100 thoughts to “Trump speaks to Fox News on being first US president to attend March for Life”

  1. I am Buddhist and as such don’t condone the taking of ANY life. That being said, I am also pragmatist and feel forced pregnancies are as unjust as the assaults that might have caused them.
    How about we find homes and families for “unwanted” children BEFORE they are born instead of bringing them into a bad situation.

  2. Mr President the White House , should pass a bill to stop using Gods Name in vain. So people will stop cursing and using Lord Jesus holy name. Otherwise this nation will be wiped out from the face of the earth.

  3. 100% of all people who are alive today were born from Pro-life parents !!!!! Just like 100% of all humans alive today were born from a Heterosexual relationship !!!! Think about it people…! Thank you President Trump for showing up for that March for Life…THANK YOU!

  4. The Supreme Court recognizes an unborn corporation which is just a piece of paper as a person under the 14th amendment and they can't recognize the unborn human that is a living soul as an unborn person under the 14th amendment?

  5. Trump claims to be pro life for the unborn, but what his stance is behind closed doors is questionable since it is a fact that he is a liar and a racist. When it comes to the black and brown, the homeless and the poverty stricken, he is definitely not pro for their lives. F**king hypocrite!

  6. I would take him more seriously if kids weren’t in cages. I would respect him if he didn’t lie. Trump is such a bad person but he has supported by his fans.

  7. I believe that it should be an option whether to chain yourself to another life or not because not everyone is under the same circumstances, religious beliefs, situation and that you should not decide for others decision… sometimes baby are born into very bad situation where their parents live on the streets or are very young and can't have the best life like some of the children in this world which is very unfair to them. Also you may be protecting the unborn life but what happens to the mother, the mother is left as a forgotten shell who nobody cares about so if you believe that abortion should not be allowed you should care for them after they are born and the parents… stop being blind please

  8. Republican logic: Every life is worth protecting, well until after they're born, then they are a strain on the capitalist system.

  9. Doctors told my mom that she should have aborted my youngest brother back in 1992. But he's been one of the greatest blessings in my life!

  10. Fight for lives? But you're already eating food that could've been given to another living being haha. Also, is this life for humans only? Geez

  11. You can definitely see a night and day difference in these people at this march as compared to the depressed, melancholic, leave-me-alone, sallow, odd-shaped persons at pro-abortion, anti-Trump, anti-gun, antifa, anti-[fill in the _____] rallies.

  12. This is the only news source reporting about this. Everyone else is obsessed with the impeachment circus. I guess now they will want to impeach Trump because he's pro life? They want to impeach him for anything that doesn't fit their twisted agenda.

  13. If I needed my engine swapped, my Vehicle Insurance isn't going to pay. Then why should health insurance companies pay for abortions. If you want an abortion you have to pay for it yourself, but please go to an authorized qualified personnel, and to your research.

  14. HEY FOX.. how about standing for the CONSERVATIVES in this country and not cowtown to the MSM liberal agenda..stand.. STAND FIRM.. stop giving more voice to the liberals.. they already own all the other channels and cable tv.

  15. Why do people care so much about race ? Why Can’t u ask black and Spanish people the same questions y’all ask everyone else? But anyway BABIES LIVES MATTER ❤️

  16. If Charlie Chaplin was a great American and living artist, he would make his best films and make the whole world laugh by acting and playing a full-fledged clown in American politics. Charlie was a big man and Trump is a small man with a , big body.

  17. Whether or not Mr. Trump wins or loses in this impeachment is now deceiving the American people. He is not an ordinary man and he has tired the world of his politics. His advisers are trapping warlords and Trump.

  18. Trump will do anything for votes !!!! Even pretending he cares about unborn children !!!!!! What a Sleazebag !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The President has his heart in the right place – the hearts of the people. He's not only pro-life, he's a man who's getting stuff done in this country and he's willing to challenge California's Abortion Acts and that would make a lot of people mad.

    He's been on a roll with his term. The democrats are coming after him because he's helping the people of the good old U.S.A!
    The Pro-Life Demonstrators in the March for Life were surprised to see the president and cheered for his speech. It was an act of peace.

  20. In America, the saying goes that "The most dangerous place for the baby to be in America, is in her mothers womb". The lord told Prophet Jeremiah – in Jeremiah 1:5 – "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations." If it was in USA today, Jeremiah would probably have been aborted in one of those clinics.

  21. That’s not true, no ones going after him because he’s fighter for right to lifers. They’re impeaching him for abusing his power by bribing a foreign power by asking them for investigations for political.gain…DUHHHHHHH

  22. What a bunch of trash, such rubbish. get a life instead of trying to control others lives. Trump's pornstars, mistresses, hookers and hoes have had a tonne of abortions, he cares zero, he's duping you idiots

  23. love how civil the march for life is compared to womens march's and feminists march's who reject anyone who thinks differently than them. I appreciate Trump giving light to the Pro Life movement since it is so attacked however I do not think he should be in office.

  24. Trump strikes me as the type who’s payed for a few abortions. These people are either stupid or don’t care that he’s full of crap!

  25. I'm away from my first newborn son because it's taking a long process to bring my wife and baby here to America. 😭

  26. Trump doesn't even understand the reason why all those people were there. He is incapable of caring about anybody other than himself.

  27. I never believed in abortion, until Trumpy exposed his evil self to the world. Now, I feel that if a woman has been impregnated by someone like Trump, PLEASE GET AN ABORTION IMMEDIATELY !!!!! Save the world from another Devil like Trump !!! PLEASE!!!!

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