Trump has shown ‘tremendous’ leadership on coronavirus: Dr. Siegel

Trump has shown ‘tremendous’ leadership on coronavirus: Dr. Siegel

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  1. It's sickening how Fox tries to put the praise on Trump for this, and not the brilliant doctors and scientists!
    It was NIH and NIAID (e.g. Dr. Fauci) who have brilliantly managed the situation so far – and so did many other western countries. It has simply NOTHING to do with Trump!

  2. Trump ignored this for the first 2 weeks. The next two weeks he had his man tell us to take no action because they had everything under control. In two weeks, when its beyond control, Trump will blame the democrats.
    How is he doing a good job? I haven't heard him mention it twice.

  3. GcMaf and C60 would have greatly efficacious effects on the virus Covis 19.They would greatly boost the immune system amoungst being highly beneficial medically.The pharmaceutical companies have kept this a secret.The White Hats and Trump are fighting them.

  4. Stop worrying about China and start talking about the fact that the CDC hadn't updated its numbers since February 13th. American citizens have not been properly notified. Stop talking about Chiba, what the hell is going on in America?

    Also Capitalists and Communists are two sides of the same coin, and are two corrupt and diseased ideologies. Capitalists care more about profits than people, and Communists care more about gaining power over people than protecting people. Both ideologies are screwing the world and allowing this thing to spread. The US being a capitalist regime means absolutely nothing, brainwashed nationalists who can only view the world through the binary lenses of capitalism vs communism are small minded fools.

  5. 11 Ebola cases with Obama and 15 cases of coronavirus and 52 pending. Not a big difference but still more, Trump has a huge percentage difference in faith than Obama

  6. So more people than ever are getting the flu vaccine and there are more people dying of the flu
    Interesting. Well it certainly dumbing down the population just like they wanted

  7. 15 in the US? Why aren’t we counting the infected evacuees in quarantine? I figure its got to be at least 30 or 40 in the US if we count the confirmed evacuees. Thats not transparency. Thats a cover up.

  8. China doesn't want us there, we might find how many are really infected and dying. We might also see how they are treating people first hand.

  9. Anti-virus medication is only effective if taken within the first 2-3 days of infection. This virus infects and you don't know that you have it for 24 days before showing symptoms. Where did he get his MD??????? It's airborne and masks won't help!!!! Breathing the same air with an infected person will get you infected. All flights into & out of China are getting 1000's infected each day they fly into our out of China. The Diamond Princess has Reciculated air on some parts of that ship. As of today-pity of 4000/ 650 have been tested positive. Next week there may be another 1000. Tremendous job my 👉AS*.
    *=S. A Take a fast flight to China.😂😂😂

  10. To be fair, the only thing his administration has done so far is go get the Americans from the ship. They also went against the CDCs advice of bringing the infected back to America. While I agree they should have been brought back, sick or not, I don't think our quarantine efforts are good enough based on the information we currently have about this virus.

    The administration needs to be careful about how much information they are relaying to the American people about the current cases. I understand they want to prevent panic, but faith in the government's ability to protect it's people will fall drastically if the people feel like important information is being held back.


  12. Could it be that the Chinese government infected it's own people for population control? I've seen a video of a Chinese woman calling them out, saying that no officials or their families are getting infected. That would also explain why they won't take help from us…

  13. There are many natural remedies that natural health practitioners are aware of.  There are many herbs that bolster your immune system and ward off bacteria and viruses that we should be using anyway. Do your research, go to your health food store. Hospitals are finally using colloidal silver to counter infections – we've known about it for years!!! Stop and think – the people of China have been breathing smog for years and now they've deployed 5G so the people's immune systems are dangerously compromised.

  14. Yesss!! Trump has the balls and HUGE COMMON SENSE to take on CHINESE COMMUNISTS EVIL WAYS. For obvious reasons democrats have this twisted thinking that south border must.stay open…really!?? What in the world are this democrats thinking???!!! Illegals are laughing their butts at these politicians because they know what is right and all they had to do and still doing is to aggressively push themselves through to violate US laws and USA democrats buys them over and over again….they know how easy it had always been to fool democrats to…assist them violating these democrats own laws….isn't that pure stupidity?????

  15. Bwhahahah! US is a do nothing for Coronavirus! We’ve failed miserably at testing and communication! CDC site says we still only have 15 cases! While WSJ lists 34 and Worldmeters lists 27! Even South Korea put out a nice guide detailing all of their cases including which city and information to help keep their people safe!

  16. Democrats are busy complaining about how President Trump is handling this. Meanwhile, they want illegals pouring in unvetted, and not tracked. The issue of many diseases being brought into our nation has been an issue for years.
    The democrats are a real danger to our nation.

  17. Just the more mainstream strains are bad enough this year. For the first time, I caved in and got the shot. When 48 states report widespread stats, I wasn't going to take any chances. 104F fever has one in hallucinations!

  18. Abe had high polls before the virus broke out Japan. We will see. The US CDC has been extremely incompetent. Look at the defective and inconclusive test kits!

  19. I pray for all the folks that have this virus and I prayed for President Trump and his administration in the sciences and the doctor it came up with the vaccine for this it's horrible and it's very scary

  20. It’s true. China covered up the situation for a while until they had to report it.
    The hospital they started building and was going to be ready in 2 weeks!!! the whistleblower Dr who died and who almost got arrested from “ spreading rumors” the medical director at the Wuhan hospital that died, the number of cases reported, the number of deaths. !!! No transparency!!!

  21. Who is the shareholder of the companies that creating the vaccine? Surely Bill Gates and if there is not independent lab research who developing a vaccine then do not take a vaccine shot.

  22. Fox will say anything to boost trump🤔 are economy is doing not doing its potential. The price of oil hasn't been it highest since Obama left office ect.

  23. chump won't allow hard working immigrants into this land. But did allow plane and boat full of effected ppl with this deadly virus in!!?? What's wrong with this picture? He knows that he is on his way out, And is creating chaos in retaliation.

  24. I trust our President in every area of our lives, because he loves our country and wants the best for us. He doesn’t need the flack he receives, he is wealthy enough and can’t be bought off, unlike Presidents in the past, so this is from his heart, and also his family feels the same way. Thank you, President Trump.

  25. It seems official that As soon as the corona virus happens boom China signs the trade deal whooo were sick can’t trade anything

  26. Orange boy freaked out when our intelligence Dept found out that Russia is meddling with the 2020 election. Trump freaked out and replaced the head of that Dept. And fox doesn’t defend nor report that news. Nothing suspicious or wrong about that??? What’s wrong with you people?? WAKE UP!! this isn’t about left nor right! Is about our future and our kids future!!

  27. How long can USA cover up? Case numbers are unbelievable. This cannot be stopped without a rapid appropriate response. There is a sneaky way this spreads through air among people who feel well only to get symptoms days later. Wearing masks reduces the spread. Also can get it by touching eyes,nose and mouth with unwashed hands after touching infected surfaces. Reducing exposure to other people helps slow the spread. Remember if they won't test for spread in the community, they won't find it.

  28. This is the biggest propaganda post. The U.S. has a patent filed for this virus filed through the U.S. Patent Office, 2004, 2007. We made the fuckin" virus. tell me that there is not a vaccine. Read about Francis Boyle who is a Lawyer in International Lawyer. Dr. Boyle drafted the Chemical And Biological Anti-Terrorism Act Of 1989 that Bush Sr. signed into law. This is how connected Boyle is. The research is feeding the bank accounts of big Pharm. this virus was designed as a biological weapon.

  29. Trump better pay attention. He fired the entire pandemic team two years ago! He's incompetent. Luck is what we're depending on!

  30. What if America or a Global Elite Kobal planted the virus to weaken China, its only real threat for global domination. Once the pandemic reaches America on a large scale Trump will then declare “Marshal Law” and no Presidential voting will even happen… Trump wins 2020 with Marshal Law!!! No Voting allowed.. Country and Pharma with the Vaccine can force the world to bow…

  31. Some how our government and cdc are lying to us now… Gag orders in several cities including Buffalo NY… CDC claims America has only working test kits in 3 states… California, Nebraska, and Illinois so the rest of country can’t give out true numbers cause they can’t even test over 80% of our population yet they are claiming… So when the truth comes out they will have excuses and blame the test kits… lol Propaganda is alive in America especially on Fox…

  32. We need to start talking about mad scientists in government labs creating viruses that are released and cause pandemics.. because thats what may have happened here. There should be a global bio-weapons treaty

  33. Lies lies lies! Schill, Schill! Shame on these msm people for allowing themselves to be bought at the expense of not only the American people but people worldwide!! Prayers for those lost to the ways of man! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💞💞💞

  34. Relax Folks ,YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET. These Liberal politicians will eventually begin proposing we bring the INFECTED into this country . Let me just say .that when I went to college back in the 60's we had NOT YET cured ONE VIRUS.The MOST they could do is make the patient comfortable and give Antibiotics to prevent secondary infections while the Immune system is down.Perhaps it's changed BUT I really doubt it.

  35. …people who are able to sneak by the President’s quarantine program are showing how a handful can potentially threaten large numbers in this country…due to their lack of responsibility and compassion…and frankly,lack all sense of decency…

  36. I guess the Uighur populations in social quarantine in China may have been accidentally benefitted from the Communist dictator’s experimental biological warfare…

  37. Lou Dobbs is the Global Gold Standard for TV interviewers – What a pleasure to watch and listen. – Always a superbly balanced show. Appreciation from Australia.


  39. It scares me to think that if this 'super flu' came out during the Obama administration, what kind of trouble & sickness America would have. Thank You Prez. Trump.

  40. It's funny how the CDC has a patent on nCov19 and they will also be the ones developing the vaccine. Bill Gates and his globalist demons are behind this.

  41. Over 70% think trump can handle this…Issa lie..We need to be worried and preparing not praising trump. In the real world we see nothing being done to stop this…

  42. So …. they can find a cure for this by this fall? yet they cant seem to find a cure for the flu and cancer?? Just prepare for an extended stay indoors.

  43. As usual, government administrations allowed HELL to open and have its way. China should have immediately closed country, with NO flights or ships in or out. Every country should have foreseen this, UNITED/Stood Together and prevented the coming Nightmare. Inconvenienced by staying in your cabin/room/house? Tough Luck. The World in 30 day quarantine is better than world on FIRE. We are in the Fourth Turning and fascism will return.

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