Trump Describes G20 Conference Call On Coronavirus Response | NBC News

Trump Describes G20 Conference Call On Coronavirus Response | NBC News

100 thoughts to “Trump Describes G20 Conference Call On Coronavirus Response | NBC News”

  1. What a lying Goof! Get rid of this Virus CALLED TRUMP! Do What YOU CAN DO! And don’t talk to world leaders, you are an Embarrassment

  2. But it was a hoax remember? He doesn't care about us Americans. He cares about him self and his numbers. What a pathetic President. Make America great again? Get rid of this President

  3. You had a wonderful call OK, but did you listen to what they had to say?? Judging from your past speeches I doubt you heard a word they said, just like you hear nothing when the doctors inform you on the virus….Any one will do a better job than you,what a knuckle-head….

  4. 3-4 weeks ago, he was calling it a hoax, and just a flu.(then the world fell apart, after these words of wisdom)

    Do you really think now, he has any better idea on this?

    2 days ago was it, he said he wanted it over by easter.
    (while america is weeks behind europe, and it really is only getting going now in america)

    So what is he saying now?

    You watch tonight on hannity, he will have another bullshitting session.

    Con people never remember what they say the day before, and he goes from one bullshiting speech to another.

  5. If you're watching this as your update to the pandemic please do not. Go to CNN and NYTimes. Also follow DeWine (Ohio) and Cuomo (New York).

  6. " What does the Holocaust Centre and the ADL think of the government burning peoples loved ones in brick ovens and posting them a box of charcoal by snail mail … You hear the doorbell ring so you jump into ya gas mask, surgeons apron, rubber gloves and fishing waders … open up and the only thing there is a small white box wrapped in medical packing tape and on it reads ' CAUTION HAZARDOUS WASTE ' – Compliments of the U.S. Government … hmmm visions of WW2 begin drifting through your mind ! "

  7. He is happy cause he already close deal of the end of venezuela syria 2.0,might he got a deal with russia and China to steal equal petrol ammounts for free.

  8. What a moron. When he goes off script he just cant keep it together. Immediately ranting about the media and a "wise guy" raising his voice. When he talks like that he sounds just like a mobster. Which…of course…he is. And not a very good one at that.

  9. He`s just so dump, this speach was aweful … Your couvernement didnt learned about what europe already experienced (still) … and Trump will force you to go back to work, when we speak in europe about shutdown at least for 2 months?? Come on Trump, you had your stage, but now you are the biggest danger USA ever had!

  10. Terrific meeting, terrific meetings!!! What exactly is the "fake news" hes projecting. Great meeting. Great meeting.

  11. Drug trial takes time for the time being give patients a cocktail of Oseltamivir/ Avelox/ Arbidol/ Ibuprofen & B12. Then we pray

  12. There was one wise guy, but we took care of him….what does that mean?? Dumpty always sounds like one of the Sopranos….

  13. EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL!!! Why are you so scared and jumped away from Dr. Birx when she had a low fever!!????

  14. This will surpass Trump wishes.. .is already hard huge tremendous big problem he did not approach on time. Trump is fired.
    Go and be in the streets hospitals in NY….YOU…..inept incompetent Trump and Kushner…Ivanka…Melania (sorry for your tennis project) ….DO!!

  15. Donald Trump, you need to grow up and get over yourself. Put your big boy panties on, stop whining about how you think the news perceives you Act like an adult leader, the president of the United States.

  16. I don't know what to think about pence,the whole time he's telling you something he's shaking his head no. I guess the whole idea is to try and confuse people.Nah,I just don't believe him.

  17. NBC deliberately put this video up so people can see just how stupid Trump is. Take note Trump supporters and trolls.↓↓↓

  18. this man is making this way more stressful than it once was since he put a time line on putting every body back in each others faces. It is like you have been given your death sentence.

  19. Geriatric president, after a black one, Americans really dont discriminate do they. How can anyone take this guy seriously.

  20. To my American friends: Donald Trump is one man. If you are going to criticize, you’ll have to criticize the entire Republican Party for enabling this behaviour. “Remember that howsoever you are played or by whom, your soul is in your keeping alone, even though those who presume to play you be kings or men of power. When you stand before God, you cannot say, "But I was told by others to do thus," or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice. Remember that.” King Baldwin IV in Kingdom of Heavean

  21. Stop the Nonsense on having Workers Return to Work , Stop the Spread , Instead . Business , Economy will Survive . I Want My Parents , Grand Parents To LIVE

  22. I am not American anybody wit good sense can see trump is not correct from his head everting but but but kick in his butt they shud gave him



  24. pence is no longer staring lovingly at the back of TRUMP's head , he just stood there looking straight ahead, thinking what a total mess this is we created.

  25. All the jokes and hyperbole about how bad a US under Trump would’ve been is paradise to live through compared to real life.

  26. MORONOVIRUS is much worse than coronavirus!!! A cure in November!!! Chemists and scientific community agree!!!!

  27. Strange speech, going on about meeting many people instead of talking directly to the citizens about the virus pandemic

  28. It's pretty bad when at 1pm indian news networks reported the summary of G20 today the world will be injecting 5 trillion U.S. dollars into world economy aswell working on a vaccine.

    first 15 minutes are commercial free then 10 minutes of commercials cleverly place in the last 15 minutes! WHAT A SCAM!!!

  30. How long before he denies speaking with the world leaders . Next the fake news will be blamed or Barack Obama had something to do with this .

  31. He didn't provide any relevant information. He wanted to get it over? Any other president would have taken it as an opportunity to learn or educate. To him, it was a waste of his time.

  32. The problem is Trump. Talk about mind change. If he had one. The guys a nut. Some one needs to show him his past conference. Trumps the biggest wise guy.🎃🎃🎃🎃

  33. …Swear to God….was listening, not watching….literally stopped what I was doing when Tom Brady entered the conversation……had to rewind a few times……just to make sure the Matrix didn't glitch again…………… did……

  34. Look at the death rate of this virus in the United States. It's the lowest in the world. It shows it's no difference from a flu. Wake up people and stop panicking. We should be working and enjoying ourselves out there instead of doing nothing at home.

  35. Trump is going to be responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of US citizens. What a disgrace and embarrassment. He should be impeached and imprisoned for how he’s handing this.

  36. As of 3/25/20
    As regards COVID-19 in the US The CDC reported:

    More people died of the flu in 2019 then will die from the COVID-19 virus

    984 deaths

    % that died
    10-27% 85+ yrs old
    4-11% 65-85 yrs old
    ???? No other numbers given.

    They go on to say that eight out of 10 deaths have been people 65+ yrs old

    Of the 68,440 presumptive positive & confirmed COVID-19 cases

    636 were Travel related 1074 CLOSE CONTACT

    Of those 66,730 UNDER
    INVESTIGATION on how they caught it

    I guess they don’t have enough money to hire the people to figure out how these people are catching it. With their great concern about people working they should hire some more people to work for them.

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