Trump: decision to withdraw US troops from Syria is ‘strategically brilliant’

Trump: decision to withdraw US troops from Syria is ‘strategically brilliant’

Our soldiers are not in harm’s way,
as they shouldn’t be, as
two countries fight over land.
That has nothing to do with us
and the Kurds are much safer
right now but the Kurds know
how to fight and as I said,
they’re not angels, they’re not angels.
If you take a look –you have
to go back and take a look–
but they fought with us,
we paid a lot of money for them to fight
with us and that’s okay, they did well
when they fought with us;
they didn’t do so well
when they didn’t fight with us, so…
So I view for the situation on the
Turkish border with Syria to
be for the United States
strategically brilliant.
Our soldiers are out of there,
our soldiers are totally safe,
they’ve got to work it out.
Maybe they can do without fighting.
Syria’s protecting the Kurds, that’s good.
We are– and by the way every player
hates ISIS, everybody we’re talking about.
Syria more than us.
Russia more than us.
They’ve done a big number on Russia
and we’re over there fighting ISIS
but they’re over there fighting ISS too,
they can handle it and
they should handle it.
The thing that’s common is that
everybody hates ISIS. Now the PKK
which is a part of the Kurds as you know
is probably worse at terror and more
of a terrorist threat in many ways than ISIS.
So it’s a very semi-complicated,
not too complicated if you’re smart,
but it’s a semi-complicated problem.

100 thoughts to “Trump: decision to withdraw US troops from Syria is ‘strategically brilliant’”

  1. Yall dont know it yet but his ultimate plan is to have the Starfleet Federation up and running at least the best training in the universe by the end of his second term. I wonder if he will appoint positions to William Schattner or Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, Johnathan Frakes or possibly even make a quantum leap and call up Scott Bakula for his little Experience fighting Klingons and Borg Mercinaries. Guess ill just have to wait and see. But this is why hes pulling all these soldiers back home. Just wait youll see! He will make Gene Roddenberry proud! And im positive his first mission order will be titled The Search for Spock. It Should be entertaining either way.

  2. Who here is going to volunteer to help fight with the Kurds? Who here wants to go fight an unwinnable battle that a previous administration started? Nobody, so shut your freaken sucks!

  3. Hes doing the right thing, you all who want to go to war are the same people who would be first in line to be outraged at trump for any dead troops and a lengthy new war. Trump never wanted war in the middle east even in the late 90's and early 2000's hes called out the US Gov for starting costly wars in the Middle east

  4. Best way to keep america safe and productive is to stop these evil foreign wars . america is not a country of evil.

  5. Those people have been fighting the same wars off and on for thousands of years ! Bring our troops home to protect us , not other Countries !

  6. I like how he places the lady transcribing his words in the shot. It’s a way of trying to back up past lies about having professional transcribers. Which is also one of the ways he has covered up lies. He’s putting her professionalism and alertness on display to legitimize her and anything else that comes “transcribed” from the White House…it’s obvious and ridiculous.


  8. So the Left want the US out of the Middle East. Trump withdraws troops from the Middle East. Now the Left want US troops back in the Middle East…Confused??You will be…

  9. And THIS ladies and gentlemen is WHY people fly Airplanes into BUILDINGS !! THIS is exhibit A on FULL BLOWN STUPID display for the WORLD to SEE !!!

  10. “The Kurds are much safer now”

    Is that so? They must be on holiday or something being so safe. Oh, what’s that? They’re being bombed and gunned down? That’s safe.

  11. You cant convince and arrogant person if the arrogance is so high that the person still believes in themselves even when they are so wrong.

  12. Well if no one is going to congratulate our Pres on the comb over….I WILL.
    That is ONE SERIOUS comb over !! 😂 🤣😂 🤣

  13. So later in 20 plus years when there are Kurdish terrorists that hate America due to this…We can say Trump was the founder…Right Republican Hypocrites??? Right?

  14. Yes, and have everyone look at us as untrustworthy and damage future relationships or just current relationships we have right now. Brilliant plan, pure genius 👏👏👏

  15. He has no understanding of anything. Climate change and weather. The difference between tactics and strategy can be added to the list

  16. Mr honorable president of the Americas and the world. I'm just trying to get America to do business with each other and spend money to circulate the American dollar 20 times before goes over seas. That's local community goals . It works. Let do not forAmerica. Let's go hike. U the QB mr trump.

  17. All this that Trump is doing it's, just for his own personal selfish person. He has 2 Trump towers in Turkey and doesn't want nothing to happen to his business. So he made a deal with Turkey to benefit his own personal assets. He has no patriotism in him at all. Not even in his so called bone spurs.

  18. So many liberals are going to Troll Trump with that woman behind looking at him…
    Yet they can't handle being Trolled at themselves.

  19. I find some the posted comments embarrassingly laughable. Maybe those that haven't served should go serve. I served already. Those that have Thank you.

  20. Keep twisting everything in your favor. All this anti American does is lie and contradict himself. I'm tired of having fought 3 tours in the middle of east just so this corrupt man single handedly bring our constitution down. Enough is enough! Let's not be naive puppets anymore and stand up and do what's right. IMPEACH!!

  21. Yeah genius, our troops are out of there but so are the terrorist
    This must be what you meant by the great wisdom you've been carrying around

  22. I'm glad you're brilliant, Donald. The likes of which no star in the universe can match. Keep burning your fuel and our collective decency.

  23. He tries to reduce international relations and bloody armed conflicts down to "dollars spent"? He's not running a business! Hello! BTW: Russia no longer the SU is not "news" …

  24. President Trump Best President Ever Trump 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  25. Dear Mr president you are 100 % right to put this nonsense wars behind us has cost us $ 7 Trillion + is time to put the house in order.

  26. It is not for American parents to sacrifice their children in a fight on the other side of the world that has nothing to do with America. I’m sure many in America are sick of paying taxes so that the USA can be the world’s police force.

  27. I am sure anyone that is opposed to pulling out our troops can take their sons and daughters jump on a plane and join the KURDS by the end of next week ! Put up or shut up !

  28. Trump claims Kurds are 'no angels' as he praises Turkish offensive ►

  29. Trump: They're not angels…they're not angels if you take a look. You have to go back and take a look.

    Saudi: Mmmmmmmokay.

  30. So it's strategically brilliant to have 2 F-15s bomb US headquarters so that equipment left behind during a hasty retreat doesn't fall into enemy hands? And civilian Kurds are shot dead by Turkish troops who video the crime. Meanwhile, Russian TV tours abandoned U.S. base in Syria adding to our humiliation. And Erdogan throws your letter into the garbage. Tell you what Donnie, we need less "strategic brilliance."

  31. Those people have been fighting and killing each other since time began. It will never end and we can’t babysit the whole world, at the expense of the lives of our soldiers. Enough is enough.

  32. Has the US given the Kurdish military support in terms of intellegence as well as drone and fire support? They could very well put all the withdrawn effort in that field without the loss of casualites.

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