100 thoughts to “Tlaib rejects Israel’s offer to visit West Bank after facing criticism”

  1. So, Seeing her grandmother, who might die at any time, given her age, is not as important as a boycott movement!! 😒
    Any surprise there?

  2. WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! The big bad Israeli won't let me visit them!!! WAAAAAAHHH!!! I won't be able to visit my sick gramma!! WAAAAHH!!! Israel yes you can come and visit your sick gramma. WAAAAAHHHH!! I DON'T LIKE YOUR CONDITIONS SO SORRY GRAMMA I, GUESS I, WON'T BE SEEING YOU!🤤🤤 IF I, COME SEE YOU I, can't claim Victimhood gramma.😢😢😢

  3. She is full of sh.. She doesn’t like Israel and she had nothing but, something bad. It’s like letting the 😈 in. To bad she is nothing big.

  4. She hates America & she hates Israel!! I bet from the beginning, her & Omar had a dirty agenda going to Israel!! But God stepped in!!!! She curses Israel!!! And God will curse her & Omar!!!

  5. The states of Michigan and Minnesota should be so ashamed of themselves for voting in these two sick britches. I am hoping that the people of these two states where fooled by these women and will vote them out when the next elections comes.

  6. The State of Israel is Strong and Powerful! Israel is much smarter then these stooges 👒👒…who are going to be removed from Congress by American voter's! Shàlom🇺🇸✝️

  7. Again women in their religion are considered as 3rd class citizen and they have no say what so ever so she does not care for her grandma but her main goal is to represent U.S. and condemn Israel for everything they do in regard of the palestinian. She does not represent U.S. because she is against us Americans and we don't consider her as an American but a Taliban.

  8. ilhan omar and tlaib, they deserves to be rejected, Israel only did what is right and Pres. Trump did what is necessary to prevent these two idiot women to bring shame and disgrace to US

  9. "Refuse and olive branch" ? Mme Rashida Tlaib Dignity is apparently not for sale. A difficult concept to wrap your mind around ain't it?

  10. Israel rejected Talib, the title of your video is wrong. She must not love her 90 year old grandmother that much or want to see her again, because if she did, she would have went and saw her grandma guess she'll have to Skype her now. Her intentions where to preach about boycotting Israel in Israel she did reject anything the American people are rejecting her, apparently so are the Israelis

  11. Stop being dumb stupid and ignorant American.
    You know when you go into a foreign country there are RULES.
    Period, rules.
    Tlaib is a snake and wanted to reak destruction purposely.
    Violation 2017.
    Stop being so emotional and look beyond their agendas and their actions.
    I agree Barr them and protect Isreal

  12. Those two filthy muslims' souls are as mutilated as their rotten genitalia. Bag those hags and Fed-Ex them to hell which will receive them with open arms!

  13. You bash Israel and expect the red carpet??? Have no sympathy for you. God Bless Israel, The Prime Minister and The Jewish People 🇺🇸❤🇮🇱

  14. Tlaib is absolutely a fake. All she wanted was a visit to spew her hatred and advocate for the destruction of Israel. She's not a martyr, and I don't think she's won anything. Her behavior disgusts me. If she had really wanted to visit her grandmother, then she would go. It's all just a fake on her part.

  15. She was probably worried about being targeted by Mossad after her tirade of Anti-Israeli Rhetoric. Even her uncle can't help himself!

  16. So she can't spread her lies and hate in Israel, so no visit to Grandma who is dying. It is no surprise to see what is most important to this evil women.

  17. Pandering to IDENTITY politics Bernie, (et al Dems) is a BIG MISTAKE, you look like a total opportunist instead of a person with some good ideas if only they could be funded … IDENTITY politics is strife and continued tribal separation into smaller and smaller tribal groups warring with all others … sounds like the dark ages to me. Americans have one identifier: "I am an American" (civics in pre-school) before this insane postmodern trend of exploiting the narrative of being a victim, all peoples in historical terms were victims or victimized others in other times, most all…. not so long ago were serfs.
    Stirring the pot on Israel's border could get people on both sides killed. Those two need to be told, they represent peoples in their districts, they very well could complicate their situation too, tribal behavior among all peoples is never a good way to go, a positive narrative starting with our shared humanity is what all peoples have in common. Hope they learn to start thinking with the top layer of their brains, the brain stem is too primitive.

  18. She never wanted to go see her grandmother in the first place, but just to go to belittle Israel. She wasn't genuine from the get go. Besides this women does not represent America or any American..shes a fraud and a infiltrator for radical Islamic state extremists.. I say take away her passport and never let her back into America, she should never have been placed in office in the first place. She's a fraud. She's a tratior against America..

  19. March her out in Hand Cuffs. She is a Grand Stander. Needs a cell in Guantanamo. The Uncle needs relocating? Just another ungrateful Arsehole.

  20. NEVER trust a Muslim in patriotic clothing. There is NO place for Islam in America's government!!! That's right Barry, you got away with it but we are becoming more in tune to the truth about you and Islam.

  21. Entering Israel: A passport valid for six months from date of entry is highly recommended. There is no minimum requirement but one's stay must not exceed the validity remaining on the passport. Also, airlines have been known to decline boarding if the passport has less than 6 months. A visa is not required for stays 90 days or less.

    Anyone with an official or diplomatic U.S. passport must obtain a visa before arriving. If you have been denied entry, experienced problems with your status during a previous trip, overstayed the duration on a previous visit, or otherwise violated the terms of your admission to Israel, you need to consult the Israeli Embassy or nearest Israeli Consulate before trying to go back. If you seek resident status, you have to get approval from Israeli authorities before you travel. A 10-year ban from travel to Israel may be imposed on anyone who has committed immigration violations.
    ( Ilhan Omar)

    Entering the Gaza Strip: Citizens of the United States are discouraged from traveling to the Gaza Strip which is under the control of Hamas, a terrorist organization. American citizens who are already there are encouraged to leave immediately. The U.S. government does not permit its personnel to enter the Gaza Strip, making it difficult for Americans in the Gaza Strip to receive consular assistance.

    Entering the West Bank: While U.S. government personnel are allowed to travel to Bethlehem and Jericho, the Department of State urges U.S. citizens to be cautious when traveling to the West Bank at this time. Please contact the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem for additional assistance, if necessary. See the Travel Warning for Israel, the West Bank and Gaza for the latest information concerning travel to the West Bank.

    Israel-Jordan Crossings: International crossing points between Israel and Jordan are the Arava crossing (Wadi al-'Arabah) in the south, near Eilat; and the Jordan River crossing (Sheikh Hussein Bridge) in the north, near Beit Shean. American citizens do not need to get visas before entering Israel at either of these crossing points. However, they will have to pay fees that can change without notice.

    Allenby Bridge (King Hussein Bridge): Travelers who want to cross the Allenby Bridge between Jordan and the West Bank must obtain visas ahead of time. (Note: Palestinian Americans with residency status in the West Bank must enter Jordan via the Allenby Bridge.) Residents of the West Bank or Gaza seeking to enter the regions from across the Allenby Bridge should contact the Jordanian authorities for information concerning special clearance procedures for Palestinian ID holders before traveling to the bridge.

    Procedures for all three crossings into Jordan are subject to frequent changes. Visit the Embassy of Israel web site for the most current visa information.

    The United States Government seeks equal treatment and freedom to travel for all American citizens regardless of national origin or ethnicity. American citizens who encounter difficulties are encouraged to contact the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv or the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem.

    Security Screening: The Israeli Government may require security and police record checks for entry applicants. If suspected of Arab, Middle Eastern, or Muslim origin, missionary activity, or political activism visitors may encounter extended questioning from border officials. Requesting that Israeli officials refrain from stamping your passport is also cause for additional questioning or denial of entry.

    Israeli-Americans: Any U.S. citizens with dual nationality or claims to dual nationality will be considered Israeli citizens and subject to Israeli legal and immigration restrictions. Dual citizens must enter and leave the country with a valid Israeli passport, and may not enter Gaza or parts of the West Bank under Palestinian Authority control.

    Palestinian-Americans: U.S. citizens born in the West Bank or Gaza, with a Palestine Authority ID number, or with Palestinian parents or grandparents, may be barred from the Israel without a PA passport. Only the Allenby crossing from Jordan permits Palestinian-Americans to leave with only a PA identity card and exit permit as long as they obtain a visa for Jordan ahead of time.

    Regardless of U.S. citizenship, individuals with or eligible for a PA ID will be treated as a PA resident by Israeli officials. They may be required to enter and depart the West Bank via the Allenby Bridge unless they have special permission to use another route. Individuals should confirm their departure point upon arrival to avoid problems.

  22. She was using taqiya [ lying to enemy] on isreal but they didn't fall for it. She never had any intentions of really visiting her family. She wanted to spread hate!

  23. These Congresswomen are under INVESTIGATION….they should NOT be allowed to leave the United States until their LEGAL problems have been resolved! Furthermore, 75 Democrats have gone….NO mention on MEDIA NETWORKS……but NOW these TWO……..we will have to suffer for the next two FN weeks! STOP already!

  24. Tlibe didn't win anything. The American people see right through her and Omar. Sorry..dont believe a elrd they day. They are a jokr
    Why The demacrats want to have their backs..dont know! Oh i know..nance or chuky are certifieably senile and don't know they have been tsken over. What a way to go out Nancy. Lauging stock of congress

  25. They should have visited with the actual Democrat delegation of 40+ people instead of making it a taxpayer funded fun trip for two. Con artists – send them BACK!

  26. Hmmm … I wait till the last second to request a special Visa to see my mom who I love so much and think about her all the time? Wow

  27. Added… Just imagine President Trump securing this visa with his buddy in Israel. Think President Trump is afraid of backlash! She wanted to see her 90 year old mom, so I asked my friends In Israel… and that’s ok too …

  28. So now we know Ms Rashida 'MotherF**ker' Tlaib's plea to visit her grandmother was as genuine as this mongrel being in congress serving the Americans!

  29. Tlaib is such a snake. This woman like her pals are doing whatever it takes to stir and stir and stir. The only way for them to be relevant. Sad really.

  30. I’m just here because I saw a hook-shaped worm float by… what’s going on? Who is this sweet-talking eye candy with the phonetically impossible last name?

  31. god that fox guy Jonathan Hoening really creeps me out every time I see him… No idea why… he looks like he is gonna fly away sometimes… i am sure he can hear me typing, I better stop I don't want him to Echo locate me!

  32. For Tlaib, as an American citizen, this is a matter of principle. Either she is free to visit, or she isn't. IF Tlaib is a threat to Israel and so dangerous, how come they suddenly changed their position? This inconsistency stems from Trump's interference in Israel's domestic affairs, and his abiding fear of any woman with an opinion.

  33. Stop the Spinning 💩 and leave that for CNN.

    FACT! You can tax 100% right now and never pay off even the interest we owe!!!

  34. What a piece of garbage Talib is. She never cared a wiff about visiting her grandma and her “it’s may be the last time I’ll have the opportunity to see her.” What a pack of lies and bullcrap coming out of her lying deceitful mouth. What a fraud. What a bullcrap liar. Vote Takiah Talib and Omar the Somali pirate out of Congress in 2020. The squad is a bunch of liars, commies, frauds and con artists. Trump 2020!! MAGA!! 🇺🇸

  35. the reason she isn't going is because omar cannot get in. The two of them planned to organize a huge mob to do a violent protest. They refused to go with the other congressmen who went to israel last week…omar should be kicked off the committee for that one. Talib and omar thought they were going to get a taxpayer paid free trip. Now talib can go, but pay her own way, THAT is why she isn't going. And if she breaches her agreement to not do anything anti-israel she would face VERY harsh repercussions when she got back. So all talib was going to accomplish by going was a family visit. I cannot wait for those traitors to be stripped of citizenship and deported back to their country of origin.

  36. See what he (Her Family)said they are trouble , Israel is smart we are stupid we have her in Congress her agenda is evil she is not to be trusted and never mind , her action and a behavior she is very disrespectful listen Palestine fight with Israel and America the four horsemen have no respect for Israel and America there’s evidence and videos ✊🇺🇸😎🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱👍

  37. Ha Ha! Typical Democrat, say one thing and do another! Can't make up your mind and keep going around in circles. Fickle!!!!

  38. America needs to get tough on these traitors like Talib who is obviously a 5th columnist, she needs to go to jail along with her best pal AOC as an example to the other vile scum that trying to subvert the US political system

  39. Both congresswomen refused to come with the bipartisan group that are currently visiting Israel, instead, wanting to do their own visit. I think their itinerary is a fairly good indication of the reason for this. Yet when she asked for a humanitarian visa to visit her Grandmother, Israel was quick to grant Talib one providing she didn't use it to spew hate and divisiveness. Wow, wonder why she refused…probably because (grandmother aside) her whole purpose in going was to spew hate and divisiveness. As to those who say, as a Democracy, Israel should have allowed them entry, I don't recall any outcry when Obama refused entry to an Israel national. Oh, that's right…sorry….forgot the double-standards we have in our country.

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