALK UP TO JANE OR JOHN Melanin, FEDERAL WORKER in the white house…& say something blatantly racist, THEN SEE WHAT Human Resources has to say. Anon

    Plz God, NOT the Lady that felt COOL, WITH BEING A HUMAN PROP IN THE HEARING.๐Ÿ˜†

  26. Always so funny that some of the biggest critics are the ones that escaped their own sullied, racist nation, south Africa!

  27. How was it racist when you say infested when you're saying crime and rat you don't have to refer people 2 things all the time

  28. Does Americans have wine๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€ isnโ€™t the best wine all French
    Trump does tit for tat as a policy like heโ€™s such a foolish person

  29. Dude your not even funny…infested is not a racist term,8 wish you'd tell people your just the hired entertainment, because your jokes aren't funny,stop trying to be a "moral" voice for America..YOUR A COMEDIAN…and a bad one at that,dude stick to bad jokes and stop trying to be the voice for black America…since you tell fake news,your half way to beingvs CNN reporter CONGRATS your REAL fake news now.

  30. Get that racist son of a bitch out of the white house. White privilege has to go it is killing the USA. If you are not for black people's reparations you are racist.

  31. When you have trash lying all over the area, including the streets, it will attract rodents and bugs. Clean up the garbage that people dump on the streets.

  32. If I say cigar and you hear penis, that's on you.

    I get it, you want to push your politics but you understand you are making Trump look like the reasonable one. seriously, would you already stop your bs and stop making us defend Trump

  33. How come that is racist? Which is all true about Baltimore!!! And whatever he fucking says they clap lmao

  34. You dumb fucking liberal numbskulls.. you'll never be smart enough to get.. you're shit.. and you always will be.

  35. Hearing these stories of Trump with racism in it is like hearing/reading those r/entitledparents stories where the parent actually wins. Yes, you know how pissed you get when you hear those stories!

  36. Trump: "I've always liked American wines better than French wines"

    lol, what is wrong with this man?

  37. "Bring me a bottle with your finest label!"
    Obama stole the corners of the oval office!
    That shit is funny.

  38. Okay, so I'm hunting for the Trump trolls' explanation for why this air conditioning thing makes sense. C'mon guys.. man up! I'm not asking you to explain away his racism, just the air conditioning thing.

  39. this trump man is so jealous of obama that we all can clearly see it all the way here in africa. trump knows he doesn't have the knowledge or class to beat him that's y he keeps complaining like a little girl about things that is not real. we all know trump is a pure view liar. just his white trash voters won't see it cos they are blinded by hate and racism. that dumbass is just making america into a joke, good job. now who lives in a shithole country ? the dumbass president that turned america into a shithole country should get a prize. a bullet in his racist head.

  40. Old man shakes fist at the thermostat: wonders if hot and cold flashes are menopausal or just his cool lizard blood

  41. Is there something wrong with this guy, is he like semi retarded or something, I mean he looks kinda normal.

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