[Top 5] latest UFO Sightings 2018 – April Report

[Top 5] latest UFO Sightings 2018 – April Report

Fleet of Mexican Chinese lanterns
Los Angeles weather balloon
and the 1561 German Sun dog
lights on the US Mexican border
Milwaukee seagulls
what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in the sky?
A fleet of Mexican Chinese…
So this one is actually often on the lists of the most prominent proof of extraterrestrial life.
So the funny thing is, I actually
remember this happening when it was
reported on Fox News back in like June of 2004
I actually thought this was it,
like when this happened,
I was like this is gonna be the huge
disclosure that everyone is waiting for.
Well I mean, look at that video.
Yeah, I know I know and even the Mexican government
came out at the time, wrote a letter
to the US like demanding
What is going on?
And they- they thought like maybe this
could be like some US secret planes
or whatever that were flying around.
I actually don’t remember this
happening, but this footage
looks just like totally nuts, like
what could that possibly be?
Like I said I thought this was going to be, like huge.
Sure. So there’s a famous UFO
researcher named Jaime Maussan.
He concluded after painful investigations that these
definitely could not be Chinese lanterns, weather balloons, birds, or anything of that kind.
I mean, Chinese lanterns?
If those were Chinese lanterns,
do you know how big those things would have to be?
So never mind what we think,
what do you guys think that these are?
By the way,
We found that Jaime Maussan has a show on
Netflix called the Jaime Maussan show,
looks like he uncovers a lot of cool stuff.
It’s in Spanish, but their captions are like there,
so you should check that out people.
Next topic: Los Angeles weather balloon
also known as the Battle of Los Angeles.
Oh, yeah, anyone ever hear of the Battle of Los Angeles?
No, not the movie Battle Los Angeles.
The great Los Angeles air raid
happened on February 14th, 1942
and ended in the wee hours in the
morning on February 15th,
which was seen by at least about a thousand people.
So an unidentified flying object was
seen over the skies in Los Angeles,
causing an anti-aircraft artillery barrage over the city.
Air sirens went off and chaos ensued.
1440 rounds of ammunition were fired at the UFO and even though the ship was hit to this extent,
No fire was returned at all from
the ship, whatever the thing was.
Los Angeles erupted like a volcano and
confusion just ensued everywhere.
So some reports said since it happened
3 months after Pearl Harbor,
it was confused for a Japanese airship.
And then some other reports said it
was a weather balloon
This went on for hours and
newspapers at the time also
recounted this as a potential alien
invasion even including the LA Times.
Why were fourteen hundred and forty rounds of ammunition fired at a weather balloon?
Why didn’t the weather balloon go down quickly?
Okay, if it was a World War II enemy
ship, why didn’t the ship go down?
and why didn’t it fire anything in return?
The other thing that was crazy is that
at least 3 people were reported killed
and a lot of other people were hurt from like falling debris and ammunition
and everything else.
Another thing I heard is that after whatever was in the air,
people say it just started hovering back over the ocean, and it just like went back into the ocean.
Oh, man, and there’s all that talk about
that alien base underwater in LA
The next one is
kind of one of my favorites on the list.
It’s the 1561 German Sun Dog.
What in the world is a sun dog because
when you told me this I was like, what?
Well, a sun dog is a bright spot to the
left and to the right of the Sun,
which makes it look like it has a halo
around it similar like this image here.
Oh, okay, I think I’ve heard that before I
just didn’t know it was called a sun dog.
So Rob,
What do you think that this old drawing looks like?
I’m gonna go with raging sky rave.
Looks like Pez dispensers and those gumballs that you would get out of those quarter machines as a kid
Maybe some hot dogs in the sky?
So imagine being in the medieval times and
seeing this one morning as soon as you wake up.
It’s like you go walk outside
and you’re met with this crazy scene.
So this was documented by Hans
Glaser, who was an early journalist,
and was seen by many people in
Nuremberg, Germany in 1561.
So part of what Hans described was that a
violent battle took place in the sky for over an hour with blood-red crosses
globes and then described a giant
black spear like object
which was very long and
thick and it pointed West
I mean, that’s very specific.
Yeah, that’s what you see in the
bottom of that big black-
Looks like the Star Destroyer
So Hans then talked about that when
this conflict was most intense,
And quote: “they became fatigued to
such an extent that they all…
fell from the Sun down upon the
Earth as if they all burned
and then they wasted away on the
Earth with immense smoke.”
Sounds like a weather balloon
Okay, so today conventional scientists say he might be describing a sun dog
or it could be a meteor shower.
However, this is right in the morning at sunrise,
so I’m not sure if either of these
could work as an explanation.
Also, people back then were a lot more religious.
So, I mean Hans took it as a sign as an omen from God.
Oh yeah.
People repent and stuff like that.
Right, exactly.
So, I mean, what do you guys think? Do
you think this is a real UFO battle
or just some crazy phenomenon in the skies?
So the next one: lights in the sky
on the US Mexican border.
In a viral post that has
now been removed,
a young woman posted a video of
lights hovering around
the Mexican-U.S. border in
Tijuana and Mexico.
In the video, you can see staff members even leaving their posts to even record what’s in the sky.
so this video that we’re looking at is a repost of the original, right?
and the interesting thing is how all of these little things,
All seem- yeah, they seem random at first,
but then they all slow down and make some
kind of like intelligent triangular formation.
Yes, so yeah.
I mean even cars were slowing down
and some drivers are getting out
and also recorded, you know, from their
phones what they were seeing.
So the interesting thing is the fact
that this was taken down.
Yeah, that’s the curious thing and it was
actually posted on two things:
it was posted on Facebook and then
it was reposted on Instagram.
Both were generating like a huge
amount of comments.
I think Facebook had 30,000 shares-
at the time and then all of a sudden-
and I mean-
it just disappeared.
How many times do we see this? Like it’s one thing if that thing is allowed to be up
and people are just keep commenting on it or whatever.
It would actually appear less…
suspicious if it just stayed up,
but then the fact that it’s been taken down.
I mean, we’ve see this so many times.
with so many different videos, right?
Okay, the Milwaukee fleet of UFOs, which they call seagulls, flying around.
during a live Fox News feed, a massive amount of lights were seen flying in the air
in random patterns in downtown Milwaukee.
The funny thing, even the news anchors
were completely at a loss for words,
in which one of them thought them to be
fireworks until she was so at a loss for words
she was just like, aliens?
And in a kind of not completely
joking way either.
I don’t know.
So later, Fox News came out with a statement that
these are seagulls flying around in the air,
which might be due to a slow shutter speed from a camera?
And they’re giving off light?
I mean, this is crazy.
Yeah, I mean, come on. Lights from birds
caused by shutter speed from the camera?
Yeah, that makes total sense.
And this has got to be one of the most ridiculous like-
Explanations for what these are.
And you know I’m a professional photographer, right?
I mean, if I ever had a photo of a bird…
of a light coming off of a bird,
I mean, that thing would go viral in a heartbeat.
This is like one of those instances where
you won’t see them talk about it
just because if they can’t explain it using some kind of scientific way,
they just tend to ignore it.
Right, so they just put out the statement:
“Oh, these are lights coming from birds”
And they just leave it at that
Well, the funny thing is, it’s easier to
explain what it isn’t than what it actually is
And when you start to eliminate
what it isn’t, well…
there’s just not too many options
left of what it actually could be.
So, many people on Facebook are commenting how
this just doesn’t make any sense either
and are bringing up UFOs and aliens, especially since the recent disclosure that the New York Times had.
So, what do you guys think? Is it birds or UFOs?
Do you think this is real? Do you think that…
these clusters that we’ve been showing you are real or fake?
Why don’t you guys tell us in the comments below?
Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe for more videos
on unexplained phenomena, life,
and our wondrous universe.
Until then, we’ll see you out on the edge.
Oh, that’s all we have?
Can we just read the last two paragraphs over again?
That is how we ended it.

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  2. The title implied that these were the most recent sightings of 2018– not simply some of the most memorable up to April 2018.. And that’s the entire reason I watched it. 😕

  3. These pieces of shit think we’re all stupid, how could fox make that statement? Seagulls, wtf! Tell us wtf is going on in our airspace! This is a fucking safety issue now! They have no regard for us whatsoever, we need to get angrier when they say shit like that. They’re lying to us, while endangering us and taking tax money.

  4. First of all, congratulations on the channel, great content and very nice presentations, also enjoy the geek/nerd humor.
    Anyways, I've seen a lot about UFO sightings and I must say, Im aficionado. Altough the sightings presented here are very nice I must present to you the incident of Évora. Please take a look and say what you think of it and if there have been any record of similar sighting.


  5. So i have some information about the 1561 Germany UFO battle over nuremberg. According to the spirit realm, different guides have said this WAS indeed a UFO battle. What the people of Nuremberg Germany saw that day was the final battle, in the extermination of an entire race. The details are sketchy, but the losing race was primitive and consistently made bad choices that harmed other races in the galaxy. The Galactic Federation of Light gave this race chance after chance after chance after chance to atone and make changes. To essentially do the right thing.

    They constantly failed to grow. As a result a decision was made where they could no longer offer this race any more chances and determined that for the safety of other races within the Federation, they needed to be wiped out. This choice was a somber decision that the Galactic Federation of Light made. The remnants of the primitive race retreated to our solor system where they had taken refuge near Mars. The final battle broke out at Mars and moved to Earth, where it ended over Nuremberg Germany.

    The Black arrow looking UFO that looks like a star destroyer, according to spirit; is a "celebratory ship" (that was the exact words spirit used). It's a ship that can actually hold saucers and other smaller UFO's inside it (so yes, like a star destroyer or command vessel). The ET's on board this ship knew humans had seen the battle, and their attitude towards it was dismissive as in "eh, it will give them something to talk about".

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  14. watch the night on non moon nights for a few hours, you'll see something weird. I jog an isolated beach most nights and there's always "night riders" (I call them, but I like seagulls too). The weirdest one moved in a step ladder shape, direct right angles for about 30seconds, like it drew a 10 step ladder and was the brightest thing in the sky. The common ones never fly in a straight line, always a fluid motion S-bend path. they fade in and out slowly. I've seen up to 5 at once all going in different directions. Nothing as intense as the seagulls video but If you spend the tiniest of time looking upward you'll see something that's unexplainable.

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