Trolls Not-So-Breaking News – Ghost trolling

Trolls Not-So-Breaking News – Ghost trolling

Trolls not-so-Breaking News – yes, ghost is
a troll Good evening and welcome to Trolls not-so-breaking
news, today’s topic is Ghost and his trolling, it seems that this video needs to be made,
because many people are failing to realize something. For a last week or so it was very popular
to go listen to Capitalist radio with radio host Ghost and to call him and troll him,
but now it seems that many do not realize that they are just feeding a troll, troll
that is better than most of them. Some people might ask how do we know that Ghost is a troll
and that’s why Steve is here to give us his troll expert opinion. Hello Steve Hey Vol Jang We know that he is trolling, because it doesn’t
make sense otherwise, so what doesn’t make sense? He is just too perfect to troll, he reacts
exactly as people want him to. Another thing is the character of engineer, engineer is
obviously ghost himself, but when ghost gets angry he is still able to talk to engineer,
angry person wouldn’t give a fuck about the engineer act. Angry people are usually not
able to hold concentration in this way, which indicates that he’s just pretending. Well, thank you Steve. The problem with Ghost
is that his show is serious and sometime it seems that he has really good points in what
he says, but on the other hand he’s obviously trolling trolls, which makes it difficult
to guess what he means seriously and what is just an act. Some people suspect that his
whole radio broadcast is a big cannibal trolling, but that is very unlikely, if it is, it is
kind of sad. The question is what is his motivation to
pretend to get angry, does he want to attrack listeners by it, because even if people would
go to troll him some people might like the rest of his show, but a question is if it’s
worth it. Maybe it would be just easier to top throwing a fit and make the show in normal
way. At least that would get rid off the newfag kind of trolls. Youtube user (yeah there’s now way I can pronounce
that) informed us that on Monday on Ghost show 10 commandments of Troll were announced.
And these 10 commandments of Troll have actually very good point, not like some other 10 commandments
we might know. You can see here that trolling doesn’t mean just to repeat the same thing
over and over again, but to be creative. But what Ghost and most people are failing
to realize is that trolls are not following TrollsNews and planning they’re trolling based
on TrollsNews reports, TrollsNews follows trolls and reports on their activity. That’s all for this evening, stay tune for
more TrollsNews, please subscribe like and comment this video and thank you for watching. My name is Vol Jang stay safe under the youtube

88 thoughts to “Trolls Not-So-Breaking News – Ghost trolling”

  1. Somehow I'm not surprised, oh well it was a fun ride nonetheless. I heard your conversation with Ghost a couple of days ago and you handled that very well. Props to you my friend.

  2. Yeah, at first I thought he was serious, but after I listened to 2 hours of him raging, it became obvious. The engineer is an act….he NEVER talks at the same time ghost does, and you can NEVER hear what the engineer is saying. (That way Ghost can voice both characters, and not give away that they sound the same.) Also, Ghost reacts to every troll calling him a racist as if they were serious. I'd think even an idiot would realize after a while that people only call him racist to make him angry.

  3. hey dude i have a troll in my channel…hes a nazi..see his channel and if u see his list of things he hate ull laugh:Doh and another thing..he blocked me lol

  4. @aSongScout exactly, when I was listening the first DarkRazorz video I thought that he is serious, but then I started to listen to his broadcast and it was obvious that he's just pretending. But I have to say that I would love to know what's real and what's fake, like the racism thing.

  5. I had a serious feeling what he was a troll, or at least an act. I'm glad to see that some people have thought about it more than me.

    But I figure act or not or trolling, he's still funny as fuck and good practice for newfags. He doesn't let the really bad trolls get him, he only gives reactions to the average ones at best. He's still funny and entertaining and everyone likes a good fool.

  6. I knew he was a troll when he overreacted to just hearing the word 'Racist' so many times.

    caller calls in, says 'why r u racist? :3'
    ghost goes on a pissy fit for 30 seconds – 1 minute.

    that doesnt make sense.

  7. @Trollsnews Hmm, he does act racist on the show, especially with his game "guess the minority". He continually says in response that he's a "melting pot of friendship" (and that sounds so ridiculous I can't imagine him being serious when he says it), and asks everyone to spread the message over the internet. I would guess the racist thing is just an act to get him more listeners. I'd doubt that someone with his acting skills would act angry when people call him racist when he actually is.

  8. Yes it's pretty obvious that Ghost is a troll after hearing enough of him for awhile. However, people enjoy it whether he's faking it or not, so I'll continue to make videos until everyone gets bored (summer ends). I also have a feeling that newfags just enjoy seeing themselves make it in to a video.

    Regardless, it's entertaining to most people, so we'll see where this goes.

  9. @ggctuk2011 that's the guy who posted it, I thought it would be appropriate to give at least posting credit, because I wasn't able to find author directly, I guess it was just anon

  10. @DarkRazorZ exactly, I'm not making these reports to say "do that, don't do that" it's more to let people know who is trolls, so they don't do something stupid if they would take the person seriously

  11. @DrJReefer nah, it still doesn't make sense. if you take something that small so personally and let it offend you that much, you're a dumbass.. which is what ghost wanted his viewers to think he was. he's an alright actor.

  12. I knew he was trolling, he recognizes ponies and all that shit as well as freaking out over someone saying get a engineer to ban people… BUT IT'S STILL HILARIOUS HARHARHARHARHARHARHARHARHARHARHARHAR

  13. -He knows what bronies are
    -He said 'lulzy'
    -He always says "Im a melting pot of friendship"
    -He knows what 4chan is

    I noticed those things a while ago and knew something was off..

  14. @xBezerkerrr I noticed that as well, but I think anyone who spends some time on the internet (and not on facebook) will know 4chan and learn some internet terminology

  15. @Trollsnews I wish You would have commented on how everytime he gets upset he tosses around cans and shit. Lol I guarantee it's a soundfile he uses. There's no way he has that many cans in his studio.

  16. @TaBB3rNackle92 he must have cans or a lot of trashing sounds, I took sound samples from 4 of his can trashing and they were different, no match. And I'm not talking about him talking over it different, just different sounds. I thought it might be fake so I spend some time investigating that, but I think I was wrong

  17. its funny to me that 90 percent of the people you talk about i've never heard of
    that right, never hear of LifeInATent till you told me about ho,

  18. i heard you call into ghost's show last week! and its always funnier when people do something new and fail…. just the moment of silence and awkwardness makes it so funny

  19. If engineer is just Ghost, why does his voice clearly sound like its coming from another part of the room,?

  20. @Trollsnews and theres akso the fact he new he was on trolls news. If he is what he says he is, why whould he watch trolls news? no offence

  21. IF you watch the video "ghost raps", he admits to knowing about /b/tards this was 2 years ago.
    Now take your own conclusions from that

  22. @FullbusterDragon yeah I called him (once), I didn't feel that it was importing for the report so I didn't talk about it. I will call him (maybe) again on Monday, I would just like to talk to him about something

  23. Well if he is a trolling what a troll! I mean, making up a site about capitalism with forum and all and talk there about stock options and shit to cover his troll activities he must be a fucking genius.

  24. @Ryoga2K well, that's real, he really wants to talk about that, but than he's trolling trolls. His situation is special, because he's combining trolling and not trolling. He just used the situation

  25. @Sniper647 but then you would ask the question "why would he bother searching that when he knows hes being trolled"

  26. @Sniper647 and that also beggs the question "why would he want to listen to himself being trolled in the first place?"

  27. @TaBB3rNackle92 After listening for a while, I suspect he's using some kind of prop combined with mic movements to create the can trashing effect. Also, I don't believe he's actually in a highrise in downtown Austin. Whoever leases his office would have a problem with all the ruckus he causes. I think he's in a condo which isn't downtown, or frankly just at home on the north or west side. I doubt he's even in Travis county, but this is speculation since I don't live there anymore.

  28. @jeois411 Yeah /b/ro, he's a full-on troll. I just can't see someone setting up cans before everyshow just to knock them down again lol. As far as where he lives and does the show, it's probably georgia or something hahaha

  29. @TaBB3rNackle92 yeah, he's trolling with his overreactions, but I think he's serious about some of the shit… and of course, he's somewhat racist. I think, who knows for sure, he has a few cans tied together with string that he bangs against the microphone and on his desk. Notice how he acts like he loses track of where the mic is after he "trashes" the place. Man, if I were leasing an office space, I wouldn't some ass ragin' and hollerin' every evening.

  30. @jeois411 Oh hell yeah dude, he is racist. He's just a big troll, but it's actually funny to see his reactions though

  31. @Trollsnews still in his site he says stuff that makes you think he is trolling and he says it with all seriousness.. I really think this guy has a real personality disorder and he really is like that mate.

  32. Hey Trollsnews, thanks for not begging us to favorite your vid.
    that is way to much to ask of youtube users

  33. >acts like an ass in front of an audience
    >gets insulted on a daily basis
    >screams his lungs out to the point of vomitting
    If he's a troll, he sucks. Trolling shouldn't make you look like a tool. I think that you guys are giving humanity too much credit, thinking that an insane jerk with anger management issues wouldn't be able to get his own radio show. And why should I believe troll news anyway?
    that's like taking anything on /b/ seriously, ever


  35. Yeah, I think his show nothing but big cannibal trolling, because the area code for his calls are for any part of Texas but for New York. It's all an act.

  36. Ghost isn't trolling, he's just enabling trolls for the amusement of everyone.
    What's the difference between Ghost and (For the sake of argument) Jimmy Car, who takes a heckler and make an ass out of him? Only that Ghost takes the "anger" and CANS.WAV route, instead of using superior intellect, to provide laughs. Since the character of Ghost is supposedly in Texas, he it works out since superior intellect is not something Texans can achieve.

  37. @Ekukid The NY area code is because that's the number BlogTalkRadio give him, and that's where they are based. But I do agree he is a cannibal troll, yes.

  38. @BlueChameleon01 I see, that only means that he honestly doesn't know or he made a mistake during his act, because during one of his shows he thought someone with the same 646 area code was from Texas. I mean seriously, would it kill him to make a less than five minute google search for these things. In any case, I still think that this isn't in Texas and it's all just an act.

  39. Trolling or not, I think you guys should give the old man a break. Seriously he almost had a heart attack on one of his show, why don't you guys (anonymous) just leave him alone? I know you're all trying to be "cool" and "edgy" but you guys need to re-consider this.

  40. @DarkRazorZ the problem I have with that is the trolls get boring. The only one that holds any weight to it is the ghetto capitalist

  41. At the end of your video you say that we need to" follow trolls news and plan accordingly". No thanks, sounds like a shitty way to get views.

  42. @dengeki1 I went through the script and I didn't find it, I knew it doesn't sound like me
    What I said was that I'm not the one who is being followed by trolls, I'm the one who's following trolls and report on them. Simpler, I don't cause shit, I just talk about it

  43. @FilmsFromACynic
    These days he's been more tight with calls and shout-outs too, and he's rarely doing a broadcast (we're lucky if he even gets three shows/week now)

  44. ghost was trolling before true conservative radio in jan 2008, anyone who isnt aware of this is just stupid, unfortunately darkrazorz edited "troll" videos which has lead to children aged 7-9 and 4chan newfags into believing they can to troll him instead him trollling them because they are too stupid to see he is a troll and he has changed his original plans of engaging smart people who are possibly trolls, to getting a more political audience possibly a cable tv show?

  45. It's not worth my time to troll him, but it's funny to see other people feeding him, and see him deal with failtrolls.

    Seriously though, you have to be retarded to not know he's trolling. His engineer character is a dead give away anyways.

  46. The "Capitalist" army voted for Ghost and he dominated the shorty awards, Alex S. made the "Melting Pot of Alcohol" remix, Tara Strong quoted Ghost's "I'm a melting pot of friendship" they all sparked thousands of views on his show without Ghost paying a dime.

    Ghost was capitalizing on trolls and was surely making good money. He stopped because he was scared he would get doxed. I mean, no one knows who Ghost is in real life so he can't be trolled for real like Chris Chan for example.

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