Trump Reverses Course On Vaping Ban, ‘Cause The Base Likes To Vape | All In | MSNBC

Trump Reverses Course On Vaping Ban, ‘Cause The Base Likes To Vape | All In | MSNBC

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  1. It's seems like Trump has discovered that threatening to take a certain action against something leads to large donations intended to change his position, very profitable

  2. Endless attention…”decisions” get yanked back and forth… “he is thinking…” then , “he might…” then, “he will announce…” then, “he will do…” then, “no, he will not do”…

    So, When will he breathe next? Maybe he won’t breathe?

    Waiting to hear….

  3. As a vaper, i want to speak for all vapers. We need regulations. ANY regulations. And they need to be uniform across states. Theres only so much research we can do individually. There are many different companies that use different ingredients. We don't know the exact formulas they use and how stringent their quality control standards are. This was a problem even before those teens died. To my knowledge most of them involved the "THC" cartridges but irregardless, we do need some transparency from these companies.

  4. The new ergonomic pressurized vapor barrier booger Michilan Man exoskeleton uniform, has a built in nebulizer, ,, soons Trumps Space Flag properly identifies emissions to the membrane…since the Surgeon, anesthesiologist, Doctor, and the Cook all lack transparency accept for the salesman and the pharmacist, ,, may as well let DMV have the right of way…take it straight back to 1968.

  5. This guys a moron. Who needs journalists when you can have a bunch of idiots like this dip s*it that just cuts two old clips together and makes up a whole new story that never happened. No need actually ask questions or research what real information he received. Just make s*it up.

  6. Hey, with only 20% of the electorate thinking his Ukraine call was perfect, Trump may have to reverse his position on opiates.

  7. Your headline indicates a need of a nanny state for adults. Try again you bunch of losers. Adults can make their own decisions, for better or worse. Parents are responsible for their kid's. Not your business to manage either.

  8. The politicians dont need truth, dont need actual evidence, its not a court proceeding where facts and truth come out, its all opinions based upon feelings and no consideration is given to any Constitutional rights being tread upon. The truth is all the BS that MSM constantly hammers everyone with are lies, and Public Health England destroys these myths here: and why is there a demonization of vaping the truth is here :
    The deaths and hospitalizations are not because of vaping flavored nicotine but vaporizing THC (marijuana) and not flavored nicotine ejuice according to the CDC and its all black market THC
    shown here:

  9. Is this his attempt to extort the vaping companies? Bad mouth them, threaten to put them out of business = 's big donations from them if he stops & reverses his smear campaign? Just a thought.

  10. There’s a joke that says, if Trump found a cure for cancer, the Left would criticize him for it. This reporting comes pretty close to proving that joke is true.

  11. Trumps move was to bring attention to the issue (which was really because of weed carts) but you cant legally ban nicotine cause kids want it, Trump knew that, this was just good publicity for the issue

  12. While I'm holding my Eleaf iJust3. Vaping saves lives. BTW, my mother died in 2014 from tobaccoism. That term is what the coroner called it.

  13. So MSNBC thinks that vapers don't exist outside of "MAGA supporters"? Strange when 1 300 people a day die of smoking related illnesses in the US, that's over 480 000 people, you would think that there would be some democrats or independants in the lot…

  14. The fact of the matter is that people are dying from vaping certain products. If you want to give people free choice then why not just deregulate cigarettes and alcohol for them as well? This was to protect the kids, just ban sales to kids and ban them from using them, it's obviously not good for their health and will promote them moving to cigarettes which we don't want. When they are 18 they can make their own choice. Until then, if parents allow it then they should be made responsible. But just another cowardly back down from Trump kowtowing to his base, who don't know any better.

  15. News flash for all my libby tards out there: If you put bleach in your vape you will die. Every 'news' story that's out there saying some poor little kid died from vaping was from a dumb kid putting illegal THC oil in their vape. If you vape proper ingredients, vaping has been proven to be safe since 1965. Please do at least a rudimentary amount of Independent research before believing everything our government ran media tell you, kids. The media and government are both paid off to cause hysteria and change policy to appease big tobacco just like they're paid off by the globalist cabal to hate this country and to disrupt President Trump from making this county great again, but it ain't working! HAHAHA! TRUMP 2029 BABYYYY! =)

  16. Donald dump has to be the dumbest person, next to kanye west, to have ever walked the face of this earth!!! just stupid waste of air.

  17. More people die from falling down the stairs than from vaping! This sounds suspicious like maybe the tobacco industry wants to shut them down. Or some in the government aren't getting their payoffs from lobbyists.

  18. Flavor bans only happened because of the deaths related to SYNTHETIC THC CARTS
    misinformation spread by media is what fueled it.
    They’re dab carts, not vape pens

  19. Scorching! JK It's kinda hypocritical to criticize Trump for reacting to and sharing the concerns about vaping your media pushed. The compound has been identified related to every case according to CDC. Federal restrictions on flavors is irrelevant. States are already doing their own thing about it, but only the stupid ones. Ask me why.

  20. Shocking. YouTube removed this from their trending. Hmmmm…. Could it have something to do with commenters who aren't paid living this news? 😂😂😂 FU YouTube!


  22. Yes, nicotine is an addictive drug.

    But 80+% of vapers are ex-smokers or dippers which is 98% more hazardous because of various poisons and nitrosamines.

    Regulate the liquids and check the vaping mods if you have to, like other countries. But only thru health regulations and not taxation. Bans are outdated, like the war on drugs.

    The deaths and cases with health issues didn't originate from a proper vape tool and clean liquid.

    You ppl are just uninformed haters on Trump. The way you jump on anything and cry for enforcement of quick feelings isn't liberal at all.

  23. I've been vaping for almost 2 years. It was the only thing that helped me quit smoking, and I tried everything else out there. Actually, I do think the problem with vaping is the toxic chemicals in the flavorings. I only use USP food grade glycerin with a nicotine additive and no flavorings. I will say nicotine is not a good thing, but one thing I can say is I can breathe more easily than I did before when I was smoking. Maybe before banning e-cigs, they should ban flavorings.

  24. from a 30 plus year smoker who quit in June with the help of vape and a Trump supporter will still vote for Trump in 2020 if a full ban goes through. I started to vape to help me quit smoking, and have seceded. Trump did not reverse his stance in fear of losing 2020, he got the facts and realized the media was lying.

  25. ‘Cause yeah, history will totally vindicate allowing drug dealers & and hapless teen stoners to be enough of a distraction to allow a wannabe-dictator to get away with colluding with foreign powers, thereby destroying the largest & best experiment in ongoing democracy that has ever existed.

    Yep, that makes total sense.

  26. Of course. Everybody likes Trump's base to vape. Vape however much you like trumpanzees, some species deserve extinction, and if you want to do it for us, we will be very grateful.

  27. How can he ban it when cigarettes are sold EVERYWHERE? vaporizing nicotine IS a healthier alternative to smoking, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  28. Haha trump does another about face … what? Do something that protects Americans and loose my special interest group direct deposit this week? Nahhhhh that not gonna happen

  29. Banning flavored e-cigarettes will NOT solve anything especially youth use. Youth are not vaping because of flavors, the devices they use is horrible on flavor. But since you cant get this straight I will tell you, kids love the 50mg nicotine level. JUUL removed their flavors and kids moved to menthol and aftermarket JUUL pods filled with illicit tainted THC oils. Gotta do a bit more research MSNBC at this point, miss leading and sarcastic news are just not going to work.

  30. Is anyone going to bring up the fact that every state make alot of money from tobacco products so if everyone switch to E-cigarettes they will lose over $85 billion in the US alone that's a huge amount of revenue so no they don't care about our health they care about the money i know big shock lol just google tobacco bonds

  31. Flavored vape juice appeals to kids? There are so many people they have quit smoking thanks to vaping and one of the things that gets people to switch is the variety of flavors. Parents need to step up. Actually parent your kids. Don’t rely on the government to make everything better. Plus almost every single story that hit the news about people dying from vaping has been debunked. This is bad journalism and just about propaganda. People need to wake up and actually look into things. Plus why let the government control everything you do

  32. Hello, can you connect me to R J Reynolds CEO, I'd like to confirm Donald Trump in part has large investments in R J Reynolds and other tobacco companies. Also I'd like to know how much these tobacco companies contributed to Trump's campaign back in 2016 & 2017.
    Lastly, is it true that R J Reynolds vapor company is a top producer of the vap electronic cigarette?
    Please get back to me asap. Seems the POTUS is trying to (once again) distract and deflect by changing his position on the deadly vap
    Seems R J has D J by his prezidential gonad$

  33. "Don't vape kids…Instead,just spark up a Marlboro & put your allowence in the MSA piggy bank like good little $heep".

  34. Good !!! Thank god for TRUMP not doing anything on vapeing! I'f u wanna make a real impact get rid of the real problem cigarettes!!

  35. The real reason why they really wanna ban vape is that Ciggarette companies is slowly dying, Because most of the smokers switch to vaping. So big companies pay big money to some corrupt government officials to help them ban vaping so their company will be saved. I mean ask any sane person if vaping is much more dangerous than smoking Ciggarette. Ciggarette has much more high nicotine dosage than vaping, Whereas in vaping you can control the dosage of nicotine you take. Think about it, It’s just a big money game. They don’t care about the health of the people, they only care about their money.

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