100 thoughts to “Trump is first president to face impeachment while seeking re-election”

  1. This interviewer is annoying. All senators have a political position, but those running for president have a different level of conflict. It makes me angry when she ignores common sense and pretends she is reasonable.

  2. Well there seems to be a conflict of interest with those Dem Senators who are running for president…they really ought to recuse themselves from the Senate trials since they cannot possibly be impartial. The Senate plays the role of jury during an impeachment.

  3. "Extra curricular activities"
    Like Trump going on his vacation every week. Trump spends MILLIONS OF DOLLARS
    Fox is nothing but hypocrisy!!!

  4. That bulldike is so scripted it just goes to show fox is Trash…Who is that adam schiff looking weirdo? A weak woman no one gives 2 shits about asking tough questions..lmao..She looks like some Dennys waitress that works midnight shift…….

  5. President Trump will be exonerated by the Senate and then will go on to win a second term in a landslide come November. As for all the Dems who have slapped America in the face, most will be voted out of office in the same election.

  6. She’s a political MORON! How come she doesn’t say a thing about the senators who’ve said they WONT BE IMPARTIAL like Lindsey and McConnell

  7. If President Trump shouldn't have asked about the Ukraine/Biden corruption, because Biden might possibly be running against the President in the general election, then all of the senators that might be running against the President should not be allowed to be involved in the Senate trial. The same suggested conflict of interest exists. If the dems can't agree to that, then Lie-A-Watha, Clueless Shmo Sanders, Amy What's her face and Bennett should be charged with abuse of power. And if the republicans don't push this they don't have any balls.

  8. yeah, because never before in history have people been disgusting enough to force a moron criminal on the world after losing the popular election when cheating . . . dotards

  9. Fearing LSU will win the College Football Playoff National Championship next year Clemson votes to impeach LSU Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow.

  10. Dems want fair when they were as crooked as can crooked could be. Evil Dems Shut The Hell Up You Have No Say So. You Are Evil Liars Like Your Father Lucifer The devil.

  11. Dershowitz is a very liberal Democrat… but he is a constitutional lawyer and has from the beginning said that nothing has been done that is impeachable.

  12. it's obvious why they've stalled this impeachment as long as possible. they want to influence the election. They know trumps going to win in a landslide if they dont poison his well in some way. It's going to backfire on them. He's going to win SO big because of those dumb sob's.

  13. It's amazing how this Impeachment Hoax started with claims that President Trump was seeking an investigation on a so-called "political rival" yet he is facing his 3 "political rivals" sitting on a Senate jury who will be Campaigning with their peers to vote to remove him from office!
    Amazing rule of law and Justice for All which is NOT being handled in an unbiased way!


  15. No Apologies! Time for Justice! Enough of the two Tier justice system The Country has been torn in two and cannot continue on this path. Barr Go now TIMES UP vote RED or were dead no crimes no evidence of wrongdoing! DEM'S ARE ENEMIES OF THE GOV. W? DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? treason

  16. If crooked hillarry won.would they be crying about clinton the pervert being back in the White House???? Doubt that.

  17. They can’t judge Pres Trump until the brung Biden to trial because this hinges on wether Biden is guilty of corruption or not.
    If he was, which by his own confession on video, seems to be that we was.
    That means Trump wasn’t digging for dirt he was actually trying to address real criminal corruption in his duty as American President.
    Biden is crucial to the Defence, it’s not enough for the Democrats and Democrat media to protect him. Let’s investigate the truth of it without the FBI cohersing witnesses wth trumped up misdemeanour charges.

  18. President Trump will go down in history as the greatest President ever alongside Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and other
    great presidents. Whereas Obama will be relegated to the back pages of history. Move over President Washington, Roosevelt, and Jefferson.  President Trump will take his place on Mount Rushmore.  Yes Nancy President Trump will
    be impeached forever, it will be talked about in universities in constitutional law, bars breakfast tables. Debated time and time again President Trump  that he can go down as the biggest impeachment flop ever.  Nobody will remember Nancy Policy10 years from now.

  19. Oh yes, are you tired of winning yet? Not only the worst president ever, the first ever to be impeached in his first term. The most incompetent leader of a criminal enterprise ever to grace the Oval Office. #45 is winning in all of the biggest loser categories.

  20. Everybody wants to keep their jobs Democrats and Republicans, you can't say get rid of the Democrats and keep the Republicans, this is stupid.. you should get rid of everybody then

  21. Her argument is that even the Republicans up for reelection in 2020, but never mind the Republicans get rid of all the Democrats, trust this will be fair?
    No we're on planet Earth but Fox News this lady could come on TV and make that argument

  22. I am not even american, and I hate trump, but I know that millions love trump in the US, they will elect him again, and he won't be impeached.

  23. What was their reason then for wanting Trump impeached as soon as he was elected? He didn't even have time yet to do what they accuse him of!!!

  24. People around the world could care less about whats going on in the states, rather see news about bird migration. Just like the united states dont care who gets elected where

  25. I don't think Pres.Trumps being impeached at all. There's NO SUCH THING as a partisan impeachment, and the Senate has no intentions of going in that direction. This whole thing is a ploy to get the American Voters confused and mad at Trump to get them to VOTE DEMOCRAT in 2020.
    I want ALL the higher DEMOCRAT LEADERS IN PRISON for this SCAM and Treason against the American people.

  26. Trump is the first President literally inviting foreign governments to affect our elections. If proven, he needs to be impeached

  27. What a laugh, he may get by the Senate trial but Mitch and the GOP Senators will not have control over the Senate when 4 GOP Senators wants witnesses & evidence enough evidence will be out there to stop Trump at the polls. Fake news fox as in its own disclaimer is for "entertainment" purposes, not facts. A modern day National Enquirer for sure. Get your tissues out at the polls.

  28. Americans deserve and must know more about the love affairs between Democrates and murderous and vicious Islamic regime which has occupied Iran for 40 years

  29. This situation clearly illustrates the level of polarization in this country, between red and blue teams. The MSM has done its job well. Divide and rule.

  30. What bothers me is that the american people supposedly voted him in, when do we get to vote on whether hes impeached or not? Of coarse people in this country dont actually have any power, just the illusion of power, that's why the electoral college exists.

  31. Sen. Blackburn's point is this: Voting for Impeachment or against Impeachment because of your party line is okay. You are voting not directly for your own self-interest but for your party. NO Conflict of Personal Interest in that. That's more of conflict on policy belief, which is okay because impeachment trial is a political exercise, not really a formal trial based on the jurisprudence of the Judiciary. But if you are running for president in 2020, whether you are democrat or republican, there is no excuse anymore. You are committing a CONFLICT OF PERSONAL INTEREST in your vote, regardless if you are Republican or Democrat.

  32. The zionists who put him there say hes going 4 more years and he will be even more on a roll as he put it he will be unleashed! None of this fake fighting g is real it's to distract while we lose our freedom and the nwo is formed

  33. When the Republicans take control of the house they should undo the impeachment due to no crimes and for trying to interfere with the 2020 election.

  34. The impeachment is like Trump getting court-martialled while receiving the CMH- congressional medal of honor at the same time. Stupid democrats. It doesnt even look good impeaching somebody while running against him.

  35. isnt the biden issue in the impeachment about interferring with a running political opponent?
    And here are the accussers lining up The presidents running opponents to vote against him!!!
    Hypocrisy thy name is DEMOCRAT😲😲😲

    who knew…right?

  36. Pelosi even admitted she has to impeach him because he cannot win this election now that must be a criminal act, she is perverting the course of justice she must lock her up.

  37. If Trump comitted a crime he chose to commit a crime leading up to 2020 election. Send. Arguments have been bipartisan. I cannot say the same for Republicans

  38. Marsha Black burn is like Masha the bear Russian cartoon playing mischief games?
    Kid's are very mischief. They are small but plays wild games. Put them in jail during the Senate review of prosecution of the investigator's.

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