41 thoughts to “Tia Mowry-Hardrict Is Obsessed With Meghan Markle And Here’s Why”

  1. Don’t know why it bugs me but here goes…she’s NOT a Markel anymore. Duchess of Sussex or Meghan Mountbatten Windsor! Catherine is not Catherine Middleton, she’s Duchess of Cambridge or Catherine Mountbatten Windsor

  2. I enjoy your posts, however, you really should do some research in into heraldry before commenting on coats of arms. You could really learn a lot about the symbolic nature of elements that have no evil intentions behind them.

  3. I agree with Wendy William, I wouldn't give Megan markle no sympathy for what she going through cause she knew what she was getting into.

  4. People need to get a life of their own and leave them to live theirs…."their lives belong to the public"…NO…..you all killed the man's mother…leave them..
    Let them live for peace sake….

  5. Big supporter of Meghan and Harry . they are really real 💯 no pretender .hard workers , humble and kind 💓 their love for others has no boundaries. …love way up for the Sussex family . Spiteful rumours and toxic comments won't break down our support.

  6. Me, I'm obsessed with the opposite star actress of Tia Mowry played the role of Annabelle in "Gingerbread" of last year's Hallmarks' films, what's her real name Tia? I think she's a French actress…

  7. St. Clare King who in the fuck is you, I say what the fuck I wanna say. If your name said king instead of YouTube I would be worried, since it don't you need to shut the fuck up and stay in your gay lane.

  8. meghan….BAHAHAHAHA BAHAHAHAHA…43 year old has been…I would be obsessed over a pile of 💩💩💩💩before meghan….

  9. Thanks Tia for speaking positively about Duchess Meghan. I think The Sussexes are an exceptional couple. I love Duchess Meghan too!!!

  10. Like Meghan pre-royal friends and fans, the Archbishop is on point. Meghan is a humble, genuine, compassionate, articulate, charismatic person that gives 100% into her humanitarian and social activism projects. The professional, racist and xenophobic LIARS of the British Press underestimated Meghan's exemplary resume, natural ability, her global influential power and the sized of her pre-royal fanbase and her loyal friends. They should have studied these videos and abandon their character assassination of Meghan that exposed their racists and xenophobic characters.
    The Compassionate Meghan


    Meghan’s mutual love affair with her fans



    Lindsay on the niceness and the personal –notes Meghan wrote.


    Fans and Friends on Meghan’s impeccable character

    Erica Levin, Sorority Sister


    Dan Wooton, castmate


  11. DuchASS of SUEsex has 1 more HOLLYWOOD fan ! Woohoo!…. Why wasn't she obsessed with HER when SHE was FAILED ACTRESS and YACHT ESCORT?…. It's ONLY because of marrying Harry …..did this NO NAME….. get HER NAME…. Without… Harry ….SHE will become a ..NO NAME.. AGAIN!😂😂😂😂

  12. Blah blah blah. As soon as my child was born I lost all the fat right away same dayi left the hospital with my child with the same pants I had before birth

  13. People hates fake Meghan fake fake you like Meghan cause she black in England she is hated we can see through her lies lies how can Meghan inspire you? "" she ghosted her own father flash and blood… That Meghan is evil she turned prince Harry into a mentally ill puppet. We want her gone. Archi? What archi the English people are not worthy to see that baby she is nusty a yacht girl and escort girl she dumps men if they don't suit her….. She has no idea how to be royal if anything she brings bad image to black women. She does not know if she black white she does not know. The queen threw them out she does not want them for Xmas this will never last.

  14. Meghan, the duchess of Sussex has a genuinely good heart; and the fact that God united her with Harry, another genuine soul to accomplish His (God's) purpose is just so wonderful. No weapon formed against them will prosper. The racists haters will continue to drown in their own toxic hatred.

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