TINUOLA | Latest Yoruba Movie 2019 Drama | Starring Olaniyi Afonja, Femi Adebayo, Peju Ogunmola, Iya

TINUOLA | Latest Yoruba Movie 2019 Drama | Starring Olaniyi Afonja, Femi Adebayo, Peju Ogunmola, Iya

Music Music And the winner is Tinuola Olurotimi (Excitement) Hello babe You are keeping me waiting You should have been here. You ought to have been here. You are running late.
You should arrive before I get dressed I can’t finish dressing and be waiting for you.
Hurry up. I love you. Take care (Romantic natter) Babe guess what? I already know that you won the competition.
Why do you think I said I am proud of you? -Okay but that is not what I was going to say.
-What is it that you want to say? – I don’t want to go home now, I want you to take me out.
– Alright. I will do anything for you. Anyway, that’s not a problem. We will have lunch
and then figure out where to go I have given you what you asked.
You should also give me what I need (Adage) You have done very well and I will keep my promise. You have used what you have to get what you want Even if you score Zero during the competition,
I will ensure that I add one to it and make it 10 Or you still want us to continue our play? What??? You want to kill me. You, after using my body the way you wanted,
You went ahead to announce Tinuola as the winner Damipe, take it easy. The whole things were beyond my control. I became helpless when my fellow judges submitted their marks You better find a solution to it.
There will be a calamity, if I don’t win that competition, (Threat) -But the decision has been made already.
That’s your decision and not mine. I can destroy anything Moradeke… You are worrying too much.
Don’t kill yourself with worries It’s normal for people to lose in a competition.
so why are you this worried? Shewa, I did so much to raise the money for that competition. I sorted all the judges to make me win. I lost the competition and money.
I am in debt. So why wouldn’t worry? But all that is past now. You should be thankful to God
and not worry too much about the debt. Some of the competitors lost their father’s house in that
competition because it was used as collateral Some even slept with the judges so that they could win. So take
it easy and stop worrying this much. I am concerned about you Okay, I have heard you. My very good friend. Please can I
get some money from you, so that I can clear my debt? Why are you trying to mock me? I have always
depended on you. I own nothing. I don’t have a penny Whatever difficulty that you are experiencing,
is also affecting me (Songs) (Pleasantry)
(Songs) – Is she a widow?
– I don’t understand either. she looks odd – Don’t raise your voice. She is Awobiyi’s wife.
– What a pity. Why did Awobiyi make this choice? Thank you very much (Chant) Prayer (Chant) Prayer (Song) (Snoring) What have I gotten myself into? She is never good at anything. She acts insane. She dresses oddly. She doesn’t sleep right and still snoring She snores like a pig. I will have to send her away
and get someone reasonable Stop throwing your legs on my child (sigh) Don’t spit on the child’s head What you have said, made a lot of sense.
But your conclusion is not right What is not right in it? I have seen other wives
act matured and very clean She is dirty. She leaves dirty plates littered
around the house and attract flies. Her dressing is odd and unreasonable.
She sleeps with chewing stick Sometimes she will not bathe the child for 7 days
and the child will be going to school looking dirty See, I understand everything you have said. But I am saying
that you should not replace a wife. You should add instead She may be worthless but I think there are areas that she
can prove useful. She could be washing your clothes She cannot wash her own clothes. How can she wash
someone else’s? Anyway, I have heard you. When you find another woman that you want to marry,
let me know. But you must not chase her away for another -Goodbye daddy
-Tinuola, wait a moment I need you to prepare your mind for the interview. I m happy
you already have the key points that you should know I am also very impressed that you won the competition while
I am away. I promise to give you a surprise treat for that I don’t want you to be nervous when you
It’s time for the interview -Dad?
Hold on and allow me to finish speaking If you are nervous, they will feel that you are not
competent enough. So please be confident Daddy, don’t you trust me anymore?
I can’t be nervous because I took after you I know that you are as brilliant as I am -Good morning Sir
-How are you? -Are you going with her?
-No sir I came to encourage her so she doesn’t get nervous -She hasn’t done this before.
That is exactly what I am talking to her about Please don’t disappoint me -Baby, what impression were you trying to give daddy?
– I wasn’t trying to say anything Why would you tell daddy that I am nervous? I only said, “…so that you wouldn’t get nervous at the presence
of the panel because it’s your first attempt”. And that’s the truth I am much more confident than all that. You that have never done this before.
You could begin to stammer when asked a question. – I will be leaving for Abuja tomorrow.
– What happened? Nothing much. Don’t be scared.
I need to be with my business associates (Adage) You are right though. Business requires presence.
But I need you to take care and avoid trouble -Trust me. Of course, I am not a trouble maker.
– I trust you anyway Please, I don’t want you to promise what you cannot do. Stop comparing me with the quack herbalist. My charms are so
powerful that I can secure a country even in my sleep How is that possible?
I warned you not to boast of what you can’t do. That is how powerful I am. I am a herbalist. My father was a
great hunter. The combination of both, make me more powerful. You could see that it runs in my generation.
Try me and take me to the manager If I am given the job, I will make sure I arrest criminals
on a daily basis. The whole town will be very proud of us If you eventually get the job and you are able to
pull such surprises, then you owe me a gift I am confused. That is not very clear to me.
I owe you a gift or you owe me? You owe me. I got a job for you.
I should get something in return Oh, it is clear to me now.
You meant more like a kick-back. That won’t be a problem Let’s go You are going too fast.
Slow down a bit, I should be in front. Is that why you should pull a priest like that? Hello sir… I am waiting outside sir…
I will wait. Okay, thank you, sir. She is looking very good,
Her complexion is sparkling Good morning mummy (Pleasantry continues) You may sit here (Pleasantry continues) (Adage)
Who is this beautiful stranger? -Mum, you also noticed her beauty.
-Yes, she is very pretty I am impressed. You are right.
She is very pretty – This is the woman I want to marry.
Really? This pretty lady? You are welcome, my daughter. My son, you have the right choice. She is very pretty – So what next? Have you introduced her to your first wife?
Mum, you are getting me upset You are trying to ruin my mood.
I don’t have a first wife But it’s proper to introduce her to the first wife.
They need to know each other You are getting me angry. Because of this, I am going to
chase Fafuntan away. I will beat her and push her out That won’t be right. I have explained to you that you don’t
chase away a wife for another wife, Leave her alone. – Beautiful lady, please what should I offer you?
I am okay with whatever you have (Mimic) I don’t know why you should
mention the first wife in this matter He has a first wife but doesn’t allow that to bother you.
You will both live in peace Don’t listen to her. I don’t have a first wife.
You are the only wife There is no first wife,
Maybe she is hallucinating Let me get you something This is the right lady.
I should be able to get her (Panic) Don’t touch her.
This is epilepsy Sorry dear. How did it happen?
You were healthy when I left I am surprised too. After you left, I called one of the organizers,
Then I heard noise and people gathering around me Babe, I’m scared.
Please, dear, don’t be. You will be fine okay – How did you get to the hospital?
A good Samaritan and a friend brought me here So what is the result of the diagnosis? Epilepsy? How is that possible?
Epilepsy does not run in my family? And it can’t be by diabolical means.
Because I haven’t stepped on anyone’s toes I am surprised too. Because if it is hereditary,
She would have shown signs of it from childhood Don’t worry chief. It is possible that it is not epilepsy.
We will have to carry out further tests and diagnosis… The result of the test will help us determine the kind
of medication that we will recommend How is she now?
Can we take her home now? Not now. It will take another 1 or 2 hours for the drugs we used to finish its function. Then we will discharge her. (Excitement) That’s enough (Panic) This is epilepsy.
You will be infected if you make contact Don’t go near her.
How long will this take? This is a beautiful house. I will establish a good
relationship with them and become wealthy I know very soon I will be crowned a chief priest.
All I need is money. Money can buy anything (Pleasantry) -I hope you are not offended?
I am not offended. I could see that you are very busy She has been crying for 3 days and
I don’t know what to do anymore – You need to be calm. Everything will be alright.
I can’t be calm. Are you sure you can treat epilepsy? My inlaw, sorry I meant chief. Give me the opportunity and I will prove myself. I will take care of it I will give you the opportunity. I just need her to be okay.
You can come to me for whatever you need – Okay, I will leave now.
– Wait a minute. I thought you actually came to cure her? Yes, that is exactly why I have to leave.
I will return with everything that I will need. – I need you to do me a favour?
– What favour? – I need you to get drum set and children that can play beats
But what has that got to do with epilepsy? Epilepsy is triggered by noise. We will use such noise
to test her, once I am done with the job. Just try and get me drum set Do you understand what you are saying? Epilepsy should
not be taken lightly. Not even chief priest dares it lightly You didn’t even complete your training as a priest. You are
not a qualified priest. You don’t have priesthood powers No one cures epilepsy for monetary gain.
Nor madness for material benefit If you cure epilepsy for monetary gain,
epilepsy will plague your generation forever And if you cure madness for material gain,
madness will plague your generation forever I am aware of all your explanation already. There should
be a way to get rid of the epilepsy. It must have a cure Just give me the remedy and I will take care of the rest.
The person aflicted by the disease is a very close fellow And if i don’t take care of it, it’s my problem.
Give me the remedy and let the oracle complete its work. It’s okay, if you insist. But… -Good morning, mummy
Where have you been? its been a while that i sent for you I was busy preparing some herbs. I am sorry – I was told that you want to cure epilepsy
That is very true – What is your business with epilepsy?
Is it wrong? Don’t answer my question with another question. I was told you want to cure someone of epilepsy,
I have been instructed to warn you not to try it I know the priestess will come and inform you.
Did she say I will be harmed? She didn’t say you will be harmed. She told me to
warn you. And I have just warned you. Don’t attempt it Don’t attempt it. I don’t understand what’s your
business with epilepsy. Is the person related to you? The person is not my relative but
she is much more than a relative The person is my lover. We talked about it and we agreed. So
I am making an effort to cure her so we can get married immediately So because you are interested in marrying the lady,
that is why you want to cure her of epilepsy? Exactly, that is the way it is Well, I was instructed to warn you
and I have warned you. I don’t want anything to happen Nothing will happen.
Elders are fond of exaggeration issues – There mustn’t be any problem.
There won’t be any problem – I want to check on someone
It’s alright – Do you have a soup at home?
Yes, there is I will eat before I leave (Tumult) – We will kill you here today
Please I am begging you My mum had 19 hens, You have stolen 17 already.
You have been on this for long. You are a criminal Take your hen from him and
let’s give him appropriate punishment Catch him… Hold him…
He must not escape The fire has gone out You will ridicule yourself in this town with the way you
are behaving. You could be tagged “hen criminal” Now I know that you lack understanding.
However, I am insisting that you must leave You have been repeating the same thing for a while.
And I am really concerned about you. But may I know why you have been
stealing hens in the town? – If you must know, I want to cure epilepsy with it.
What? Epilepsy? – Are you or your relatives or generation afflicted by it?
Your generation shall be afflicted. Are you crazy? I am fighting your cause and you are complaining. I am only
concerned about you. Don’t ridicule yourself in this town I want you to leave my sight, now (Adage) I am really concerned about you.
I am doing all these for your sake I understand your game.
But I am insisting that you must leave I am going no where She is coming and I don’t want here to meet you here That will not happen.
We have been united forever. Nobody will put asunder – We are not united forever. Very soon, God will put asunder.
That is not possible. Nobody will put asunder – Look at you, your dress very oddly.
That’s the way you have always wanted it when you married me You are never good at anything. You can’t sleep well,
You are not good in bed, You snore like a pig… That’s a lie. You are the one that snores – Awobiyi, are you sure she will vomit it?
-My generation has never failed at it (Chant) – Have you seen that?
What are these? That is the cause of epilepsy. You eventually afflicted her as you threatened?
You are so heartless Mr Dotun, I don’t have a hand in it.
Thses were just an empty threat. I was angry You are claiming innocent? You said you are capable
of destroying anything. You threatened and you swore You have finally succeeded in inflicting her. If she won this year.
What makes you think that you will not win it next year? Honestly, I was just bluffing. They were just empty threats.
I said all that from anger (Mimic) Meanwhile, your anger has no bound You are asking for a re-run and everyone has agreed to it. And
she will not be able to contest again because of her condition I am mandating you to never come near me again. Because
I now know the kind of person you are. You may leave my office But it hasn’t come to that I said, leave my office – Sorry sir
– Sorry for yourself – Are you sure it is not a mere rumour?
I heard it from a reliable source (Eulogy) Whoever does not believe in the
existence of terrestrial powers is a walking corpse – Shewa, what are you trying to say?
You just watch You are very valuable to me and you have done so
much for me. You are next to God in my life. I will not watch you go through pains. I am responsible
for the epilepsy affliction on the lady that won the competition What? What did she do to you? Why did you afflict
her with epilepsy But you assured me that God is in control. Will you stop lamenting! (Adage) I was using the word of God to console you.
I didn’t want you to worry too much about it – I am happy that my purpose has been achieved.
Why did you do it? – Because it will give you another opportunity to win.
– What makes you think that I will win the re-run? What gives me the assurance that you will win?
Never mind, just watch (Adage) You just watch and see what I will do
to get you elected – Shewa, I am scared of you.
My friend, go and get something to eat This sickness cannot be hidden. What if she experiences
a crisis while she is away? There is nothing to be bothered about.
She is okay. She will never experience any more crisis Thank you very much. I am not doubting you.
But I think we should be cautious I wouldn’t want to be embarrassed. Let’s do whatever
we need to do at home (Adage) – I don’t want to be embarrassed.
I agree with you sir It appears that you still have doubts.
You can put her to test. Let’s call for a small party and get 2 musicians with heavy
instruments and blasting sound, Let her stand by the speakers while the artists are performing.
If she experiences any crisis again, you call me a bastard I am sure and convinced about what I am saying. – 2 musicians and a dancer?
I don’t think we need to go through all that. – Baby, are you feeling alright?
– I am okay. Although I feel like dancing Funny pretty lady.
Sorry I meant, funny lady (Beatbox) What are you doing?
Are you expecting her to start dancing? – She can’t just start dancing. There is no real beat yet
– I can create good beats for her No, she won’t dance to that. If she does, it means she is going
mad. she will only dance to the real beat. Don’t ever try that again I am very sorry There are ways to go about it Daddy (Songs) I want to thank all the competitors and the judges.
Please give yourself a round of applause This is the second round of the competition
and we already know the criteria for selecting a winner The winner will be flown around to
participate in various activities. I have consulted my fellow judges and the results have been
collated. Here is the result according to your performances. The winner is Tinuola Olurotimi I really appreciate all your efforts and all that you have
done for my family. I cannot thank you enough – May you continue to experience joy and happiness
Amen When you are grateful to a herbalist, the herbalist will be
grateful to the oracle, the oracle is also grateful to the Almighty I am doing what the Almighty has sent me to do You are doing the right work Tinuola’s mother died while giving birth to her. My love for her made me not to get married again.
Because she is enough for me By the power of the oracle,
you shall not experience misfortune I want you to have this. This is just a token.
You are welcome to my house at anytime Chief, thank you very much Prayer Thank you very much.
This money is huge The dress is looking nice on my daughter.
My husband is impressive (Scream) I was just dressing for her up. What’s this?
Isn’t this epilepsy (Lamenting) It is epilepsy Please help me. What should I do?
I didn’t collect any money I instructed you but you didn’t listen (Adage) It is wrong to collect money for the
treatment of epilepsy You broke the rule and collected money.
Therefore, your child is afflicted with epilepsy -Chief, please take back this money
-What is the problem? Is it too small? I can add to it I am not saying that it is small.
Please take it – Awobiyi, this is money.
I know but I don’t need your money Your compound is very big Awobiyi, that red car is yours – A gift?
Yes, take it Thank you very much (Excitement) It seems you don’t know the value of what you have done
for my family, it is a favour that can never be forgotten You are worth more than these gifts Thank you very much.
This is a very nice car (Adage) – Did I not instruct you?
-You instructed me I have a better understanding now. Please, I need your help.
My mother should not end this way (Adage) There is nothing to be done.
That’s the end of her Chief, I am sorry. I know that I don’t have a car.
But I don’t need your car Why? What’s the problem? Why are you rejecting
my gifts? This car is a 2009 model – Even if the car is manufactured today, I won’t take it.
What is the problem? It ‘s as if you don’t know your worth for what you did for me. I want you to ask for anything that is within my power, and I will do it for you. If you want me to ask for anything within your power.
You should give me Tinuola as a wife Excuse me? I am saying that I will have to have Tinuola as a… What did you just say now? You want to marry me?
Over my dead body Even If you were teased, shouldn’t you have rejected it?
You want to marry me with your tribal mark and triangle head – He has done us a lot of favours.
To hell with him and his favours People do a favour and take their eyes off it.
he did a favour and wants to sit on it I will rather die with epilepsy
that to marry this stinking thing Awobiyi, don’t pay attention to her. She doesn’t
know the value of what you have done. She is just a child I am not even angry. She blasted me severely, no problem.
Why should I get angry? I want to go home – Are you angry?
No, she blasted me. That is not enough to get angry This guy is a thief. How could he ask for such? I am not angry, goodbye. – I hope you are not angry?
– I am not. I am not even frowning (Adage) Is this how I am going to lose this lady? (Sigh) (Adage) What am I going to do now? Do I bring your food? (hIss) Why is he hissing? Why don’t eat your food? You look worried. And you like picking a quarrel with me? I wish your family the same I am only concern about you.
Don’t call me when you get into trouble. Get out of my sight Why don’t you just eat a little Awobiyi, I don’t understand you. What kind of battle
did you lose? Is it an internal or external battle? – It is not an external battle, It is internal.
You mean in this same town? What form of battle is that? I am very worried and restless.
I need a love charm from you That is not a problem. I have lots of love charm. But it works differently and very intense on women.
That’s why I am usually skeptical How do you mean? Once the job is done. Any woman that you
try it on, will immediately begin to follow you around That is not a problem.
let her forget herself and follow me around – She can follow you even to the toilet.
– She is welcomed If you are okay with it.
Then we can proceed. – So long as she doesn’t die of love, I am okay with it.
Love has nothing to do with death. Now, I need you to bring the following ingredients:
“ewe wawa” “ewe shawerekpekpe” and “ewe logbokiye” I plead on her behalf, she is just a child.
She acted immaturely I was only joking but she took it personally Did you hear that? I told you he was only joking.
He didn’t mean what he said. I am sorry for my reaction. It is not in my nature to act
that way. Like my daddy said, It was a misunderstanding That is in the past now.
No hard feeling anymore I usually consult the oracle on the future of my patients
Worldwide, and when I consulted the oracle on her behalf The oracle revealed clearly that, she is not completely healed. That the affliction will re-occur in the future But you assured me the last time
that she is completely healed. Yes, I said she is completely healed until this new
revelation. And I do not argue with the Oracle …that is why I perfumed some rituals with my
personal money to produced this charm. I wouldn’t want a situation that all my
previous efforts will end in vain It is true that we had misunderstandings
But I will not allow that to ruin all our efforts Young man, could you be the guardian angel
that has been sent to protect her? It could either be me or not. I am just carrying out the
instructions from the Oracle. I am following a path – Do you see this charm?
Yes, of course – Have you heard of “alakpandede”?
– I haven’t heard of such (Myth) – “Alakpandede” created the alternate universe. It is the
abode of lost souls. I went to this territory to get this charm They were furious at me but I I wrestled with them and
collected this charm. They were amazed (Prayer) You could either pour the charm in water and drink it
or you add it to your food and eat – Either way, the affliction will be gone forever.
Take it
Thank you. How much will this cost me? Don’t bother. The Oracle didn’t ask me to
collect a salary. It is free Thank you very much. (Compliment) Open the gate, my husband is waiting for me (Blabbing) I said open the gate! I have always warned you about
your dialect, what is wrong with you? Mummy, this is the pretty lady
that I told you I want to marry The moment you entered, I got the feeling that this
beautiful lady could be the lady you want to marry. My daughter-in-law, you are welcome. We are from
a family where husbands take good care of their wives. (Prayer) She will give birth to twins too
…and even triplets – She is good looking.
She is better than the best Young man, I am not interested in your fetish titles.
My request and fear are meant for only my superiors If you don’t tell us where you hid the lady.
You will not find it funny I have told you that, I don’t know where she is.
I have not seen her. I can’t be lying to you What?
Epilepsy? Boss, what is this? It is a beautiful concept
I like the story, It made a lot of sense I like the story but few things aren’t clear to me.
Something is missing in that story For example, the guy that cured epilepsy,
Why would he be afflicted, since he didn’t collect any gifts? Indirectly, he collected a gift by taking advantage of
the lady and using a love charm …on her to gain back the favour that he did,
that love charm is the gift he received Wow! that was very brilliant.
That was a good job from you I think the next thing to do, is to start listing our cast.
So that we can start work immediately That’s true. But Ola, when can you make the script?
So that we can have it. Well, we like to churn out good stories with lots
of interesting plots and suspense. My first draft will be ready in 3 weeks.
The final draft could take 2 months 2 months isn’t a long time. Sunday, I think we should focus on the characters for the casting. The person I have in mind for the role,
is usually very busy – Do you remember this guy, Afonja Olaniyi Sanyeri?
Okay, that is a good choice He will be good for the role. I watched one of his movies
and the way he interpreted his role very well – Have you seen the movies- Saworo?
-Yes, it’s a very interesting movie – With due respect sir, I wrote that script.
Wow! You wrote it too? You must be very good. I have a lot of respect for the aged
writer. But it appears you are getting better than him After seeing the movie- Saworo. The lead actor
played it well. Creative writing is interesting The director, Adebayo Tijani was on point.
He is the boss. It’s a very good movie Please get the script ready quickly.
It will be a high budget movie Thank you

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