‘This Is Worse Than Nixon:’ Neal Katyal On The Impeachment Latest | All In | MSNBC

‘This Is Worse Than Nixon:’ Neal Katyal On The Impeachment Latest | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “‘This Is Worse Than Nixon:’ Neal Katyal On The Impeachment Latest | All In | MSNBC”

  1. If it was Obama the racist know soul white people would be going crazy you let that half black man do that to our country

  2. are you crazy READ THE TRANSCIPT there was no theat to hold money just look into why biden jr getting 50 grand for bieing bidins son

  3. CORRUPT lawyer for trump, BARR is RESPONSIBLE for giving him the powers of the olden days Kings. BARR must be made RESPONSIBLE for Making possible for trump to abuse his power and ignore and vandalise the CONSTITUTION. HE must go to JAIL for also abusing his power.

  4. If trump avoids prison and goes back to being a tv reality star – I bet his ratings will be the lowest he’s ever had – and that he gets dropped – like the loser he is – after just a couple of episodes!!

  5. Fastest book in history 😂 hummm I’m conservative on this one. Time it takes to write books gives it context. Essay I would agree. Stop the jerry springer style on everything US.

  6. Neal Katyal is a very intelligent guy and career public servant to the United States,I said from election day Trump would make Nixon look like a great president and he has !

  7. Its,like watching a,Netflix tv series. Not only is it entertaining but suspenseful what would the ending be for the AMERICAN PEOPLE AND OUR COUNTRY U.S.A.

  8. Thank God for Fox or American news channels would all be far left or at best centre left with no right wing channel,what kind of a democracy is that

  9. anyone that defies a subpoena SHOULD be jailed. they can take the fifth on self incrimination, with their attorney advice, but that's it. they MUST testify by ORDER OF CONGRESS.

  10. trump’s minions keep trotting this ‘Executive Privilege’ poppycock, harking back to the Divine Right of Kings, which went out with the American Revolution. Congress needs to get tough with executive office officials who are deliberately ignoring Congressional subpoenas and to have them arrested by the Senate Sergeant at Arms and hauled before the docket.

  11. As a representative of Russia Trumpie can easily be ignored why someone who is not the brightest person would easily confuse Russia with USA. What is dumb founded is how racists can his supporters be that they would ruine a whole countrie's credibility rather than upholding the law….Then again to these Racepublicans the law only applies to what they call minorities….which is a little confusing now since European descent people in USA is in minority now.

  12. I agree, I remember Nixon's presidency and subsequent fall from grace! Nixon was bad, Trump is much worse!!! Ben Franklin was a very wise man, unlike Trump and his cronies!

  13. opinion? opinion? you can't make ABUNDANTLY CLEAR with out proof. unless you can read trumps mind there is no proof. did my money go from ukriane government to oil company to biden son pockets? opinion or fact? it funny how 2 million change their minds overnight. trump rightly so wanted corruption investigated if biden is caught up in it then he is caught up in it. if there is no dirt whats the problem. what is it call opposition research? example of trumps holding aid back all over the world no presidence. nothing new. impeachment waste of time and the independence sees it. next please. don't forget criminal investigation are ongoing from the first hoax leading to the second hoax. the dems and their media underling can't spin this. lets face it 2+2=4 no matter how much you want 2+2 to = 5. i love the way tyt, cnn, msnbc or who ever like to use the word Orwellian alot. maybe they should look into the mirror.

  14. Trump, GOP and his associates committed high crimes and denied all the FACTS like nothing is happening. AMERICA FIRST. CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY AS PUBLIC SERVANT to the best extend of the law and order. NO ONE ABOVE THE LAW! put aside party. DO THE RIGHT THING GOP!

  15. He hits on an important point that I think needs to be made. If Obama had done even a fraction of what Trump has done, at least back when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress, he would've been impeached a long time ago.

  16. How can anyone refute Neal Katyal's analysis? He is a top lawyer, with a lot of experience. I find it easier to believe him, than Repubs, who have not made any defense that holds water.

  17. AMERICA please Vote All these Senators out of office there Harboring POTUS and those leading them, Russia’s Mitch & Lindsey Graham there brainwashing all of you, are you all COWARDS? Protect and Respect our Constitution..

  18. King Trump already issued Tariffs without congressional approval. Taxation without representation was the very spark of our independence.

  19. Because republicans in Congress are saying everything so far is hearsay? Then if Holmes says “I have first hand knowledge”
    Will Blow a hole in the republicans arsenal of lies and deception😝

  20. If you are a black belt in Karate, your hands (and feet) are considered lethal weapons.

    If you are President of the United States, your words are lethal weapons.

    Trump needs to be held accountable for his words

  21. Here is what has been confirmed. Democrats are beyond stupid! Are you listening to the hearings and wait until the IG's report comes out. You people are hilariously dumb. The 3 Stooges individually are smarter than all of you combined!

  22. Speaking at his political party headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, Poroshenko said that if Trump or his allies had made such a demand, he would have immediately dismissed it. IS HE A LIARE     CASE CLOSED BUT STUPID WILL NEVER GET IT

  23. I’ve always loved hearing your take on things, Chris, but the new show format, with an audience and applause, is distracting and a dealbreaker for me. I tune in for news and this has too much of a late night talk show feel to it. I’ll miss watching you.

  24. Neal, it's not only the president. He has so many sycophants that have pledged fealty and so many co-conspirators. They all have to be imprisoned as a deterrent and signal to would-be usurpers that their actions will not be tolerated.

  25. Hollywood should do a movie about the making the drafts of our constitution and how it bacame to be what we have right now. I just found a video that explain what the founder father though about Impeachment and I like the way it explains it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY10nWdhGaw&feature=youtu.be

  26. This TV station is controlled by 5 corporations who have journalists paid by CIA who was formed after WW2 from KGB. You are controlled by Com.m.un.ists

  27. As new revelations come out, people are saying more and more international blackmail calls are going to come out.
    It's like the dems thought they were hunting a wily wolf, and halfway through the dense forest they realize they are hunting a giant bear. Russian bear? Dems you have them outgunned, pleased hunt this bear down for us.

  28. 5 Core Principles of Journalism

    1 truth and accuracy

    2 independence

    3 fairness and impartiality

    4 humanity

    5 accountability

  29. What did you want from the store Democrat party? Are you mad because they didn't support you give you a house to live in and free money

  30. Honestly I'm at the point where the steps should be taken where those who do not show up for real subpoenas should be put in jail until they honor that legal document. Any other person in the country would be sitting in jail right now….

  31. Wow these incompetent people will stop at nothing will they, no one really cares about this.
    The economy is BOOMING, employment is lower then ever and the democrats want to DESTROY IT.
    Well when Trump wins 2020 what will they do?!?,
    People are more against the Democrats then ever!!!!!!

  32. Certainly I am not a person to accept Trump is right in everything he does or say.If
    Nixon is better than Trump why he left the office before thrown out?Because there was concrete evidence of wire tapping.No way to escape and cornered, impeachment was inevitable.In Trumps case speculation has been the evidence every time.Mueller report could not find intention as a motive.Trump jr.meeting with Russians was not legally sufficient to support collusion.Neal, in several interviews with CNN claimed there was sufficient evidence of collusion between Trump camp and the Russians.Mueller could not find collaboration.In the present impeachment inquiry we have statements of the whistleblower.Unless he comes and testifies this is going to be a hearsay evidence.No courts or sensible person will convict anyone without his testimony subject to cross examination.Neal Katyal is a well educated lawyer but sadly he hates Trump and making a living out of talking against Trump.We can hate anyone but our action or words must support our opinion with facts.Trump talking to the Ukraine officials may be wrong but still it comes under executive privileges.On the other hand Biden and his sons financial involvement has been swept under the carpet.No media is interested in that affair.Neal should elaborate on the matter and clarify the truth.The day Trump won the election the legal luminaries and educated professors of the universities has totally failed to be honest,unbiased and fair in analysing matters related to Trump.As an individual I like the fair reporting, I cannot find anyone who explain the truth of the matter, it is mostly on the party line.Biased reporting has become fake news and Trump has taken advantage of unfair criticism.

  33. I promise to say the Truth, the whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, so help me God … sounds so cute, quaint now doesn't it?

  34. Neal, thank you for coming out and speaking the absolute truth. The evidence against this monster, trump, is overwhelming. There is no question, there's nothing to debate.

  35. The gag order ALLOWS anyone who has committed a crime with Trump and who wants to help him cover up his behavior to NOT TESTIFY. He has given them a way to continue with the coverup of his bribery, and extortion, witness tampering, abuse of power and getting help from a foreign government to TAKE the White House. Fraud, lies and betrayal of the Office of the President. The gag order just gives them all a free pass. The stinky fish will slim up the place for years to come but he won't get away with it unless he runs and he has made some very evil murderous friends overseas.

  36. I have figured out two things in my life:

    1) Being human is hard and there is so much to learn. From the time you are a child, you depend on other minds to help you form your opinions, simply because you're not an animal living out alone in the jungle (you'd be dead!). Most people are looking for someone to TELL THEM WHAT TO THINK.

    2) The GOP knows this. Machiavelli understood this, and the GOP embraces Machiavelli. They believe the "ends justify the means." The ends? Personal wealth for some, but for the base, they want to establish a Holy Christian American Empire. Literally. It is VERY easy to convince their followers via church sermons, that whatever the GOP candidate is at this moment, he was sent by Jesus himself. They literally think that, like any other faith they have in Christianity, they must double down on supporting Donald Trump because otherwise, they are betraying baby Jesus.

  37. First you say The PRESIDENT "is" Hitler & then you switch your quid pro quo Adolph thing(aft'Polling) to worse than "Nixon"? PICK A LANE gender Deniars!

  38. For all the wisdom of the founders it's amazing they did not have the sense to say,you know slavery is a bad thing let's get rid of it,they did the opposite.They could have lead by example and freed their slaves(although Benjamin Franklin did)they kept their slaves.

  39. The sad thing is that after all that happened during the Russia investigation, the possible charges he may be facing after his presidency spelled out in the Mueller Report, and all his associates who were convicted and sentenced to prison as a result of the Russian fiasco, he apparently didn't learn anything at all. He attempted to use another foreign country to throw an election in his favor after all that. And not only any country, but one that has been invaded by Russia and has seen thousands of their citizens killed as a result. To hold them hostage in a way that leaves them defenseless against Putin's aggression really should raise eyebrows considering everything else we know about Trump's oddly submissive and servile attitude toward the Kremlin. How can these Republicans continue to defend this. You would think that they themselves would be outraged by all this. They certainly would if Trump were a Democrat. How does anyone, Republican or Democrat, benefit from protecting Trump? I just don't get it. The evidence of his guilt is overwhelming. The only excuse they have is that Ukraine got the funding. But that was only after the investigation began. Conviction in the crime of extortion is not dependent on whether it was successful or not, it is the attempt to extort that is the crime. If it was successful then we would have never known about it. It makes one wonder how many other things this president is guilty of that we don't even know about yet. Every single day since the beginning some new scandal comes out. How much is going to be enough? We've never seen anything like this. It's hard to imagine anyone being any more corrupt if they tried.

  40. The Lyin' King Trump is testing the limits of American Democracy with the support of 38% of Republicans. Americans pledge to protect our Constitution and are complicit to an authoritative corrupt Trump? WTF

  41. Trump's gag order is successful simply because Congress refuses to enforce the law. Anyone who fails to comply with congressional subpoenas must be jailed on the same date and time of their missed deposition. No excuses. No exceptions.

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