Tom Holland Gets Sick & Fans Worry It’s Coronavirus!

Tom Holland Gets Sick & Fans Worry It’s Coronavirus!

Many celebrities have been open with their
fans about testing positive for coronavirus and now fans are worried that Tom Holland
may have caught COVID-19 after he said he was feeling sick during a recent Instagram
Live. What’s up guys? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News
reporting from my home studio and we’ve got to talk about Tom Holland. Fans are worried that he has come down with
COVID-19. It all started when he went live on Instagram
and revealed that he’s been feeling super sick. He also took to his stories to reiterate that
he isn’t feeling well but that he is going to be self quarantining for 14 days just in
case. It doesn’t seem like Tom got tested, but
while he himself said he doesn’t think he has the virus, many of his fans are concerned. They are taking to Twitter to share their
thoughts. One person said quote, “if tom holland has
the coronavirus, not only am i ending myself but i’m ending miss rona.” Another wrote quote, “if tom holland gets
the corona virus then ITS OVER” And another went on this rant demanding that
he still seems to be in good spirits spending time with his friends and family he is quarantining
with. They are making the best of the situation
by doing puzzles and wearing masks. And Tom also found a way to solve the “empty
shelves at the supermarket problem”… So while Tom has not been tested positive
for coronavirus, many others have. Some celebrities that have already tested
positive for COVID-19 are Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Andy Cohen, Colton Underwood, Rachel
Matthews, and Kevin Durant, just to name a few. Other celebs have been vocal about how the
contagious virus has been impacting their families. Loren Gray revealed on Twitter that her young
cousin was sick with the coronavirus. She wrote quote, “Just a reminder that this
is not a joke. Think about your loved ones. Remember that even if you are young, you are
at huge risk not just of contracting the virus but spreading it to those you care about. Got a call today that my cousin came down
with a terrible illness, to which they narrowed down to be coronavirus.” Loren continued on and said quote, “My family
said it’s the worst thing they’ve ever seen, and they’re surprised she’s even
recovering. They couldn’t go into the room to help her. Only leave food outside the door and pray. This can happen to ANYONE. Be safe. Please. STAY AT HOME.” Fans replied to Loren’s story sending her
and her family love and support. One person wrote quote, “so sad to hear
about the news… i’m sorry loren 🙁 i hope things get better soon, we’ll get through
this together! stay safe and most importantly STAY HOME please think about you and think
about the others, we’re all in this together” And another said quote, “i’m so sorry
to hear that loren

82 thoughts to “Tom Holland Gets Sick & Fans Worry It’s Coronavirus!”


  2. It's cold, flu n allergy season. But even if he did have it he'd be okay. It's only killing elderly and children. It'd be his parents n his little brother we should worry about

  3. Well Tom keeps posting and he’s feeling better so it could be from allergies or just because it’s spring and everyone can just get sick naturally and not from the coronavirus.

  4. If you tested, they don’t have a cure so… can’t you treat whatever you think you have with the same advice?

  5. I don’t think he has Coronavirus. I think he’s just sick. Even I was sick a few days ago and I didn’t have it. Fans just need to calm down and not worry so much.

  6. Why are mediocre people accusing rich people just because they are frustrated?
    It’s not their fault if they are more successful than you or if their families care for them.

    Also,athletes of all types had to do it because they work on group at least 5 days a week and there are millions of fans like you who hug them. Obviously everyone wants to know if the competition and the Olympics will be done,these things cost millions and they train everyday for it. Fans too pay thousands to see them and hug them everyday.

    The tampon problem exists only in USA with their health care problem it costs about 3,000,I live in Europe,Italy and here it is free and provided by the public health administration (if we pay taxes,we also pay health) . But even if,don’t get me wrong but 3,000 isn’t too bad for average people,maybe for poor people but average people should have money left for emergencies.
    Also,the test doesn’t come to you,they make you do it in Centers before passing.

    Sorry but you need to stop hating on who worked hard to get a living because you didn’t or can’t,and I am not rich, I am poor-average and I slept maybe 10 hours in total today, I also postponed my duties and I am conscious of how bad I am. I am trying to be a better person and I hope I will but for now I won’t judge who did better than me. (I didn’t have the tampon because I never got out , not because I don’t want to go to the supermarket with my family,well yes,but also because I am antisocial myself so for me this is basically how I use to spend vacation,literally,this resembles to New Years vacation).

  7. Do people fucking know that if teenagers that get the corona virus it’s not gonna kill them because we have strong immune system it’s older people that they should be worried

  8. it sad how people go crazy when a celeb gets the covid-19 out of all the other young people who have it.probs just has the flu

  9. I hope Tom is feeling better and my prayers go out to Lauren and August's family #Coronavirus #SocialDistance #Alonetogether #StayAtHome

  10. People still get sick, not all is Covid19. Covid19 is bad, but we should still be concerned about other diseases.

  11. I don’t want him to get sick I love his movies he’s so funny I don’t want to get the coronavirus

  12. Day before yesterday Tom holland posted a story of doing pushups and yesterday of doing gardening, I think he's fine and was just a common cold

  13. مرو مروگے إن شاءالله ایسی بیماریوں سے آمین قرآن شریف کی بے حرمتی کی تھی نہ

  14. The one celebrity everyone wants tested doesn't want to get tested and that's why everyone wants him to get tested.

  15. I swear if Tom holland gets corna thats it I’m dead I’m ending this i will be in legit depression for like a year and a half you guys dont know what gonna happen to me if he gets corona you have noooooo idea…

  16. This is old…hes already done live videos and doing so.much better…he was cleaning weed the other day and doinf the 10 push up challenge!!! These videos are days old

  17. And even if he got the virus he'd be better after 2 weeks of just doing….nothing, then he would lose all symptoms and then be back to normal. Granted he'd still have the virus and can infect someone further, but he'd be just fine as if he never had anything.

  18. He needs to get better I love him. He is so cute. If he got I would go into a mental break down and become depressed and feel like not living anymore

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