Trump Loses It When Fox News Admits Reality

Trump Loses It When Fox News Admits Reality


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  1. Fox news is the closest he will get to a dog. Because a real dog would bite him. Basically because dogs have better sense.

  2. Trump is and allways has been a loser!!!! 6 Bankruptcies can't be wronv.
    How do you possibly bankrupt not 1, not2, but 3 Casinos.
    FOX News is going to stand up against the W. H. Occupant. The one playing presidenf, but doesn't know his powers or the US Constitution
    Vote tese idiots out before this clown bankrupts America. He cares nothing of American Citizens!!!!! Bye-Bye Donnie Boy, I'll see you in the funnies!!!

  3. he's turning on all of u fake fox news idiotic followers, not "suckie tuck" or "hannie" 2 bitches that have a man-crush on fatass lobsterman! why u mad do the same shit u did in 2016, cheated stealing ballots boxes! hannie & tumpido pays for free stuff but not when it's underage girls! instead of porn whores, that they spent 500k! jeff epst girls cost more than porn ho's 300.00-1k peanuts but they're super tricks hannie & tumpido undercover russians wannabe spies, ho's

  4. If i was an honest u.s. reporter & it looked like the orange monster will receive another term i would have my exit ticket to an extraditable country in my pocket. Good-luck you-all & please do stay sane & brave.

  5. Do you realize how ridiculous this is?
    How much you are a part of this reality show country, reading a tweet from this demented President. Trump is JR Ewing, and you are just some cast members advancing the narrative.
    The USA has lost the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality.
    Your country is self destructing and Trump has you spending your time analyzing his latest distraction, and you’re giggling over how clever your analysis is. Idiots.

  6. Could trump be a alien hybrid , guess not they would be more intelligent. Something is very wrong with this man and the Republican party will pay for allowing this idiot to destroy our country and sanity while they pass all their damaging policies . Karma is real.

  7. Stop giving this president oxygen. It's getting old.
    Do you really need Trump for your ratings?
    Do something creative, talk about the issues. Oh wAit, that doesn't get you ratings/money.

  8. We all know that Tantrum Boy can't stand any bad press nor the truth, if it isn't in his favour. I wonder what it costs him to get Melania to say, "That was fantastic, dear."

  9. It shouldn’t go well for Trump and I hope we come out of the primaries with a good candidate that the left leaning people who either didn’t vote or wouldn’t vote for Hillary Will now vote against Trump! I hope people see Trump for the rat he is !!!

  10. Fearless Leader is not amused. Boris and Natasha need to fix this.
    Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

  11. Fuck Trump, fuck all the lames who still stand behind the buffoon that IS Donald Trump. The orange clowns shtick is so threadbare you can see through it. LOCK UP TRUMP 2020.

  12. Trump is losing his mind about now, even Melania and maralogo can't help you this WK.end….PUTIN doesn't think TRUMP HAS done enough to help him win in 2020…

  13. Does America ever stop talking about elections? It’s the end of next year. Good grief. Just do the work involved in the job and about a month before the elections then start campaigning. Not for the whole time you’re in the job.

  14. Trump dug his own grave, with his disrespect of the American Constitution, so lets put him in it, and make America function, and regain its respect back.

  15. Some day America’s worst enemy in the world is going to be carpet-bombed into oblivion. I’m talking about the South, not Russia.


  17. trumpy will confess to imitating Epstein; raping Ivanka to gain approval from conservative Right Wing. Access Hollywood tapes illustrate he is referring to Ivanka when his grabs pussy; what a fart a-hole. He’ll be impeached and or felon before he harms another child; Melania, of course, will defend him as a nut head she is herself.

  18. I’ve heard of horse-whisperers but Trump is a Pig Whisperer. He whispers to the Republican base, who are a bunch of dirty filthy 🐷s.

  19. Blessed be the name of the Lord, God bless you Mr President Trump, Jesus wins,no weapon formed against you shall not Jesus name .

  20. Trump is so predictable now,he's out of sync with reality!! He doesn't believe anything that isn't positive about him! He just double talks his supporters,

  21. republican or democrat. what does it matter ? their all a bunch of fucking crooks. after 200 plus years we still only have two choices. nothing will ever change unless we get a different party in office and that will never happen


  23. Trump is fucking insane it's conspiracy crazy nonsense that should never be said by the president of the United states my God and the fact people believe and regurgitate his crazy shit like it's real

  24. Fox News ( ? ) Traitorous fkwits how they look at themselves are sleep at night ( ? ) Human Beings morals feelings children love ones shit self respect WTF …

  25. OBAMA left YOU a great ECONOMY thats the reason why the economy is good not becouse of YOU you FUCKING MORON.

  26. So, Trump, what about those Marines from Camp Pendleton? You know, the same Marines that were arrested for drug smuggling, human trafficking, immigrant smuggling, and some a little of all combined. All for money! If they bring immigrants across the border, then, technically, they are the same as the people who sneak them across the border for money. Right? So, they are breaking the immigration laws just like the Latinos who do it. Well, well, well. No difference. This is who is protecting the borders Trump. I'm sure that you will have something to say about it.

  27. He's such a pathetic child. If he loses he will just crossed his arms and pout saying no, I'm not leaving, the election was rigged

  28. Good, let Trump convince his base the losing poll numbers are #fakenew so they stay just as politically complacent as they are willfully ignorant.

  29. It is possible these idiots can be this forgetful, the polls lied outright about Trump in 2016 and the election proved. What changed that suddenly the press has become honest? Morons just flapping their ignorant lips.

  30. @ 00:50 seconds…Klingons!!! Listen John Iadarola…I know you're straight. You're very handsome (this is coming from a Gay guy). //// BUT? the woman in your life is extremely lucky. OK. I've said it. NOW? I can marry a man….AND we will do this!! In Hawai'i. Because? Well we can get married just about anywhere but Hawai'i??? OK, a bit trite. I've been there…BUT HE HAS NEVER BEEN!!! So…OK….Carry on…'

  31. at least your body knows when to sleep cuz obviously as a whiner of a president and chief you need take a Chapter out of Joe Biden's book and learn how to take a nap Manchild.

  32. 2nd post…. Hypersleep amd Science Fiction. OK, Mr. Iadorola? IF you were not Straight? I'd want to ask you out on a date…BUT you are straight..; so, so much for that fantasy…BTW? (YOUR haircut looks good)….

  33. Soon enough they won't be any new stations that he can get his lie agenda tactic to fool the public any longer. And some of his voters are waking up from the spell. And the party republicans are converting to Dodge and Escape away from this president in this Administration ship. They're seeing the boat sinking and Trump it's not going down with this ship at all. He will put his self before everything else and leave you with the burden.

  34. Yeah Trump, you're losing you're a loser! Doesn't that noose look even better? Just slipped it around your neck and jump!

  35. OMG wake up Americans Russia will keep their boy and in the white house he's making them richer w gov contracts ie Avraz Steel Portland Oregon owned by 2 russian aligarch provide steel for the wall and pipes for the pipeline.. get it?

  36. When will fox viewer's realize that trump will never return loyalty to anyone. Captured war hero's farmer's hurting because of his trade war, his current and former staff. And on and on.

  37. What the hell is it with Trump giving everyone these 1931 rum runner nicknames? “ Scootches McGee is gonna make the drop to Crooked Hilary, and Sleepy Joe is driving the getaway car.”

  38. I'd be shock if Trump loses, seriously he will probably stay president & you can thank.. Russia & college electro once again for screwing America again.
    No I am not a Trump fan but it's still too early to tell rather or not he will lose, so I don't understand why Trump is worried, he has this mostly because there isn't a strong enough Democrat Canada to take him and his bullying on.

  39. Trump has to win at any cost. Muller said he could be charged when term is over and Trump will cause WW3 before he goes down. We're F*@ked either way, my friends. 😭

  40. I don't give a crap what's on Twitter. Never used it. WTF , when did Twitter become the voice of the nation ? Can you not see your insane preoccupation with Twitter? (that goes for ALL of you).

  41. I wonder what happened to make Fox report the truth? In my opinion, it's evident the ship is sinking. Fox has lost all credibility by being maligned by Trump.

  42. Didn't he also say Clinton was sleepy?? He needs to come up with new names to call people, he just keeps reusing his old ones, haha. and really, Just because Trump snorts cocaine, doesn't mean everyone should

  43. Trump has an inability to accept facts, especially when those facts show him in negative light. Any poll that doesn't have Trump as number one, is a fake poll according to Trump. Only polls that have Trump at number one are not fake polls according to Trump. Reality has no place in Trump's world.

  44. Unless the democrats aren't able to get behind a universal palatable leader that appeals to the basic instinct of that base (someone who isn't corporatist) and remain fragmented or then not impeach Trump, till then Donald will eat his competition alive.

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