Trump Combines Cruel Immigration Policies with Broken Promises : A Closer Look

Trump Combines Cruel Immigration Policies with Broken Promises : A Closer Look

-The Trump administration
has announced a new rule
that would limit
legal immigration
by imposing a wealth test.
For more on this it’s time for
“A Closer Look.”
[ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheering and applause ]
Trump has many racist conspiracy
theories about immigrants.
He thinks they’re being
funded by shadowy groups.
He thinks it’s a plot
to invade America
and he’s pretty sure
at least one of his sons
snuck in from Transylvania.
[ Laughter ]
[as Trump] Secret Service,
he’s out of his coffin again.
[ Laughter ]
Trump also has his insane
theory that other countries
are somehow rigging
the visa lottery system,
to put their worst people
in the lottery.
He’s repeated it many times,
including at a rally
earlier this month.
-How about the lottery system?
[ Booing ]
How about lotteries?
You put the name in a basket.
The country puts the name
in the basket
and you pick people
out of the lottery.
Well, let’s see,
“This one’s a murderer.
[ Laughter ]
This one robbed four banks.
This one, I’d better not say.
This one,
another murderer.”
Ladies and gentlemen,
another murderer.
-It sounds like
he’s picking his cabinet.
[ Laughter ]
[as Trump] Bank robber.
[ Cheering and applause ]
Oh, a murderer.
Oh, oh, you guys.
[ Cheering and applause ]
You guys, we got a cannibal.
[ Laughter ]
[ Applause ]
But, Trump continued.
-Think of this:
Do you think they’re gonna
put their great citizens?
They have great citizens.
They have great people,
like we have great people.
Do you think those people are
going into a lottery?
No. And then, we get
these people coming in.
You just take a look.
Look at the people they put
into these lotteries.
-That’s not how it works.
Countries don’t put people
in the lotteries.
[ Laughter ]
People enter themselves
and it’s not murderers, saying,
“The police are closing in!
I better make my escape,
by entering a random drawing.”
[ Laughter ]
This is one of Trump’s favorite
insane conspiracy theories
and he’s repeated it countless
times throughout his presidency.
-They have a lottery.
You pick people.
You think the country’s
givin’ us their best people?
No. Visa lottery!
Visa lottery!
Boom. Who is this?!
Who is this?
And then, when they turn out
to be not so good,
we say, “I wonder why.”
Well, maybe the country’s
giving us
their worst in those lotteries.
Does that make any sense?
Think of it: A lottery!
You pick people.
Now, let me ask you.
So, these countries that are
sending people in.
Do you think they’re
sending us their finest?
And then, we wonder why
we have problems.
We’re not going to be
a stupid country anymore!
-Anh, we’re still very much
the stupid country.
[ Laughter and applause ]
Stupid is our brand.
Obama made us cool.
You made us stupid.
One of the other
problems here is,
unlike more complicated terms,
Trump thinks he knows
what a lottery is,
so, even though he’s wrong,
he’s trying to flex his muscles.
I’m surprised he didn’t
just start talking
about scratch-offs,
at some point.
[as Trump]
And they give you a card
and you use a dime, ideally.
Worst case, your thumb,
and you just start scratching
and, if you get
three matching flags,
that’s your new home.
[ Laughter and applause ]
That’s how it works
in a [bellowing] lottery!
A visa lottery.
[ Applause ]
Trump feeds his supporters
these racist conspiracy theories
to make them think
that undeserving immigrants
are coming here and draining
our public resources,
which is a bigoted lie.
And, now, he’s taking that lie
one step further,
by implementing a new rule
that will basically institute
a wealth test, in order
to limit legal immigration.
-A major policy change
by the Trump administration
is trying to dramatically limit
legal immigration into the U.S.
The so-called public charge rule
would make it more difficult
for people who are, again,
here legally, but rely on some
form of government assistance.
Medicaid, food stamps, housing
vouchers, some of the examples.
It would make it harder
for them to get a green card.
The new criteria
favors wealthier,
more educated immigrants.
The National Immigration
Law Center calls the new rule
a wealth test on immigrants.
[ Rotors whirring ]
-I don’t think it’s fair to have
the American taxpayer pay
for people to come
into the United States.
I’m tired of seeing our taxpayer
paying for people
to come into the country
and immediately go onto welfare
and various other things,
so I think we’re doing it right.
-So, now,
you’re suddenly concerned
about wasting taxpayers’ money?
You’ve already spent more
than $100 million,
just on golf trips.
[ Laughter ]
And I have one very simple
fix for this.
We don’t need to stop
paying for his golf.
We just need to stop paying
for his golf cart
because just imagine how fast
he would lose interest
if he had to walk.
[as Trump] This sucks.
[ Laughter ]
I’m gonna play a sport
where you don’t have
to move so much,
like grass luge.
[ Laughter and clapping ]
This is fundamentally
to everything that America’s
supposed to stand for.
In fact, that ethos
is famously etched
on the Statue of Liberty
in the Emma Lazarus poem
“The New Colossus.”
Trump’s acting director
of U.S. Citizenship
and Immigration Services,
Ken Cuccinelli,
was asked on NPR
about that poem and said this.
-Would you also agree
that Emma Lazarus’s words,
etched on the Statue of Liberty,
“Give me your tired, your poor,”
are also part
of the American ethos?
-They certainly are.
“Give me your tired
and your poor”
who can stand
on their own two feet
[ Laughter ]
and who will not become
a public charge.
-First of all, you can’t
just rewrite the poem!
[ Laughter ]
Especially a poem on a plaque.
Once it’s on a plaque,
it’s the thing.
[ Laughter ]
The sign says “No smoking,”
not “No smoking,
but also smoking.”
[ Laughter ]
Second, you want them
to stand on their own two feet?
Trump can’t stand
on his two feet.
[ Laughter ]
Look at him.
He’s like a drunk guy,
tryin’ real hard
to pretend he’s sober.
[ Clapping ]
Trump is doing this
for two reasons:
one, he’s a racist
and racism is at the core
of his immigration policy.
And two, he can’t deliver
on any of the other promises
he’s made to voters.
That’s why his administration
inflicts cruelty
on desperate migrant families,
like when they conducted
the largest single-state
immigration raid
in history last week
and separated children
from their parents.
Meanwhile, he can’t
actually do anything
to help the people
he promised to help:
the so-called forgotten
men and women of America,
the working class
he claimed he championed.
He told them he’d fix everything
and that it would be so easy.
You know, like healthcare.
-We’re gonna get you
something so good.
So much less expensive,
so much better.
You know what it’s called?
It’s better and less expensive.
That’s a good combination.
You’re going to have
such great healthcare,
at a tiny fraction of the cost,
and it’s gonna be so easy.
-As a general rule,
never take advice from a guy
in a camouflage hat
with orange font because…
[ Laughter ]
it’s a weird choice.
I mean, I get the orange,
but not the words, you know?
You’ve never seen a hunter
going into the woods
in camo gear with bright
orange writing that says,
“I am a hunter.”
[ Laughter ]
Now, a universal
healthcare system
that guarantees healthcare
as a human right
is possible,
as many industrialized nations
and Democrats running
for president have shown,
but Trump made the promise
without having any clue
what he was talking about
and then, of course,
once it came time
to come up with an actual plan,
like any con artist,
he tried to talk in circles
until people forgot
what he’d promised.
This will be a plan where
you can choose your doctor.
This will be a plan
where you can choose your plan.
-And you know what the plan is?
This is the plan.
-Oh my God.
He always sounds like
he’s playing Taboo
and he can’t think
of a second clue
that’s not [indistinct]
[as Trump]
Uh, it’s a plan, you know.
Like a plan. A plan.
It’s a plan.
You know, a plan!
[ Buzzer ]
The word was plan.
I was cheating.
[ Laughter and clapping ]
I was cheating the whole time.
Then, there was Trump’s promise
to save manufacturing jobs.
During a stop in Ohio
two years ago,
he told residents
he would singlehandedly
save their manufacturing plants.
In fact, he literally told
the people at his rally
who were worried about losing
their jobs not to move.
-I rode through your
beautiful roads,
coming up from the airport
and I was —
I was lookin’ at some
of those big, once incredible,
job-producing factories.
And my wife, Melania, said,
“What happened?”
I said, “Those jobs
have left Ohio.”
They’re all
comin’ back.
[ Cheering and applause ]
They’re all comin’ back.
[ Whistling ]
Comin’ back.
[ Applause ]
Don’t move.
Don’t sell your house.
Don’t sell your house.
-If Donald Trump, a man
who has gone bankrupt six times
and is infamous
for some of the biggest
real estate disasters
in history,
tells you don’t sell your
house, sell your house.
[ Laughter and applause ]
Trump is —
Trump is the kind of guy
who would tell people,
during a tornado,
[as Trump] “You definitely
wanna be by a window.
[ Laughter ]
Be by a window,
so you can see it.
Sometimes they have cows inside.
[ Laughter and applause ]
Once again, you’ll
never guess what happened.
A plant nearby, in Lordstown,
closed in March.
Then, when the cruel reality
of Trump’s empty promises
came crashing down on the
workers he promised to help,
all Trump could do
was offer a useless tweet.
And, once again,
he clearly had no idea how
to deliver on his promise.
-“Just spoke to Mary Barra,
CEO of General Motors,
about the Lordstown,
Ohio, plant.
I am not happy that it is closed
when everything else
in our country is booming.
I asked her to sell it
or do something quickly.
She blamed the UAW union.
I don’t care.
I just want it open.
-Hey, ass[bleep], you told them
not to sell their homes.
A tweet whining that you’re not
happy isn’t good enough.
It’s like if your buddy told you
to invest everything you have
in Bitcoin and, then,
when it crashed, sent you a text
that was just a dollar emoji
and a surprise face.
[ Laughter and clapping ]
Also, what do you mean,
“I asked her to do something”?
Do what?
You’re the guy
who said you were gonna
save the jobs.
You’re supposed
to have the ideas.
Like a plumber who shows up
and takes a look at your toilet,
and then just screams, “Unclog!”
[ Laughter ]
[ Applause ]
By the way, that plant
in Ohio is far from alone.
In fact, just two weeks ago,
GM idled another plant
in Michigan,
which might come as a shock
to people who were
at these Trump rallies
in Michigan in 2016.
-I’ve been saying:
Your car industry’s
being sucked
away from Michigan.
It’s happening.
If I’m elected,
you won’t lose one plant.
You’ll have plants coming
into this country.
You’re gonna have jobs again.
You won’t lose one plant.
I promise you that.
[ Cheering and applause ]
I promise you that.
So all I say is this:
You wanna build your plant
in Mexico,
have a great time.
But if you think you’re
gonna ship your product
across the border — which will
be a very strong border,
by the way —
for no tax, no nothing.
So we end up with unemployment
and we end up with empty
plants and factories.
And you end up with the money,
the jobs, and the plants.
You can forget it.
And you know what would happen?
If you said that right upfront,
nobody’s leaving, folks.
You stop it right away.
The politicians
don’t wanna say that
because most of them are too
stupid to even understand it.
-They’re too stupid?
Dude, you’re too stupid
to spell the word country,
your wife’s name,
and your own name.
[ Laughter and applause ]
I mean,
imagine if this guy
tried meeting his own
immigration standards.
He has no discernible skills,
lost $1 billion,
and can’t spell his own name.
He’d flunk
the citizenship test
before he even got
to the first question.
[ Laughter ]
Trump inflicts cruelty
on desperate migrants
fleeing poverty and violence
because, first, he’s a racist
and racism is at the core
of his ideology.
And second, he’s failed
at literally everything else
he’s promised to do.
You need a plan
to expand healthcare,
save manufacturing jobs.
You can’t just do it
by tweeting
or yelling at people,
but Trump is…
-Too stupid to even
understand it.
-This has been “A Closer Look.”
[ Cheering and applause ]

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