Thursday, January 9

Thursday, January 9

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show! (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it feel it feel it ♪ ♪ When you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy! (cheering) Thank you for watching us. (cheering) Say hello, cohosts. My incomparable studio audience. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! I said how you doing? How you doing? There you go, let’s get started. It’s time for what? Hot Topics! Come on! (chill music) (cheering) You all started off messy. (laughing) And the mess will continue ’cause Joseline is here. (cheering) One thing I know about Joseline is she understands what I do, I understand what she does, and we have never had a fight. Nope, no, no no. So we’re gonna get that talk going on on the couch. She’s got her new Cabaret show. Stevie was, he’ll be here on Monday. Yeah, yeah, with Faith. The thing is that Stevie’s supposed to be trying to get full custody. I don’t know what’s going on but we’re gonna talk about that. And then she’s got this boyfriend. His name is Ballistic Beats. (chuckling) (cheering) Anyway, they’re gonna be on Marriage Boot Camp, Hip-hop Edition. I had no idea that they were married or even engaged. So when she comes out, just observe the ring finger. She’s upstairs right now watching all this. So Joseline, I can’t wait to talk to you. By the way, here’s the trailer, take a look. Five new hip-hop couples enter the house including our biggest star yet. They have 10 days to fix their relationships and it’s all going down. Hey hey hey, hang on! I came here to get my husband. You don’t put a deadline on when I should marry you. I don’t think you’re attracted to me. She’s constantly trying to find me another girlfriend though. I don’t think you as perfect as you think you are. I got a (beep) kid I’m fighting for! Our biggest heartbreaks! I had to address the elephant in the room. One of the couples in this house is not a couple at all. Oh hell no! (cheering) Well obviously Michel’le is there. But that’s fine for her to be there. I didn’t know that she was married or boot camping but none of these shows are what they say they are. Joseline, you’re gonna have to step up your game ’cause I’m sorry, hun. Ceelo Green was the one that I was looking at. Like why the? And his belly, look. (laughing) Why is Ceelo even out of the house? Weren’t you accused of that me too thigh gapper thing in 2014 where you pled no contest to drugging a woman on a date? (oohing) Norman?
Mhmm? Am I lying? You’re not lying, it happened. The woman woke up naked in a hotel bed with him. (oohing) And then Ceelo got on his Twitter thing and said people who have really been raped remember. Okay, then he was fired from America’s Got Talent. He was fired from the Voice, same thing. (laughing) He was fired from that. He was doing endorsements with I believe a beverage or something like that. And a moisturizer and stuff. A host of other things. He was fired from all that stuff. Now how do you go from being Ceelo Green to being on Married with Boot, I mean I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but there’s certain people who fit in that category which would be like Michel’le and Joseline, but Ceelo? Suzanne, didn’t he use to be a big star? Yeah, he had a huge song out. He was a big deal. I can’t remember– Was it Hey Ya? No. What was it, it was huge. F You. F You.
What? F You. Oh yeah, I’m going crazy. Oh everybody loved that. Yes, crazy. ♪ I’m going crazy ♪ Yeah it was huge. He was a big deal. A huge crossover hit. And people liked you, not just black people but everybody. And then you had to say something like that, women who are raped remember. And with the thigh gappers. Marriage Boot Camp: Hip-hop Edition. Norman?
Uh huh. You’re on assignment. I will be watching. (laughing) February sixth, oh wait no, Joseline’s gonna be there. I do wanna see what she does.
Yeah. Okay. By the way, remind me on Monday. I had a very, very lengthy text on my phone from Black China addressing Rob Kardashian. Oh! Okay.
Very lengthy coming from her attorney. Oh! And there was abuse allegations and all kind of stuff going on in this text. I’ll break it down for you all in our morning meeting on Monday. I didn’t wanna bring my phone out and just read it. You know?
(clapping) Why are we always in the middle of something? Now here’s another thing going on that I know a little bit about. Aretha Franklin’s son, all right she’s got four sons but there’s this one son who’s like off to the left of I guess being involved with the family. I had no idea. The other brothers, they’re all in for preserving their mom’s legacy and so on and so forth. Well this son right here, I forget his name. Kel. Kel? Like Kenan and Kel?
Yeah. Okay. Kel right here is slamming the upcoming biopic about his mother. (burping) Excuse me, it’s called Respect. And it’s starring Jennifer Hudson who breaks that voice all the way. (cheering)
Okay. Okay. And the teaser’s not a whole lot. It’s just enough to suck me in. I am definitely watching this. Take a look. ♪ What you want ♪ ♪ Baby I got ♪ ♪ What you need ♪ ♪ You know I got it ♪ ♪ All I’m asking ♪ ♪ Is for ♪ ♪ A little respect ♪ Yes, yes! (cheering)
That’s it! That’s all you need. So now, all Aretha’s kids are like in their 30’s right? Or older than that. 49 and above. 49 and above, okay. So now here goes Kel. He posted, “How can you make a movie about a person “and not talk to the person’s sons or grandchildren “about important information? “If you’re a real fan of my mother’s, “please do not support this.” Well I’m a real fan, and I’m telling you if you’re a real fan, we gotta watch this. (cheering) We gotta watch this. I’m a fan. Chit Chat and My Way are fans. Let me tell you something about, I got two Aretha Franklin hats that were, aw, hi girls. But no, they were gifted to me from the estate, like it’s stuff at the auction, you know what I’m saying. That’s one. Oh now let me tell you something right now. I have them very very high on a mannequin in my closet room. That Chit Chat and My Way, they go right up there. But they have never plucked a feather. They just sniff it and they lay right there on the shoulder of the mannequin. Yeah, right beneath all that. And then on top of it, I’ve got the gray one that she wore when Barack Obama was inaugurated. Remember she had the gray hat? Yeah, that’s mine now! That’s mine, right. (clapping) And the girls, they will knock that down. Because it’s just a gray hat, you know, like made out of felt or something. They knock it down and bring it in to me and drop it on the bed. Like ,all right girls, please stop with Miss Franklin’s hat. Please, anyway, I’m a fan and I’m watching and Kel said the only thing his mom would have approved of is that Jennifer Hudson is playing her. Well Kel, excuse me. You’re wrong about that. ‘Cause only me and Nortman know exactly who Miss Franklin wanted to play her. And you remember it if you were watching the show that day. Halle Berry. Excuse me? Yup. Yup. Now looky here, Kel. This is what I wanna know for this movie and this all happened before you were even a seed planted in your mom. I wanna know about Aretha the early years, ’cause you know she’s a PK kid. You know, a preacher’s kid. When did she break away and start singing devilish music? And, and, I wanna know exactly who she was sleeping with back in the day. (oohing) ‘Cause I gotta tell you something right now. And my favorite Aretha song, I love them all, well not all of them, but I love most of them. Rock Step Boof, you better hit that Rocksteady during the commercial break. Hit it, I want you, back spin, drop it, do it again, make it work. (clapping) In Aretha’s heyday, the earlier days, she was no angel, if you know what I’m saying and I think you do. And I wanna know all that stuff. And if you talk to the family, like we don’t need your permission to make a movie about our Aretha. Just like we don’t need to ask Blanket to make a movie about Michael Jackson. I mean, just make it. (clapping) So Kel is fighting to be the executor of Aretha’s estate. In the meantime, the other brothers are fine with how the executor is going. The executor is Aretha’s niece. Girls are always smarter than boys, you know what I’m saying? Smart fact. And also Aretha was not the best planner even though she was a grand dom, she had three handwritten wills buried in the couch cushions of her house. Okay? Will number one, under this cushion. Another couch over here, will number. Handwritten, like not even something real official. So Aretha, you knew that you were gonna create chaos by not having your affairs in order. And so chaos is ensuing, I can’t wait to see the story. When does it come on again? Oh, Respect, oh it’s in theaters. Oh, we gotta leave the house? You have to leave the house. (laughing) Suzanne, you know people. Yeah, we’ll get you Thank you.
a bootleg copy of it. (laughing) Please, please, thank you. (clapping) It’s in theaters though in October so we have a little time to plot what we’re gonna eat, whether we’re gonna go or whether we’re gonna wait for Netflix but October it comes out. All right, so I did go see that movie Bombshell. You know, about the girls and Roger Ailes and the whole bit. Megyn Kelly was in it and Charlize and Nicole. They all did a great job. But Megyn Kelly is speaking out about being demanded by her boss to twirl, basically. And it was the one time in the movie, I mean it was a really good movie. It didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know or couldn’t already imply myself being an insider in this business. And it didn’t need to be in the movie theater, by the way, it should be on TV. You know, like really. And it was really long. And I don’t like Megyn Kelly and I’ve talked to you about this before. I don’t like her. I don’t even know her. I just don’t, there’s something about her. Suzanne, do you know her? I agree, oh yeah. Do you know her? No, I don’t know her. But I’m with you. You know people who know her? No, no, nobody I know knows her. (laughs) Why don’t you like her? Everyone stays away from her. Why don’t you like her? I don’t know.
It’s a thing. I liked her when she was behind a news desk. I really thought she did a great job but as soon as she had that talk show, I don’t know. Oh, competition. No, no it had nothing to do with that. Well she came on the same time as us but no one was watching.
She just seems like a very, very serious woman. Too serious for me. You know I like a little fun. Uh huh.
Don’t we all? Yes. But no, here’s the deal ,right? During this whole movie and I was watching, watching, watching, I identified with her and felt sad for her. And even caught myself catching a tear and a choke up. But I was eating hot popcorn. And I put that napkin to my eyes, and I was like “Dammit.” But look. Just take a look at what she says and how she was harassed by Roger Ailes according to her. And this I identified, not because it’s been done to me but because of the things that she said, like she’s not a regular woman in terms of a regular college and a regular degree. Take a look. So I was asked to do the spin. Yeah. And god help me, I did it. I know people think it’s like, oh you had to spin around. But I remember feeling like I put myself through school, I was offered partnerships at Jones Day, one of the best law firms in the world. I argued before Federal Courts of Appeal all over the nation. I graduated with honors from all of my programs and now he wants me to twirl. And I did it. (laughing) I just like, if you don’t get how demeaning that is, I can’t help you. Okay. I caught feelings, still to even watch that. You know what I’m saying, Suzanne?
I understand. Like you might not like her. But yeah, that’s stuff.
You know what I’m saying? Like she didn’t just go to regular school like me and you. Cheat her way through.
Exactly. Barely get out.
(laughing) You know what I’m saying? Slide into a nice job and that’s it. Uh huh. This girl studied her ass off. She did, she did. And that was her husband, by the way. She’s currently married, they do have children together. That was her husband, that was her husband watching his wife talk about the spin. And we were talking in our morning meeting before this, and we all agreed we would have spun. Including me, and I’m gonna tell you why. I’m gonna tell you why. Because that would encourage, and I’ve never been asked to spin, by the way. I got here on my own merit. (cheering)
Best believe. One of my proudest things in my entire stupid ass career, I’ve only been unemployed for two weeks and I was never asked to spin or get on my knees ever. (cheering) But here’s the thing. We all agreed, that as a younger person, if you were asked to spin, even though it’s demeaning as hell, do you know all the studying she did? We would have all spun. And I’m embarrassed to tell you that but I’m talking my truth, I would have spun. But that would have encouraged me to be the best at what I am ever. And promise to come back to you and tell everybody what you did. Yup.
(cheering) Norman, you said you’d spin. I would have to twirl. (laughing) Clap if you would just walk out, clap. (clapping) All right. So we got an audience full of spinners, perfect. Look, you can watch her full interview on Instagram TV page. I’m not interested in that part. I’m back to the feeling the way I feel about her. But that one thing, uh uh. Anyway, I can’t wait to watch this Lifetime series. Well, the series has been coming on. You all have been watching R. Kelly, I really didn’t much care ’cause I already knew that story. But tonight, it’s Hopelessly in Love. It’s the docu-series. And tonight it’s Biggie and Faith. Uh huh, uh huh.
(clapping) I’m having a little viewing party featuring Greek salad with extra feta cheese. And I got this throwback picture of Big and Faith. Remember when they took that picture in the convertible? From up above? Okay I got that on a big ass t-shirt, like one of those big, comfortable, black, and Big and Faith are on the back and it says Big and Faith on the front. I’m gonna watch, I got a little company coming over, just a little something. Mhmm. (laughing) Can’t be all about the cats all the time. Anyway. But take a look at this, look at this. The most controversial love story in hip hop history. I think it was a great love story. Told by those who lived it. We had very strong feelings. But he was in love with Faith and he was in love with Kim. He was saying he loved me. I didn’t care about all that. I was still his wife. With never before seen footage and exclusive interviews. I don’t look at our marriage as a failure. We were hopelessly in love. (clapping) All right, well here’s the deal. I know Faith has been in New York doing a lot of press for this particular, which I’m not offended, all right. You talked to them, you don’t even know who Faith and Biggie are. But that was my error, and still is. And Faith, I’ve invited to stay in New York through the weekend so that she can be here on Monday with Stevie, but Stevie’s not gonna be on the couch. Stevie’s gotta take his rat face right over there. (cheering) He can sit in the front row, you know. But Faith is on the couch on Monday. And I wanna watch this series. If we watch as a family, you know what I’m saying, then you’ll understand when she comes here on Monday she’s gonna talk about what she liked about it, what she didn’t like about it. She’s catching us up with her life, her love for Stevie J. They have 10 kids between the two of them. Stevie’s got six with six baby’s moms. Yeah you gotta stop. But they love each other. They’re in it to win. Biggie and Faith’s episode airs tonight at nine on Lifetime, let’s watch. (clapping) I wanna shout out to my friends at Entertainment Tonight. The weird thing about being on TV is that there are shows that you’re already fans of and then all of a sudden like you’re part of the show. You know like Entertainment Tonight’s been really good to our show. They come over here, we do interviews. I go to them, I do interviews, and stuff like that. (humming)
(laughing) So they are today celebrating their 10,000th show. (clapping)
Yeah. This makes them the longest running show, entertainment news show on TV. Jeez, they’ve blown through some hosts though, huh? Anyway, congratulations, ET. (cheering) And we’ve got more great show for everybody. Up next, the Puerto Rican Princess is here, Joseline Hernandez, so grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(cheering) Please welcome Joseline Hernandez. (upbeat music)
(cheering) Thank you! (laughing) Oh my god, I love you, thank you. (cheering) OMG! It’s been so long. I know. You look beautiful, oh my god. Thank you.
I missed you in Miami. I missed so many people when I was in Miami over the holiday. I missed you, I missed Trina, I missed Trick. It’s good to see you.
We gotta hang out tonight though. I’m in town, let’s hang out. Yes, clap it for me and Wendy hangin out. Oh no. We’ll go to like a jazz bar though, somewhere like a jazz bar. Jazz? Yeah, you don’t like jazz? No.
Why? I mean I like it to hear on the radio. I don’t like it to sit there and watch the saxophones though. I like to chill, have fun, see. You got on no bra? No, I got on a bra! (laughing) No you don’t. No you don’t. No, I can’t hang out with you. I don’t wanna be arrested. What?! I don’t wanna get into fights, I’m not fighting in a thong. First of all, nobody will be allowed to get near you. I will be your bodyguard. No, see there’s where the problem is. I will be her bodyguard. Nobody is going to mess with Wendy. Wendy, you can go with me anywhere. I promise you’ll be protected. I will protect you. I’m your friend. I gotta watch Big and Faith tonight, I’m busy. I’m busy, I forgot. I’m sure it won’t be that good. Not like the Cabaret. (laughing) I’m sure it won’t be like the Cabaret. But listen, but look, let’s give you some shoe cam. Now put your feet on those feet and then model right there so everybody. (cheering) Very sensible, yeah. You’re a mother. Allegedly, allegedly. Now what the hell’s going on? Your daughter is almost three years old now? No, she turned three. She turned three December 28th. She’s really cute, say she’s really cute. Bella.
All right so that’s your daughter.
Hi Bella. Bella with Stevie. She was at the Science Museum here. She’s into science. She loves science. Anything but twerking. No, look, really, she wakes up in the morning and she’s like, science mommy, science. And I’m like, really? Aw.
Like, really? Are you friends with regular moms? I have a couple of girlfriends that are regular. Like my accountant. Okay. Okay. I have a couple of friends, I have a couple of girlfriends who are regular, I do, I do. Well you know, Stevie is reportedly fighting for custody. And I’m gonna see him on Monday. Like I talk to both of you all the same. Like I like you people, I don’t know why you suck me in every time. Like you suck me in, you are so damn entertaining to me. Isn’t she just? (cheering) Well I’ll tell you something. Any man that’s been with Joseline Hernandez is going to fight me for anything that I have. Why is that?
Anything. Everything. Any man that I’ve been with they are going to fight me for the kids, for my life, for everything that I do. So I mean, could you blame him? I mean look at this. (cheering) Can you blame him for fighting me? Could you blame him? Is Stevie giving you child support? You know, Stevie and I, he gives me anything that I need. So there’s no formal writing. You just, if you need something then he’ll, I tell you what, Wendy, lately I’ve gotten so close to Stevie that if I need anything I could call him and ask him for it. Do you still have the sex? No! I’m just asking, just asking.
Ew! Just asking. No, ew, he’s like my brother. No, no, no, no, no. Okay, how do you get along with Faith? I get along with Faith. She’s a nice girl. I talk to Faith like every day. I see her all the time.
Nice. Yeah. I’m like always on the facetime with her and Stevie. So we see each other like every day. Now tell me about the man in the black t-shirt. Ballistic Beats. Ballistic, he’s a, Ballistic, shout out to Ballistic. He’s an amazing producer, music producer. Forget him, I like your outfit there. What the hell? That was his birthday. Okay, happy birthday. You know, we’ve been together for going on two years, on and off. But now we’re on and we’re gonna stay on hopefully. Does he have children? No, just Bonnie. Is he a lot younger than you? No! I’m just asking. He’s 38, I’m 33! Okay, okay! What the hell? So do you think he might want some children with you? He does want children, he does. Do you want more children? Oh. Yes, I want more children. But you put me on the spot. That’s like a question where it’s like– No it’s not. You know, I think that, you know, you’re a mother so to have kids is like, it takes a lot. Yeah. And it’s like, it’s really stressful because you want to bring kids into the world that are going to be givers, that are going to contribute to society. Yes. And be better than the parents. That’s the thing.
Be better than the parents. That’s the thing that you want to always aim for. So with Bonnie, like I make sure she goes, she takes Spanish classes everyday. She speaks Russian, Spanish and English. She goes to a Russian school. What? She speaks Russian. Bonnie speaks full Russian. You gotta see. She goes to a Russian school because I used to live in Sunny Isles in Florida. I live in Florida so we lived in Sunny Isles for like a couple of years. So I put her in this private, she’s in a private school of course. Right. So she goes to this private school and everybody’s Russian. Right. ‘Cause the whole neighborhood is Russian. Right, right. So my daughter comes, she speaks, all I know is like (speaking in foreign language). Right. And I’m like, that’s the only two Russian words that I know. But she’s like a fluent Russian kid. She speaks fluent Russian. That’s good. That’s like her first language then Spanish, then English. Joseline, you know what I was thinking? And the bureau agreed with me when we were meeting to do Hot Topics before this. Is there a day that goes by where you don’t think that Cardi B’s got the career that you were supposed to have? ‘Cause we knew you, and I like Cardi B, this is not shade, this is fact. We knew you before we knew Cardi B. But Cardi B managed to get on that reality show, she stuck and move and came off and now she’s the biggest thing going. That was supposed to be yours. I feel like with the Cabaret, I’m the creator and the producer and the owner. Okay. (cheering) So it took a moment but you finally got exactly what you want, you’re the boss. Yeah. Well here’s the thing, here’s the thing. I think that it’s been a lot of girls that came and went that are still here. So I feel like when you put your passion towards something that you really want, it’s what you’re gonna get. And so for me, doing Joseline’s Cabaret is everything that I want and more.
Now you came from that lifestyle. It’s no secret, she was a stripper at one point in her particular life. So you are an authority on this. And you’re even trying to coach these girls how to do it. Like if you’re gonna be up there, girl, this is how you do it. Absolutely, well. With the Cabaret, the way the Cabaret came around, I’ve been doing music for 10 years. And being able to do music and have these young ladies that can dance and that could really perform, and you could put it in a storyline and really build something and showcase the real lifestyle of the streets, right? We wanna know. Where we all come from, so these young ladies, some of them are strippers, some of them are street walkers. But these young ladies, they have talent. They have a real story. And you used to work at this particular place? I used to actually work at this club where we shoot. And when you got back to the club to do The Cabaret this is 10 years later, she sees some girls that you used to work with. I see some of the girls that I, some of the girls that I used to dance with back in the days 10 years ago. They are still actually dancing in the club. So me doing the Cabaret of course, the storyline was about my life and about me. But I wanted to have a supporting cast. Yeah. And showcase the same thing that I used to do. Yeah. And transition them into doing stuff. So I did a song called Sex Drive with you know Chevy Baby. Not Chevy Baby, but what’s his name, Lunch Money, Lunch Money, EST and Ballistic. He’s great, he writes for everybody. But that’s one of the songs that we first started doing the routine with. So I got the girls actually doing routines to the songs that I’ve created for the Cabaret.
But the thing is that you’re also encouraging them, don’t be strippers forever. Like this is a stick and move operation. Absolutely. You’re not supposed to be there for a whole period of time.
No, no, no. You’ll have to remember too, these are young ladies that never was given an opportunity. I understand. They were never given an opportunity and for me to be able to give them an opportunity to change their lives,
It’s really good. Like I have the Puerto Rican Princess Foundation, I have a foundation called the Puerto Rican Princess Foundation. And I did it for the younger girls ’cause when I was younger, I ran away from home when I was 14. Running away from home at 14, You turned out and raised by the streets. Yeah you gotta find your own way. The streets raise you. And so for me to be able to put the foundation and the Cabaret together to give young girls the opportunity to be amazing and to be great, And some hope. And some hope. Mona Scott was here the other day and you know, you’re one of the people who’ve read her for filth in public. So what’s your relationship with her now? Well I feel like some people definitely should be visited by Human Resources. (oohing) What? What do you mean? What? I feel like some people should be visited by Human Resources! What, I mean what the hell? There is such thing as, here’s the thing.
Okay. I will tell you something, Wendy.
Okay. I’ve came from the streets. I’ve raised myself since I was 14. What I have, she could never get. She’s a talent scout. I’m a owner. See when you own something, like Joseline’s Cabaret, and when you go talent searching, it’s two different things. So it’s always gonna be that wall where I was able to, Like will you see her while you’re in New York? I was able to bypass her. Okay.
You know? And that’s what she didn’t like, probably.
And that’s what she never liked. Even when I executive produced my daughter’s delivery special for VH1. Oh really? Yeah, I got credits. I got credits. I executive produced my daughter’s special. She was wanting to be executive producer. That’s when her relationship with me kind of went to the left. ‘Cause she knew that I was gonna turn myself into a boss, and when I was done with her and everybody else, I will own VH1. (clapping) That’s what people don’t like. And so for me to be able to take Joseline’s Cabaret and put it on Zeus Network. Which I gotta teach you how to download Zeus Network! I know, okay, okay. So it’s gonna be on Zeus Network. But look, we have a clip from you being on Love and Hip Hop. Can we show that clip? All right. What’s happening, piggy? It’s the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez. You’re in my city, you’re in my town. You in my (beep) I decided to bring you a gift. So open up your trunk and see what the Puerto Rican Princess got for you. Bitch, you got a coin! Open the trunk, open the trunk! Bitch, it probably a bomb. I’m not goin close. (tense music) Bitch. Cut that (beep) off. She evil.
Cut it off. You know she evil. (beep) that bitch has got too much mouth. You bought her a full roasted pig. Why are you fuming with Primadonna? Isn’t that her name? Primapiggy? I know. Why are you fighting with her? Well here’s the thing. Oh god. (laughing) Here’s the thing. I don’t fight with anyone, right? I don’t. Listen, things happen. If I do a walkthrough or if I pop up and pick up my bag and get my checkers, trust me and believe, Wendy. When I do any set, when I walk on any set, they’re gonna pay me. I am the favor nation. Know that, I’m favor nation. So they gonna pay me the most. For all of you guys that don’t know favor nation that means you get paid the highest. So I get paid the highest, so yeah I’ma do what I need to do and I thought it was a great idea to bring somebody a roasted pig. It’s the holidays! Happy New Years! Joseline Hernandez, everybody. Joseline’s Cabaret premieres January 19th on the Zeus Network. Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) It’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat except for you. How you doing? How you doing? Fine, thank you, who are you? Where are you from, what do you do? My name is Jorge, I’m from DC. I’m a fitness instructor. I bet you are. (laughing) Jorge, how can I help you? So, little bit of a dilemma. Been a gay man for a very long time since I was little bitty itty. Gold star? Yes. Never been with a woman? Never been with a woman. So here’s the question. You are not gonna use us to satisfy your– Wait let me, hold up, hold up girl, let me ask right quick. I know what you’re gonna say, I can read your mind. It’s always grossed me out but I’m older now and I wanna try it so do I have sex for the first time with a woman with a female friend or a stranger? (oohing) Well let me just ask him. Hold on, Jorge. Are there any of your female friends that you actually like in that way? Or would alcohol have to be involved? Girl yeah, so. (laughing) Y’all got whiskey? Well here’s the thing. And act like I didn’t tell you this but I’m telling you this, okay? If that’s what you want to do then do it with a stranger. You’re gonna find that stranger, you’re gonna make sure she’s good and clean. You know what I’m saying? You’re not gonna tell you that you’re gold star gay. You’re gonna try to play as straight as you possibly can. ‘Cause if there’s one thing that certain women don’t like is to be tricked by a gay man. You know, that down loving. We don’t wanna know that. ‘Cause we can’t even get moist for that. You know what I’m saying?
Right girl, right. So I need to lower my voice.
A stranger. Lower your voice, stop with your hands on your hips. That’s a good stance, that’s a good stance. Yeah, yeah this works, yeah. Good stance, uh huh uh huh. And your hair’s gayish. Do something. There you go, push it back like that, Jorge. Maybe wear a backwards hat? And dim the lights. Yep, backwards hat, dim the lights. Get your whiskey and get it on. (cheering)
Let’s go, yes! Hi Wendy, how you doing? I don’t know. What’s your name, what do you do and where are you from? I’m Anna and I’m from Wisconsin. Okay.
Go Pack go. Okay.
Bucks, okay. So I know where the juice is. What’s your question? This is Ask Wendy. Well my question is is that I’ve been dating a guy and recently found out that he’s married but separated. But, so I wanted to know like, should I, for about nine months and I just wanted to know should I continue dating him? He never told you that he’s married? He told me he’s married but separated. But when did he tell you that? On your first date, third date? Right about the third date. Third date, so you’ve known this all along? Yeah but he wasn’t, but right, I did know. Yeah. So then what’s your problem with this? But he was separated and he said they’re not together. So I was separated before too ’cause I was married. Are they together?
No. Does he live at the house?
No. So then he’s married but separated. When’s he gonna get a? Do you care about getting married again? No, not really. All right, so is everything working out? So far. He’s a nice guy?
Nice. He didn’t lie to you, he told you by the third date. I’m married but I’m separated. And you’ve been there for nine months. What is the problem, Anna? (laughing) All right, congratulations, thank you. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) Right. I like your outfit. If it was Eye Candy, you’d get that too. Oh my god, thank you so much.
Right down to the cat eye. Uh huh.
Thank you. But we’re gonna play Who’s That, okay? What’s your name,
Yes. Where you from? How you doin’, Wendy, first of all?
How you doin’? Hi, I’m from, oh my god. I’m Brooke, I’m from Long Island but I go to school in Austin, Texas. Perfect.
Yup. Well Brooke, we’re gonna show you a picture and all you have to do is guess who’s that. Okay. All right, take a look. Now you know this girl. Uh, excuse me, she’s a– That’s face tuned. I mean. That’s why we screw up the picture so then you have to guess. Okay.
You have to give me a hint. She’s from New York, she’s an heiress. But she also has her billion dollars to herself. She’s from the hotel chain. She’s got very large feet like me, size 11. (gasping) Paris, Paris Hilton! Yes!
(bell dinging) A 150 gift card to the Sugar Factory. We’ll be right back. Thanks, Brooke.
Thanks so much, Wendy. (upbeat music) (cheering) It’s time for Eye Candy. This is Dominique and she’s from New Jersey. I’m not going to attempt
(cheering) to pronounce your last name. How do you say it? Guamba. Guamba?
Guamba. Okay. And what do you do? Oh, you’re a retail worker. Yes I am. All right, so the double doors open up, here’s Wendy and I come out and I’m always scanning the audience. I’ve got 5,000 things going on in my head besides the show. I see your boots immediately. Now that’s why you’re my eye candy. I don’t really much care about the rest. It’s okay. (cheering) These boots though, come over here. Show these people what you’re. (cheering) And I’ll be honest with you. I can’t tell whether they were inexpensive or real expensive. How much you pay for those? They were actually 13 dollars but originally 75. They were originally 75 dollars. 75 dollars? Even that’s a steal.
Mhmm. I gotta tell you something, that’s a good look. All right, talk about the rest. Well, fur coat because it’s cold outside of course.
Right. Turtleneck dress, and then I wore these just for you. And that’s why you got the diva fan. Dominique, thank you. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) (cheering) Now look, I’m not one to beg, I’m just suggesting that when you’re in New York, this is a must stop destination. She’s from Astoria, Queens. She came from Philly with her birthday. The Bronx. Oh the Bronx, I’m sorry. But this girl right here is from Philly with her crew. And this whole crew right here, they all flew from LA. Yeah.
(cheering) The tickets are free, go to We guarantee you a good time. And we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) (cheering) Uh uh. The weekend is just on time. Joseline Hernandez, I love you girl. I love you. Also my cohosts, my studio audience. (cheering) Don’t tell Joseline, but I love you more. On Monday, our R&B superstar friend Faith Evans is here. Don’t forget, we’re watching tonight at nine and then we’ll talk about it on Monday with Faith. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye. (cheering) (dinging)
How you doing? Nice! (grand music)

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