Top 10 Most RELIABLE NEWS Sources You Can Trust

Top 10 Most RELIABLE NEWS Sources You Can Trust

10 Most Reliable News Sources
Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal is a well-known name
that can often be very controversial.
Like many organizations, it is often accused
of bias, but in this case the accusations
of bias are in a right leaning direction.
Many would say that the editorial pages of
the Wall Street Journal are very conservative.
However, while there is some truth to this,
the Wall Street Journal’s news is known
for being quite accurate as far as newspapers
go, and is still a trusted source of news
throughout the country.
Some people on the left have a small amount
of distrust for it, but overall it is a fairly
trusted publication on both sides of the ideological
The Wall Street Journal has also proven itself
as a news source that most people trust.
On Election Day, many sites took down their
However, The Wall Street Journal made the
interesting decision to keep theirs up and
see if they could increase their subscriptions.
Their plan worked, and they actually did see
quite a large subscription increase in the
days following.
Like others on this list, one should be careful
to read between the lines when reading political
reporting or opinion pieces, but when it comes
to the basic news itself, they are a reliable
New York Times
The New York Times hardly needs any introduction.
They are perhaps the most well-known newspaper
in the entire world, and have been what many
consider a source of journalistic integrity
and standards for longer than most people
can remember.
When many people give examples of a reliable
source, the New York Times is often the very
first example cited.
However, they would be higher on the list
if not for the fact that like any newspaper
in the world, there will always be a certain
level of bias.
The New York Times can be relied upon to do
their best to fact check and tell the truth,
but if you are reading up on politics in particular,
it is undeniable that they lean slightly more
toward the left.
Most of the public still considers them trustworthy,
and the bias is slight enough that it is likely
natural bias born from life experience, and
not anything particularly intentional, but
all political stories from any newspaper should
be read carefully understanding any possible
biases involved in order to better read between
the lines.
That said, when the President Elect – now
President – of the United States, criticized
the New York Times for their coverage of the
election, and accused them of bias, the public
showed their disagreement with President Trump
in that regard by voting with their wallets.
Shortly after the election the New York Times
had an unprecedented surge in paid subscribers
of over 40,000 people.
This shows that in a time where we have a
glut of fake news, people are turning to one
of America’s most trusted new sources to
get their information.
When most people ask you for most trustworthy
or reliable news sources, the BBC is one of
the first you hear about.
Known around the world for accurate and reliable
reporting, they are even judged well in their
own country – where people tend to be most
critical about the reliability and accuracy
of their news.
Of those polled in the UK, 62% believed the
BBC to be accurate and reliable as news, and
almost half of those polled found them to
be unbiased.
For a news organization that often has to
talk about politics, these are actually fairly
good numbers.
The issue is with politics in general, and
the truth is that apart from a service where
all they do is literally report what politicians
said and nothing else – something essentially
no news network today does – there will
always be some amount of bias when talking
about politics.
This means that with many news sources, the
news itself being reported may be reliable,
but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take
any commentary with a grain of salt, or think
critically about the way the headline or the
story is being presented to you.
Remember when watching the news to read between
the lines.
If a story is political, there is a good chance
there is some amount of innate bias involved.
If you read the story with the particular
bias in mind, it will be easier to get to
the heart of the matter.
NPR stands for National Public Radio, and
is a non-profit that makes radio programming
for hundreds of public radio stations around
the United States.
Over the years, like everything in radio,
they have seen their membership decline.
In many ways they have struggled to keep their
older audience, and find a way to also bring
in new, younger listeners.
While people will always drive, and thus there
will always be a captive audience for radio,
much of NPR’s programming is often seen
as rather outdated, and they are often accused
of having a liberal bias as well.
This accusation of liberal bias is not too
surprising, as the public service is often
funded by those with a slightly more liberal
leaning, but the station itself has never
been known to greatly exaggerate or mislead
people for political reasons.
Like many news services, when they get into
opinions in terms of politics, bias is going
to present itself.
In this case the bias is going to lean more
in a liberal direction.
However, this does not mean the news you are
being told is untrue or even meant to mislead.
Something can be completely true and still
be told with an innate bias.
It is always important to be informed and
read between the lines.
However, in their defense NPR has award winning
journalists, even some who have been killed
in the line of duty bravely reporting on facts
in war zones like Iraq.
And in a time when people are looking for
more accurate, down to earth reporting, with
as little bias as humanly possible, NPR has
been one of the news organizations to see
a recent rise in ratings.
It may seem strange to see Snopes on this
They are not a news source, exactly, but they
are a watchdog who has, over the years, kept
an eye both on news sources and on fake news
sources, taking the time to dig into the nitty
gritty and find the truth behind urban legends
or rumors of all kinds.
Their work has been tireless and often unnoticed,
but they have been going at it since the early
days of the internet.
At first they dispelled hoaxes that would
appear on email chains, but now they have
evolved to taking down hoaxes that appear
on social media.
Whenever some fake news story is trying to
get its legs, Snopes is doing everything they
can to cut it off at the knees.
They find every little detail and ascertain
the real truth, if possible, never worrying
about any specific agenda besides truth itself.
This dedication has not gone unnoticed.
Facebook has been under fire for the glut
of Fake News during the last election cycle
that appeared in people’s feeds, and the
powers that be at Facebook have decided to
do something about it at last.
They are going to start checking suspect stories
with fact checking groups, and if the story
doesn’t pass muster, it will be hidden from
being seen in people’s feeds.
Snopes, the Associated Press, and a few other
trusted fact checkers are working with Facebook
to vet stories to make sure that people are
not reading lies when they scroll through
their Facebook feed.
This may sound like a silly issue, but among
the millennial generation, an alarming number
got most of their election news from Facebook.
For this reason, it is very important – especially
with how people can accidentally turn their
own feed into an echo chamber – that fake
news stories are weeded out and removed like
the cancer that they are.
Reuters is not a particularly well known news
agency when it comes to the public consciousness.
In most polls involving trusted sources of
news, it doesn’t even really register.
However, most people are still probably familiar
with the name Reuters and their presence online
has increased greatly in recent years.
Many people may even notice that similar to
the Associated Press, a lot of news stories
actually credit Reuters.
This is because the two are actually very
similar services.
While the Associated Press is more of a non-profit
venture, both were originally telegraph wire
news services.
The idea being that a large network of contacts
could use the telegraph service to quickly
wire news around the world, so everyone didn’t
need a reporter everywhere – as long as
one or two telegraph agencies had most everything
covered by a journalist or two.
In recent years, just like the Associated
Press and the rest of the news services, Reuters
has struggled with keeping their business
performing as needed.
This is why in recent days we have started
to see them posting more stories on their
own website, instead of simply selling their
stories to other news agencies.
Unfortunately, they would be higher on the
list, but using their own website to market
news more directly to the consumer has started
to allow opinion to seep more into their news
stories – instead of simply wiring facts
on the ground to other agencies in need of
The Economist
The Economist is a publication that has been
around for more than 150 years, and despite
having a fairly clear political stance in
its editorials, has still always had a general
air of trustworthiness about it.
The Economist is known for having a stance
that is quite liberal and calls for a more
global economy, a stance that a fairly large
chunk of people are not particularly on board
However, while their editorials do have a
clear political tone, they are still known
for being clear with the actual facts, and
in terms of reporting news are not known for
being inaccurate.
Part of the fact that they are considered
so reliable may be the fact that they have
worked hard to keep their editorial style
more anonymous than other newspapers, so it
seems more like the newspaper itself is speaking,
instead of different personalities.
In a bizarre way, this almost helps keep the
opinion pieces from becoming a spectacle and
overshadowing the basic news reporting, something
that has likely helped them remain above the
fray when it comes to public trust.
According to a study by the Pew Research Center,
The Economist is actually the most trusted
source in America, if you look at it across
both ideological spectrums.
Interestingly, the poll lists the second most
trusted news source in America as the BBC
– also a British news agency.
PBS, which stands for Public Broadcasting
Service, is known for being incredibly trustworthy
as news, and also for providing excellent
programs that entertain children and help
them learn.
While some may get confused because some programming
they see locally on PBS may be made locally
and not by PBS itself, the actual organization
has an amazing reputation when it comes to
being unbiased.
For years they have had an independent research
poll conducted that finds them at the top
of trustworthiness and reliability in terms
of news.
While this should be taken with a grain of
salt because the poll is carried out on the
behalf of PBS, you don’t just have to take
their word for it.
Other polls commissioned by outside sources
have looked at the trustworthiness of news
organizations as well, and PBS comes away
with the best net rating in terms of trust
to distrust.
Interestingly, among Republicans, Fox News
is the most trusted source, but among Democrats
it is the least trusted source – making
it perhaps the most controversial news source
of all.
By contrast, PBS is considered trustworthy
by a large amount of respondents from both
sides of the ideological spectrum.
After all, who wouldn’t trust the people
who brought us Mr. Rogers?
For those who aren’t aware, C-SPAN is a
public access channel that live streams TV
straight from the floor of the House and Senate
of the United States.
C-SPAN stands for Cable Satellite Public Affairs
Network and was created long ago by the cable
industry in order to give people a way to
keep an eye on the primary source when it
comes to the actions of their government.
While many people think that the federal government
is involved in running C-SPAN, this is really
not the case.
In certain situations those in charge of proceedings
can ask for the camera’s to be shut off,
but they in no way have any control beyond
that over the running of the network or over
what is shown or not.
While it isn’t exactly a news source, C-SPAN
is about the most reliable primary source
you can ask for when it comes to unbiased
political news.
If you have ever wondered if what you read
in a news report was biased, slanted or outright
reported wrong or out of context, you can
watch C-Span, or clips from it, and find out
the truth for yourself.
There is no better way to know exactly what
a congressperson said than to watch them on
TV and witness with your own eyes and ears
exactly what they did and said.
The Associated Press
In many cases, the Associated Press basically
is the news.
They are the non-commentary, no nonsense part
of the news whose job it is to have tendrils
all over the world, at all times.
It isn’t really convenient for a local paper
to have a reporter in Iraq covering the war,
but they still want to be able to report the
facts on the ground to the people reading
their paper.
They cannot just copy someone else’s story,
and they cannot afford to send someone to
Instead, they buy stories from the Associated
Press, which has journalists all over the
globe and sells breaking news to roughly 15,000
news outlets around the world.
They have long been known for reliable and
accurate reporting, and are not known for
having any particular agenda.
They are a non-profit agency that works with
other non-profit agencies at times, in order
to share news as efficiently as possible.
And in an era where many news organizations
seem to have forgotten that fact checking
was a thing it is refreshing that they have
a very strong commitment to such, and in a
world where news organizations have increasingly
become primarily entertainment, a commitment
to remaining objective.
Nearly every news organization across the
spectrum uses stories from the AP, because
they find and report the actual news.

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