Thursday, October 17

Thursday, October 17

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it feel it feel it ♪ ♪ When you need it how you doin’ ♪ Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering) Thank you for watching. (audience cheering) Say hello my studio audience. (audience applauding) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, let’s get started. It’s time for hot topics. (audience cheering) The whole thing. Oh boy. You know, I love all my Wendy watchers, but I have to give a little shutout to a nine month old. His name is Teshawn. He lives in Karnes City Texas, I hope I’m saying that right. Karnes City, Texas? Teshawn watches every day with his mom, Savannah. And I wish that very Wendy watcher was so excited. Take a look. (audience cheering) (audience applauding) How you doin’? Thank you so much for watching, Savannah. Your baby is adorable. Anyway, Joseline Hernandez, you knew it was a matter of time before she got her own reality show. (audience cheering) Yeah. Just the other day I was talking about Joseline being on Married with Medicine, and we all saw that, or maybe we didn’t. I saw. And I said, “She needs to be a permanent character.” Not that I can see her blending with the doctor’s wives, and stuff like that. But, it’s not my practice. What do I care? I’m just watching. She’s a whole lot of entertainment, I love my Puerto Rican Princess. (audience cheering) So, Joseline’s Cabaret is what the show is called. Okay here’s the premise, it’s gonna have her returning to home to Miami, to help a struggling gentleman’s club. Now you can imagine, she’ll probably be working the pole and doing splits. And then she’ll bring in a whole bunch of good looking women doing the same thing. And she’s doing all this simultaneously on the show, while pursuing her music career. (audience gasping) And being a mom. Well, being a mom is a job. But here’s the thing, first Joseline you have to see your kid more. Because, no hold on. I was talking to Stevie J and Faith, who you know they’re a couple now. I told you this randomly on the phone the other week, like Stevie just called up. He got my number, he called up. Whatever. Anyway, so I’m like, “So what’s the deal “with you and Joseline? “Where’s the baby?” And he told me that he’s got the baby most of the time. Well look, that’s one man side of the story. We don’t know her side. But point being, is that this is… Joseline is good TV, and what else is she supposed to do? You know, you can’t knock somebody from paying their bills, and she’s a mom now. And you know, every day we get older, and every day we have to figure out what we’re going to do 20 years from now. Who’s gonna pay our bills? So, it’s on the Zeus network. Now, that is the network that has the Blac Chyna show, which honestly I still haven’t seen. I only see clips when we talk about it during hot topics, so you guys bring me all the clips. And also, the upcoming Tokyo Tony, Blac Chyna’s mom show. (audience gasping) So, that’ll be like back to back, like good entertainment with all three of them, you know? (audience applauding) Yeah. Thing is, Zeus is on the computer I think, right? It’s like Netflix. Like it’s a streaming, Netflix and Hulu, and Prime. But, I can watch Netflix on my actual TV, like when I’m laying in bed. Yeah, you can airplay it to your TV. Zeus? Yeah. (laughing) I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate through Spectrum, that’s my cable company. (audience laughing) The best customer service when they get on the phone. But, the worst… Everything’s pixelated, or it cuts off, or you know. I mean, I don’t know what your service is, but that’s mine. Zeus is the furthest thing from my mind, because I’m just trying to figure out… If I roll over the remote one wrong time, done. (audience laughing) But, the people who work there are very nice though, I must say. They know what they’re doing. And I’ve even said to them sideways I’m like, “Look, do you understand?” They’re like, “We know, we hear it all the time.” Anyways, so Tiffany Haddish says that she’s done with opening up about her personal life. Tiffany, this looks like real good, she’s got real good natural hair. (audience applauding) Good edges and hairline and stuff, and she adds stuff in. That’s a good picture. Anyway, Tiffany said that she decided to change her ways, after watching a video called, 10 Things You Should Always Keep to Yourself. She tweeted that, “I’m going to be, “a different type of entertainer. “I’m done with being an open book. “Sorry world, no more raw entertainment from me.” Too soon, and I like her. You know I like Tiff. You know she’s been to the house, we’ve hung out before, and stuff like that. But, I gotta call it like I see it, too soon. We just got to know her like what, two years ago? Something like that? And now you want to pull back? No, no. You can’t lose that edge. The thing is is that… And I don’t know this for fact, but in my mind I bet you she’s gotten it from being on a friendly family show. You know, she comes on Sunday nights. (audience applauding) I watch that show with those kids, it’s called Kids Say the Darnedest Things, and it’s wholesome. And she’s back to back. First it’s Alfonso Riberio with Funniest Home Videos, I love that. Then it goes into Tiff, and then it goes into Shark Tank. So, it’s a whole family friendly night… What the snake is going on? Adorable, adorable. Fabulous, fabulous. Stand up, let me se. (audience applauding) Okay, okay. You better work your look. How you doin’? Welcome. Okay, sit back down, we only have an hour. But, you look adorable. My co-host. Anyway, so you know if you’re on a family friendly show, you can’t be talking about, “Yes Chingy, “we did sleep together.” You know what I mean? Like Tiff behind the scenes is filthy, and she will hit you with those 16 bars of filth, and she knows how to twerk. She likes to go out and look at the men. Just a natural girl who’s living her best life right now. But, she got thrown into this family thing, and so now you can’t twerk and spit filth. So, I expect that you know she’s smart, I’m sure the bosses didn’t even have to come to her about that. She probably was sitting back, she’s real career minded. Like don’t mistake her smiles for being stupid or anything, she’s very smart about her career. And so I suspect that that’s what it is. If I were her, I would go with the big paycheck for network TV. It’s just that some of us as people. (audience applauding) Some of us as people who know you from doing your stand up stuff, well that’s filthy too you know. You talk about your personal life, and things like that. You know these men out here in these streets. It’s like funny. But, you can’t do both these days, I guess. It’s horrible. What are some of the things that were on that list? They said 10 Things Not to Talk about in Public. Oh, don’t talk about your personal life, which then what… Your goals. Yeah, don’t talk about your, okay. Don’t talk about your personal life, which that’s weird. Because, we all talk about our personal lives, it’s just that we have to know when to stop. You know, give them exact… Give the crowd, your girlfriends, or whoever you’re with just enough without seeming standoffish. But, don’t tell them everything. Don’t talk about your goals. I don’t talk about my goals with my friends. Matter of fact, I share more with you, than I do with my actual people I know in real life. Only because, only because… And even then, I don’t talk about my tippy tippy top goal, I never have. Because if you don’t achieve it, then they’re like, “Oh, you’re still down here with us.” (audience laughing) Or. (audience applauding) Or if you achieve it, then they’re like, “Oh.” They get pissed at you, because you have futuristic vision, and you achieved your goals. So then you have to kick them to the curb as friends. They say don’t talk about wealth, or lack there of. Don’t talk about family problems, oh I agree with that. Surface level, you don’t talk about family problems. You know, you might say, “Oh, you know my cousin “is a pain in the behind, “this is what happened.” You know, don’t talk about your fears or weakness. Well that’s big to me. Do not tell your friends, I don’t care how friendly you are with them, about your fears and weakness. Because, they wiLl prey upon that. Like what is a friend? A friend is somebody that you know until you don’t need them anymore, so they’re no good for you. You can’t hang on forever. I hate to say that, I hate to say that. But, the world is turned on such an axis. Oh, and they say one of the things on the list, don’t talk about resentments about the past. Well, see I would think that’d be the safe thing to talk about, because it’s the past, it’s over. Now let’s talk about that, you know what I mean? (audience applauding) I really like my costume today, it’s from Burlington. (audience applauding) Right? Nice wooly with some stretch. I wanted to wear a T-shirt underneath, because it’s freezing in here. But, nevertheless I suffer. So Lamar Odom everybody wants to start a family with his girlfriend. He wants a new life. (audience applauding) I mean, I don’t know. I just think it’d be better if he just cleaned up his old life, you know? He seems so with it on Dancing With the Stars, just because he got cut. His eyes weren’t glassy and he seemed with us, except when he scratched his junk. (audience laughing) Lamar recently said that he wants more babies. Ideally he wants twin boys, look at him be picky. Like, I don’t understand the whole picky parent of it all. And I think these days, you know they can put a Petri dish together, and let you have the kids that you want, the eye color. Just weird. You know, there’s some things that are just supposed to happen naturally. Sorry for being old school. But anyway, Lamar’s 39, and he’s dating a health life coach. Her name is Sabrina Par, she’s 32. (audience applauding) Susan, you thought she’d be white? Well, I wasn’t sure. They look cute together. Yeah, I like her. Yeah, she’s young. She has two kids already, and Lamar has two kids as well. Destiny is 21 and Lamar Jr. Is 17. My thought is that… I want him to be happy, and if he’s gonna start a new life with no drugs, and kind of getting off the Hollywood scene. He’s lost friends. Everyone deserves their happiness, but a new family is kind of like… I don’t know, is that dismissive of the old family? Does that mean that Destiny and Lamar Jr got the worst of him, and so they just have to deal with that? No, but listen to me, listen to me. You know, these two kids right here, I guess gotten the, excuse me. Worst of him, and so he’s gonna give his best into a brand new family with a brand new woman? And then not only that, but whatever money he has, and according to Norman it’s zero. (laughing) I was just being very shady behind the scenes. Well now I’m being shady to you in front of the scenes. No, but whatever money Lamar does have left, now it has to be split four ways, plus taking care of a whole other household. Somewhere in there I think Destiny and Lamar, like if I was Destiny, I’d be… I would not be happy. If I was Lamar Jr., I would not be happy. So we got the worst of you, you were barley here. And now whatever money you have left, we’re gonna have to split it four ways? I wish him well. Lamar, I wish you well. And about the woman that he’s, Sabrina. So she’s a life coach. Well, prior to being a… (laughing) Come on, we gotta get the full story out. Prior to being a life coach, she did spend five months in prison. (audience gasping) (audience applauding) Listen, for assaulting her husband with a trophy in the head. She hit him in the head with a trophy. I don’t know what the husband did, for cheating on her, right? He accused her of cheating. Oh, he accused her of cheating. Okay, well so but she’s turned her life around everybody, let’s give people a second chance, you know? I was minding my own business in the street the other day, and I was stopped by a man. I didn’t want to stop because he was gigantic, I wanted to run. But he had a nice smile, and he said, “Wendy.” And so he was walking with me, I was walking fast, right? I was walking fast and he was walking with me. He said, “Wendy, I was locked up for 18 months “on a gun charge in Boston, “and your show was the only thing “that I looked forward to every day.” (audience applauding) Look, look, he goes, “And when we would sit.” I guess TV time, whatever time the show comes on. Boston I think 10:00 in the morning, I’m not sure. But, you know he said, “If anybody mess with the remote, “they’re gonna be chairs flying and tables tossing.” And so, you know I say all that to say, so she did five months, because he thought that she cheated. But, maybe Lamar can find happiness with this woman. And on another note, shutout to all the inmates. I do appreciate my captive audience, thank you. (audience applauding) Just so happens that I had a Wendy T-shirt in my bag at the same time. And I took it I said, “This probably won’t fit you but, “but it’s never been worn. “I just got it from the prize closet, and maybe you can give it to somebody that you like.” He was so appreciative. And then we took as selfie, yeah. Yeah, I took a selfie. (audience applauding) I love celebrity look-a-likes. We got some good ones for you today. It’s time for celebrity look-a-likes, hit it. (upbeat music) Oh gosh. I’m so excited about going to L.A. for that star on Thursday. (audience applauding) I got a whole thing planned. I’m gonna mix it up socially speaking, I’m going to the Hip Hop Club on Friday night. I forget which one, but some arrangements have been made. No, Thursday night. And then on Friday night, I’m going to the gay club. Yeah. I think they call it Blow. Okay, our first celebrity look-a-like comes from Maya M, who watches the Wendy Show on WZTV in Nashville, Tennessee. Maya thinks that she looks like Nicole Murphy, Maya you better come through. Because here’s the real beautiful Nicole Murphy. All right Maya, come with it. (audience applauding) Yes, yes, yes. Wow, that’s a good one. Okay, our next celebrity look a-like comes from Kelly J, who watches the Wendy Show on KRIV in Spring, Texas. Kelly thinks that her brother looks like Woody Harrelson. All right, now let’s take a look at Wood. And now let’s take a look at Carrie. I mean, Carrie’s brother. (audience applauding) Wow. That’s a good one Carrie, thank you Kelly. I always thought he was attractive, you know what I mean? Okay. Our next celebrity look-a-like comes from Jason V, who watches the Wendy Show on KTTV in Anaheim California, and Jason thinks that his great grandfather Angelo, looks like Jonah Hill. Okay, so here’s the real Jonah Hill, all right. Now, let’s take a look at Angelo. Yes. (audience applauding) Aw Jason, thank you. All right now look, our final celebrity look-a-like comes from Cindy W, who watches the Wendy show on WBMA in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Tuscaloosa. No, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Cindy thinks that she… Cindy, I’m gonna fight you. In a good way. She thinks that she looks like John Goodman. Okay, here’s the real John Goodman. Okay, now wait. Now here’s a lovely Wendy watching woman named Cindy. (audience cheering) I’m done, I’m going home, I’m done. If you or someone you know looks like a celebrity, sharing is funny. Go to We got more great show everybody. Up next, American housewife Katy Mixon is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music) (audience cheering) Please welcome Katy Mixon. (upbeat music) (audience applauding) Hi. I’m so happy to meet ya. You too. (audience cheering) Hi everybody. So, welcome to the show first time here. Thank you for having me.
But, you are sitting with your feet on those feet, you know we do Shoe Cam, there you go. (audience cheering) And you know, anything that roars here is great, we love animal print. I love it. I did it for you. Thank you. Your hair is beautiful.
Thank you so much. Yeah, where are you from? I’m originally from Pensacola, Florida. (audience cheering) I loved you on Mike and Molly, but you weren’t the star of that show, but you were a big part of it. And now boom here you are, fourth season she’s the start American Housewife. (audience applauding) Wendy, I’m having the time of my life. It’s real, real special. I wanted to do something different, so I… That end of January 2016, and I walked into the American Housewife room four days later. So, it was rapid on a hamster wheel, but I’m real grateful. Yeah. Because, you never know when it’s going to end, particular being a woman, you know what I mean? Unfortunately.
Yes, I know. So, the hamster wheel is no lie. So, you’ve been pregnant most of your life. Basically. And on TV most of your life? Basically.
And then you found the love of your life in the gym? I did. Okay. Explain how this happened, when you met your husband? It happened eight years go. It happened on a Saturday morning at 7:00 A.M. Trust. And I… Something told me that I needed to wear mascara that day. And wear my Victoria’s Secret workout gear, hot Pink. So, my trainer at the time, we have a mutual friend. But, my trainer at the time was his friend also, and he was gonna go out of town, and so he said Breaux can train you. What’s his name? Breaux, Breaux Grier. That’s my husbands name. B-R-O? B-R-E-A-U-X. Oh, that’s his real name? He’s from Monroe, Louisiana. Okay, okay. So, anyway, so I said I’d love to meet him. I met him Wendy. And it was over. (audience cheering) That’s sweet. And you were totally single, you had no children. I had no children, I was 30. I’m 38 now. I was 30 when I met him. Wait, was Mike and Molly on at that time? It was on at that time, completely. So, he knew exactly who you were? He loved a different show, he didn’t really know who I was. But, he had dug a different… I did a show called Eastbound & Down on HBO, and he knew about it. And he liked it. So anyway, we been together ever since, for eight years. So then we got our tattoos. You have tattoos? One tattoo. We got this three weeks in. On your ring finger? On my ring finger Wendy. First of all. Taking a leap of faith. On the ring finger, and you didn’t even just call it B-R-O, like you went for the full name. I went for the B-R-E-A-U-X. And I didn’t question it. Where’d he get his? On his ring finger too. I know. I know, it would’ve been terrible if we had broken up. Would’ve been a terrible situation. You got a tattoo three days in? Three weeks in
Three weeks in? Had you already done the nasty with him at that point? I’m just saying. I don’t really recall, I feel like we were, yes. (laughing) I mean, when you know you know. Exactly. Good for you. Yes. So, now you’re in Hollywood, and you’re filming American Housewives. Yes honey. So, how is it going with the kids, because you got pregnant within the first season of that show, as I can recall. I got pregnant within the first month of filming the first season. So, here’s a girl with her dreams coming true, and now you get pregnant. And we love babies, but sometimes they do get in the way of a woman’s career. Well, I tell you what, I tend to tackle a lot of things at once. Well, I’ve done a real doozy this time. I’m tackling it from every angle, and I always wanted to be a mommy. We knew we wanted to have babies, we were just open to whenever. And now it’s the time. So, how do you go to your bosses and tell them, you know because you got this great role. Totally. Were you nervous that they were gonna say, “We’re not writing pregnancy into this show.” No Wendy, I wasn’t nervous at all. We’re gonna just wear bigger shirts, and we’re gonna hide it. I’m at an island a lot of the times, in the auto house. They’re gonna raise the island up. And to the credit, they were really wonderful about it. They were so lovely. So I’m pregnant throughout the whole first season, and then second season arrives, and I get pregnant again. So, I had Kingston May 19, 2017, and then I had Electra May 16, 2018. Irish twins. Irish twins. While filming, while making a human inside of me. So, but you’re making it all work. Like Breaux was at home, he’s helping you out. Wendy he’s magical. He’s absolutely incredible. And all your supporting cast were supportive? They were wonderful. The production at ABC, they’re real incredible. They have a nursery on set. I couldn’t be more supported in trying to succeed. You’re a really sweet woman though. The whole accent, beautiful smile, how could they say no to you? I’m saying. So, do you want more kids? Wendy, I feel like we do. I feel like we do. But, right now no. Right now no? I gotta chill for a hot second. I gotta take a hot second break. I don’t really know which ways up and down right now, so we’re gonna just be, and be in the present. Whatever that means. I have to tell you, it’s delightful having you here. Thank you for having me, Wendy. Katy Mixon everybody. American Housewives airs Friday nights at 8:00 on ABC. Now, coming up next we got four fashion trends with Burlington, don’t go away. (upbeat music) (audience cheering) Wow. Did you wear the big white dress? I did, I had to do it. Okay, Fall is the perfect time everybody for layering and waring cute sneakers, and things like that. And here from Burlington, to show us this seasons hottest trends, is our fashion expert friend, newly married. 15 people in Italy, so special. It’s our friend Jackie Moran. Hi, thank you Wendy. I was so excited to share the news with Wendy at fashion week, I couldn’t hold back. It’s the first thing I did. Was tell Wendy. But, everybody was like… There was so much going on, but congratulations. Thank you so much, I mean it so much. (audience applauding) But, we have more important things to talk about, because it’s Fall fashion time everybody. And if you look at my amazing outfit, and your amazing dress at Burlington, you know that Burlington gives you more and more great brands, more fall styles, and most importantly Wendy, more amazing savings every day. So, we’re gonna show you not only fall fashion, but affordable fall fashion. Because, you know we love our affordable price points. Oh please, who’s paying full price for anything anymore? All right, we’re gonna start our fashion show, and as usual all of our models are Wendy watchers from our audience. And so first is Jessica, and Jessica is wearing the athelesure trend. Yes.
Yes. So, the thing about atheleisure that we know, is it’s now a category that’s not just a trend. It’s a main stay. It’s the biggest off duty uniform that any fashion it girl can wear. So, how do you take it from the gym, to street style, chic? Neon is a great place to start. That neon zip up sweater is so cool, that pop of color. Pair it with a cozy denim jacket, because when it’s lined, you get more fall mileage out of it. I see the lining. Pull it open, let’s see, Jess. That’s so cozy, could wear that into the cooler months. Each of those under $25. So you gotta love that. And her liquid leggings, to me they’re active wear, but they scream fashion. You could wear those with sweater and boots. She’s got mesh at the bottom. Exactly, so chic, so cool. They have that leather like look, but still active wear friendly. So, you really can take them from the gym to the streets. And then those off duty accessories. How cool are those glitter sneakers, that are just $27.99.
Really? Yes, so fun, they have a little bit of everything. So, the shield shades, the leopard backpack, we took leggings, and we made it show chic, and so fun, and so cool. And the hair is perfect for it, thank you Jessica. All right, our next model is Wanda, and Wanda is wearing the layering trend. Yes Wanda. This is really great, right? Hello Wanda. This woman is so stylish and so incredible. Now that trench is a must have silhouette. It’s under $40. I love it. It adds texture, it adds style, it adds warmth of course. But, I like thin layers for the workplace, because you can take them from indoors to out. I love me a stripe wide leg pant, and that jacket, top and pants, under $75 total for all of those. Wow.
Right? So, if you shop Burlington stores, of course you can save up to 60% off other retailers prices every day, and also those rust accessories really finish the look in a really trendy color pallet. Look at the rust color pallet, as a great trend guide for the fall season. There’s a belt in the back of the trench. Good job, Wanda. Wanda’s working those thin layers. Yes, okay Wanda. All right, our next model is Michelle, and she’s wearing the sweater with jeans trend. Yes, of course we always go for a sweater and jeans, right? And animal print. And how do you make it fashion? You just said it, Wendy. Animal print is the way to go. Leopard reins supreme. We are seeing leopard, we’re seeing cheetah, we’re seeing everything from snake skin to faux crocodile prints. And what I love about this cardigan is the texture also. I’m gonna touch in commercial break. Right, 1999, Wendy’s gonna touch it. 1999 guys, I can’t even. So fun, she’s a makeup artist, she can go to work looking chic like she does. The cropped denim is still the way to go, it’s very friendly for fall footwear. Those jeans are just $16.99, and those boots with that platform. See how they flatter the ankle there? They’re under $30, so I really love this. $19 for the sweater? $19. Thank you Michelle. Our final model is Brianna, and she’s wearing the outerwear trend. Yes, so you obviously, I like that this look has a little bit bit of it all, but the trick is to stay warm and keep cool. Looking cool, right? So she looks so cool, starting with her statement making cold weather accessories. That hat, she looks fedorable, but it’s affordable. It’s $6.99 Wendy. What? So cute. She has neck wear, she has the sweater dress, she has the fall boots. But that coat, so the teddy coat. The teddy coat can be your go to statement outer wear, for the season. Look at the big pockets on the front. Yes, you can put the phone in there, you don’t even need to grab a bag. Just put it all in the pockets. $79.99, cute scarf. And I love me a knee high boot. It’s a runway staple, these are. $24.99.
$24.99 for the boots? Yes, clearly you need to stop by Burlington for the seasons hottest looks, but most importantly at their every day low prices. And I love a sweater dress with the knee high boots, because you don’t even need tights. She’s covered up. She looks cool, but she’ll be warm. Those gloves look Chanel. Don’t they? But they’re so affordable. And everybody can go grab them, you don’t have to spend Chanel prices. Thank you Jackie for being here. For more information on all these looks from Burlington, go to Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) So, starting for Ask Wendy, everybody make yourselves at home except for you. Come on over. Hi Wendy, how you doin’? I saw you when I first came out. Thank you. I gave you the look. You did.
Yes. How you doin’? I’m great, how you doin’? What’s your name, where are you from? My name’s Jenny, I’m from New York. Okay, what do you do? I manage a hotel here in the city. And my question is, I hire everyone, like I’m the boss at the hotel. So I hire my friends a lot. And.
Here we go. I have to reprimand employees. So, how do I reprimand employees, while also not damaging friendships? You can’t have your friends work for you. And that is just the way it is. It is what it is. I mean, now you can’t go back and fire them, but you have to understand. They’re not paying your bills, and now we’re all grown. We’re not in high school anymore, and work is the number one thing in our lives outside of our families, and friends fall third. If at all. So, you reprimand them like you would any other employee. If they don’t want to be your friend anymore, just realize these are the girls, and then the guys, who know the tea on you. And so then they will go to your boss about your dirt. So, don’t hire anymore friends, not one. No more friends. And be careful about how you reprimand them, because it will come back to haunt you. And how I act. And how you act. By the way, there’s no more going out with them, like you can’t treat them as friends anymore. For sure. Does that make sense? (audience applauding) All right, good luck. Come on over, how you doin’? How you doin’ Wendy? Good makeup, what are you a makeup artist? No. Well, what’s your name? My name’s Jabada, I’m 21. I’m new to New York, I’m from Seattle, Washington. And so my question is. What do you do? I’m an aspiring journalist, I came here for journalism. (audience applauding) So, what is your question? So, my parents are very conservative, and they’re already talking about marriage and I just turned 21, and I’m trying to zip it and do it out in New York. I’ve been a bad influence. I’m sorry. And I want to be single, and they’re already talking about setting me up with people. Do you come from a culture where set up marriages are? What’s your actual background? I’m Ethiopian. So, that’s part of our culture, and I’m not trying to do that. So, how do I get them to back off and let me do my own thing? Are they in New York with you, or they’re back in Seattle? They’re back in Seattle. Well, this is your life. I know we obey our parents and everything, but this is a different day and age. For women all over the world, includIng in Ethiopia with the arranged marriages. The best thing is that you live all the way over here. Are you dating a lot? Kind of maybe, trying. Are you having fun? Yeah, I’m trying to. How do you eyeball marriage, like something that you do when you’re 31 as opposed to 21? I say career first, and then once that’s secured and I’m financially able to do everything, then marriage is hopefully. Well, this is your life, this is not… Even though your parents gave life to you, this is your life. You know, family gatherings might be tough. You know, hold your tongue, don’t be disrespectful to your parents. In the meantime girl, zip it and do it have fun. More Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) All right, we’re back with more Ask Wendy. Don’t you love it? Oh my gosh, I love your nails. How you doin’? How you doin’? Who are you? Hi, I’m Celeste, I’m from Newark, New Jersey. Nice to meet you. Now what do you ? I am a medical bill and coder. Okay, how can I help you? I have a 20 year old and a 24 year old at home, and my man just moved in. How long were you with him before he moved in? Five years. Okay. So we decided to. We’re the same age? Yes.
Okay, me and you. Yes.
Okay, good. Girls are in the way? Yes. Why am I guessing this? Why they they still living with you? Girl, well… Constantly with the I need a ride, I need money. What are you cooking for dinner? Are we just joking? Where are you? We’re very serious right now talking? No, no, on the way in here they’re calling me. Okay. They knew I was coming here today, it’s like I can’t escape for a little while. And then you go home to your man, and they’re all up under foot. Knocking on the door. Of the bedroom? Yes. How does he receive them? He loves my daughters, loves my daughters. So, what is your question to me? Because I got the answer. How do I get them to move out, so I can spend more time with my boo? By yourself in the house? Yeah, walk around in a bra and panty. You know, the freedom of it all. Like the freedom of this.
That’s what I want. Exactly. Well, you tell them to get an apartment together, and you give them a date and timeline for which they have to do. And they can either get an apartment together, or they can get separate apartments. Do they have jobs? Yes. Are they in school? One is. Okay, does the one in school have a job? Yes. Well, she’s got to make a way. She’s in the way now. She has one more year of school? Yes, one more. She’s got one more year. The daughter who’s 24 has got to go as of the first of the year. Okay? And the one who’s gonna be moving out, she needs to have a pull out couch so her sister can go over there whenever she wants. (laughing) No serious, life is too short, right? 55 years old, get out of here with that. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) She’s from Brooklyn and she’s from Connecticut. Where are you from, and why don’t you come to New York, and come right here to Chelsea. This is where the Wendy show is, this is where it’s going down, okay? The tickets are free, go to, we guarantee you a good time, right? (audience cheering) We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) I wanna thank Katy Mixon, Jackie Moran, you’re always wonderful co-host, studio audience. What can I say, you exhaust me in a good way. My co-host, tomorrow everybody, another addition of hot five. Plus, Judge Wendy is back, I love you for watching today. And I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye bye. (audience applauding) Nice.

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