Top News: April 12 – Julian Assange And Michael Avenatti Latest, Nipsey Hussle Remembered | TODAY

Top News: April 12 – Julian Assange And Michael Avenatti Latest, Nipsey Hussle Remembered | TODAY

26 thoughts to “Top News: April 12 – Julian Assange And Michael Avenatti Latest, Nipsey Hussle Remembered | TODAY”

  1. Assange like Gary McKinnon will never see a u.s court,itll be alot of hoopla and blah blah blah in the end the brits will not extradite their own people to the u.s.,If they didnt extradite Gary Mckinnon who did more damage than Assange will EVER DO they're not gonna extradite Assange,Ill bet $1000 IF he does jail time IF thats a huge IF itll be a few months,alot of hoolah for nothin Gary hacked into dod,NASA,doj,army,navy,you name it and shared what he found,we wanted him bad,the brits arrested him and wouldn't extradite,in the end he walked,same will happen with Assange

  2. The government needs to answer to what they’ve done. We want to be the police of everyone and talk about the cruelty of other countries, but what about us? If an American reporter released information about another country’s government wrong doing, and that country demanded for that reporter we would not hand that American over. This is ridiculous.

  3. Lawyers almost always steal from their clients so I am sure of 2 things: Avenatti is as guilty as any lawyer and he is only being charged for political reasons.

  4. Julian Lassange’ Secret Life Exposed – I can only hope the FBI who visited me twice already will forget about me and learn something about Lassange's natal UCI who lead him to experience such a dramatic fate instead! As a rule geniuses from all walks of life are targeted by both the nasty reptilius and the benevolent Draconis. Read more

  5. It's only fair that the politicians who are demanding open borders" bring the illegal immigrants entered their communities

  6. Lmfao!! I wish they would have released them to the sanctuary cities. Trump is the GOAT of trolling.
    But on a serious note, how can Nancy pelosi say the plan was cruel? Trump just wanted to put them in a safe place where they wouldn’t get deported. And wouldn’t it make their cities even safer?
    And I thought the giant migrant caravans didn’t exist?? That’s what the main stream media told me

  7. The emails were NOT HACKED from the DNC. Those emails were downloaded to a flash drive from their own computer and leaked to WikiLeaks. Its already an established fact the amount of data that was downloaded could not possibly be transmitted in that short time over the internet. Government officials have not even examined the DNC servers and the DNC refused to allow government officials to examined their server. That alone tells you they know they were never hacked. But they needed to push the fake Russia hacked them conspiracy to push the Russia interfered in the election conspiracy.

  8. Throw away the keys once he's been dropped in the deepest darkest hole there is arrange is a foreign spy simple

  9. Avenatti? Wasn't he the darling of the MSM? Haaaahaaahaaaaa! Wow, the phrase you are known by the company you keep is blaring in the mind of the country, especially concerning the fact that Avenatti was on the MSM over 150 times in the past year.

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  11. Sincerely mr. President what have you done to our great country so this will be the theme song

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